Artists for peace

The art represents one of the main tool of the social communication and of the values’ transmission, through the its numerous manifestations.

It’s evident the Art’s contribution for a New Humanism and the peace in the respect of human and peoples rights: generally the artists and in particular the young independent artists, who are sensitive to this ideals, don’t have any support even if their contribution for the improving of the quality of the life and for the peace, it’s surely considerable.

For all of these reasons the UNIPAX aims to encourage the ideas, the projects, the artists’ initiatives that will be committed in the achievement of the New Humanism and of the peace, assigned to the deserving artists the qualification of the Peacemakers and Messenger of the Unipax with the relative insertion in the special section of the Artists in the Worldwide Register of the Peacemakers, a informative list (directory) that identifies, shows and appreciates on the appropriated site the Peacemakers and their meaningful activities.

But UNIPAX wants to go over because it’s absolutely necessary that these signals are recognized and cllected in a real project that can be defined as: “Project for a new artistic cultural current of the new humanism”. The artists, the architects, the city planners, the more sensitive men of culture and the leaders of the associations of social utility (that with their commitment are already contributing, as peacemakers, for change) should write and improve it through the site Together with the young people, they can define a “Artistic cultural Decalogue of the New Humanism” that if properly widespread may launch the creative imagination of the men of good will from all over the World and from every culture

Ethical Protocol (Artists for the Peace)

The commitment accepted by the signer artists of this protocol, it’s to be peacemakers in the respect of the human and peoples rights. They commit to be peacemaker as propulsive strength of the aspirations and of the women and men’s wishes as “citizens of the world” who propose to behave in the spirit of the human and peoples rights and who take part at the problems of our time: from the underdevelopment’s troubles to the sustainable development’s perspective, from the environmental and ecological conditions of the our planet to equal assignment of the natural reserves, from the epidemic ills that involve many people to the every discrimination being in our days, from the contrasts between cultures and religions to the terroristic threats and wars. They should commit to testify their wishes of peace, tangible solidarity, harmonious integration in a society always more interethnic, interreligious and cross-cultural. They declare to contemplate and to live the Art in every style and expression as universal and unifying language, an inimitable tool of communication and transmission of ethical values of civil cohabitation, of harmonious relation between the human being, the environment and the ambient where he lives, of the overcoming of each differences and contrapositions for a better condition of the life’s quality.
The signer _______________________________________ undertakes himself, according to this ethical protocol: to testify the values inside of this ethical protocol through his artistic expressions; to dedicate at least a cultural artistic initiative directed to raise the knowledge of the human and people rights every year; to promote actively all of the initiatives that could support the knowledge and the participation to UNIPAX.