About us


UNIPAX WORLD UNION FOR PEACE AND THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS OF PEOPLES: is a non profit making, non-denominational NGO that is independent from political parties, and economic interests, that works at a national and international level.

Operational bodies  of UNIPAX are:the Assembly, the Executive Council, the President, the Board of Probiviri, the Board of Auditors.

UNIPAX is associated  to the UN Department of Public Information and it is linked to the European Union and the European Council institutions.


MAIN GOAL: To be a valid tool of those wishing to be peace makers and builders of a new humanism for:

  • The respect of the Fundamental Rights of the human being and of the world peoples, against any form of violence and abuse, for justice, peace, and the beginning of a new humanism 
  • Promoting the international integration and coordination of activities and initiatives aimed at fostering a new humanism, peace and better quality of life;
  • Promoting harmonious integration between different ethnic groups, based on solidarity and any new vision of peaceful intercultural relations within and between societies.



  • UNIVERSAL SERVICES FOR A NEW HUMANISM AND PEACE - a new and modern structure free on-line services useful to construct a New Humanism and Peace by encouraging an improvement of the life’s quality and a civil cohabitation in respect of the fundamental human rights.
  • WORLD REGISTER OF PEACEMAKERS Electronic List /directory – which encloses and introduces those who are active to improve the civil cohabitation, the quality standards of life and to make peace through the realization of a new Humanism, through the respect of fundamental rights and life quality improvement.
  • Artists for a new Humanism and Peace linked to the World Register of Peacemakers and reserved to artists involved in the construction of a new humanism and peace with links to the artists’ sites and the attribution of the title of peace makers and messenger of UNIPAX.
  • UNINEWS Publishing of worldwide awareness or big impact facts and initiatives, particularly significant for the good of peace and civil cohabitation. Since 2005, UNIPAX publishes a Newsletter (English/Italian), "From the UN to the Citizen" on recent events concerning international institutions, with specific references to topics related to Human Rights.
  • Training Courses on Peace Interactive training courses on peace, civil cohabitation, interdependence, . and the establishment of the New Humanism.   Specifically, Unipax has carried out between 2008/2009 "Web Radio European Parliament Education", project, funded by the European Parliament, on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of E.P., with the aim to raise the knowledge of the E.U., and especially the role of its Parliament.

Unipax was responsible for the achievement of the following activities:

  • Sessions of the e-learning courses about the European education translated in 23 communitarian languages; published on the site www.ciaoeurope.eu, that obtained 5 millions of contacts.
  • Web Broadcasts carried out by the students, for the first time, from about 30 Schools from EU countries.

During the 2009/2010 Unipax cooperated with Education’s Ministry (MIUR) to achieve the EUisU! Project funded by European Parliament.

The EUisU! Project aimed to inform and to teach to the Italian students on EU policies, EU institutions and its impact on the citizen’s life. The involved students produced documentaries broadcasted on the Web Tv in regarding of EU thematic, cross-culture and the respect of the basic human rights.


General Secretary

Via Venezia,73 - 35129 PADOVA

Operational Secretariat and Head office
Via Museo Civico, 67
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)

Representative office:
Via Cesare Bosi, 9
00198 Roma