Web Radio European Parliament Education Project

E-LEARNING course to educate on the European Parliament and on the EU. The course is organized in 20 interactive lessons (e-learning) translated in 23 communitarian languages, planned for the secondary schools of the EU’s Countries. The e-learning course was proposed in the all EU a basilar tool to the education of the European citizens. all the necessary information, to know the EU, are available on the project’s website, these information are collected systematic and organized way with links to all institutional websites of the EU. All the documents translated in 23 communitarian languages can be downloaded and looked up on the project’s website. For example there are explanations about the European laws and European policies and each one of these is linked with technical schedule of the European Parliament and of the European Commission. There is also an archive of the Web Radio News carried out by the European students with the EU news updated in real time.

Link to the portal