Global revolution

Multimedia Project to set up a New Humanism

The Author of this project is Orazio Parisotto (Past President and Founder member of UNIPAX), thanks also to the essential contribute of the Master Silvio Amelio, weighty sculptor and humanist responsible of the “Artists for the Peace” Department of the Unipax and also its Ambassador at UN.

Orazio Parisotto and Silvio Amelio launch an important social-cultural and ethical initiative, with the cooperation of the UNIPAX, that involves more than 100.000 associations, institutions, famous bloggers and opinion leaders from all the Countries.

This social-cultural initiative draws attention to the problems and the emergencies of the humanity, also thanks to the young people, worried about them future, who ideally address their requests to the Head of Government of all world.

The main work of this project consists in a interactive book named “The Global Revolution for a New Humanism”.

The book is also available in e-book size. Unipax backs the promotion of the book, trough the collection of the adhesions, sharing and participations to the proposals and initiatives launched towards the Book. The aim of the book is to provide incentives in order that a peaceful revolution (Gandhi style) could be launched trough a general project that prefigures a “New Democratic Institutional Architecture”, a “New International Ethical Economy” and a “Worldwide Regulation for the Civil Cohabitation” at the international level, specifying the “Ways Out” from the global crisis.

The general project aims to involve about 100.000 NGO and other organisms committed in the safeguard of the human rights and of the peace at international level, the project will be presented to the Head of the Government with a maxi petition (developed in 10 points).

The aim of the maxi petition is to ask concrete answers to cope with the problems that trouble the humanity and in particular the problems connected with the environmental safeguard, the social justice, the crazy arms race, the dangers produced by the use of the new technologies, the promotion of the culture.

The achievement of the “Artistic Cultural Current of the New Humanism” is part integrant of this project. The artists, the men of culture and the leaders of the associations of the social utility (that with their commitment are already contributing, as peacemakers, for change) will arrange this Document. Together with the young people, they can define a “Artistic cultural Decalogue of the New Humanism” that if properly widespread may launch the creative imagination of the men of good will from all over the World and from every culture.

It’s a multimedia global project which aims to provide to the citizens and specially to the young people, the “ways out” from the current difficulties and new hopes for a better future demanding also their direct cooperation.

The entire project will be promoted with a multimedia advertisement during 3 minutes and will be backed by a Documentary-movie during about 30 minutes.

All will be carried out in two languages (Italian and English).


The author, starting from the idea of the undergoing ongoing transition from the dying industrial society to the new but still undefined society, explains in the first part of the text the severe international crisis by highlighting the consequences of unregulated globalization. He then introduces the mechanisms of great speculation, the dominance of the "Finance-capitalism", the political responsibilities. He also emphasizes the need to create real democratic and functional supranational European and global bodies able to deal with the huge global emergencies which affect mankind: from the unfair distribution of wealth to the super power of the financial elites, from the expected ecosystem collapse to the "demographic bomb", from the absurd , dangerous and expensive arms race to the new technologies, up to the constant violations of fundamental rights. He therefore introduces the requests of the honest and outraged citizens, who are asked to mobilize themselves for a GLOBAL PEACEFUL GHANDIAN REVOLUTION in order to reach a more human and fair society.
In the second part of the text, the author introduces a courageous project that includes a series of concrete initiatives for building the NEW HUMANISM, and invites everyone to take part in the SHOCKWAVE that will lead to the INTERNATIONAL RENAISSANCE.
This target cannot be delayed anymore! The scientists’ alarm cry is in fact unanimous: the planet is on the brink and we must act before the middle of this century to avoid its collapse. What can we do? Some possible “WAYS OUT TO THE EMERGENCIES” are proposed: but we must act, all and from now, together with the civil society, to build a new human-centric and bio-centric civilization based on a "New Democratic Institutional Architecture " and on a "New International Ethical Economy ."
Everyone is asked to join the "MANIFESTO OF GLOBAL PEACEFUL REVOLUTION FOR A NEW HUMANISM " by participating to the initiatives on the website

We suggest you read the ABSTRACT of the book "THE REVOLUTION FOR A NEW GLOBAL HUMANISM the way out from the global emergencies" downloading it freely to thelink and disseminating it by email and social media.



For those who want to study issues of the 10 points of the Maxi petition, and participate more consciously in the project, are also available online “"THE REVOLUTION FOR A NEW GLOBAL HUMANISM" - the way out from the global emergencies ” (pag. 385). The way out from the global emergencies link.