Unione Mondiale per la Pace e i Diritti Fondamentali dell’Uomo e dei Popoli
World Union for Peace Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples

Unione Mondiale per la Pace e i Diritti Fondamentali dell’Uomo e dei Popoli | World Union for Peace Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples

Economico e sociale – Non Governamental

(COM) Club of Madrid – http://www.clubmadrid.org
(R)Evolution Let’s Change Now ! – http://www.leadrevolution.org
“Eurasia” International Relations and Research Public Association
“Young Leaders” Education-Training and Development Public Union
<<Improve our Village>> Social Organization – https://sites.google.com/site/senacnenkmergyugehk/
1° Initiative – Nepal – http://www.1di.org
100X Development Foundation – http://100xdevelopment.com
1990 Trust
1GOAL: Global Campaign for Education – http://www.join1goal.org
2. Asociación Latinoamericana de Organizaciones de Promoción al Desarrollo (ALOP)
2041 – http://www.2041.com
21st Century News
22 Four
31st December Women’s Movement – http://www.31stdwm.org
350 Vermont – http://350vermont.org
360 Global Impact Ltd. – http://www.360globalimpact.org
3D – Trade – Human Rights – Equitable Economy – http://www.3dthree.org
3HO Foundation, Inc. (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization, Inc.) – http://www.3ho.org
3P, The Perfect Peace Project
50 Years is Enough! – HTTP://www.50years.org/
50&PIÚ Fenacom
50plus Employment Link – http://www.fiftylpusemploymentlink.org
50plus Hellas – http://www.50plus.gr
56-Islamic Countries Advanced Education Trust(56-ICAET)
5th Pillar – http://www.5thpillar.org
64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference – Exhibits
64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference – Observers
64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference – Organizers
8th Day Center for Justice – http://www.8thdaycenter.org
92 NGO Forum
A Ban Against Neglect – http://www.aban.org
A Better Community For All Sierra Leone – http://ABC4All.net/local/Sierra%20Leone/localabc4allsierraleone.htm
A Better Life Foundation – http://www.ablf.org
A Better Life International Development Agency
A BETTER WORLD – http://www.creatingabetterworld.net
A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. – http://www.acelebrationofwomen.org
A Centre for the World Religions
A Child Is Missing, Inc.,
A P Human Rights Council – http://www.hrcindia.org
A Partnership for Peace (p4p) – http://www.ap4p.org
A Perfect Execution
A Rocha International – http://www.arocha.org
A Safe Heaven Care – http://www.asafeheavencare.org
A Seed Japan – http://www.aseed.org/english/
A Voz do Cidadão Instituto de Cultura de Cidadania – http://www.avozdocidadao.com.br
A.D. Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Centre, The
A.K. Munshi Yojana
A.K.A.FEM/BF – http://www.associationkoom.bf
A3 Foundation Inc – http://www.thea3foundation.organdwww.whitefloodrelifmission.yolasite.com
A3 Foundation nig – http://www.thea3foundation.org
Aab Lawyers
Aadishakti Bahuuddeshiya Shaishanik & Samajik Vikas Sanstha
AAFM American Academy of Financial Management – IIPA -The Foundation for Educated America, Inc – http://www.aafm.us
Aaghaz Foundation – http://www.aagazfoundation.org.pk
AAHUNG – http://www.aahung.org
AAN Dignity Foundation
Aang Serian
Aarhus Information Centre
Aashaya Mahila Tatha Balbalika Uttan Sangh (AMTBUS)
Aasthan Latif Welfare Society
Aawaaj – http://www.aawaaj.org
Abalekwa Development Organisation
Abang Farmer Common Initiative
Abantu for Development – Kaduna
Abantu for Development (People for Development) – http://www.abantu-rowa.org
Abdul Momen Khan Memorial Foundation (Khan Foundation) – http://www.khan-foundation.org
Abebech Gobena Orphanage and School
ABI Humanitarian Foundation – http://www.abihumanitarian.org
Abia State University
Abibimman Foundation – http://www.abibimmanfoundation.org
Ability Focus
Ability Foundation – http://www.abilityfoundation.org
Abiodun Adebayo Welfare Foundation – http://www.abiodunadebayowelfare-foundation.org
AbleChildAfrica – http://www.ablechildafrica.org
Abo Mosa Al Ashary Social Charitable Association
Abo Mosa Alashary Social Charitable Association – http://www.alashary.com
Abolition 2000 UK – http://www.abolition2000uk.org
ABONG – Associação Brasileira de ONGs – HTTP://www.abong.org.br
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
Aboriginal circle
Aboriginal Moabite Nation
ABRA Organization for the Protection of War Effected People and Landmine Victims
Abrafin – Associação Brasileira de Festivais Independentes – http://www.abrafin.org.br
Abraham Fund Initiative, The
ABRAR – http://www.abrar-sd.org
Acacia Development Society
Acacia Fundación Ambiental A. C.
Academia Fluminense de Ciências, Letras e Artes.
Academia Hnahnu
Academia Internazionale di Arte Moderna
Academic Council on the United Nations System – http://www.acuns.org
Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs – Austria (United Nations Youth and Student Association) – http://afa.at
Academic Youth Ecological Club
Academie de l Eau
Academie des Hautes Etudes Diplomatiques et des Relations Internationale
Academie Diplomatique Africaine
Académie St. John – http://www.academiestjohn.org/home.html
Academy for Advacement in environmental and occupational health sciences society
Academy For Agro-Medical Services
Academy for Educational Development (AED) – http://www.aed.org
Academy for Future Science – http://www.affsafrica.org
Academy for Mobilizing Rural-Urban Action through Education
Academy for the Elderly – Altenakademie Dortmund e.V.
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine – http://www.bfmed.org
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences – http://www.acjs.org
Academy of Engineering self for training and development Network
Academy of Fine Arts and Literature
Academy of Gandhian Studies
Academy of Labour and Social Relations
Academy of Mining Sciences
Academy of Nonlinear Sciences
Academy of Sciences of the USSR
Academy of Universal Global Peace (A Unit of Snahalaya Ashram) – http://www.augp.webs.com
Açao Democrática Feminina Gaúcha/Friends of the Earth
Ação Ecológica Guaporé – Ecoporé – http://www.ecopore.org.br
Ação, Ética & Cidadania – http://www.aecidadania.org.br
Accademia Internazionale Umanitaria Opere – http://www.aiuoumanitariaopere.altervista.org
Access Now – https://www.accessnow.org
Access to Information Programme Foundation
Access, Australian Institute of International Affairs
Accident Prevention and Rescue Initiative (APRI) – http://accisafety.kabissa.org
Accidentés du Monde
Accion Ecologica – http://www.accionecologica.org
Acción Internacional por la Salud Bolivia – http://www.aisbol.org
Acción para la Promoción de Ambientes Libres de Tabaco
ACCIÓN, Asociacion Chilena de ONG, – http://www.accionag.cl
Accolade Inc.
ACCORD — The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes
Accurate Well-Being (AWB)
ACDI/VOCA – http://www.acdivoca.org
Achaa-Kapenguria SVP
ACHE Internacional – http://www.acheinternacional.org
Achitectes de l’urgence
Acid Survivors Foundation – http://www.acidsurvivorspakistan.org
ACOBES – Associação de Consumidores de Bens e Serviços
Ações para Preservação dos Recursos Naturais e Desenvolvimento Economico Racional – APRENDER – http://www.aprender.org.br
Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, The – http://www.acronym.org.uk
Acropetal Lead Organization
ACSOCSUD-ABIA State Civil Society Coalition for Sustainable Development
ACT – Aliança de Controle do Tabagismo – http://www.actbr.org.br
ACT Alliance – Action by Churches Together – http://www.actalliance.org
Act for Peace – National Council of Churches in Australia – http://www.actforpeace.org.au
Act of Life, Inc. – http://www.actoflife.org
Act Up Drase Hellas – http://www.actupathens.gr,www.actupathens.blogspot.com,www.aidsandpovert…
Acteurs dans le Developpement et le Droit a la Sante pour Tous
Actiom For Welfare And Awakening In Rural Development
Action & Développement
Action 24 – http://www.action24zim.org
Action Against Climate Change – http://www.aaccliberia.blogspot.com
Action Against Global Warming
Action Against Hunger – http://www.actionagainsthunger.org.uk
Action Aid – Ethiopia
Action Aid – Ghana
Action Aid – The Gambia
Action Aid International – AAI – HTTP://www.actionaid.org/
Action Aides aux Familles Demunies
Action Association for Rural and Tribal Development
Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture
Action Canada for Population and Development – http://www.acpd.ca
Action Canada for Population and Environment
Action Center For Rural Community Development
Action Centre for Rural Community Development
Action Chretienne Tour La Promotion Des Defavorises, Branche – Centre Wamama Tuungane
Action Communautaire Femme et Enfant – http://www.acfeong.org
Action Congo Tuenda
Action contre la faim – http://www.actioncontrelafaim.org
Action Contre le Travail des Enfants au Niger
Action d’Appui pour la Protection des Droits de Minorites en Afrique Centrale
Action de developpement agricole
Action de Développement pour la Promotion des Masses Rurales
Action de Jeunes Congolais pour l’Épanouissement de la femme et de la lutte contre le SIDA
Action de Junes Unies por le developpement integral
Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire – http://www.acdn.net
Action des Groupements pour Développement Local
Action des Jeunes pour le Développement
Action Développement -TOGO
Action D’Intervention et Aide Aux Personnes (AIAPN)
Action ds jeunes du Sahel
Action en Faveur de l’élimination du travail des enfants au Niger.
Action Enfance et Développement -Togo
Action et Humanisme
Action et Perfectionnement-Togo
Action for Child Care and Development – http://www.accdsomalia.pledgepage.org
Action for Children – http://www.actionforchildrengm.org
Action for Collective Tribal Improvement and Vocational Education – http://www.activeindia.org
Action for Community Development-Uganda – http://www.acodevuganda.org
Action for Concern of Crisis Victims in Africa – http://www.accva-africa.org
ACTION for Conflict Transformation
Action for Development (ACFODE) – http://www.acfode.org
Action for Economic Reform
Action for Global Health – http://www.actionforglobalhealth.eu
Action for Green Earth – AGE India – http://www.ageglobal.org
Action for Humanitarian Development
Action for Integrated Rural and Tribal Development Social Service Society – http://www.airtds.org/
Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid – http://www.appaun.org
Action for Protection of Wild Animals – http://www.apowa.org.in
Action for Reach Out
Action for REACH OUT (Hong Kong) – http://www.afro.org.hk
Action for Reconstruction and Reingrategration Services, Inc.
Action for Research and Development Programme
Action For Rural Development
Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment – http://www.aruweug.org
Action for Social and Human Right Awareness
Action for Sustainable Development and Health Care
Action for the Empowerment and Care of the Girl Child
Action for the Needy Community
Action for Women and Child Concern – http://www.facebook.com/actionforwomenandchildconcern
Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration ETC Group – http://www.etcgroup.org
Action Health Incorporated – http://www.actionhealthinc.org/
Action Humaine pour le Développement Intégré au Sénégal – http://www.ahdis.org
Action Humanitaire en Afrique Centrale
Action in Rural Development
Action Institute for Environmental Development Communication – http://www.action.co.zw
Action Internationale Contre la Faim (AICF)
Action internationale pour la paix et le développement dans la région des Grands Lacs
Action Jeunesse fémine du Niger
Action Jeunesse pour le Développement
Action Large des Femmes Avocates
Action of Human Movement (AHM) – http://www.ahmngo.org
Action on African Women Foundation – GH (AAWF-GH) – http://www.ikeotchere2005@yahoo.com,aawf_gh@yahoo.com
Action on Armed Violence – http://www.aoav.org.uk//www.landmineaction.org
Action on disability and development – Ghana
Action on Smoking and Health – http://www.ash.org
Action Oriented Minds – http://www.aomliberia.blogspot.com
Action permanente d’assistance médico-sociale et communautaire
Action pour la Promotion de l’Enfant Rural
Action pour la Promotion et le Développement de la Femme
Action pour la réhabilitation, le développement et l’écologie.
Action pour la Sauvegarde et la Promotion de l’Elevage au Niger enreg.
Action Pour la Sécurité et la Souveraineté Alimentaire au Niger
Action pour la Solidarité et le Développement – http://www.asodev.cd
Action pour la Valorisation des Ressources Ivoiriennes ( AVRI)
Action pour le développement de l’Afrique a la base
Action pour le Developpement de l’Agriculture et de la Peche avec Protection Environnementale de Likende (ADAPEL) – http://www.adapel.org
Action pour le Developpement des Communautes de Base
Action pour le Développement des Communautés de Base
Action pour le Développement Durable
Action pour le Développement Rural, Social et Humanitaire
Action pour le Développement Social et Culturel – http://www.ongadsc.fr.gd
Action pour l’Humanisation des Hôpitaux – http://www.acthu.org
Action pour un developpement a la base
Action pour un Developpement Equitable, Integre et Durable
Action pour un Développement Intégré Durable à la Base
Action pour une Gestion Rationelle de l’Environnement en Mauritaine
Action Promotionnelle pour le Deloppement Communautaire au Kivu (APRODECK)
Action Réelle sur l’Environnement et le Développement Endogène
Action regional pour le developpement integre
Action Secours Ambulance (ASA) – http://www.asambulance.org//
Action Sécurité Ethique Républicaines – http://www.armerdesarmer.fr
Action Sensibilisation sur les Nouvelles Technologies de L’Information et de la Communication – http://www.asntic.org
Action Sociale Internationale
Action Solidaire de la Jeunesse pour le Développement Communautaire
Action Sud
Action Times Family Care – http://www.atfamicare.org
Action with Communities in Rural England
Action without Borders – http://www.idealist.org
Action Works Nepal – http://www.actionworksnepal.org
ActionAid – http://www.actionaid.org
ActionAid International Bangladesh
Actionline for India’s Development
Actions – Développement des Communes Rurales
Actions communautaires pour le développement integral – http://www.acdirdc.com
Actions des Tacherons pour le Développement Urbain et rural
Actions en Faveur de l’Homme et de la Nature
Actions et interventions pour le développement et l’encadrement social
Actions Intégrées pour le Développement
Actions on Gender, Citizenship and Development
Actions pour la Democratie et les Droits Humains (ADDH)
Actions pour la Promotion des Organisations Rurales
Actions pour la Relance de l’Ecole Ivoirienne
Actions pour le Development Integre au Kivu
Actions pour le développement rural intégré
Actions Solidaires de Soutien aux Organisations et d’Appui aux Libertes – http://www.devloc.net,www.assoal.org
Actions Vitales pour le Développement durable
ACTIVE – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace – http://www.activeeurope.org
Active Help Organization
Active Remedy Ltd. – http://www.activeremedy.org.uk
Activities for Less opportune (ALO)
Acton Institute – http://www.acton.org
ACTS Generation – http://www.actsgeneration.org
ACTU – Australian Council of Trade Unions – HTTP://www.actu.asn.au/
Actwid Kongadzem
AD – Acção para o Desenvolvimento
Ad Hoc Conciliation Commission of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina
Adala Center for Human Rights – http://www.adalacenter.net
ADALAH – Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel – http://www.adalah.org
Adaleh Center for Haumn Rights Studies – http://www.adaleh-center.org
Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies – http://www.adaleh-center.org
Adam Welfare Trust – http://www.adamwelfaretrust.com
Adbusters Media Foundation
ADC International,Inc – http://www.adcint.org
ADCUR – Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Urbanas e Rurais
ADD Nepal
Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association – http://www.addameer.org
Addiction Reformation Commission
Addu Womens Development Initiative
ADEID, Action for a sustainable, Equitable and Integrated Development
Adelphi Research
ADELPHI UNIVERSITY – http://www.Adelphi.edu
Adéquations – http://www.adequations.org/
Adharshila – http://adharshilatrust.org/
ADI – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Integrado
Adibasi Sanskruti Gabesana Parishad
Adibasi Sanskruti Gabesana Parishad (Tribal Research Council)
ADIC – Apoio ao Desenvolvimento das Iniciativas Comunitárias – NAFAIA
ADIM – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Integrado da Mulher
Aditi Samaj Sewi Sanstha
Aditi Social and Technical Organization Jaipur, Kuchaman City, Rajasthan (india) – http://www.asto.org
Adivasi Rights Resource Centre
Adivasi Unnayan Kendra (Centre for Indigenous People`s Development)
Administra.it by Openet Technologies S.p.A.
Admiral Development Organization – http://www.admiral.dev.org.com
Admiral Family Circle Islamic Community, Inc.
Adolescent Health and Information Projects – http://www.ahipnig.org
Adolescent Project, The
Adom Fri Nyame (Grace From God) Women
AdP Villes en Developpement – http://www.ville-developpement.org
ADRA – Congo
ADRA Deutschland e.V. – http://www.adra.de
Adrian College
ADRINOK­Centre d’Appui au Développement Global Rural Intégré du Nord­Kivu
ADRINOK-Centre d’Appui au Développement Global Rural Intégré du Nord-Kivu
Adrinok-Centre d’Appui au Développement Global Rurale
Adroe Global Foundation for Humanity – http://www.adroefoundation.org
ADS – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Adult and Non-Formal Education Association in Ethiopia
Advance Feminist Therapy Institute (AFTI)
Advanced Institute of public management (ISMP)
Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) Samoa
Adventist Development and Relief Agency – http://www.adra.org
Adventist Health International – http://www.adventisthealthinternational.org/
Advisory Commission of the Evangelical Church in Germany – http://www.ekd.de
Advisory Committee for the Protection of the Sea – http://www.acops.org
Advisory Network For African Information Society (ANAIS-AC)
Advocacy for Health, Education, Agriculture and Development, Inc.
Advocacy for the Rights of Women and Girls
Advocacy Forum – http://www.advocacyforum.org
Advocacy Initiative for Development – http://www.aidsl.org
Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID) – http://www.advocacyinitiative.org
Advocacy Network for Small Scale Enterprises
Advocacy Through Filming and Screening Uganda
Advocate for Grass Root Empowerment
Advocate for Peace International
Advocates coalition for Development and Environment
Advocates for Environmental Human Rights
Advocates for Human Dignity – http://advocatedignity.org/
Advocates for Human Rights – http://www.theadvocatesforhumanrights.org
Advocates for International Development
Advocates For Safe Parenthood: Improving Reproductive Equity-ASPIRE
Advocates for Youth
Advocates International, Inc. – http://www.advocatesinternational.org
Advocating the Rights of Orphan People Living with HIV/AIDS and Womens Rights
ADYNE – http://www.adyne.info
AEF International
AEON Group Environment Foundation
Aequalia – http://www.aequalia.org
Aeronautical Radio Inc. (ARINC)
Aerospace Medical Association
Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA)
Afaha Offiong Food Processors MPCS Ltd.
AFD International Belgium – http://www.afdinternational.org
AFEL – http://www.afel-togo.org
Affirmative Action on Gender Equality Network – http://aggen2011.blogspot.com/p/about.html
Afghan Amputee Bicyclists for Rehabilitation And Recreation – http://www.aabrar.org.af
Afghan Development Association
Afghan Development Foundation
Afghan Human Rights Training Organization
Afghan Landmine Survivors Organization – http://www.afghanlandminesurvivors.org
Afghan Poverty Relief – http://www.afghanpoverty.org.uk
Afghan Veracity Care for Unsheltered Families Organization – http://www.avcuf.org
Afghan Youth for Social Development
Afghanistan Information Management Services – http://www.aims.org.af
Afghanistan Justice Organization – http://www.afghanjustice.org
Afghan-Turk CAG Educational NGO (ACTE)
AFL-CIO – American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations – HTTP://www.aflcio.org/home.htm
Aframglobal Organization Inc.
AFRECure – All for Reparations and Emancipation
Afri Deaf Way Group
Afri Network for Env. & Econ. Justice Ltd/Gte – http://www.aneej.org
Africa Action
Africa Alliance of YMCAs
Africa Amazing Travel and Tour Lodge P.L.C – http://www.africaamazingtour.com
Africa America Higher Education Partnerships – http://www.AAHEP.org
Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance – AMERA – http://www.amera-uk.org
Africa Asia Scholars Global Network – http://aasgon.net
Africa Book Development
Africa Capacity Building Foundation
Africa Center for Rights and Governance
Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation – http://www.africacore.org,www.ycwnigeria.org
Africa Challenge Foundation – http://www.africachallengefoundation.org
Africa Club (For Integrated Development)
Africa Cooperative Action Trust
Africa CSO Platform on Principled Partnership – http://www.africacsoplatform.org
Africa Culture Internationale – http://www.africaculture.info
Africa Desk – Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) – http://www.wanep.org/wpp
Africa Development Interchange Network – http://www.adinetwork.org
Africa Environmental Security Network
Africa Environmental Watch, Inc. – http://www.africaenvironmentalwatch.org
Africa Faith And Justice Network – http://www.afjn.org/
Africa for Christ International
Africa for Peace
Africa Forest Forum
Africa Foundation
Africa Freedom of Information Centre – http://www.africafoicentre.org
Africa Friends Association – http://www.africaquerote.com
Africa Genetics Association
Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation – http://www.africagreatlakesnetworkingfoundation.org
Africa Harvest Mission
Africa Health Research Organization – http://www.afrihero.org
Africa Health, Human and Social Development (Afri-Dev) – http://www.afri-dev.net
Africa Hope Alive Initiative
Africa Human Rights Heritage
Africa Humanitarian Action – http://www.africahumanitarian.org
Africa I Care
Africa Independent Television
Africa Information Afrique
Africa Infrastructures Foundation
Africa Initiative for the Needy Uganda – http://www.ainuganda.viviti.com
Africa Initiative Program
Africa Institue for Policy Analysis and Economic Integration
Africa Justice Foundation – http://www.africajusticefoundation.org
Africa Leadership Forum
Africa Legal Aid – http://www.africalegalaid.org/
Africa Millennium Development Network – http://www.afrinetdevelopment.org
Africa Muslim Federation – http://www.amfs.za.org
Africa Muslims Agency
Africa Network for Animal Welfare – http://www.anaw.org
Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) – http://www.aneej.org
Africa Network for Social Change and Enviromental Protection
Africa Nihon Kyougi-Kai – http://www.ajf.gr.jp
Africa Partnership on Climate Change Coalition – http://www.envay.org/apccc
Africa Peace Forum – http://www.amaniafrika.org
Africa Peace Tour
Africa Progress Panel – http://www.africaprogresspanel.org
Africa Public Health Alliance & 15% Campaign – http://www.africapublichealth.org
Africa Research and Resource Forum
Africa Safe Water Foundation
Africa Society of Japan
Africa Speaks – http://www.africaspeakshq.com
Africa Sustainable Investment Forum (AfricaSIF.org) – http://www.africasif.org
Africa Tenants Federation (ATF)
Africa Trade Network
AFRICA TURK ASSOCIATON – http://www.afroturk.com
Africa Unite – http://www.africaunite.org.za
Africa University
Africa Village Academy
Africa Village Financial Services
Africa Women Independent Forum
Africa Youth Coalition Against Hunger Sierra Leone – http://www.aycahinternational.org
Africa Youth Development Alliance
Africa Youth Development Center
Africa Youth for Peace and Development – http://www.aypad.com
Africa Youth Growth Foundation – http://www.aygf.org
Africa Youth United – http://www.facebook.com/pages/AYU/251663271629308
Africa Youths International Development Foundation – http://www.afyidef.org
AfricaBio – http://www.africabio.com
Africa-Cultures International Institute
Africa-Japan Forum
Africalink – Africa Australia Association
African Academy of Sciences, The
African Action on AIDS – http://www.africanactiononaids.org
African Action on AIDS, Inc. – Cameroon
African Agency for Integrated Development (AAID)
African Aid Africans
African Aid Organization – http://www.afaid.org
African Aid Program
African Aids for Peasant Farmers
African Alliance for Health, Rural and Environmental Sustainability
African Alliance of Political Science
African American Centre for Governance and Development – http://www.africanamericancentre.8m.net
African American Institute – http://www.aaionline.org
African American Islamic Institute – http://aaii.info/
African American Life Alliance
African American Thinktank – http://www.AATHINKTANK.COM
African and Arab Youth Council – http://www.aayouthc.org
African Artists for Development – http://www.aad-fund.org
African Arts Institute – http://www.afai.org.za
African Association for Development and Progress (A.A.D.P.)
African Association for Literacy and Adult Education
African Association for Public Administration and Management
African Association of Education for Development
African Association of Education for Development – Togo
African Association of Free Trade
African Association of Political Science
African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) – http://www.africanremotesensing.org
African Australian Network – http://www.africanaustraliannetwork.org.au
African Awareness Campaign (AAC)
African Ball & Community Development – http://www.abacode.org
African Baseball Network, Inc.
African Blackwood Conservation Project
African Business Roundtable – http://www.abrnetwork.org
African Canadian Legal Clinic – http://www.aclc.net
African Care – http://www.africancare.fi
African Center For Direct Democracy – http://sites.google.com/site/africedd/
African Center for Monetary Studies
African Center for Science and International Security – http://www.africsis.org
African Center Foundation – http://www.africancenterfoundationacf.org
African Centre for Advocacy and Human Development – http://www.african-advocacygrp.org
African Centre for Applied Forestry Research and Development (CARFAD
African Centre for Civil Society
African Centre for Community and Development – http://www.africancentreforcommunity.com/
African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies – http://www.acdhrs.org
African Centre for Empowerment, Gender and Advocacy (AC-EGA) ACCGA
African Centre for Environment Development and Information Network
African Centre for Fertilizer Development
African Centre for Human Development
African Centre for ICTs in Education and Development – http://www.africicted.za.org
African Centre for Technology Studies
African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes – http://www.accord.org.za/
African Centre for Trade and Development – http://www.actade.org
African Charitable Society for Mother and Child Care – http://www.acsom-sd.org
African Charitable Society for Mother and Child Care (ACSOM)
African Child Care Foundation – http://www.africanchildcare.com
African Child Initiative
African Child Peace Initiative
African Citizens Development Foundation – http://www.acdfinternational.org
African Citizen’s Empowerment Foundation, Nigeria – http://www.acefnigeria.wordpress.com
African Civil Services Observatory
African Civil Society for Information Society – http://www.acsis-africa.org
African Cocoa & Coffee Farmers’ Marketing Organization – http://www.accfmo.org
African Community Development Centre – Kenya
African Community Fund for Education – http://www.acfegroup.org
African Community Resource Center – http://www.acrcintl.org
African Computer and Technology Literacy Awareness Program (ACTLAP) Inc. – http://www.actlap.org
African Concern Outreach
African Conservation Tillage Network – http://www.act-africa.org
African Consumer Protection Network – http://www.africa-cpn.org
African Council of AIDS Service Organizations – http://www.africaso.net
African Council of Religious Leaders/ Religions for Peace
African Development Agriculture Environment Project Analysis Network Forum
African Development and Advocacy Centre – http://afridac.org
African Development Association
African Development Bank
African Development Education Network
African Development Foundation
African Development Foundation – Tanzania
African Development Foundation – Zimbabwe
African Development Institute, Inc. – http://www.africainstitute.com
African Development Programme
African Development Solutions (ADESO)
African Environmental Action Network. – http://www.Eanet-africa.org
African European Young People Initiatives
African Families Foundation, The (TAFF)
African Family Research and Development Center
African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (AFWE) – http://www.afwe.org/
African Field Epidemiology Network – http://www.afenet.net
African First Ladies Peace Mission
African Forest Forum – http://www.afforum.org
African Forest Research Network – http://wwwafornetorg/ourbackgroundasp
African Forum and Network on Debt and Development
African Forum for International Relations in Research and Development – http://www.africanrelations.org
African Forum for Mathematical Ecology
African Forum for Rural Development, Inc. – http://www.affrdev.org
African Foundation for Development – http://www.afford-uk.org
African Foundation for Development of Infrastructure and Social Services in Rural Communities
African Foundation for Environment and Climate Change
African Foundation for Human Advancement – http://www.affah.org
African Futures/NLTPS – http://www.africanfutures.net/
African Green Foundation International – http://www.africangreenfoundation.org
African Heart Network – http://www.ahnetwork.org
African Hebrew Organisation (Original Entry – Case Closed)
African Hebrew Organisation (Re-opened Case)
African Heritage Foundation for Human Deevlopment
African Heritage Foundation Nigeria – http://www.africanheritageng.org
African Hope Committee Inc. – http://www.afriquehope.org
African Human Rights Campaign
African Indigenous and Minority Peoples Organization
African Initiative on Ageing (AFIA)
African Institute for Democracy
African Institute for Economic Development and Planning
African Institute for Health and Development – http://www.aihdint.org
African Institute for Social Accountability
African Leadership Community link Advancement program
African Leadership Community Link Advancement Programm – http://savefuture.org/ALCOMLAP/about/
African League Against Corruption
African Library Solution and Development – http://www.alisod.org
African Life Center
African Markets Initiative – http://www.ami-africa.org
African Medical and Research Foundation, Inc.
African Monitor – http://www.africanmonitor.org
African Movement for Social Justice/Action Immigrante
African National Congress Youth League
African Network for Environmental and Economic Justice
African Network for Policy Research and Advocacy for Sustainability – http://www.anpras.org
African NGOs Environment Network
African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer – http://www.aortic.org
African Palliative Care Association – http://www.apca.org.ug
African Peace Network – http://www.apnetngo.org
African Pikin Foundation – http://www.africanpikin.com
African Poverty Reduction Network
African Progressives for Human Rights
African Projects/Foundation for Peace and Love Initiatives
African Publishers Network
African Reformers Organisation
AFRICAN REFUG E – http://www.africanrefuge.org
African Refugee Development Center – http://www.ardc-israel.org
African Refugees Foundation
African Regional Agricultural Credit Association
African Regional Labour Administration Centre
African Relief in Action “ARIA” – http://www.ariaint.org
African Renaissance Network (ARN)
African Rescue Committee – http://www.afrec.org
African Revolution Movement
African Rights Activists Group – http://www.aragrci.com
African Rights Initiative International – http://www.ariint.org
African Rivers Network – http://www.sites.google.com/site/africanriversnetwork
African Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ARSCP) – http://www.arscp.org
African Rural Community Development and Advancement Initiative – http://www.arcdinitative.org
African Scientific Institute – http://www.asi-org.net
African Scientific Railway Association (ASRA)
African Services Committee, Inc.
African Sky – http://www.africansky.org
African Society of International and Comparative Law
African Solutions to African Problems – http://www.africansolutions.org
African Technical Association
African Technology Development Link
African Tobacco Control Alliance – http://www.atca-africa.org
African Underprivileged Children’s Foundation – http://www.aucf-ng.org
African Union
African Union of Conservationists (AUC) – http://www.afruc.org
African Views Organization a NJ Nonprofit Corporation – http://www.africanviews.org
African Water Forum
African Wildlife Foundation – http://www.awf.org
African Wildlife Foundation – Kenya
African Women Development and Communications Network, Cameroon Focal point
African Women Economic Development
African Women Empowerment Guild
African Women for Good Governance – http://www.awgg.org
African Women Health, Education and Empowerment Center
African Women in America – http://www.afwiam.org
African Women in Diaspora Organisation
African Women Jurists Federation
African Women Leaders In Agriculture and Environment
African Women’s Millennium Initiative on Poverty and Human Rights (AWOMI)
African Women’s Active Nonviolence Initiatives for Social Change – http://www.awanich.org
African Women’s Alliance (AWA)
African Women’s Alliance, Inc. – http://www.awa-connect.org
African Women’s Association
African Women’s Development & Communication Network (FEMNET) – http://www.femnet.co
African Women’s Development and Communication Network
African Women’s Development Fund – http://www.awdf.org
African Women’s Economic Policy Network – AWEPON – http://www.awepon.net
African Women’s Initiative on Habitat
African Youth Alliance
African Youth Association of Non-Governmental Organization (AYANGO) – http://www.ayango.org
African Youth Development Alliance
African Youth Development Foundation – Nigeria – http://www.inspireyouths.org
African Youth Development Foundation – Tanzania
African Youth for Transparency (AYFT) – http://www.ayftafrica.ca
African Youth Foundation
African Youth Movement – http://www.africanyouthmovement.org
African Youth Movement – AYM – http://www.africanyouthmovement.org
African Youth Network
African Youth Network for Sustainable Development
African Youth Union
African Youth Unite for Change Sierra Leone
African Youth Volunteers for Peace – http://www.ayvp.jigsy.com
African Youths Initiative on Crime Prevention – http://www.ayicrip.org
African, Caribbean and Pacific Group
African-American Project for Human Development, Inc. (A.A.P.H.D.)
African-American Society for Humanitarian Aid and Development
african-brirish returnees international – http://www.afribritishreturnees.org
African-Child Projects
African-Diaspora and Other Races’ Development Movement (ADORDEM)
Africanet Import and Export Services
African-German Youth Arts Culture & Science Association – http://www.ayacsa.org
Africans helping Africans,Inc.
Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA) – http://www.afruca.org
African-Union Chamber of Commerce – http://www.african-union.za.org
Africare – http://www.africare.org
Africare – OSAA
Africare – Senegal
Africa’s Elites Society – http://www.tavallodedobareman.blogfa.com
Africa-USA Trade Center
Africawrites – http://www.africawrites.com
AFRICT Empowerment Initiative – http://www.africt.org
Afrigrowth Foundation – http://www.afrigrowth.org
Afrihealth Information Projects/Afrihealth Optonet Association
Afrika Initiati e e.V. Germany – http://www.afrikainitiative.de
Afrika Re Coopération – http://www.afrikarecooperation.org
Afrikaanse Forum vir Burgerregte – http://www.afriforum.co.za
AfriNIC – http://www.afrinic.net
Afrique Contre le Tabac – http://www.aconta.org
Afrique Développement Sans Frontières
Afrique Internationale pour le Developpement et l’Environnement au 21è Siècle – http://www.aide21.org
Afrique Paix et développement – http://www.afriquepaixetdeveloppement.wifeo.com
Afrique Profonde – http://www.afriqueprofonde.org
Afrique Secours et Assistance – http://www.asa-ci.org
Afrique Verte
Afrique Youth Council and Education Network
Afriques Sans Frontières
Afro Asian Lawyers Federation for Human Rights
Afro Centre for Development Peace and Justice – http://www.afrodep.org
Afro Global Alliance – http://www.afroglobal.org
Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization
Afrobizsense – http://www.afrobizsense.org
Afro-European Medical and Research Network – http://www.aemrnetwork.ch
Afromedianet – http://www.afromedianet.com
AFS Inter-Cultural Programs, Inc.
Aftab Society
AFZAL JAHAN Memorial Social Welfare Trust Iternational
AG:Aware Girls – http://www.awaregirls.webs.com
Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance – http://www.akdn.org/akam
Agalean One Komyuniti (A1K) Development Association Inc – http://www.facebook.com/agaleankomyuniti
Agalliao Development Initiative – http://www..facbook.com/agalliaodevelopmentinitiative
Agape Global Life Care Foundation (AGLICAF) – http://www.aglicaf.org
Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth
Agape Scholars International, Inc – http://www.agapescholars.org
Agar Vision Africa Initiative – http://www.avainitiative.org
AGE CONCERN BRIGHTON HOVE & PORTSLADE – http://www.ageconcern-bhp.org.uk
AGE Platform Europe – http://www.age-platform.eu/
Aged Group
Ageing Research Foundation of India
Agence Adventiste d’Aide et de Développement – Niger
Agence Adventiste d’Aide et de Développement – Togo
Agence Africaine d’Assistance d’Environement et de Developpement
Agence baha’ie pour le développement économique et social au Cameroun
Agence Consultative en Ethique de la Cooperation Internationale – ACECI – http://www.aceci.org
Agence d’aide a la cooperation technique et au developpement – http://www.acted.org
Agence de Developpement Durable de Cote d’Ivoire
Agence de Developpement Economique et Culturel Nord-Sud – http://www.adecns.fr
Agence des Jeunes Reporters pour l’Environnement au Benin
Agence des Musulmans d’Afrique
Agence France-Presse – http://wwwafpcom/english/home/
Agence francophone pour l’enseignement superieur et la recherche
Agence Haitienne de Developpement Social Educatif et Environnemental – http://www.facebook.com/ahdseehaiti
Agence Internationale pour le Developpement – http://www.aide-federation.org
Agence Musulmane d’Afrique -Togo
Agence pour le Développement Intégré au Congo
Agence pour les droits de l’homme
Agence Togolaise pour le Développement des Villes et des Campagnes
Agência Brasileira de Gerenciamento Costeiro – http://www.agenciacosteira.org.br
Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Extremo Oeste do Paraná – http://www.adeop.org.br
Agencia Internacional de prensa India
Agencia Internacional de prensa India (AIPIN)
Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion (ALAI)
Agencia Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico Social e Defesa Ambiental – http://www.andesa.org.br
Agência Nacional de Desenvolvimento Eco-Social – http://www.andesbrasil.org.br
Agency for African Families in Distress – http://www.aafid.org
Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development
Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD) – http://www.acordinternational.org
Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development – http://www.aced.ba
Agency for Human Development (AHD)
Agency for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention
Agency for International of Projects Aid for Human Development A.C – http://WWW.AIPADH.ORG
Agency for Promoting Sustainable Development Initiatives – http://radioapac.tripod.com
Agency for Refugee Education, Skills Training, and Advocacy – http://www.aresta.org.za
Agency for Strengtheining Underpreviliged Societies
Agency for Voluntary Initiatives in Development – http://www.avid.org
Agenda Developers
Agenda Pública – Agência de Análise e Cooperação em Políticas Públicas – http://www.agendapublica.org.br
Agenfor Italia – http://www.agenformedia.com
AGEN-USA Inc. – http://www.agentz.org/
Agermanament sense fronteres
Aggrupation of Advocates for Environmental Protection (AGAP) Bulusan, Inc. – http://www.preservebvnp.net|http://www.agapbulusan.org
Aging Research Center – http://www.fondazioneunich.it/portal/Default.asp?p=28&m=0
Aging Safely, Inc. – http://www.agingsafely.org
Agir en faveur de l’environnement
Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme – http://www.aedh.org
Agir pour Faire la Différence
Agir pour les femmes en situation précaire
Agraiculture Development Reconstruction and Humanitarian Organization
Agrenska Foundation (Grosshandlare Axel H. Agrens Donationsfond)
Agri Energy Roundtable
Agribusiness In Sustainable Natural African Plant Products – http://www.asnapp.org
Agribusiness Support Fund – http://www.asf.org.pk
AGRICE – Associação Guineense de Reabilitação e Integração de Cegos
Agriculteurs Français et Développement International
Agricultural and Liverstock Production Develop. Association
Agricultural Development Association – PARC – http://www.parc.ps
Agricultural Missions, Inc. – http://www.agriculturalmissions.org
Agriculture Awareness for Sustainable Development (AASD Nepal)
AgriEnvironment and Health Development International
Agrisud International – http://www.agrisud.org
Agro Farm Foresters Association Nepal AFFAN
Agro Professional Care Foundation
Agrupacion de Jubilados de la Policia, Transito y Bomberos del DF
Agua Sustentable – http://www.aguasustentable.org
Agudas Israel World Organization
AGUIBEF – Associação Guineense para o Bem-estar Familiar
Ahatsu – Associacao Indigena Xavante
AHEAD, Adventures in Health, Education and Agriculture Development
Ahiara Development Union USA (aka) American Global Rescue
Ahl-ul-bayt World Assembly
Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam, Inc.
Ahmedabad Women’s Action Group
Ahwaz Human rights Organization
AIBEX Asociación Internacional de ex – Becarios – http://www.aibex.eu
Aid and Child Evangelism International
Aid and Service International Foundation – http://www.aidandservice.com
Aid for Aids Panamá – http://www.aidforaids.org/index.php/site/officepanama/
AID For The World
Aid for trade logistics – http://www.aidfortradelogistics.org
Aid Network Ghana
Aid Organization – http://www.aidorg.net
Aid Organization (AO) – http://www.aidorg.net
AIDC – Alternative Information on Development Center – HTTP://aidc.org.za/
Aide a l’equipement scolaire et culturel (AESCO)
Aide aux femmes et filles desoeuvrees
Aide D’urgence Humanitaire en Afrique
Aide Et Action
Aide et Action International
Aide et Action-TOGO
Aide Internationale pour L’enfance – http://www.aipe-cci.org/
Aide sanitaire suisse aux Palestiniens – http://www.assp.ch
Aide, Assistance et Développement Communautaire de Côte d’Ivoire
AIDE4Youth Concepts – http://www.aide4youth.webs.com
Aides aux Mals Integres et Enfants Soupçonnes Sorciers
Aides Médicales et Charité
Aidez’ Small Project International
AidLebanon- CCR LADE: Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections
AIDS Accountability International – http://www.aidsaccountability.org
AIDS Accountability International.
AIDS Action
AIDS Alliance in Nigeria
AIDS Care Education and Training
Aids Community and Orphan Trust – http://WWW.ACOTTZ.COM
AIDS Foundation East-West – http://www.afew.org
AIDS Healthcare Foundation – http://www.aidshealth.org
AIDS Information Centre
AIDS Information Switzerland
AIDS infoshare
AIDS Legal Network – http://www.aln.org.za
Aids Orphans Care and Support Program
AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition – http://www.avac.org
AIDS-Free World – http://www.aidsfreeworld.org
AIESEC em Salvador
AIESEC in Joinville – http://aiesecjoinville.org.br/site/
AIESEC International – https://www.aiesec.org/
AIESEC Macedonia
AIESEC Sénégal
AIGA (originally known as American Institute of Graphic Arts) – http://www.aiga.org
Aim for human rights – http://www.aimforhumanrights.org
AIMS Organization – http://www.aimspk.org
Ain o Salish Kendra – Law and Mediation Centre
AIN SHOHAOTA KENDRA FOUNDATION (ASK) – http://www.askbcrd.com
Ain Shohayta Kendra Foundation – http://www.askbcrs.com
AIN SHOYTA KENDRA FOUNDATION – http://www.askbcrd.com
Ain Sohayta Kendro (ASOK) Foundation – http://www.newasok.com
Aina World – http://www.ainaworld.org
Ain-Shams University, Egypt.
Air France
Air Serv International
Air Transport Action Group – http://www.atag.org
Airborne Trust (The)
AIRHOMAR – Amigos e Irmãos dos Homens do Mar
Airline Ambassadors International, Inc. – http://www.airlineamb.org
Airlines Worldwide Telecommunications and Information Service
Airport Association Council International
Airports Council International
Aitemad Human Rights Organizaion
Aitemad Research & Development Organization – http://en.ardopak.org/
AJ Foundation (Bangladesh) – http://www.aj-foundation.org
AJAR Foundation – http://www.ajarfoundation.org
Ajegunle Community Project – http://www.ajegunlecommunityproject.org
Ajemalebu Self Help – Cg
Ajit Foundation India – http://www.ajitfoundation.com
AJIZ – Union Of Development Concern – http://sites.google.com/site/ajizunionofdevelopmentconcern
AJK Rural Support Programme
Ajou university,South Korea.
AK Khan Healthcare Trust
Akademiet for Fremtidsforskning – http://www.Fremtid.org
AKAHATÁ – Equipo de trabajo en Sexualidades y Géneros – http://www.akahataorg.org
Akbar Abbas Ibraheem Welfare Society for Human Rights and Undocumented Migrents – http://wwwranaalitrader.webstarts.com.com/
Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh – http://www.abssindia.orgorwww.gcac.co
Akila Bharatha Mahila Seva Samaja
Akina Dada wa Africa – http://www.akidwa.ie
akina mama Jiendeleze Sota
Akina Mama Wa Afrika
Akinstall International (Research and Development of Women’s Issues)
Akmena Public Association – http://www.akmena.org
Ako Foundation – http://www.akofoundation.com
Akpabuyo Bakassi Green Movement (ABGREMO)
Akruti Info-Tech
AKS Foundation – http://www.aksfoundation.webs.com
Akshara, a Women’s Resource Centre – http://www.aksharacentre.org
AKUT Arama Kurtarma Dernegi – http://www.akut.org.tr
Akyeampim Rural Development Association
Akyeapim Rural Development Association
AL – Miezan Association For Human Rights Development – http://miezan.org/
Al Afaag
Al Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies – http://www.acpss.org/
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane
AL ANSARS – Organização Islâmica para o Desenvolvimento
Al Birr & Al Tawasul Organization – http://WWW.bto.org.sd
Al Massar
Al Mesalla for Human Resource Development – http://www.almesalla.netwww.laonf.net
Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights
Al Muntada Al Islami Trust
Al Mustafa International University – http://www.miu.ac.ir
Al Tajdeed Cultural Social Society – http://www.tajdeed.org
Al Urdun Al Jadid Research Center – http://www.ujrc-jordan.net
Al Zubair Charitable Foundation – http://alzbaircharity.org/
Ala Plastica Foundation – http://www.alaplastica.org.ar
Alafia Actions 21
Alaknanda Ghaati Shilpi Federation
Alaman Organization for Blind Women Care – http://www.alaman.org.ye/indexEV.html
AlAman Orgnization for Blind Female Care
ALAMPYME – Assoc. Latino Americana de Pequenos e Médios Empresários – HTTP://www.apyme.com.ar/
Alan Guttmacher Institute
Aland Islands Peace Institute, The – http://www.peace.ax
Alarm Ministries
Alarth Alkhadraa and Environmental Protecton Org.
Alashanek Ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development – http://www.ayb-sd.org
Alaska Inter-Tribal Council
Al-Awn Foundation for Development – http://www.alawn.org
Al-Ayadi Al-Baidha’a Organization for community development
Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation – http://www.aynyateem.com
Albanian American Civic League
Albanian Helsinki Committee – http://www.ahc.org.al
Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute, Inc. – http://www.sabin.org
Albert Schweitzer Guild – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Albert-Schweitzer-Guild/156487301090045
Albert Schweitzer Institute, The
Alberta Federation of Women United for Families, The
Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation Ltd. (AERF) – http://www.aerf.com.au
Alcohol Prevention Youth Initaitive, Nigeria – http://www.apyn.yolasite.com
Al-Dameer Association for Supporting Prisoners and Human Rights – http://englishweb.aldameer.org/
Alderman Environmental Services, Inc.
Aldet Centre-Saint Lucia
ALDET Centre-Saint Lucia, The
Aleanca Ekologjike Europiane Rinore – http://www.aleancaekologjike-al.com
Aleman & Associates
Aleut International Association, The – http://www.aleut-international.org
Alexandra Orphanage Child Care Center – http://www.isht.co.za
Alexandria Business Association
Alexis International Society
Alex-Mem Trado-Medical Centre (Affiliate of Alex-Mem Enterprises)
ALFAAZ Educational and Cultural Organisation – http://www.projects.tigweb.org/alfaaz
ALFABETIZACAO SOLIDARIA (AlfaSol) – http://www.alfasol.org.br
Al-falah Health Organization – http://www.ahopak.org
Al-Farabi Foundation for Scientific Progress – http://www.alfarabi-iq.com
Alfarouq Society – http://www.alfarouqsociety.org
Alfattah Youth Development Academy – http://www.alfattahacademy.tripod.com
Al-Fidaa Foundation – http://www.alfidaa.co.za
Alfonso ROM
ALG Consulting Group – http://www.ALGCONSULTINGGROUP.COM
Algerain young peace builders
Algeria – Algeria – PM
Algeria – Ministere de l’Agriculture
Algerian Association for the Promotion of Citizenship and Human Rights, The
ALGhina Association – http://www.facebook.com/alghina002
Algoma University College
Al-Hakim Foundation – http://www.alhakimfd.org
Al-Haq, Law in the Service of Man – http://www.alhaq.org
Aliança Por Um Mundo Responsável e Solidário – HTTP://www.alliance21.org/
Aliance Africa
Alianta Civica a Romilor din Romania – http://www.acrr.ro
Alianza Amazonica
Alianza de Mujeres Indigenas de Centroamerica y Mexico – http://www.indigenouswomensforum.org/
Alianza de Profesionales Indigenas bilingues Nacion Purhepecha
Alianza for Economic & Social Progress
Alianza Internacionales Inca Peru ONG – http://perualianzainca.galeon.com
Alianza ONG – http://www.alianzaong.org.do
Alianza para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos, la Ecología y el Medio Ambiente – http://www.asoprodem.org.ve
Alianza para la Educacion Superior
Alianza Solidaria para la Lucha Contra el VIH/SIDA – http://www.asolsida.org
Alikar Center for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy – http://www.aphad.org
Al-Imdaad Foundation – http://www.alimdaad.com
Alintilaq Organization for Development
Aliran Kesedaran Negara National Consciousness Movement
Alisogood Foundation
AlJawf Women Organization – http://www.csotwg.org
Al-Jawf Women Organization For Development – http://www.csotwg.org
Alkedo Onlus – http://www.percorsinatura.org
Al-Khair Foundation – http://www.alkhair.org
Al-khoei Foundation – http://www.alkhoei.org
AL-Khoel Foundation
All 88 Women’s Education Fund Association
All Africa
All Africa Conference of Churches – http://www.mulunda@insight.com
All Africa Conference of Churches – Women’s Desk – http://www.aacc-ceta.org/
All Africa Farmers Network
All Africa Students Union – http://www.allafricastudentsunion.org
All Arab Peasants & Agricultural Co-operatives Union
All Care Charitable Trust
All China Women’s Federation
All China Youth Federation (ACFY)
All Christians Welfare Association – http://www.acwa.org.pk
All Encompassed World Aid, Inc – http://www.AEWA.org
All Encompassed World Aid, Inc.
all inclined voulnteers association(AVIA)
All India Christian Council – http://www.christiancouncil.in
All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice – http://www.humanrightscouncil.in
ALL INDIA DEVELOPMENT TRUST – http://www.aidtindia.org
All India Dhanak Organisation – http://www.dhanaksamaj.com
All India Disaster Mitigation Institute – http://www.aidmi.org
All India Educational Movement
All India Human Rights & Citizen Option – http://www.aihrco.org
All India Momin Ansar Welfare Society (AIMAWS) – http://www.ithepo.org/aimaws/aimaws-aboutus.htm
All India Movement for Seva – http://www.aimforseva.org
All India Shah Behram Baug Society (for Scientific and Educational Research) – http://www.indiayellowpages.com/zoroastrian
All India Women’s Association
All India Women’s Conference – http://www.aiwc.org.in
All India Women’s Education Fund Association – http://www.aiwefa.org
All India Women’s Studies and Development Organisation
All India Youth Federation
All Japan Federation of Buraku Liberation Movement (ZENKAIREN)
All Japan Seamen’s Union
All Karnataka Social Welfare & Youth Educational Development Society
all nations in yahawehs glory international organization – http://www.allnationsnt.org
All Pakistan Women’s Association – http://www.apwapakistan.com
All Pakistan Youth Federation
All Rabha Students’ Union
All Russia Research Institute (VNIKI)
All Russian Charity Foundation – http://www.vog.su
all sindh huooq- e-insani welfare karachi
All Win Network – http://www.allwinnetwork.org
All Youth Development Organisation – http://www.ayd-org.blogspot.com
All Youth Organization for Society Development – http://www.all-youth.ning.comorwww.allyouth-ye.org
Allahbakashorganization – http://allahbakash.jimdo.com
Allama Iqbal Community Center – http://www.allamaiqbalcommunitycenter.org
All-China Environment Federation
Alleviating the Indigence of Yeomen
Alliance Against Irregular Migration – http://www.aaimgh.org
Alliance Clubs International – http://www.allianceclubs.in
Alliance Cooperative de Developpement, d’Entraide et de Solidarite
Alliance Cornerstone Positive Outreach Concepts
Alliance Creative Community Project – http://www.accpgh.org
Alliance Defense Fund – http://www.alliancedefendingfreedom.org
Alliance des Groupements Agro-Pastoraux Féminins
Alliance des jeunes Chrétiens “Evangelaires” – http://www.ajce-evangelaire.org
alliance du ruban blanc
Alliance for Africa Ltd/Gte – http://www.alliancesforafrica.org
Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI Ghana) – http://www.afawigh.org
Alliance for Arab Women – http://www.theallianceforarabwomen.org
Alliance For Bright Citizens
Alliance for Children – http://www.allianceforchildren.net
Alliance for Cooperation and Legal Aid Bangladesh – http://www.aclab-bd.org
Alliance for Development [Ghana] – http://www.alliancefordevelopment.net
Alliance for Development and Population Services (ADEPS) – http://www.adepskenya.kbo.co.ke
Alliance For Development-Uganda
Alliance for Global Sustainability World Student Community
Alliance for Health Promotion – http://www.alliance4healthpromotion.org
Alliance for Marriage
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability – http://www.ananuclear.org
Alliance for Peacebuilding – http://www.allianceforpeacebuilding.org
Alliance for Refugees in South Africa – http://www.afrisa-org.net
Alliance For Reproductive Health Rights – http://www.arhr.org.gh
Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy – http://www.arap.org/
Alliance for Social,Culture and Youth Advancement – http://www.mybrandcity.com
Alliance for Sustainable Development, Netherlands
Alliance for the Environment – http://www.alifenvironment.org
Alliance for Water Stewardship – http://www.allianceforwaterstewardship.org
Alliance Internationale pour les Objectifs du Millénaire – http://www.aiodm2015.org
Alliance Maghreb Machrek Pour L’ Eau
Alliance Missionnaire pour les Nations
Alliance Musulmane d’Angola
Alliance Nationale Contre le SIDA, Dakar – Sénégal – http://www.ancs.sn
Alliance Nationale des Volontaires Contre les Abus de Drogues
Alliance Nigérienne des Artistes Intelleectuels et commuicateurs pour l’enfance et la jeunesse
Alliance Niger-Nature
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
Alliance pour la Renaissance de la Côte d’Ivoire
Alliance pour les droits de la vie
Alliance pour Refonder la Gouvernance en Afrique
Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning
Alliance to Save Energy, The
Alliance Toward Harnessing Global Opportunities Corporation – http://www.athgo.org
Alliance Vietnam Liberte
Alliance with the Medical Society of the State of New York
AllianceSud – http://www.alliancesud.ch
Allibiya Assembly For Support The Rights Of Libyans Outside Libya – http://www.allibiya.org
Allied Rainbow Communities International – http://www.arc-international.net
Allliance for African Women Initiative – http://www.afawigh.org
All-Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association
All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group
All-Russian non-government organization «Russian Geographical society» – http://www.rgo.ru
All-Russian public organization “Russian Public Intstitute of Electoral Law” – http://www.roiip.ru
All-Russian public organization ‘Russian Union of Youth’ – http://www.ruy.ru/
All-Russian Social Fund, “The Russian Children Foundation” – http://www.detfond.org
All-Russian Society of Disabled People
All-Russian Society of the Deaf All-Russian Public Organization of Persons with Disabilities – “ARSD” APOPD – http://www.voginfo.ru
All-Ukrainian Association of Civil Organizations “Union of Armenians of Ukraine” – http://www.sau.net.ua
All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH – http://www.network.org.ua
All-Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Assambly of Youth” – http://www.youthassembly.com.ua(underconstruction,willbeworkinginfewweeks)
Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy
Almadeena Foundation
Almagd Women’s Organization Development – http://www.almagd.cso.com
Almanar Voluntary Organization – http://www.almanargroup.org
Al-Maqdese for Society Development – http://www.al-maqdese.org
Almarkz Alibaye Ilhgog w Alhreat
Al-Marsad, The Arab Centre for Human Rights in the Golan Heights (R.A.) – http://golan-marsad.org/
Almasai Alhamida Organaization – http://www.mhamida.org
Al-Masoom Trust International – http://www.almasoomtrust.org.uk
Almatti International Trust
Al-Mehran Research & Development Foundation – http://www.almehran.org
Almidan NGO – http://www.almidan.org
Almubarak Welfare Society International – http://www.al-mubarak.org
Al-Muntada Al-Islami -Togo
Al-Mustafa Development Network – http://www.adn.org.pk
Al-Mustaqbal Women Society
Alnakib Center for Training & Democracy Support – http://www.nctds.org
Al-Nisa Development Organization (Regd)
AL-Noor Islamic Welfare Trust
Al-noor welfare & development society kalat balochistan – http://www.noorbkorg,webs.com
AL-NOOR Welfare Council (2005 Application)
ALOP – Assoc. Latino Americana de Organismos de Promoção – HTTP://www.alop.or.cr/
Alot-Lyrics Edutainment – http://www.alotlyricsedutainment.org
ALPA Foundation
alpesandes.org – http://www.alpesandes.org
Alpha care
Alpha Cooperative Fund
Alpha Fundación de Estudios Estratégicos
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – http://www.aka1908.com
Alpha O. Centre for Malaria Prevention and Control
Alpha Omega Anti-Crime International Task Force – http://www.woma.usa
Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. – http://www.aohafricansorority.org
Alpha Vision Alliance International
Alphabétisation, Pain et Salut Pour Tous
Al-qadeseya universty
Alqara Alsamra Organization for Human Right & Charity – http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HUMANRIGHT&CHARITY
Alrahma Islamic Organization – http://www.alrahma-sd.org
Alsalam Foundation – http://www.salamf.org
Alsharg Charity for Development and Services
Alta Mount Foundation
Al-Taqwa Association for Woman and Child rights – http://www.altaqwabasrah.org
Altay Regional Public Organization of the Kumandin peoples “ISTOK”
Altepetl Nahuas de la Montana de Guerrero Asociacion Civil
ALTERNAG – Associação Guineense de Estudos e Alternativas
Alternatif Politikalar Merkezi – http://www.politikamerkezi.org.tr
Alternativa de Desarrollo Amazonico – http://www.aldeaperu.blogspot.com
Alternativas de Capacitacion y Desarrollo Comunitario
Alternative Finance Link for Development
Alternative Fluorocarbons Environmental Acceptability Study Consortium
Alternative For India Development
Alternative for Rural Movement – http://www.armngo.com
Alternative Information Center – HTTP://www.alternativenews.org/
Alternative Knowledge Center
Alternatives Durables pour le Développement – http://www.alternativesdurables.org
Alternatives Rússia
Alternatives, reseau d’action et communication pour le développement international – http://www.alternatives.ca
Altruists Welfare Organization – http://www.altruistswelfare.org
Altrusa International Inc – http://www.Altrusa.org
Alulbayt Foundation – http://www.alulbayt.com
Alumni Association of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot – http://www.maa.net
Alut- The Israeli Society for Autistic Children – http://www.alut.org.il
Al-watan Forum Pakistan – http://www.alwatanforum.org
Alyansa Ng Kabataan Tungo Sa Ikakaunlad Ng Bayan – http://aktibyouthorganization.weebly.com/
Alzain Intellectual Property Organization – http://www.zipo-ye.org
Alzheimer’s Association Nepal
Alzheimer’s Diseases International
AMAE – Associação das Mulheres de Actividade Económica
Amahra Credit and Savings Institution
Aman Foundation – http://www.facebook.com/amanfoundation4u
Aman Welfare Foundation – https://www.facebook.com/sabir.shahzad1
Aman Welfare Health & Educational Society – http://www.amanwelfare.org
Aman Welfare Health and Educational Society – http://www.amanwelfare.org
Amani Communites Africa – http://www.acafrica.org
Amani Development Group
Amani Global Works – http://www.amaniglobalworks.org
Amani People’s Theatre
Amani Women Disabled Kigoma Rural
Amanitare Sexual Rights Network – http://www.amanitare.org
AMAR International Charitable Foundation
AMARCOR – http://www.amarcor.org
Amauta Ñan
Amazin Lethi Foundation – http://www.amazinlethifoundation.org
Amazon Charitable Trust – http://www.amazoncharitabletrust.org
Amazon Environmental Research Institute – http://www.ipam.org.br
Amazon India
Amazon Watch – http://www.amazonwatch.org/
Amazonlink.org – http://www.amazonlink.org
Ambassadors for Children (AFC)
Ambassadors of Hope for Africa ( Reg. No.1841/2005)
Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace
Ambedkar Education Society
Ambioterra – http://www.ambioterra.org
Amda International Project Zambia
America Friendship Party Foundation
America Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
American Academy of Pediatrics, The – http://www.aap.org
American African Foundation Against Torture, The
American AIDS For Peasant Farmers
American Anthropological Association
American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG)
American Association for Health Education (AAHE) – http://www.aaheinfo.org
American Association for the Advancement of Science – http://www.aaas.org
American Association of Engineering Societies
American Association of Jurists
American Association of Russian Women – http://www.aarw.us.com
American Association of University Women – http://www.aauw.org
American Atheists, Inc. – http://www.atheists.org
American Bar Association – http://www.americanbar.org
American Bible Society – http://www.americanbible.organdwww.bibles.com
American Blue Cross Society – http://www.blue-cross.in
American Cancer Society
American Center for International Labor Solidarity – http://www.solidaritycenter.org
American Childhood Cancer Organization – http://www.acco.org
American Civil Liberties Union – http://www.aclu.org
American Civil Liberties Union – ACLU
American Cleaning Institute
American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
American Conservative Union, The – http://www.conservative.org
American Correctional Association – http://www.aca.org
American Council for Voluntary International Action – http://www.InterAction.org
American Council for World Jewry, Inc.
American Council on Education
American Counseling Association – http://www.counseling.org
American Delegation of the Order of Danilo I
American Diplomatic Mission for World Peace – http://www.americandiplomacy.us
American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations – http://www.admir.org
American Disability Association
American Family Association of New York
American Fisheries Society (AFS)
American Foreign Insurance Association
American Foreign Law Association
American Forest and Paper Association
American Forest and Paper Association , International Council of Forest Product Associations
American Forum for Global Education
American Foundation of Savoy Orders
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee — Newark – http://www.afsc.org
American Heart Association, Inc. – http://www.heart.org
American Hotel & Lodging Association, Inc.
American Indian Enterprise & Business Council – http://www.aiebc.org
American Indian Law Alliance – http://www.ailanyc.org
American Institute for Cancer Research – http://www.aicr.org
American Institute of Architects
American International Chamber of Commerce – http://www.aiccus.org
American International Health Alliance – http://www.aiha.com
American International Research about Harvard U Foundation
American Iranian Council – http://www.american-iranian.org
American Islamic Congress – http://www.aicongress.org
American Jewish Committee, The
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc. – http://www.jdc.org
American Jewish World Service
American Judges Association
American Legislative Exchange Council
American Life League Inc – http://www.all.org
American Management Association International, The
American Medical College of Homeopathy – http://www.AMCofH.org
American Medical Student Association – http://www.amsa.org
AMERICAN MONTESSORI SOCIETY – http://www.amshq.org
American Mothers, Inc. – http://www.americanmothers.org
American Motorcyclist Association
American Muslim Assistance
American Nuclear Society/Environmental Sciences Division – http://www.ans.org
American Ocean Campaign
American Oil Chemists’ Society
American Pan African Relief Fund, Inc
American Planning Association
American Political Science Association
American Psychological Association – http://www.apa.org
American Refugee Committee – http://www.arcrelief.org
American Relief Society, Inc
American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
American Society for Training & Development
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers – ASCE
American Society of Criminology – http://www.asc41.com
American Society of International Law – http://www.asil.org
American Society of International Law – Wildlife Interest Group
American Society of Landscape Architects
American Society of Safety Engineers
American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit – http://www.asilm.org
American Sports Committee, Inc. – http://www.americansportscommittee.com
American Studies Association
American University in Cairo
American Water Works Association
American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad, Inc / AYUDA, Inc.)
American-Romanian Partnership for Gender Equality (ARPGE)
Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain Inc – http://www.adhrb.org
Americans for Human Rights in Ukraine
Americans for Informed Democracy
Americans For Peace Now
Americans for UNFPA, Inc. – http://www.friendsofunfpa.org
American-South African People’s Friendship Association (ASAPFA)
America’s Development Foundation
America’s Elites Society – http://www.tavallodedobareman.blogfa.com
Americas Society, Inc
America’s Survival Inc.
AMG Ghana Inc.
Amhara Development Association
AMIC – Associação dos Amigos da Criança
Amicale Marocaine des Handicapes – http://www.amh.ma
Amicale marocaine des handicapés – http://www.amh.ma
Amigate con tu Espacio
Amigos da Terra – HTTP://www.foei.org/
Amigos de Costa Rica
Amigos de Iracambi – http://www.iracambi.com
Amigos de la Tierra – Spain
Amigos de las Américas
Amigos do Protocolo de Kyoto
Amigos of Earth College
Amihan Federation of Peasant Women, Inc.
Amis de la Canne Blanche ONG/D
Amis des Etrangers au Togo (A.D.E.T.)
Amis du Peuple du Sahara Occidental – http://ap-so.blogspot.fr/
AMIT – http://www.amitchildren.org
AMITERD “Les Amies de la Terre”
Amitié et Action pour le Développement
Amitié sans frontières internationale
Amitiel Welfare Society, Pakistan.
Amity for Peace
Amity Link Organization
AMKA Space for Women’s Creativity
Amman Center for Human Rights Studies – http://www.achrs.org
Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies – http://www.achrs.org
Amnesty International
Amnesty International – Sierra Leone Section
Amnesty International Australia – http://www.amnesty.org.au
Amnesty International Botswana Chapter
Amnesty International Chad
Amnesty International-Chilean Section – http://www.amnistia.cl
Amnesty International-Côte d’Ivoire – http://www.amnesty.org
Amnesty usr Egyptian Human Rights – https://www.facebook.com/pages/%D8%AC%D9%85%D8%B9%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%…
AM-NET (APEC Monitor NGO Network)
Amnistia Internacional Portugal – http://www.amnistia-internacional.pt
Amnistía Internacional Venezuela – http://www.aiven.org
Amour pour la Bonne Cause
Ampa Resource Organization
Amplify Impact
Amuta for NGO Responsibility – http://www.ngo-monitor.org
Amy Jacques Parenting Assocation
An Association for Awarness
An Organization for Socio-Economic Development – http://www.aosed.org
Ana el Masry
Anaassudan Organization – http://www.anaasudan.org
ANAFA / Reseau Ouest Africain sur les Droits des Minorites
ANAJOSA – Associação Nacional de Jovens para a Segurança Alimentar
Analytical Center for Interethnic Cooperaiton and Consultations
Anamil Organization for Women and Children Care
ANAND ASHRAM FOUNDATION – http://www.anandkrishna.org
Anand yuva Vikas Society
Ananda Marba Universal Relief Team
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team – Foundation AMURT (Switzerland) – http://www.amurt.org
Anandilal Ganesh Podar Society
ANC Women’s League
Ancestor Circle – http://www.ancestorcircle.webs.com
Anchal – http://www.anchal.org.in/
Anchalika Jana Seva Anusthan – http://www.ajsaodisha.in
Anchor of Hope (Missions Outreach Centre)
Anchor of Salvation International Ministries – http://www.miltonalvarez.com
ANCHORAGE – Bridging the Digital Divide
Ancient Egypt Research Associates, Inc. – http://www.aeraweb.org
Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies – http://www.andalusitas.net
Andar – http://www.granjaandar.org.ar
Andean Center for Sustainabel Development
Andean Commission of Jurists
Andhra Pradesh United Nation’s Association – APUNA – http://www.apuna.org
Andhra Pradesh Urban and Rural Social Development Society
Andrew Durnin
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The – Status Withdrawn 2013
Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice – http://en.rylkov-fond.org
Ang Bagong Lahing Pilipino Development Foundation, Inc. – http://www.oocities.org/eastpafi/
ANGEL – http://www.angelvision.org
Angel Foundation
Angel Paranormal Society – http://paranormalresearchsocietyofindia.com/
Angelo Awareness Welfare Society – http://www.angelosociety.in
Angels Shine Foundation
Anglican Consultative Council – http://www.anglicancommunion.org
Anglican Ovserver to the United Nations
Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church – http://www.anglicanritecatholicchurch.org
Anglican Women’s International Network – http://www.dfms.org/women/awinnet.html
Anglicare StopAIDS
Angola Network for Poverty Reduction
Angolan Network for Poverty Reduction
Angolan Women Network
Anhui Volunteer Association – http://www.ahyg.org
Animal Care Land
Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology – http://anitaborg.org/
Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust – http://www.agmswt.webs.com
Anjoman Eghtesad Energy Iran – http://www.IRAEE.org
Anjuman Samaji Behbood (ASB)
Anka Huma Afrika
Ankara Foundation of Children with Leukemia – http://www.losev.org.tr
Ankur Foundation Trust
Ankush Welfare Society – http://www.ankushwelfaresociety.org
Annai Educational Society
Annai Indira Sathiya Samuga Nala Mahalir Mandram
Annapurna Khadi Gramouthan vikas sansthan
ANO “Organization” “Vector of Friendship” – http://www.vfunion.ru
Anokye Farms Ltd.
Another New Org
ANPAM – Associazione Nazionale Produttori Armi e Munizioni Sportive e Civili – http://www.anpam.it
ANPUD-Asian Network of People who Use Drugs – http://www.anpud.org
Ansar Burney Trust International – http://www.ansarburney.org
Answer International
Antarctica Project, The
Antartica Project, The
Antenna Swiss For Displaced People
Antenna Technologie
Antenne Suisse pour les Populations Deplacees
Anthropos international direction régionale afrique centrale
Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda – http://www.accu.or.ug
Anti Crime & Research Council
Anti Crime & Research Council of Pakistan – http://www.anticrc.com
Anti Drug Abuse Association of Zimbabwe
Anti Terrorism Force – http://www.antiterrorismforce.com
Anti-Apartheid Movement
Anti-Corruption Awareness Organization Nigeria – http://www.anticorruptionawareness.org.ng
Anti-Corruption Front (R) – http://www.anticorruptionfront.org
Anti-Counterfeiting And Piracy Initiative – http://www.acapiafrica.org.ng
ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE – http://www.adl.org
Anti-Drug Association Of Somalia ( ADRASOM ) – http://www.adrasom.com
Anti-Drug, Human Right and Social Justice
Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services Association – http://www.antigonishwomenscentre.com
Antinea Foundation – http://www.antinea-foundation.org
Antioch Christian Centre
Anti-Racism Information Service
Anti-Slavery International – http://www.antislavery.org
Anti-Slavery International for the Protection of Human Rights
Anti-Tribalism Movement – http://www.theatm.org
Antiviolence Center
Antodaya – http://www.antodaya-kalahandi.org.in/
Antonio Restrepo Barco Foundation – http://www.funrestrepobarco.org.co
Antrashtriya Manav Adhikar Suraksha Samiti – http://www.ihrpcmanavadhikar.com
Anunsa Center for Indigenous People’s Rights
Anwaeltinnen Ohne Grenzen e.V. – http://www.anwaeltinnen-ohne-grenzen.de
Anwar Jannat Memorial Foundation – http://www.ajmfoundation.com
AnyBody – Endangered Bodies – http://www.endangeredbodies.org
AO,Centrul Ecologic – Recuperare, Reciclare, Reintegrare – http://www.moderntech-ecogreen.com
AP Domestic Workers Welfare Trust
Apang Jeevan Vikas Sanstha, Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Apathy is Boring – http://www.apathyisboring.com
Apex Concept International
Apex Development Foundation – http://www.Apexdevelopment.org
Apex Mission Nepal-AMIN – http://www.amin.org.np
APID Imprenditorialita Donna
APMM Company Limited – http://www.apmigrants.org
APN PLUS – http://www.jothi.or.id
Apna Ghar (Our Home) – http://www.apnaghar.org
Apne Aap Women World Wide (India) Trust – http://www.apneaap.org
Apne Aap Women’s Collective – http://www.aawc.in
Apni Welfare Trust International – http://www.apniwelfaretrustinternational.com
Apostoli – http://www.mkoapostoli.gr/
Apostolic Ministerial International Network (AMIN) – http://amininternational.webs.com
Apotheker Ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V. – http://www.apotheker-ohne-grenzen.de
Apoyo A Programas De Poblacion (APROPO)
APPEB Afrique
Applied Research Center
Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem – http://www.arij.org
Appomense Hope For Africa Foundation – http://www.appomensehopeforafrica.org
Appropriate Technologies and Environmental Conservation Society
Appropriate Technology Center for Rural Development
Appropriate Technology International
Appropriate Technology Zimbabwe
Appropriate Techonicogies & Consersation Society
Appui a la Promotion des Aides Familiales (APAF)
Appui à l’Elevage au Togo
Appui au Développement Endogène des Communautés à la Base
Appui au Développement et à la Santé Communautaire
Appui au Développement Local
Appui au Développement Local des labas au Niger
Appui aux Activités Socio-Economiques des Femmes Rurales
Appui aux Femmes Démunies et Enfants Marginalisés en RD Congo – http://www.afedem.org
Appui Conseils pour le Developpement Communautire in Burundi (ACODEC)
Appuis à l’autopromotion des groupements de base pour un développement durable
APRODEL – Associação para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento Integrado Local
APRODEV – HTTP://www.aprodev.net/
Äqua Angels NGO – http://aquaangelsngo.blogspot.com
Aqua Foundation – http://www.aquafoundation.in
AquaFed – International Federation of Private Water Operators – http://www.aquafed.org
AQUALEICA – Associação dos Quadros Leigos Católicos
AQUARIAN AGE COMMUNITY – http://www.aquaac.org
Aquaro Foundation
Arab Administrative Development Organization
Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO)
Arab African American Womens’ Leadership Council Inc. – http://www.aaawomensleadership.org
Arab Anti-Corruption Organization – http://www.arabanticorruption.com
Arab Center for Peace and Human Rights
Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity – http://www.arabruleoflaw.org
Arab Centre for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession – http://www.acijlp.org
Arab Commission for Human Rights – http://www.achr.eu
Arab Consultative Council Development Volunteering – http://www.accdv.net
Arab Council for Childhood and Development – http://www.arabccd.org
Arab Council for Human Rights – http://www.acfhr.org
Arab Federation for Engineering Industries
Arab Federation for Environment Protection – http://www.ausde.org
Arab Federation for Food Industries
Arab Federation for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Arab Federation of Arbitration Judges – http://www.AFAJ.webs.com
Arab Federation of Chemical Fertilizer Producers
Arab Fertilizer Association
Arab Fertilizer Producers
Arab Fertilizer Producers (AFA)
Arab Forum for Environment and Development – http://www.afedonline.org
Arab Human Rights Foundation
Arab Importer Exporter Union – http://www.arabimexport.org
Arab International Women’s Forum
Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU)
Arab Knowledge Management Society
Arab Lawyers Union
Arab Management Society
Arab Media Forum for Environment and Development – http://www.amfed-media.org
Arab Mexican Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Civil Association – http://www.camic.org
Arab Network for Environment and Development – http://www.raednetwork.org
Arab Network for the Rights of Migrant Workers
Arab NGO Network for Development – http://www.annd.org
Arab Office of Youth and Environment – http://www.aoye.org
Arab Organization for Human Rights – http://www.aohr.net
Arab Organization For International Peace in Yemen – http://www.aoipeace.org/
Arab Organization for Mediation and Conflict Resolution – http://www.arabmediation.org
Arab Organization For The Defense of Expression and Press Freedom – AODEPF, The
Arab Organization International Peace – http://www.araborganizationpeace.org
Arab Penal Reform Organization – http://www.aproarab.org
Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization
Arab Science and Foundation Technology – http://www.astf.net
Arab Society for the Protection of Industrial Property
Arab Society of Certified Accountants
Arab Society of Certified Accountants (ASCA)
Arab Society of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
Arab Sugar Federation
Arab Sugar Federation (ASF)
Arab Thought Forum
Arab Towns Organization
Arab Union for Sustainable Development & Environment – http://www.ausde.org
Arab Urban Development Institute
Arab women and children development
Arab Women Organization of Jordan
Arab Women Solidarity Association
Arab Women’s Forum
Arab World Center for Democratic Development ( UNIHRD) – http://www.awcdd.orgwww.unihrd.net
Arab Youth Union – A.Y.U.
Arab Youth Union — DUPLICATE
Arabisk Presseforbund I Norge-Apfn – http://www.apfn.no
Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora – http://www.araiteuru.co.nz
Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Foundation
Aranya Agricultural Alternatives – http://www.permacultureindia.org
Arbeiter Samariter Bund Deutschland e.V. – http://www.asb.de
Arbofilia-Asociación Protectora de Arboles
Arboles de Vida / Arbres de Vie
Arbor Hill Environmental Justice Corporation – http://www.w-haywoodburns.org/AHEJ/AHEJ_Home.htm
Arc Finance, Ltd
ARC Peace
Arcangeles – http://www.arcangeles.org
Archangel Airborne – http://www.archangelairborne.com
Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation – http://www.archipelago.gr
Architectes de l’urgence
Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility – http://www.adpsr.org
Architects for Peace Inc. – http://www.architectsforpeace.org
Architectural Research and Development Institute (ARDI)
Archivio Disarmo
Arci Cultura e Sviluppo – http://www.arciculturaesviluppo.it
Arcidonna Onlus – http://www.arcidonna.org
Arcigay – http://www.arcigay.it
ArcSpace Manchester – http://www.arcspacemanchester.org.uk
Arctic and Antarctic Education Fund/International Arctic Project
Arctic Athabaskan Council – http://www.arcticathabaskancouncil.com
Arctic Centre/University of Lapland
ARD/RAISE “Congo Agroforestry Activity and Microfinance”
Area Development Organization
Area Networking and Development Initiatives – http://www.anandi-india.org
ARENA – Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives – HTTP://www.asianexchange.org/
Arengukoostöö Ümarlaud – http://www.terveilm.net
Arewa Women Commission – http://www.arewawomen.org
Argan Forest NGO
Argentina – PM
Argentina People and Nature Foundation (APNF)
Argentine Association of International Law
Argentine Society of Pediatrics
Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome – http://www.clubderoma.org.ar
Ariana NGO – http://ariana.nu/assignments.html
Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, The – http://www.arias.or.cr
Arid Lands Information Network – http://www.alin.net
Ariel Foundation International – http://www.arielfoundation.org
Arise India Foundation – http://www.ariseindiafoundation.org
Arizona State University
Arizona Toxics Information Inc
Arizona Toxics Information Inc. (ATI)
Arjun vidhya peeth
Ark Zimbabwe Trust
Armenian Assembly of America – http://www.aaainc.org
Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre – http://www.acrpc.am
Armenian Forests 6 – http://wwwarmenianforestsam/whohtml
Armenian Fund USA
Armenian General Benevolent Union – http://www.agbu.org
Armenian International Women’s Association – http://www.aiwainternational.org
Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA)
Armenian Relief Society – http://WWW.ARS1910.ORG
Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment – http://www.awhhe.am
Armenian Young Lawyers Association – http://www.ayla.am
Armes Nucléaires STOP – http://www.armesnucleairesstop.org
Arms Control Association – http://www.armscontrol.org
Arogya World – http://www.arogyaworld.org
ARPET Association Rwandaise pour la Protection de l Environnement et la Promotion du Tourisme – http://bestcomputingnet/arpet/about_ushtm
Arrythmia Alliance Argentina
Arsenal Force Vive
Art and Cultural Trust – http://www.actseveninternational.org
ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN – http://www.artcenter.edu
Art For Humanity – http://www.afh.org.za
ART FOR THE WORLD – http://www.artfortheworld.net
Art Illuminates Mankind – http://www.aimkarigarline.org
Art of Living Foundation – http://www.us.artofliving.org
Art of Peace Charitable Trust – http://www.aopct.org
ArtDialogue – http://www.artmill.eu
Arte Vida Associação de Artesanato – http://www.pontodeculturaacucena.org.br
Artfully AWARE, Inc. – http://www.artfullyaware.org
Artic Athabaskan Council – Council of Yukon First Nations
Artic Athabaskan Council (AAC) – Council of Yukon First Nations
Artic Circle of Indigenous Communicators
Article 19 – International Centre Against Censorship, The – http://www.article19.org
Article 25 – http://www.join25.org
Article 36 – http://www.article36.org
Articulação Pacari – http://www.pacari.org.br
Articulación Feminista Marco Sur – HTTP://www.mujeresdelsur.org.uy/
Artisans Sans Frontieres
Arul Charity Trust
Arumai Illam
arunodaya shikshan samiti – http://www.arunodayango.com
Aryavarta Space Organization – http://www.aryavartaspace.org
AS Development Organization
As You Sow – http://www.asyousow.org
Asabe Shehu Yar Adua Foundation – http://www.asyarf.org
ASAFEED Association africaine d’education pour le developpement social en zone rurale et urbaine
Asahi Glass Foundation
Asamblea Nacional
Asanteman Queen mothers Association
Asar Grastonu Lagu vepar Udhyog Mahamandal
Asas ( Foundation) Organization for Human Rights
Asas for Islamic Research – http://www.asasforislamicresearch.org
Asayesefid (White Cane)
Asbestos Institute of Canada
Asbestos International Association
ASBL Duterimbere
ASC – Aliança Social Continental – HTTP://www.ascahsa.org/
Ascentum Inc.
Ascentum Incorporated
ASDECA – http://www.asdeca-ong.org
Asdekaa ElKheir
ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organizations
Asean Research and Training Centre
ASEER Foundation (All About Social, Educational, Rights)
Asesores en Conservacion y Desarrollo A.C. – http://www.acd.org.mx
Asesoria Capacitacion y asis tencia en Salud A.C
Ash Institute, Harvard University
Ashanti Warriors Foundation
Asheville Buncombe Discovery/Citizen Action Alliance
Ashiana Collective Development Council
Ashok Sansthan – http://www.ashoksansthan.org
Ashoka-Innovators for the Public
Asia America Initiative – http://www.asiaamerica.org
Asia Art Funds Incorporated – http://www.asiaartfunds.com/en/index.html
Asia Catalyst – http://www.asiacatalyst.org
Asia Center for Human Rights (ACHR) – http://www.humanasia.org
Asia Crime Prevention Foundation – http://www.acpf.org
Asia Cultural Artists Association – http://www.yzhcfgjl.cn
Asia Darshana – http://www.asiadarshana.com
Asia Europe Foundation – http://www.asef.org
ASIA FOUNDATION, THE – http://www.asiafound.org
Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions
Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business – http://www.AFACT.org
Asia Pacific Enterprises
Asia Pacific Environmental Connection of Sociologist
Asia Pacific Forum on Families (APFAM)
Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development – http://www.apwld.org
Asia Pacific Group International
Asia Pacific Network for Food Sovereignty – http://www.apnfs.net
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre – http://www.apnic.net
Asia Pacific Regional Group on Families and Relationships
Asia Pacific Research Network – http://www.aprnet.org
Asia Pacific Women´s Watch (APWW) – http://www.apww-slngof.org
Asia Regional Institute for Juche Idea (Self Reliance) (ARIJI)
Asia Society – http://www.asiasociety.org
Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation – http://assistasia.org/
Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education
Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Centre
Asian Alliance of Appropriate Technology Practitioners, Inc.
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus – http://www.advancingjustice-alc.org/
Asian and Pacific Development Center (APDC)
Asian Bankers Association
Asian Buddhists Conference for Peace
Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples
Asian Centre for Human Rights
Asian Centre for Organization Research and Development – http://www.acordasia.com
Asian Confederation of Women’s Organizations
Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control Limited
Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD)
Asian Development Centre (ADC)
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center – http://www.adpc.net
Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network – http://www.adrrn.net
Asian Energy Institute – http://www.aeinetwork.org
Asian Environmental Society
Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) – http://www.asianfarmers.org
Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD)
Asian Federation of Laryngectomees Association
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development – http://www.forum-asia.org
Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD) – http://www.afppd.org
Asian German Sports Exchange Program
Asian Green Megacities Association – http://www.asiangreenmegacities.fi
Asian Human Rights Commission
Asian Human Rights Society
Asian Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Network (AITPN) – http://www.aitpn.org
Asian Institute of Transport Development
Asian Legal Resource Centre – http://www.alrc.net
Asian Liver Center at Stanford University – http://liver.stanford.edu
Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre
Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Asian Migrant Centre (AMC) – http://www.asian-migrants.org
Asian NGO Coalition
Asian Non-Governmental Organizations Coalition for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development
Asian Pacific Youth Forum, The (APYF)
Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA) – http://asiadhrra.org
Asian People´s Disability Alliance
Asian People’s Disability Alliance – http://www.apda.org.uk
Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives Ltd
Asian Regional Institute for Peace
Asian Students Association
Asian Women in Cooperative Development Forum – http://www.coopwomen.org,https://www.facebook.com/awcf.genderforum
Asian Women’s Conference Network (AWCN)
Asian Women’s Fund
Asian Women’s Human Rights Council
Asian Women’s Network on Gender and Development
Asian Youth Council
Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum
Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) – http://www.arrow.org
Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
Asia-Pacific Connection for Environmental Sociologists
Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center – http://www.hurights.or.jp/index_e.html
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research – http://www.apn-gcr.org
Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet)
Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association
Asia’s Elites Society – http://www.tavallodedobareman.blogfa.com
Asia’s Emergency Medical Services Insitute, Inc. – http://www.asiaems.org
Asili Community Development Initiaves
Asistance aux Femmes et Enfants en Difficulté
Asistencia Recíproca Petrolera Estatal Latinoamericana
Asma Foundation Pakistan – http://www.asmapk.org
Asma Organisation for Innovation &Sustainable Development
Asma Organisation for Innovation and Sustainable Development
ASMITA Nepal – http://www.ashmitanepal.org
ASMS Ocean Care
Asociaçao de Cooperaçao para o Desenvolvimento
Asociaçao de Preservaçao do Meio Ambiente do Alto Vale do Itajai
Asociacao Pernambuacana de Defensa da Natureza
Asociaçao Pernambuacana de Defensa da Natureza
Asociacao Pernambucana de Defesa da Natureza (ASPAN)
Asociaciation Mutual Israelita Argentina – http://www.amia.org.ar
Asociacija Vilniaus Moteru namai
Asociación “Mundo Solidario” de Huelva – http://www.asociacionmundosolidario.org/
Asociacion Acuerdo Ambiental
Asociacion Amazonica andina
Asociacion Ambiente y Sociedad – http://www.ambienteysociedad.org.co
Asociación Amigos de Doñana
Asociación Amigos de Petropolis, Patrimonio, Proteçao aos Animais, Defesa da Ecologia
Asociación Amigos del Arbol
Asociacion Argentina de Cultura
Asociacion Campesina de Muraspungo
Asociacion Centroamericana para la Economia, la Salud y el Ambiente – http://www.acepesa.org
Asociacion Chilena de ONGs ACCION – http://www.accionag.cl
ASOCIACION CINDES – http://cindesperu.blogspot.com
Asociacion Civil Consorcio Desarrollo y Justicia – http://www.consorciojusticia.org.ve
Asociacion Civil ESPACIO SOCIAL – http://www.espaciosocial.org
Asociación Civil- Los Algarrobos
Asociación Civil Mujer y Ciudadanía – http://www.mujeranalitica.com(aboveconstruction)
ASOCIACION CIVIL MUJERES UNIDAS POR LA SALUD – http://www.musasvenezuela.blogspot.com
Asociación Civil Observatorio Social – http://www.observatoriosocial.org.ar
Asociación Civil ONGD Educación, Ambiente y Territorio – http://www.eatnea.org
Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia – http://www.acij.org.ar
Asociacion Civil Pro Sindicato de Amas de Casa de la Republica Argentina
Asociacion Civil Prosalud – http://www.prosalud.org.ve
Asociación Civil Red Ambiental – http://www.ecopibes.com
Asociación Civil Reforma Judicial
Asociacion Colectivo Mujeres al Derecho
Asociacion Colombiana de Organizaciones no Gubernamentales para la Comunicacion Via Correo Electronico – http://www.colnodo.apc.org
Asociación Comunicando y Capacitando a mujeres trans con VIH en El Salvador.
Asociacion con la Mision de Ayudar (AMAR)
Asociacion Conciencia
Asociación coordinadora Indígena y Campesina de Agroforestería Comunitaria Centroamericana
Asociación Costarricense de Derechos Humanos
Asociación Costarricense para la Conservación de la Naturaleza
Asociacion Cubana de las Naciones Unidas (Cuban United Nations Association) – http://www.acnu.org.cu
Asociación Cubana de Producción Animal
Asociación Cultural- Boletin de Lima
Asociacion Cultural Dacic
Asociacion Cultural Ngobegue Indigena de Costa Rica
Asociacion Cultural Sejekto de Costa Rica
Asociacion Cultural Wali Wasi
Asociacion de Agricultores Juventud Indigena Azangano Puno Peru
Asociación de Amigos de las Naciones Unidas
Asociacion de Antiguas Alumnas del Colegio Madres Irlandesas
Asociacion de Apoyo al Lobby Europeo de Mujeres
Asociacion de Artesanos “IRPA”
Asociacion de Artesanos del Altiplano
Asociacion de Artesanos- IRPA
Asociacion de Ayuda Materna
Asociacion de Cabildos Indigenas del Norte del Cauca – ACIN
Asociacion de CabildosIindigenas del Norte del Cauca (ACIN)
Asociacion de Centros de la Nacionalidad Shuar Nakam tayu de Pastaza – http://www.nakamtayu@yahoo.es
Asociación de Comunidades del Pueblo Guarani
Asociacion de Comunidades Indigenas ACOIN
Asociación de Derecho Ambiental de la Region Inka
Asociacion de Derecho Ambiental Espanol
Asociación de Derecho Ambiental Español
Asociación De Desarrollo Integral Aldea Nimasac
Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral del Teritorio Indigena Cabecar de Ujarras
Asociacion de Desarrollo Intgral del Territorio Indigena Cabecar de Tayni
Asociación de Economistas de América Latina y el Caribe – http://www.aealc.cu/www.aealc.org
Asociacion de Estudiantes Kunas Universitarios (AEKU)
Asociación de Federaciones y Asociaciones de Empresarias del Mediterráneo – http://www.afaemme.org
Asociacion de Jovenes de Vilque-Tumbes
Asociacion de Lucha para el Desarme Civil – http://www.aludec.org.uy
Asociación de Mineros Artesanos ”LA MISTICA”
Asociacion de Mujeres Artesanas Indigenas de la Nacionalidad Kichua AMAIK
Asociacion de Mujeres de la Nacionalidad Shuar Tsankanuwa del Ecuador
Asociación de Mujeres de Nacionalidades Indfgenas Llushin
Asociación de Mujeres Indfgenas “Micaela Bastidas” de Chismaute Yurac Rumi
Asociacion de Mujeres Indigenas Alpaqueras de la Region de Puno (AMAR)
Asociacion de Mujeres Indigenas de la Costa Atlantica (AMICA)
Asociacion de Mujeres Indigenas TAWANTINSUYU
Asociacion de Mujeres Ixchel/ong
Asociación de Mujeres Jóvenes Generando – http://www.generando.es.tl
Asociacion de Mujeres Organizadas “El Bosque”
Asociacion de Mujeres Pachamama
Asociación de Mujeres Progresistas “Victoria Kent” – http://www.ampvictoriakent.org
Asociacion de Mujeres Quechua Ayllu Puno
Asociación de Mujeres Uruguayas Lourdes Pintos
Asociacion de mujeres y familias del ambito rural
Asociacion de Municipalidades de la Cuenca del Rio Santo Tomas Cusco AMSAT
Asociación de Naturalistas del Sureste
Asociacion de Productores Agrarias Nasca Ica del Peru
Asociacion de Productores Agrupe Cuardas – Azangaro Puno Peru
Asociacion de Productores de Quinua y Canihua del Distrito de Manazo
Asociacion de Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indfgenas Sisa Antisuyo
Asociacion de Tecnicos Indigenas del Ecuador (ATIE)
Asociación de Trabajadoras del Hogar a Domicilio y de Maquila – http://www.atrahdom.org
Asociación de Voluntarios en Investigación y Desarrollo Ambientalista
Asociación Dominicana de las Naciones Unidas ANU-RD – http://www.unadr.org.do
Asociación Ecológica Coyoacan, a.c
Asociación Ecologista de Defensores de la Naturaleza
Asociación Educativa y Cultural Intellectun – http://intellectun.org/
Asociacion en Prevencion y Asistencia de la Violencia – http://www.asociacionapav.org
Asociacion Espanola de Educadores para la Salud (AEDES)
Asociacion Espanola de Mujeres Juristas
Asociación Española para el Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos AEDIDH – http://www.aedidh.org
Asociación Generando – http://www.asociaciongenerando.org
Asociacion Gilberto AC
Asociación Guatemalteca Pro Defensa del Medio Ambiente
Asociacion HazteOir.org – http://www.hazteoir.org
Asociación Humanitas – http://www.humanitascr.com
Asociacion Indigena de Limoncocha
Asociacion Indigena Evangelica Cristiana del Azuay (A.I.N.E.C.A.)
Asociacion Indigena Nacionalidad Kichwa Pastaza
Asociacion Interamericana de Ingenieria Sanitaria y Ambiental (AIDIS)
Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente – http://www.aida-americas.org
Asociacion Internacional de Presupuesto Publico
Asociacion Ixacavaa de Desarrollo e Informacion Indigena
Asociación Juvenil- Calumet
Asociacion Juventud Quechua
Asociacion Kunas Unidos por Nabguana
Asociación Latinoamericana Multidisciplinaria de Planeación Estratégica del Medio Ambiente
Asociacion Lola Mora
Asociacion Mensajeros de la Paz
Asociacion Metropolitana de Estudios e Investigaciones
Asociacion Mexicana de Voluntarios, A.C.
Asociación Mujeres Jueces Argentina – http://www.amja.org.ar
Asociacion Mujeres Unidas para el Microcredito
Asociacion Mundial de Ecologia
Asociación Mundial De Ecologia
Asociacion Mundial de Vivienda Rural
Asociación Mutual de los Agentes de los Organismos para la Tercera Edad
Asociación Mutual Siglo XXI
Asociación Nacional Cívica Femenina
Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de la Pequeña Industria Maderera
Asociacion nacional de las Etnias indigenas de Costa Rica
Asociacion Nacional del Notariado Mexicano, A.C.
Asociacion Nacional para la Conservacion de la Nat
Asociación Nacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza – Panama
Asociación Nacional por la Salvación Agropecuaria
Asociacion Naciones Unidas Colombia Anucol
Asociacion Nueva Alianza
Asociación Nuevo Diálogo
Asociacion of Amazonian Universities
Asociación para el Cuidado de la Diabetes en Argentina – CUI.D.AR – http://www.cuidar.org
Asociación para el Desarrollo Económico en Latinoamérica – http://www.apedela.org
Asociacion Para El Desarrollo Progresivo De Los Pueblos
Asociacion para Espina Bifida e Hidrocefalia – http://www.apebi.org.ar
Asociación para la Conservación de los Recursos Naturales de Costa Rica
Asociación para la Justicia Ambiental – http://www.aja-ambiental.org
Asociacion para la Nutricion El Desarrollo, Educacion Y Salud Andes Peru
Asociación para la Promoción de la Libertad y el Desarrollo Sostenible
Asociacion para Politicas Públicas (APP) – http://www.app.org.ar
Asociación Para Una Vida Mejor de Personas Infectadas/Afectadas Por El VIH-SIDA en Honduras
Asociacion Peruana para la Conservacion de la Natu
Asociación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza
Asociacion Por La Unidad De Nuestra America
Asociación por La Vida – http://www.asovida.org
Asociacion Pretoma
Asociación Pro Bienestar de la Familia Colombiana – http://www.profamilia.org.co
Asociacion Pro Bienestar de la Familia de Guatemala (APROFAM)
Asociación Pro-Búsqueda de Niñas y Niños Desaparecidos Durante el Conflicto Armado en El Salvador – http://www.probusqueda.org.sv
Asociación Pro-Conservación Acuatica de Costa Rica
Asociación Pro-Conservación Acuática de Costa Rica
Asociación Prodefensa de la Naturaleza – http://www.prodena.org
Asociación Proteger
Asociación Proyectos de Desarrollo Integral Comunitario – http://www.prodic.tk
Asociacion Regional Aborigen del Diques
Asociacion Regional Aborigen del Diques (Aradikes)
Asociación Regional Centroamericana para el Agua y el Ambiente – http://www.arca.co.cr
Asociacion Regional de Empresas de Petroleo y Gas Natural en Latinoamerica y el Caribe – http://www.arpel.org
Asociación Respuesta para la Paz – http://www.respuestaparalapaz.org.ar
Asociación Salvadoreña de Conservación del Medio Ambiente
Asociacion Shuar yamanunka Comuna “YAMANUNKA
Asociación Sociocultural y de Cooperación al Desarrollo por Colombia e Iberoamérica – http://www.aculco.org
Asociación The Natural Step
Asociacion un Nuevo Camino
Asociacion Vay – Venzamos al Autismo Ya!
Asociacion Vida Sana para el Fomento de la Cultura
Asociación Vida Sana para el Fomento de la Cultura y el Desarrollo Biológicos
Asocian De Cabildos Indigenas Embera Wounaan Katio Chami y Tule del Departamento del Choco
Asociatia “Fondul International de Cooperare si Parteneriat al Marii Negre si Marii Caspice” – http://www.bscsif.org
Asociatia BISMUN – http://www.bismun.ro
Asociatia Femeia pentru Societatea Contemporana – http://www.fscmd.org
Asociatia femeilor din teatru
Asociatia Femeilor Pentru Protectia Mediului si Dezvoltare Durabila – http://www.mediu.md
Asociatia Momentum – http://www.asociatiamomentum.ro
Asociatia Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor si Promovarea Programelor si Strategiilor din Romania-Infocons – http://www.consumers-protection.ro
Asociatia Obsteasca “Promo-LEX” – http://www.promolex.md
Asociatia Pakiv Romania – http://www.pakiv.ro
Asociatia Pentru Cooperare Europeana Ovidius – http://www.aceo.ro
Asociatia pentru Dezvoltarea Practicilor Alternative de Reintegrare si Educatie – http://www.adpare.ro
Asociatia Pentru Siguranta Comunitara si Antidrog – http://www.asca.co
Asociatia Pro Democratia – http://www.apd.ro/
Asociatia Regionala pentru Dezvoltare Rurala – http://www.ardr.ro
Asociatia Start Focus
Asociatia Young Initiative – http://www.younginitiative.org
Asociation de Preservacao do Meio Ambiente do Alto
Asociation pour les Droits de l’Homme et l’Univers Carcéral
Asocijacija za Demokratsku Inicijativu – http://www.adi.org.ba
Aspafrique-Jics – http://www.aspafrique.com
Asra Samajik Lok Kalyan Samiti – http://www.asrango.org
Assaciation des des Enfants en Diffuculte Du Burundi
Assainissement pour la Sauvegarde de l’ Environnement
Asscociation le Reseau des Jeunes pour le Savoir et le Leadership
Assemblé Internationale des Parlementaires de Langue Française
Assemblea delle Donne per lo Sviluppo e la Lotta Contro L’Esclusione (ASDO) – http://www.asdo-info.org
Assemblee des premieres nations du Quebec et du Labrador
Assemblée Europeenne dês Citoyens – HTTP://www.cedetim.org/AEC
Assemblee Parlementaire de la Francophonie
Assemblee Parlementaire des Jeunes Congolais
Assembléia das Nações Unidas dos Povos
Assembléia Espiritual Nacional dos Bahais do Brasil
Assembly for the Protection of Hijab
Assembly of First Nations – National Indian Brotherhood – http://www.afn.ca
Assisi Nature Council
Assist Development Projects In Nepal
Assist Nature Council
Assistance Association for Ascension Health Economic and Sociocultural
Assistance Chretienne Au Centre de l Afrique
Assistance chrétienne internationale aux déshérités
Assistance et Appui pour le Combat Contre la Misère
Assistance for a Voluntary Return and Reintegration of African Migrants
Assistance Pédagogique Internationale
Assistant for Social Organization and Development – http://www.asod-bd.org
Assoc. Civil Instituto Baraeté – http://www.institutobaraete.org
Associaçao Amazonia – http://www.amazoniabr.org
Associação Ambiental Casamundo – http://www.casamundo.or.br
Associaçao Amigos de Petropolis, Patrimonio, Proteçao aos Animais, Defesa da Ecologia
Associacao Beneficente Projeto Elikya – http://projetoellikya.com.brouhttp://asbepe.blogspot.com
Associacao Brasil + 500
Associacao Brasileira de Gays, Lesbicas e Transgeneros
Associação Brasileira de Integração e Desenvolvimento Sustentável – http://www.abides.org.br
Associação Brasileira de Observadores de Aves – http://www.aboaves.org
Associação Brasileira dos Organizadores de Festivais de Folclore e Artes Populares – http://www.abrasoffa.org.br
Associação Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento de Lideranças – http://www.abdl.org.br
Associação Brasileira para Sensibilização, Coleta e Reciclagem de Resíduo de Óleo Comestível – http://www.ecoleo.org.br
Associaçao Brasiliera de Ecologia
Associaçao Brasiliera de Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental
Associação Caatinga – http://www.acaatinga.org.br
Associaçao Campineira de Açao Ecologica
Associação Civil Alternativa Terrazul
Associacao Civil Projeto Hospitais Saudaveis – http://www.hospitaissaudaveis.org.br
Associação Comunitaria de Corpo de Bombeiro Civil Florestal Sem Fronteira
Associação Cultural Balaio Nordeste – http://www.balaionordeste.org.br
Associação Cultural Caminho de Vida – COMVIDA – http://www.caminhodevida.org.br
Associação das Artes para Integraçãio Global Cena Urbana – http://www.integraurbana.no.comunidades.net/
Associaçao de Amizade e Solidariedade Angola-Alemanha
Associacao De Apoio a Auto-Promocao da Mulher no Desenvolvimento
Associação de Ciencia Intuitiva Ananda Marga
Associaçao de Cooperaçao para o Desenvolvimento
Associacao de Desenvolviemento e Preservacao Ambiental Yelica Carla- APAIK
Associação de Desenvolvimento de Esportes Radicais e Ecologia
Associacao de Educacao, Cultura, Defesa e Protecao do Consumidor, Contribuinte e Meio Ambiente do Brasil
Associação de Moradores Amigos do Cantagalo
Associação de Moradores e Amigos dos Postos 2, 3, 4 e 5 de Copacabana – http://www.ama2345decopacabana.wordpress.com
Associacao de Mulheres Contra a Violencia – http://www.amcv.org.pt
Associação de Mulheres Empreendedoras – AME – http://www.amedf.org.br
Associaçao de Preservaçao do Meio Ambiente do Alto Vale do Itajai
Associação de Preservação do Meio Ambiente e da Vida – http://www.apremavi.org.br
Associação de Proteção a Ecossistemas Costeiros – http://www.aprec.org.br
Associaçao de Universidades Amazonicas
Associacao Dominico Brasileira, ADB
Associacao Dos Contaminados pela Rhodia (ACPO)
Associacao dos Povos Indigenas do Estado de Roraima – APIRR-Brasil
Associação Eco Juréia
Associação Ecochannel – http://www.ecochannel.org
Associação Ecológica Amigos de Pindorama – http://amigosdepindorama.yolasite.com
Associação Estrela Sports – http://estrelasports.com/
Associação Filantrópica Comunitária Aflilac
Associaçao Fluminense de Engenheiros e Arquitetos
Associaçao Gaúcha de Proteçao ao Meio Ambiente Natural
Associacao Horizontes – http://WWW.AH.ORG.BR
Associação In Loco – http://www.in-loco.pt
Associaçao Ituana de Proteçao Ambiental
Associação Jaguamimbaba para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Associação Literária e Cultural de Coruripe
Associação Mineira de Defesa do Ambiente – http://www.amda.org.br
Associacao mulheres em accao
Associaçao Mundial de Ecologia
Associacao Nacional das Empresarias – http://www.ane.pt
Associacao Nacional de Biosseguranca – http://WWW.ANBIO.ORG.BR
Associação Novo Encanto de Desenvolvimento Ecológico – http://www.novoencanto.org.br
Associaçao Palas Athena do Brasil
Associação para a Gestão Socioambiental do Triângulo Mineiro – http://www.anga.org.br
Associaçao para o Desenvolvimento da Sociedade Civil Angolana
Associação para o Desenvolvimento pela Energia Solar
Associação para o Progresso das Comunicações – HTTP://www.apc.org/
Associacao para Valorizacao e Promocao e Promocao de Excepcionais (AVAPE) – http://www.avape.org.br
Associação Paradigmação – http://www.paradigmacaopaps.com.br
Associação Portuguesa de Educação Ambiental – http://www.aspea.org
Associação PRIMO Primatas da Montanha – http://www.primo.org.br
Associação Pró Portadores de Epilepsia e Síndromes Convulsivas – http://www.appesc.org.br
Associaçao Projeto Roda Viva
Associacao Promocional Oracao e Trabalho (APOT)
Associação Protetora de Animais Silvestres – APASS – http://www.apasspan.org.br
Associação Rondonopolitana de Proteção Ambiental
Associação São-Tomense de Mulheres Juristas – http://infoasmj.blogspot.com/
Associação STOP a Destruição do Mundo – http://www.stop.org.br
Associacao Terceira Via – http://www.terceiravia.org.br
Associação Vaga Lume – http://www.vagalume.org.br
Associação Vianei de Cooperação e Intercâmbio no Trabalho, Educação, Cultura e Saúde – http://www.vianei.org.br
Associação Xama – http://www.wix.com/juergenkobel/xamaearthcharter
Associacion Argentina de Politicas Sociales – http://www.aaps.org.ar/dev/
Associacion de Productores y Servicios Multiples Hatun Ilacta
Associated Country Women of the World – http://www.acww.org.uk
Associated Medical Schools of New York – http://www.amsny.org
Associates for Change
Associatio “Song-Taaba” pour le Developpement
Association “Amis de TODOME”
Association “Amis du Chu Mohamed VI” Marrakech
Association “For Sustainable Human Development” – http://users.freenet.am/~ashd
Association “Public Union Bemoni” – http://www.bemonidrug.org.ge
Association “soeurs unies à l’oeuvre”
Association / ONG pour l’auto promotion des femmes du Burkina Faso – http://www.associationkoom.bf
Association ‘Compagniea delle Opere’ (CDO)
Association 4D (Dossiers et Debats pour le Developpement Durable)
Association A.M.O.R – http://www.associationamor.ch
Association ABI HILAL pour la coiffure et l’esthetique
Association actuarielle internationale
Association Africaine d’Education pour le Développement
Association Africaine d’Education, Dévelop. Social Rureaux et Urbaine
Association Africaine pour le Developpement Durable (AADD)
Association AFVMC-Aide aux Familles et Victimes des Migrations Clandestines – http://afvmc.free.fr
Association Agora 21
Association Al – Biri Charitable (Al – Khaireh) – http://www.ong-albiri.dj
Association Al Amal Pour L’Aide des Enfants Aux Besoins Speciaux
Association Algerienne d’Alphabetisation
Association Algérienne de Solidarité aux Malades Respiratoires
Association Algerienne Enfance et Familles d’Accueil Bénévole
Association Algerienne pour la Planification Familiale
Association Algérienne pour la Protection de la Nature et de l’Environnement
Association ALKHAYR pour le developpement en Mauritanie – http://www.ongalkhayr.org
Association AM.M.I.E.
association amarg developpement culture droit homme et creativite artistique – http://www.tamaynut.org
Association Amis du Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Mohammed VI
Association Amitié 2000
Association Amour et Protection
Association Angolaise pour les Activités Sociales
Association Antilopes
Association apprentissage sans frontieres – http://www.asf-ge.ch
Association beninoise de lutte contre la pauvrete (ABLP)
Association béninoise pour la promotion des initiatives locales
Association béninoise pour l’éveil et le développement
Association Bouregreg
Association Burkinabé pour la Survie de l’Enfance – http://www.abse.bf
Association Camerounaise Des Consommateurs Des Télécommunications et TIC – http://www.actic.over-blog.com
Association Camerounaise des Femmes Juristes – http://www.acafej.org
Association camerounaise des femmes médecin
Association Camerounaise Jeunesse Avenir – http://www.acajeuna.wix.com/acajeuna
Association catholique internationale de services pour la jeunesse feminine – http://www.acisjf-int.org
association centrafricaine pour le developpement communautaire
Association Chaine D’union
Association choualla de l’éducation et de la culture
Association Coeur Africain
Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women
Association Congolaise de Développement Rural – http://www.acdrongd.blogspot.com
Association congolaise de microfinance
Association Congolaise d’Education et de Prevention Contre des Maladies et la Drogue – http://ascg.e-monsite.com
Association Congolaise des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication – http://www.congo-ntic.org
Association Congolaise des verts et des actions de santé communautaire
Association Congolaise pour la Preservation de l’Environnement et le Developpement Communautaire
Association Congolaise pour le Développement Agricole
Association Cooperation for Economic Development
Association CORAIL VIVANT – http://corailvivant.org
Association Couleurs Congolaises – http://www.facebook.com/AssCouleursCongolaises
Association Culturelle d’Aide à la Promotion Educative et Sociale (ACAPES) – http://www.acapes.org
Association culturelle d’aide à la promotion éducative et sociale – http://www.acapes.org
Association culturelle de la Chevalerie de France
Association culturelle misson de récréation
Association d’Auditeurs d’Assistants et de Formateurs Coopératifs – https://sites.google.com/site/aafcoopcameroun
Association d’aide à la Famille et à l’Enfance en Detresse
Association d’aide à l’enfance, à la femme et aux personnes vulnérables
Association d’aide aux enfants cancereux
Association d’aide aux Orphelins du VIH/SIDA
Association d’Aide aux Populations Urbaines et Rurales Necessiteuses Safina Humanitaire Asapurne
Association d’Appui au Developpement des Oasis
Association d’Appui aux Activités de santé communautaire
Association d’appui aux conducteurs de chariots du congo
Association d’appui aux femmes pour la technologie appropriée
Association d’appui aux groupements des femmes and familles
Association d’appui aux initiatives communautaires
Association d’appui aux personnes handicapees- LAAYOUNE
Association d’Appui pour le Développement Communautaire
Association d’assistance aux grands handicapés à domicile
Association de bienfaisance de developpement du bassin de l’Ourika
Association de Défense des Droits de Jeunes Filles Domestiques
Association de Defense des Tunisiens a l’Etranger
Association de développement de Korba
Association de Développement de la Vallée du Dra
Association de Développement des Capacités des Jeunes
Association de développement et de progrés de métline
Association de Femmes de Kabylie – http://www.timesdurar.blogvie.com
Association de Femmes pour la Santé
Association de Formation et d’Appui au Developpement
Association de Jeunes pour la Culture et le Développement Intégré
Association de Jeunes Visionnaires pour le Développement du Congo
Association de la jeunesse Congolaise pour le developpement
Association de l’Education Environnementale pour les Futures Générations
Association de l’Intervention pour les Mères – http://www.aimothers.org
Association de lutte contre le tabac, l’alcool et les stapefionts au mali
Association de lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes
Association de Lutte pour la Sante et la Developpement (ALSD)
Association de Lutte Pour la santé et le Développement
Association de Lutte pour l’autosuffisence pour le développement
Association de Promotion de la Démocratie Locale
Association de Promotion des Expertises Locales
Association de Protection de l’Environnement et de la Nature du Gouvernorat de Bizerte
Association de Recherche pour le Développement
Association de Recherche-Action pour le Développement Durable
Association de réflexion, d’échanges et d’actions pour l’environnement et le développement
Association de sauvegarde de l’oasis de chenini gabès
Association de Sauvegarde des Monuments et Sites
Association de sauvegarde pour le développement économique et social
Association de Secours et Aide des Victimes de l’est du Congo
Association de Solidarite Aide et Action Enfance Mali “ASAA/EM Jigiya Ton”
Association de soutien à l’auto-développement
Association de soutien à l’autopromotion sanitaire et urbaine (ASAPSU)
Association de Soutien au Développement des Activités de Population – http://www.asdap.org
Association de soutien aux orphelins du Viet Nam
Association de Soutien aux Personnes Agées
Association de Volontaires d’Oeuvres Chrétiennes et Humanitaires
Association découverte Togo profond
Association Democratique des Femmes du Maroc – http://www.adfm.ma
Association d’entraide communautaire
Association d’Entraide et de Solidarite Fon-Mahi/Ewe du Togo et du benin
Association d’Entr’Aide Medico-Sociale
Association des Amis de la Nature et de l’Environnement
Association des amis de Laterre pour le Develeppement et la Protection de l’Environnement Boudenib
Association des Amis du Sport et de la Culture en Mauritanie (ASPOM)
Association des Amis du Village
Association des avocats mediterraneens
Association des Bacheliers pour l’Emploi et le Développement
Association des Badinga du Congo – ABADIC
Association des Chantiers Assais Déchange Educatif et Culturel
Association des Chercheurs Iraniens – http://www.aciiran.com
Association des comités de simplification des procedures du commerce international au sein de l’Union Europeenne et de l’Association Europeenne de Libre-Echange
Association des conseillers en economie sociale et familiale du cameroun
Association des Consommateurs de Télécommunication de Cote d´ivoire – http://www.acotelci.org
Association des Écologistes du Bénin
Association des Educateurs pour le Développement des Activités Génératrices de Revenus en Milieu Rural
Association des éleveurs et collecteurs de lait – SAA
Association des Epouses des Militaires et des Policiers de la R.D.Congo
Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l’Europe – http://www.aegee.org
Association des Etudes Internationales
Association des femmes africaines face au SIDA – SWAA/Niger – http://www.ifrance.com/congafen
Association des femmes africaines pour la recherche et le développement
Association des Femmes Bangam (ADFB)
Association des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises du Maroc (AFEM)
Association des Femmes Combattantes pour le Developpement
Association des femmes de la Djoue
Association Des Femmes Des Logements Sociaux De Kati Sicoro
Association des Femmes Educatrices du Mali
Association des Femmes Entrepreneures du Mali
Association des femmes entrepreneurs de Guinée
Association des Femmes Juristes de Cote d’Ivoire
Association des femmes Juristes du Bénin
Association des femmes juristes du Niger
Association des Femmes Magistrats de la Republique Democratique du Congo
Association des Femmes Pag-la-Yiri
Association des Femmes pour l’Alphabétisation, la Santé et les Activités Génératrices de Revenus
Association des femmes pour le mieux etre
Association des femmes rurales dynamiques de Mpoundou
Association des femmes teinturières du mali
Association des Femmes Tunisiennes pour la Recherche et le Developpement
Association des Femmes Volontaires pour l’Agriculture, pour le Developpement
Association des Habitants d’El Mourouj 2
Association des institutions africaines de financement du développement
Association des Jeunes au Initiatives Professionnelles enreg.
Association des Jeunes Engagés pour l’Action Humanitaire
Association des Jeunes Nigériens pour un Développement Rural
Association des Jeunes pour la lutte contre la pauvreté
Association des Jeunes Pour La promotion De La sante
Association des Jeunes pour la Protection et la Restauration de l’Environnement au Niger (AJPREN)
Association des Jeunes pour l’Agriculture du Mali – http://WWW.ASJAM.ORG(notavailable
Association des jeunes pour le developpement humain et la protection de l’environnement – http://ajdhpecongo.e-monsite.com
Association des jeunes pour le développement Pasteef
Association des Jeunes pour le Renouveau Democratique Organisation Sociaux Politique
Association des Jeunes pour l’Éducation et le Développement
Association des Jeunes Volontaire Internationaux – http://www.ajvi.org
Association des juristes camerounais pour les droits de l’homme
Association des mamans sans frontières (AMASAF)
Association des Marocains Victimes d’expulsion Arbitraire de l’Algérie
Association des Membres de l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques
Association des Nations Unies du Togo – http://www.unatogo.org
Association des ONG de l’environnement (A.O.E.)
Association des parents et amis d’enfants inadaptés de Casablanca – APAEI
Association des Parlementaires Tunisiens
Association des Populations des Montagnes du Monde – http://www.mountainpeople.org
Association des Populations des Montganes du Monde – section Maroc – http://www.montgane-maroc.org
Association des Professionelles Africaines de la Communication
Association des Puisatiers de la RN
Association des Relais Communautaires d’Oshwé
Association des Universités de Langue Française
Association des volantaires pour la lutte anti-terrotistes
Association des Volontaires du Developpement Durable en RDC/AVD RDCONGO – http://www.africanewdeal.org
Association des Volontaires Pour L´Assistance au Developpement En Guinee – http://www.avadeg.org
Association des Volontaires pour la Lutte Anti-Terrotistes “A.V.L.A.”/ASSBL, en Sigle
Association des Volontaires pour la Promotion Agro-pastorale et Sanitaire
Association des volontaires pour la securite alimentation
Association des Volontaires pour le Développement
Association des Volontaires pour le Développement du Togo
Association des Volontaires pour l’Entraide et le Développement
Association des Volontaires pour l’Environnement Sain – http://www.aves-togo.org
Association des Volontaires Togolais pour le Développement
Association Développement Avenir
Association Dialogai / NGO Dialogai
Association Dieu n’est pas Loin
Association Diogenis, Drug Policy Dialogue in South East Europe – http://www.diogenis.info
Association Don Bosco
Association Droit Pour Tous
Association du Developpement de la Culture de L’Enfant “Le Monde de main” de Wilaya D’Alger (ADCE/MD)
Association du developpement local de Chefchaouen ADL
Association du Message Islamique
Association du sahel d’aide à la femme et à l’enfance
Association Eclair du 3è Millénaire pour le Développement
Association Ecole de la Cause Freudienne – http://www.causefreudienne.org
Association Écologique Cameroun
Association El Houda pour l’Action Feminine
Association Ennakhil – http://www.associationennakhil.org
Association Entreprendre au Feminin
Association Espanola de Ciencia Regional
Association esperance 57
Association espoir et solidarite SDF
Association Européenne contre les Violences Faites aux Femmes au Travail
Association europeenne des cheminots
Association Européenne des Cheminots
Association Federale pour le Progres des Minorites Visible – http://www.faavm-canada.org
Association Femine Pour la Promotion Et L’education de la Femme (Afpef-Doubani)
Association feminine pour la lutte contre la pauvrete
Association Feminine pour la Salubrite et l’Hygiene Publique (AFSHIP)
Association Feminine pour le Droit et l Environnement
Association Feminine Tunisie 21
Association Femme et Developpement
Association femme et développement rural – Morocco
Association femme et developpment – Tunisia
Association femmes enfants et developpement
Association Femmes et Actions pour le Développement
Association Femmes Jeunesse et Gouvernance Locale
Association Femmes Tunisiennes
Association Fes-Saiss
Association Fonds d’Aide Internationale au Developpement – http://www.faid-international.org
Association for a Better Society
Association For a Liberal Arms Legislation in Austria
Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR)
Association for Assistance to Families with Disabled Children
ASSOCIATION FOR CHILD HEALTH – http://www.achildhealth.interconnection.org
Association for Childhood Education International – http://www.acei.org
Association For Childhood Education Practitioners Nigeria – http://www.aceponline.org
Association for Children in Crisis – http://www.associationforchildrenincrisis.org
Association for Citizen’s Tolerance and Cooperation – http://www.agtis.org.mk
Association for Community Development
Association for Community Development (ACD) – http://www.acdkpk.org.pk
Association for Community Development and Human Technology – http://www.rsd-acdht@consultant.com
Association for Community Development in Mauritius
Association for Computing Machinery – http://www.acm.org
Association for Coordinated Operations in Rural Development. – http://www.acordbd.org
Association for Counselling, Organization, Research and Development
Association for Creative Teaching and Women and Youth in Development – ACTWID Kongadzem (“Love for All”)
Association for Cultural Relations With Turkey-Gyunesh – http://www.gunes-ruse.com
Association for Democratic Initiatives – http://www.adi.org.mk
Association for Development and Enhancement of Women – http://www.adew.org/
Association for Development and Research of Sustainable Habitats – http://www.grihaindia.org
Association for Development Cooperation Activities
Association for Development in Akkar – http://www.ada-leb.org
Association for Development, Advancement and Promotion of Ecological Agriculture, Tourism and Environment Protection
Association for Developments Options in Negeria (ADONS
Association for economic research, economic advocacy and policymaking “Finance Think” – http://www.financethink.mk
Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst – AECC
Association for Endangered Peoples – Austria
Association for Environment and Human Resource Development
Association for Environmental Protection and Promotion of Sustainable Energy – http://www.a4eppse.org
Association for Farmers Rights Defense – http://www.eco-web.org
Association for Health and Environmental Development
Association for Human Development – http://www.ahd.org.pk
Association for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa
Association for Human Rights and Solidarity with Oppressed People – http://www.mazlumder.org
Association for Human Rights in Asia
Association for Human Rights Legal Aid, The
Association for Hygiene and Environnement Preservation
Association for Indigenous People’s of The North
Association for Integrated Development-Comilla (AID-COMILLA) – http://www.aidcomilla.organdwww.aidcomilla.com
Association for Integrated Social Services In Education and Technology
Association for Intercontinental Peace of New York, Inc. (AFIP)
Association for Liberal Thinking
Association for Local Rural Development – http://www.zlrr.org.mk
Association for Muslim Advancement Network – AMAN
Association for Nature Conservation & Social Upliftment – http://www.ancsu.org.np
Association for Progressive Communications (APC) – http://www.apc.org,www.apcwomen.org
Association for Progressive Intervention
Association for Promotion of Oral Health & Dental Education / Medical Support Services
Association for Protection of Child Labourers – http://www.apcl.org.ir
Association for Protection of Environment and Culture – http://www.geocities.ws/ngo_apec/apec1.html
Association for Protection of Refugee and Internal Displaced Women and Children – http://www.hamiorg.org
Association for Realiazation of Basic Needs – http://www.arban-ngo.org
Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH)
Association for Research on Climate and Environment
Association for Rural Advancement / Association pour le progrès rural
Association for Rural Advancement in Bangladesh – http://www.arab-bd.org
Association for Rural Area Social Modification, Improvement and Nestling. – http://www.arasmin.org
Association for Sanitation and Economic Development
Association for Self Help Actions
Association for Self Promotion of Unemployed Youths and Agricultural Groups in Togo
Association for Social Advancement
Association for Social and Environmental Development – http://www.asedkol.org
Association for Social and Health Advancement – http://www.ashaodisha.org
Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (ASSET)
Association for Solidarity with freedom-deprived juveniles – http://www.ozgeder.org.tr
Association for Sustainable Community Developoment – http://www.asscod.org
Association for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection
Association For Sustainable Human Development
Association for the Advancement of Agricultural Science in Africa
Association for the Advancement of Education
Association for the Advancement of Psychological Understanding of Human Nature
Association for the Development of Friendship and Understanding – http://www.adfu-international.nl
Association for the Direct Democracy Network
Association for the Prevention of Torture – http://www.apt.ch
Association for the Promotion of the International Circulation of the Press
Association for the Promotion of Women in Development and Sport
Association for the Propagation of Indigenous Genetic Resources
Association for the Protection of Environment and Culture
Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE)
Association for the Reconstruction and Development of the Moko – Oh Peoples Cameroon
Association for the Study of the World Refugee Problem – http://www.awr-int.de/
Association for the Support of Orphans in Vietnam
Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception AVSC International
Association For Water Applied Education & Renewable Energy – http://www.aware.org.pk
Association for Welfare, Social Action & Research – India – http://www.awsarindia.org
Association for Women’s Career Development in Hungary – http://www.womenscareer.org
Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)
Association for World Education – http://www.awe-international.com
Association forestiere des Cantons de L’est – Magazine Le Progres Forestier – http://www.afcearbreforet.org
Association Francaise d’Amitie et de Solidarite avec les Peuples d’Afrique (AFASPA)
Association Française des Volontaires du Progrès
Association Française Raoul Folléreau
Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud
Association Francophone Internationale des Directeurs d’Établissements Scolaires (AFIDES)
Association G.R.A.F.E
Association gabonaise des assistants de service sociale
Association Gabonaise pour les Nations Unies – http://www.anugabon.org
Association Germano Togolaise
Association Gotogo
Association GRAFI Onlus / Associazione GRAFI Onlus
Association Graines de Paix – http://www.graines-de-paix.org/en
Association Guinéene pour la Promotion des Énergies Renouvelables
Association Guinéene pour le Développement de l’Artisanat
Association Guineenne pour la Reinsertion des Toxicomanes (AGRETO)
Association Haitienne d’Aide aux Enfants Necessiteux et au Relevement des Communes de l’Artibonite
Association HANANE pour la protection des enfants handicapes
Association Humanitaire des Bénévoles pour les Déscolarisés et Défavorisés
Association Humanitaire pour l’Union et l’Education des Femmes à l’Auto-Promotion
Association in Support of Contemporary Living (CYDD)
Association Inde Kovalam Reconstruction
Association Indigenous Center for the development sustainable – http://de.geocities.com/cindesperu
Association Internationa D’aide Medical
Association International Pour La Lutte Contre Le Paludisme
Association internationale de boxe educative
Association Internationale de Lutte Contre la Pauvrete et pour le Developpement (AIPED) – http://www.aiped.org/
Association internationale des droits de l’enfant en difficulté et dans la souffrance – http://www.aideds.org
Association Internationale des Medecins pour la Promotion de l’Education et de la Santé en Afrique – http://www.aimes-afrique.org
Association Internationale des Mouvements Familiaux de Formation Rurale
Association Internationale des Régions Francophones (AIRF) – http://www.regions-francophones.com
Association internationale des traducteurs de conferences – http://www.aitc.ch/
Association Internationale la Veuve et l’Orfelin
Association Internationale pour la Democratie
Association Internationale pour la Protection de l’Environnement en Afrique (ENVIRO-Protect)
Association Internationale pour le Conseil de l’Europe et des Nations Unies pour la Protection des Droits de l’Homme “CENUPDH”
Association Internationale pour l’Ecole de Promotion Collective (ASIEPC)
Association Internationale pour les Nations Unies
Association Internationale pour L’integration des Immigres
Association Jeunes Science de Tunisie – http://www.jeunescience.org.tn
Association Jeunesse Action Developpement
Association Jeunesse Culture Loisirs Technique
Association Jeunesse et Progres
Association Jeunesse Levons-nous Batissons
Association Jeunesse Levons-nous et batissons
Association jeunesse sans frontiere – Tchad
Association Juris – Prudencia – AJP
Association Kabylia pour L’environnement
Association Kabylie & Solidarite
Association Lalla Salma de lutte contre le Cancer – http://www.contrelecancer.ma
Association le Fromager
Association L’Etoile Flamboyante d’Eseka
Association libre pour la promotion de l’habitat et du logement
Association Maison de Droit
Association Malienne de Savoir Construire
Association Malienne de Savoir Construire (A.M.S.C.-ONG)
Association Malienne des Femmes pour la Formation Ecologie et le Developpement
Association Malienne d’Initiatives et d’Actions pour le Development;A.I.D-MALI
Association malienne pour la promotion des jeunes (AMPJ)
Association Malienne pour la Sauvegarde du Bien-être Familial (AMASBIF)
Association Malienne pour le Developpement
Association Malienne pour le Developpement, la Protection de l’Environnement et la lutte contre la Desertification
Association Malienne pour le Suivi et l’Orientation des Pratiques Traditionnelles – http://www.blog:amsopt.over-blog.com/www.amsopt.org
Association Marocaine Chantiers-Ecoles pour le Développement – http://www.chantiers-ecoles.org/
Association marocaine d’appui à la promotion de la petite entreprise
Association Marocaine d’Aide à l’Enfant et à la Famille (AMAEF)
Association Marocaine de Planification Familiale
Association Marocaine de Solidarite et de Developpement
Association marocaine de soutien et d’aide aux handicapés mentaux (ANSAHM)
Association Marocaine des Anciens Fonctionaires
Association Marocaine des Droits Humains
Association Marocaine des Insuffisants Renaux
Association Marocaine pour la Promotion de la Femme Rurale
Association Marocaine pour la Recherche Historique
Association Marocaine pour les Nations Unies
Association marociane pour l’éducation de la jeunesse
Association Mauritaienne pour le savoir, la Promotion Sociale et le Soutien des Pauvres
Association Mauritanian of the practices Having bad-effect on Health of the Women and the Children/ CIAF Mauritania – http://www.ampsfe.org
Association Mauritanienne pour la Promotion des Handicapes Mentaux
Association Mauritanienne pour la promotion du droit – http://www.amaprod.mr
Association Mauritanienne pour la santé de la mère et de l’enfant
Association Mauritanienne pour la Sante et le Developpement de Femmes et Enfants Handicapes
Association Mauritanienne pour le Bien-Etre et le Secours de l’Enfant et de la Mère (AMBESEM)
Association Mauritanienne pour le Developpement et La Lutte Contre la Pauvrete
Association Mauritanienne pour le développement et la protection de l’environnement
Association mauritanienne pour le secours des necessiteux
Association Mauritanienne pour les Femmes et Enfants Handicapes – http://www.amsdfeh.org
Association Media et Agriculture pour le Developpement Rural
Association Mieux-Etre pour Tous
Association mondiale de prospective sociale
Association mondiale des grandes metropoles
Association Mondiale pour les Orphelins et Enfants Abandonnés
Association Montolome
Association Mouvement Alternatives Citoyenne – http://www.mouvementalternatives.org
Association mouvement pour la défense de l’humanité et abolition de la torture (MDHAT) – http://mdhat.teria.org
Association mozambicaine de la femme et l’éducation
Association Nationale Al Hidn – A.N.H. – http://www.alhidn.org.ma
Association Nationale d’Action Rurale
Association nationale de comités des langues camérounaises
Association Nationale de Soutien aux Enfants en Difficulte et en Institution
Association Nationale de Volontariat “Touiza”
Association Nationale des Conseils Ruraux du Sénégal
Association Nationale des Veuves et Orphelins Militaires du Congo
Association Nationale du Premier Peuple Autochtone Natif et Minorite Pygmees
Association Nationale pour la Promotion des Populations Rurales
Association nationale pour l’appui a l’Initiative féminine a la protection infantile et environnementale
Association nationale pour le Developpement Local Participatif
Association Nationale pour L’évaluation Environnmentale
Association Nationale Togolaise des Amis de l’Enfance
Association Nigerieene des Agriculteurs, Pecheurs et Eleveurs
Association Nigerienne d’Appui au Développement
Association Nigérienne de Educateurs pour le Développement
Association Nigérienne de Solidarité pour le bien-être et le Développement Communautaires
Association nigérienne des scouts de l’environnement
Association Nigerienne des Scouts de l’Environnement (ANSEN)
Association Nigérienne des Volontaires du Dévelop. Rural
Association Nigérienne pour la Dynamisation des Initiatives Locales
Association Nigérienne pour la Promotion de la Santé Publique
Association Nigérienne pour le Bien-Etre Familial
Association Nigérienne pour le Traitement de la Délinquance
Association Nkoul Bebend
Association of Advocates of African Unity in Libya
Association of AfricaFreeAid – http://www.africafreeaid.org
Association of African Development Finance
Association of African Universities – http://www.aau.org/
Association of African Women for Research and Development
Association of Amazonian Universities
Association of Amazonian Universities (UNAMAZ)
ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN BUDDHISTS – http://www.buddhismonline.us
Association of American Geographers – http://www.aag.org
Association of American Railroads
Association of Arab Universities
Association of Arab-American University Graduates
Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions
Association of Bar of the City of New york
Association of Black Psychologists, Inc., The (ABP)
Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan – http://www.businesswomen.kz
Association of Business, Professional and Agricultural Women (ABP&AW)
Association of Caribbean Universities
Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials (ACEEEO)
Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Association of Citizens’ Solidarity for Campaign Against Famine In Ethiopia (CS-CAFE)
Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, The
Association of Commonwealth Universities
Association of Danish Folk High Schools (Folkehojskolernes Forening i Danmark, FFD)
Association of Development Agencies
Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh
Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP)
Association of Development for Economic & Social Help-ADESH – http://www.adeshbd.org
Association of Development Research and Training Institutes of Asia and the Pacific
Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions
Association of European Election Officials
Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition – http://www.afems.org
Association of European Manufactures of Internal Combustion Engines
Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa – http://www.awepa.org
Association of European Recognized Experts
Association of European Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers
Association of European Studies
Association of European Universities
Association of Expelled (Displaced-Exiled) Persons
Association of Explorers “Rabat Malik” – http://www.wtsbio.allkg.info
Association of Faculties of Agriculture in Africa (AFAA)
Association of Families and Women in Rural Areas – http://www.afammer.es
Association of Female Lawyers in Liberia
Association of Financial and Industrial Groups of Russia
Association of Former Diplomats of China
Association of Former United Nations Industry and Development Experts (AFIDE)
Association of Former United Nations Interns (AFUNI) Azerbaijan
Association of Foundations
Association of Garbage Collectors for Community Development
Association of Geoscientists for International Development
Association of Global Humanists & Ethics – http://www.aghepakistan.org
Association of Grand-Anselais for the Development of Education – http://www.agape-haiti.org
Association of Hydrologists of India
Association of Indian Africanist
Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East of the Russian Federation (RAIPON) – http://www.raipon.info
Association of Indigenous Socities of Nigeria
Association of Interbalkan Women’s Cooperation Societies
Association of Iranian Jurists Defending Human Rights in Iran, The – http://www.ngo-jurists.ir
Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians
Association of Islamic Athletes of Nigeria
Association of Journalists Veterans Azerbaijan
Association of Language Testers in Europe – http://www.alte.org
Association of Latin American Industrialists
Association of Local Legislators for a Better Environment
Association of Management Training Institues in East and South Africa
Association of Medical Doctors of Asia, The – http://www.amdainternational.com
Association of Multiethnics Americans
Association of Muslim Women of Southern Sudan
Association of Nepal Kirat Kulung Language & Cultural Development
Association of NGOs of Aotearoa Incorporated – http://www.angoa.org.nz
Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC)
Association of Official Analytical Chemists
Association of Organizations for Social and Educational Assistance
Association of Presbyterian Women of Aoteaora, New Zealand
Association of Prevention and Harm Reduction Programs Australia (Anex)
Association of Promotion Human Rights and Socio-Economic Development
Association of Protected Areas of Ukraine
Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International, Inc.
Association of Reading Centre
Association of Senior Societists Learning in Canadian Knowledge
Association of Social Economic Researches
Association of Soluble Coffee Manufacturers of the Countries of the EEC
Association of Space Explorers U.S.A
Association of Support to the HIV Infected and affected children and their families
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, The – http://www.nycbar.org
Association of the Borrowers of the Municipality and the Region of
Association of the Churches’ Development Services
Association of the Coal Producers of the European Community
Association of the Egyptian Community – Greece
Association of the International Automobile Carriers of the Republic of Tajikstan “ABBAT” – http://www.abbat.tj
Association of the Major Metropolises (Metropolis)
Association of the Shor People
Association of the South Russia Cities
Association of the Unlawfully Discharged Workers
Association of Third World Studies (ATWS) – http://itc.gsw.edu/atws/
Association of United Families International – http://www.unitedfamilies.org
Association of Voluntary Actions for Society
Association of Voluntary Contraception International
Association of Volunteers for Sustainable Development – http://WWW.africanewdeal.org
Association of War-Affected Women – http://www.awawsl.org
Association of West European Shipbuilders
Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka – http://www.awakener@vsnl.com
Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Small Scale Industries
Association of Women in Development
Association of Women in Technology in Nigeria – http://www.witin.org
Association of Women Lawyers Federal Territory and Selangor
Association of Women Living With HIV/AIDS in Nigeria – http://www.aswhan.org
Association of Women’s Clubs
Association of Women’s Information and Coordination Offices
Association of Women’s Organizations in Jamaica
Association of World Citizens – http://www.worldcitizensunited.org
Association of Young Environmental Lawyers and Economists NGO – http://freenet.am/~bitea/
Association of Young Journalists
Association of youth with vision
Association of Youths for Justice and Equal Rights (AYJER) – http://www.ayjer.com
Association Orukutuko
Association Panafricaine contre la Pauvrete
Association Peuple Culture Développement
Association Points-Coeur – http://un.heartshome.org
Association Points-Coeur/Heart’s Home
Association pour Asssistance aux Orphelins et Veuves Victime du Genocide – A.O.V.G.
Association pour la collaboration globale
Association pour la Défense des Droits de la Femme et de l’Enfant (ADDFE) – http://www.cyberforum/ong/addfe.mr
Association pour la Défense des droits, de Développement durable et du Bien-Etre Familial) – http://adbefrwanda.wordpress.com/
Association pour la Defense et la Promotion des Droits de L’homme
Association pour la Formation Agricole et Economique/ Centre de Formation Agricole et Economique
Association pour la Formation et l’Insertion Sociale de l’Adolescent et de la Femme (AFISAF) – http://www.afisaf.zzn.com/
Association pour la Gestion Intégrée et Durable de l’Environnement
Association pour la Jeunesse Innovatrice et l’Environnement
Association pour la Levee de l’Embargo sur les Sequestres de Tindouf (A.L.E.S.T.)
Association pour la Lutte contre la Disparition de la Faune et de la Flore
Association pour la Lutte Contre la Pauvrete et pour la Scolarisation des Filles (ALPSF)
Association pour la Lutte contre le Travail des Enfants au Niger – http://alten.apinc.org
Association pour la Promotion de la Démocratie et l’Education Citoyenne
Association pour la Promotion de la Francophonie en Flandre – http://www.francophonie.be/ndf
Association Pour La Promotion De La Gouvernance Et Des Initiatives Locales
Association pour la Promotion de la Lutte Contre les Violences faites aux Femmes et la Participation au Développement de la Femme africaine – http://www.femmelucovifa.blogspot.com
Association pour la Promotion de la Métrologie et la Normalisation en RD Congo – http://www.apromenrdc.com
Association pour la promotion de la micro-enterprise
Association pour la promotion de la propriété intellectuelle en Afrique
Association pour la Promotion de l’Agriculture et du Developement social au Togo
Association pour la Promotion de l’Agro -Foresterie
Association pour la Promotion de l’Education de Base
Association pour la Promotion de l’Emploi et du Logement (A.P.E.L.)
Association pour la promotion de l’enterprise de madagascar
Association pour la Promotion de l’Environnement et d’Aides aux Malades du Sida
Association pour la Promotion de l’Informatique (ou Internet) en Afrique – http://www.ong-appia.org
Association pour la Promotion des Droits Humains – http://www.apdh.ch
Association pour la Promotion des Droits Humains et le Développement Socio-Économique
Association pour la promotion des groupements agricoles
Association pour la Promotion des Populations Rurales
Association pour la Promotion du Centre de Sensibilisation et d’Information sur les Drogues Jacques CHIRAC de Thiaroye
Association Pour la Promotion du Développemnt Durable au Niger
Association pour la Promotion du Genre et Développement Humain et Durable – http://couragecameroun.over-blog.com
Association pour la promotion durable de la femme defavorisee
Association pour la Promotion Durable de la Femme Defavorisse (APDFD)
Association pour la promotion et l’appui au developpement de micro-entreprises
Association pour la promotion juridico-economique de la femme et de l’enfant
Association pour la Protection de la Jeune Fille et la Révalorisation de la Fille Mère
Association pour la Protection de la Nature et de l’Environnement, Kairouan – http://www.europsolar.com/apnek
Association Pour La Protection de l’Environnement en Mauritanie (APEM) – http://www.cyberforum.mr/APEM
Association pour la Protection de l’Environnement et le Bien-Etre Social
Association pour la Protection de l’Environnement et le Développement Durable de Bizerte (APEDDUB) – http://www.apeddub.com
Association pour la Protection des Ecosystemes Marins, Cotieres et des Zones Humides (Association for the Protection of Marine, Coastal and Wetlands Ecosystemsz)
Association pour la protection des interets des femmes et des enfants
Association pour la recherche sur la sclérose latérale amyothrophique et autres maladies du motoneurone – http://www.ars.asso.fr
Association pour la Rédynamisation de l’Elevage au Niger enreg.
Association pour la Santé de la Mère du Nouveau né et de l’Enfant
Association pour la Santé de la Mère, du Nouveau-Né, et de l’Enfant
Association pour la santé et la prévention des maladies tropicales
Association pour la Santé et le Développement des Femmes et des Enfants Handicape
Association pour la sauvegarde de la médina de gatsa
Association pour la Sauvegarde de l’Environnement et le Développement
Association pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Martiniquais
Association pour la Sauveguarde de la Nature et la Protection de l’Environnement
Association pour la Sauveguarde de la Nature Néo-Calédonienne
Association pour la Solidarité et l’Assistance Socio-Sanitaire – http://www.healthwelfarework.org
Association pour la survie et l’entraide des enfants demunis et orphelins
Association pour la taxation des transactions financières pour l’aide aux citoyens
Association pour la Valorisation et l’Amélioration des Productions Animales et Végétales Traditionnelles et Nouvelles au Togo
Association pour la vocation et l’éducation sociale (A.V.E.S.)
Association pour l’action sociale et le développement – http://www.everyoneweb.com/www.asd.com
Association pour l’Assainissement et le Développement Intégral
Association pour l’auto-promotion communautes de base
Association pour l’auto-promotion des femmes et developpement
Association pour l’Auto-Promotion des Jeunes sans Emploi et de Groupements Agricoles au Togo
Association pour le Bien- être Collectif et l’Ecologie
Association pour le bien-être des habitants de Beau Vallon
Association pour le Bien-Etre Familial et le Developpement durable – http://www.mmaurifemme.mr/Ong/ABEFDD.html
Association Pour le Debeloppement Economique Social – http://www.adescka.org
Association pour le Deploiement Rural, la Protection de l’Environment et l’Artisanat
Association pour le Developement de la Pêche, du Tourisme et de l’Environnement
Association pour le Developement Humain – http://www.adh;.mr
Association Pour le Development Global
Association pour le Dévéloppement Communautaire
Association pour le Developpement de la Lobaye (ADELOB)
Association pour le Développement de la Population
Association pour le Développement de la Société Civile Angolaise – ADSCA
Association pour le Développement de l’Elevage au Sud-Kivu- ADESKI
Association pour le Développement de l’Enfant Togolais et Africain
Association pour le Développement de l’Information Environnementale
Association pour le Développement de Zio
Association pour le developpement des aires protegees (ADAP)
Association pour le Développement des initiatives citoyennes et européennes – http://www.adice.asso.fr
Association pour le Developpement du Canton Bulu du Dja (ASSODEDJA)
Association pour le Développement du Cocotier
Association pour le developpement du village Ngbada
Association pour le développement durable
Association pour le developpement economique social environnement du nord
Association pour le développement economique, social, environnemental du nord
Association pour le développement économique, social, environnemental du nord
Association pour le Développement et de la Promotion des Droits Humains
Association pour le Développement et la Promotion de la Femme
Association pour le Developpement et la Promotion du Genre
Association pour le Developpement et le Progress
Association pour le Dévéloppement Harmonieux de la Mere et de l’Enfant du Cameroun
Association pour le Développement Socioéconomique de Kamalayah – http://www
Association pour le devpt intégré par la participation Communautaire
Association pour le Progres et la Defense des Droits des Femmes Maliennes
Association pour le Renforcement de la Solidarité entre les Peuples
Association pour le Soutien de la Femme et l’Adolescent au Bénin-ONG
Association pour le soutien et l’appui à la femme entrepreneur
Association pour L’Elimination de la Pauvrete
Association Pour l’Environnement et Développement de la Jeunesse – http://www.apedj-congobzv.populus.org
Association pour les Nations Unies au Burundi
Association pour les Nations Unies de la Republique Democratique du Congo – http://www.anu.org
Association pour les Victimes Du Monde
Association pour l’intégration de la femme dans l’économie nigeriènne
Association pour un Réseau des Maternités Villageoises
Association pour une dynamique de progres economique et social
Association pour une Humanité Unie et Solidaire
Association Proyecto Hombre
Association Québécoise de Lutte Contre la Pollution Atmosphérique
Association Québécoise des Organismes de Coopération Internationale
Association Recherche Action en Sante de la Reproduction (ARAS)
Association Recherche Action Femmes et Developpement (ARAFD)
Association Réseau Mondial Crescendo – http://www.rcrescendo.org
Association S.O.S. Femmes en Détresse
Association Sahel Solidarite Action
Association Santé Education Démocratie
Association Sante et Environnement
Association sénégalaise pour la défense de l’environnement et des consommateurs
Association Sénégalaise pour la Promotion de l’Agriculture Biologique
Association Sénégalaise pour la promotion des énergies renouvelables “KokkiEnergie”
Association sidi balabbas
Association Sidi Belabbas
Association Sidi Bishr
Association Sociale Tiouizi
Association Soeur Teresa pour les Demunis(ASTD) – http://www.astd1990.org
Association Solidarité Entraide -TOGO
Association Solidarité Internationale pour l’Afrique (SIA) – http://www.sia-mali.org
Association SOS Famille
Association Sud Migration & Développement
Association Swiss Morning Star – http://www.association-sms.com
Association Talassemtane pour l’Environnement et le Developpement
Association Togolaise “Femmes et SIDA”
Association Togolaise d’Appui aux Communautés de Base et de Parrainage
Association Togolaise de Lutte contre la Carie Dentaire et Maladies du Parodonte
Association Togolaise de Lutte Contre l’Alcoolisme et les Autres Toxicomanies
Association Togolaise des Consommateurs
Association Togolaise d’Etude de Recherche et d’Appui au Développement Humain Durable (AS.T.E.R.A.D.H.D.) – http://www.asteradhd.org
Association Togolaise pour la Défense du Consommateur
Association Togolaise pour la Gestion et l’Assainissement de l’Eau et de l’Environnement
Association Togolaise pour la Lutte Contre la Pauvreté et la Misère
Association Togolaise pour la Promotion de la Qualité de la Vie
Association Togolaise pour la Promotion du Développement Rural
Association Togolaise pour la Promotion Humaine
Association Togolaise pour la Protection des Animaux et de la Nature
Association Togolaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial
Association Togolaise pour le Développement des Organisations Paysannes
Association Togolaise pour un Développement Economique Social et Cuturel
Association Tosalisana Ba Mamans
Association Trois Cent Soixante / Association 360
Association Tunisie-Mediterranee pour le Development Durable
Association Tunisienne de Développement et Formation – https://www.facebook.com/atdef/info
Association Tunisienne de Jeunes Avocats
Association tunisiènne de la communication – http://www.atucom.org.tn
Association tunisienne de la communication et des sciences spatiales – http://www.atucom.org.tn
Association Tunisienne de Lutte contre les MST/SIDA
Association Tunisienne de Prevention de Toxicomanie
Association Tunisienne des Auberges et Tourisme de Jeunes
Association Tunisienne des Droits de l’Enfant
Association Tunisienne des Droits de l’Enfant et la Mere
Association tunisienne des femmes democratiques
Association Tunisienne des Loisirs
Association Tunisienne des Meres – http://www.otm.org.tn
Association Tunisienne des Techniciens Forestiers
Association Tunisienne des Villages d’Enfants SOS
Association Tunisienne du Planning Familial (ATPF)
Association tunisiènne liaison des générations
Association tunisienne pour la promotion de l’emploi des handicapes “Basma”
Association Tunisienne pour la Protection de la Nature et de l’Environnement
Association tunisienne pour l’auto-developpement et la solidarite – http://www.assoc-atlas.org.tn
Association Tunisienne Santé-Environnement
Association United Generations in Switzerland
Association VERSeau Developpement
Association Villages Entreprises
Association vive le paysan
Association Vivre dans l’Espérance
Association Vivre Plus
Association Wadelbarka pour la Prosperite des Familles Mauritaniennes
Associaton d’Entraide et de Développement
Associatpo Halitinp
Associazione Amici dei Bambini – http://www.aibi.it
Associazione Carcere e Territorio Onlus – http://www.act-bs.it
Associazione Casa Famiglia Rosetta (ACFR) – http://www.casarosetta.it
Associazione Centro Antiviolenza
Associazione Comunita Papa Giovanni XXIII – http://www.en.apg23.org/en/
Associazione Donne e Ambiente
Associazione IRENE – Initiatives, Researches, Experiences for a New Europe – http://www.irene.mi.it
Associazione Musicale e Culturale 1 Dread Onlus
Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze
ASSOCIAZIONE NOI PER LORO – http://www.noiperloro.org
Associazione per gli Interventi di Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Italiana – http://www.arci.it
Associazione Scuola Internazionale di OntoArte
Associazone Il Nostri Diritti
Associqtion Malienne pour l’Integration Regionale Africaine
Assosciation for Peoples Developement
ASSRA Welfare Foundation
Asssociation des Jeunes de Lutte contre la Drogue et pour le Developpement Integre (AJDLDI)
Assyrian Academic Society – http://www.aas.net/
Assyrian Aid Society – Iraq – http://www.assyrianaidsociety.org,www.assyrianaidiraq.org
Assyrian Aid Society of America Inc. – http://www.assyrianaid.org
Assyrian National Congress
Astra Anti Trafficking Action
Astral Educational and Welfare Society
Asumex Ventures Limited
Asylum Access – http://www.asylumaccess.org
Atelier/ Workshop for Learning New Crafts
Atelye pour Apran Nuovo Artizana
Athara Magarat Magar Bhasa Sanskriti Bikas Pratishthan
ATHENA Network – http://www.athenanetwork.org
Athencottasan Muthamizh Kazhagam – http://www.amkcentre.org
Athencottasan Muthamizh Kazhagam – AMK
Athencottasan Muthamizh Kazhagam-AMK – http://www.amkcentre.zoomshare.com
Athletes United for Peace – http://www.athletesunitedforpeace.org
Atikamekw Sipi – Conseil de la Nation Atikamekw
Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiatives Inc – http://www.atikha.org
Ation Pour Le Secours Aux Plus Demunis
Ativismo – Grupo e Mìdia pela libertação Animal – http://www.ativismo.com
Atjeh International Development
Atlantic Council, The
Atlantic States Legal Foundation, Inc – http://www.aslf.orghttp//www.onondagalake.org
Atlas – Association Tunisienne pour l’Auto-developpement et la Solidarite
Atlas Service Corps Inc. – http://www.atlascorps.org/index.php
ATTAC- Brasil – HTTP://www.attac.org/brasil
ATTAC France – HTTP://attac.org/
Attac Gabon – http://www.gattac.org
Attadeepa Foundation – http://www.mangalnandita@aol.com
Attitude Change International – http://www.attitude.org.in
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
Atulya Viikash – http://www.atulyavikash.comwww.facebook.com/atulyvikash
AU GANSUL UNIVERSITY – http://www.muurishgansul.com
Au SecoursONG
AUA Americas Chapter Inc – http://www.aua.net/
Aube Nouvelle pour la Femme et le Developpement
Audobon Society
Audubon Society of New York State, Inc., d/b/a Audubon International
AUFAD e.V. Germany – http://www.aufad.com
Aung Health And Education Development Foundation – http://www.ahedf.org
Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation – http://www.af.org.pk
Australasia Blue Cross – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Australasia-Blue-Cross/158936554191357
Australian Association for Environmental Education Inc
Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life – http://www.yogaindailylife.org.au
Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life, The and the International Fellowship of Yoga in Daily Life – http://www.yogaindailylife.org.au
Australian Breastfeeding Association, the (ABA)
Australian Catholic Social Justice Council – http://www.socialjustice.catholic.org.au
Australian Chamber of Manufacturers
Australian Coal Association
Australian Conservation Foundation – http://www.acfonline.org.au
Australian Council for International Developme – http://www.acfid.asn.au
Australian Council for International Development – http://www.acfid.asn.au
Australian Democrats
Australian Diabetes Council – http://www.australiandiabetescouncil.com
Australian Disability and Devlopment Consortium – http://www.addc.org.au
Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women Inc
Australian Freedom from Hunger Campaign
Australian Heritage
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (AIATSIS)
Australian International Research Institute Incorporated
Australian Lesbian Medical Association
Australian Local Government Association
Australian National Committee on refugee Women, The – ANCORW
Australian National University of Law – http://www.lawanuedu.au/acel/
Australian Reproductive Health Alliance
Australian Virtual Centre for Women and the Law
Australian Volunteers International (AVI)
Australian Women in Agriculture
Australian Women’s Coalition
Australian Youth Climate Coalition – http://www.aycc.org.au
Australian-Arabic Human Rights Association
Australia’s Elites Society – http://www.tavallodedobareman.blogfa.com
Austria Ghana Technic (Agenda 50) – http://www.ag-tech.org
Austrian Federal Chancellery
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO – Wirtschaftskammer) (The “Chamber”) – http://www.wko.at/arbitration
Austrian NGO
Austrian Senior Experts Pool
Austrian Service Abroad
Austrian Society for Environment and Technology
Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution
Austro-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce
Authentic Reference
Autism Awareness Ltd. – http://www.autismawareness.com.au
Autism Science Foundation – http://www.autismsciencefoundation.org
Autism Speaks Inc – http://www.autismspeaks.org
Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago – http://www.autismtt.org
Auto Promotion Rurale pour un Développement Humain Durable
Autonomni Centar – http://actnow.hr/
Autonomous Autochthon International Muurican Gansul
Autonomous Women’s Center – http://www.womenngo.org.rs/
Autoridades Indigenas de Colombia AICO
Autre Vie – http://www.ongautrevie.org
Auxiliary to the National Medical Association, Inc. – http://www.ANMAnet.org
Avaaz.org – http://www.avaaz.org
Avalon Foundation – http://www.avalon.nl
Avamag engineering services .ghana ltd
Avancemos, Ashoka Emprendedores Sociales México y Centroamerica, A.C. – http://www.ashoka.org.mx
avard educational trust – http://www.avardtrust.org
AVD Association des Volontaires pour le Développement
Avec les Enfants des Rues
Averroes and Enlightenment International Association
Aviation sans frontieres
AVINAASH (Association for Village Improvement Needs and Action Against Slavery and Hunger)
Avinash Seva Pratisthan
Avocats Sans Frontières – http://www.asf.be
Avocats sans Frontieres – Monde / AsF-World
Avocats sans frontieres (France)
Avocats sans Frontières Maroc – http://avocatssansfrontieresmaroc.unblog.fr/
AVOCATS VERTS — Advocats Africains pour la Protection de l’Environnement & LA Defens de Droits Communautaires
Avrasya Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi –ASAM
AVSI Foundation – http://www.avsi.org
Awaete Kaiwa Guarani Nhandeva
Awake Society of India
Awaking Center for Tharu Women
Aware Girls – http://www.awaregirls.webs.com
Awareness Knowledge Education Society
Awaroa Ki Manuka
Awaz Centre for Development Services – http://www.awazcds.org.pk
Awesome Treasures Foundation – http://www.awesometreasuresfoundation.org
AWTAD – http://www.awtad-egypt.org
Ayala Foundation, Inc.
Ayande Roshan Nokhbegan Foundation – http://www.ayande-roshan.com
Ayder – Dreams Academy – http://www.duslerakademisi.org
Ayllu Records
Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Ninas de la Calle – http://www.ayuda.org.mx
Ayurvarta – http://WWW.AAROGYADHAM.CO.IN
Az?rbaycan T?l?b? G?ncl?r T?s,kilatlar? I.ttifaq? – http://www.atgti.az
Azaan Youth Social Welfare Organization – http://www.ayswo.com.pk
Azad Charitable and Educational Foundation
Azad Foundation – http://www.azadfoundation.org
azad hind sewa sangathan
Azad Hind Welfare Society
Azad India Foundation – http://www.azadindia.org
Azat Foundation-Balochistan
Azerbaijan Chapter of Organization for Industrial,Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International – http://www.oisca.org
Azerbaijan Free LGBT – http://www.freelgbt.com
Azerbaijan Health Communication Association – http://www.ahca.az
Azerbaijan NGO Alliance for Children’s Rights – http://www.ngoalliance.net
Azerbaijan Society for the Protection of Animals
Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations Union – http://www.atgti.az
Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association – http://www.atib.az
Azerbaijan Women and Development Center
Azerbaijan Youth Union
Azerbaijani American Cultural Association, Inc. – http://www.azerbaijaniamerican.com
Azerbaycan Elil Teskilatlari Ittifaqi – http://www.udpo.az
Azerbaycan Könüllüler Ictimai Birliyi
AZI International – http://www.azi-international.com
Aziz Jehan Begum Trust For The Blind, Regd.
Azm & Saade Association, The
Azrbaycan Grinin Avro-Atlantika Tkilat – http://www.agaat.az
B Lab
B.A.B.E. – Be Active, Be Emancipated – http://www.babe.hr
B.G.F. – Federation of Balkan Turks & Associations for Emigrees
B.N.A. Inc. Centre de Placement et d’Intégration Sociale des Immigrants
BAAPHY Social Development Network
Baara Nyuman
Baavar Association – http://www.baavarnew.ir
Baba Garia Mission – http://www.babagariamission.org
Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies
Babtist Day Care and Counseling Centre
BAB-UL-ILM Welfare Education Society
Bachpan Bachao – http://bachpanbachao.org/
Back To Life
Back to School Film Campaign – http://backtoschoolfilmcampaign.wordpress.com
Backward Asociety Education
BAD – http://www.badiabet.com
Badbaan Enterprise Development Forum
Baden-Powell Jungle Scouts
Badia Alumni Club – http://www.badiaonline.org
BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights – http://www.badil.org
Baffo Memorial Foundation – http://www.bafmo.com
Bagaalay Ng Puso
Baghbaan Organization for Social Services – http://www.baghbaan.net
Baghban – http://www.baghbanpk.org
Baghban Pakistan – http://www.baghbanpk.org
Bahá í International Community’s UN Office
Bahá í Office For The Advancement Of Women-Nigeria
Bahá’í Frauen Forum e.V.
Baha’i International Community – http://www.bic.org
Bahamas National Trust
Bahamas Urban Youth Development Center – http://www.bahamasurbanyouth.org
Bahara Sidapara Adibasi Mahila Samity – http://www.baharango.org
Bahrain Center for Human Rights – http://www.bahrainrights.org/en
Bahrain freedom movement
Bahrain Human Rights Society
Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society – http://www.bhrws.org
Bahrain Jurists Society
Bahrain Society for Women’s Development
Bahrain Women Society – http://www.bahrainws.org
Bahrain Women Union
Bahrain Youth and Environment Society
Baidarie – http://www.baidarie.com
BAIF – Development Research Foundation
Baitulmaal, Inc. – http://www.baitulmaal.org
Bajito Onda Africa Foundation
Bajito Onda Africa Foundation – Good Governance & Democracy
Bakavi School of Permaculture
Bakhtar Development Network Switzerland “BDN Swiss” – http://www.bdnglobal.org
Bakweri Land Claims Committee
Bal Vikas Nagrik Parishad
Bala Atibala Samaj Sevi Sanstha – http://www.balaatibala.blogspot.in
Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud AC – http://www.redbalance.org
BALIFOKUS Foundation – http://www.balifokus.asia
Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development – http://www.balkanagency.org
Balkan and Middle East Regional Cooperation – http://www.bamerc.org
Balkan Assist Association
Balkan Environment Association
Balkan Türkleri Göçmen ve Mülteci Dernekleri Federasyonu
Ball Bharati Ekta Welfare Association
BALM IN GILEAD INC, THE – http://www.balmingilead.org
Balochistan Development Intiatives
Balochistan Foundation for Development
Balochistan Social and Developments Society – http://www.bsdsociety.com
Balochistan Sustainable Development Initiative (BSDI)
Balolongi Mobile Technical Training Institute
Baltic and International Maritime Council, The (BIMCO)
Baltic Sea Forum e.V. – http://www.baltic-sea-forum.org
Bamba Children Organisation
Bambini nel Deserto – http://www.bambinineldeserto.org
Bambino Welfare Project – http://www.bambinonigeria.org
Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, Inc.
Bancroft Global Development – http://www.bancroftglobal.org
Bandenawaz Vividoddesh Kalyan Sangh
Bandhon Society
Bangalore Integrated Rural Development Society
Bangiya Christiya Pariseba
Bangladersh Rural Development Organization – http://www.ruraldevelopmentbd.org
Bangladesh Adivasi Forum
Bangladesh Association for Development of Trade and Finance
bangladesh bouddha kristi prachar sangha
bangladesh buddhist kaist pachar sngh
bangladesh buddhist kist pachar sngh
Bangladesh Buddhist Student Organization, Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
Bangladesh Consumer Rights Soceity
Bangladesh Development Service Center
Bangladesh Friendship Education Society – http://www.bfes.net
Bangladesh Human Rights and Resources Development Society – http://www.bhrrds.org
Bangladesh Human Rights Commission
Bangladesh Humanity and Environment Council
Bangladesh Indigenous Jumma Buddhist Monks Association, Thailand
Bangladesh Integrated Social Advancement Programme – http://www.bisapbd.org
Bangladesh Jatiyo Mahila Ainjibi Samity – http://www.bnwla.org.bd
Bangladesh Jumma Buddhist Forum – Thailand
Bangladesh Jumma Buddhist Monks, (BJBM) Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Legal Aid & Services Trust – http://www.blast.org.bd
Bangladesh Mahila Parishad – http://www.mahilaparishad.org
Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha – http://www.bnps.org
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication – http://www.bnnrc.net
Bangladesh Poush
Bangladesh Resource centre for Indigenous Knowledge) – http://www.barcik-bd.org
Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee – http://www.brac.net
Bangladesh Rural Improvement Foundation (BRIF) – http://www.brif.org
Bangladesh Sassasabi Sangoton Federation
Bangladesh Scholarship Council
Bangladesh Support Group
Bangladesh Travel Witters Association(BTWA)
Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP) – http://www.bup-bd.org
Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Bangladesh Youth Development Program
Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative – http://www.byei.org
Bangladesh Youth Rights Forum
Bangladeshi Indigenous Jumma Buddhist Monks Forum, Sri Lanka
Bangladeshi Ovibashi Mohila Sramik Association – http://www.bomsa.org.bd
Bangsamoro People’s Consultative Assembly
Bangwe et Dialogue
Banjo Adebisi Business Ventures
Bankwatch Network – HTTP://www.bankwatch.org/
Banlieues du monde Mauritanie – http://bdm-m.blogspot.com
Banque Agricole Gabonaise – http://www.labag.org
Banque tunisienne de solidarite
Bansah networks
Banyala Tribal Council
BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights – http://www.baobabwomen.org
Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross
Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service – http://www.bokss.org.hk
Baptist World Alliance – http://www.bwanet.org
Bapuji Center for AIDS Research & Education, (B&#39;Care) – http://www.technoserve.org
Bapuji Center for AIDS Research & Education, (B&#39;Care) BNP+
Bapuji Center for AIDS Research & Education, (B’Care) – http://www.bcareindia.org,www.aidsride2012.org
Bar Association for International Governmental Organizations, Inc.
Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales
Baradrone Social Welfare Institute – http://www.baradrone.org
Barak Human Rights Protection Committee
Barak Valley Welfare Development Society – http://www.barakvalleysociety.org
Barbados Association of Canada, Inc
Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations – http://www.bango.org.bb
Barbados Council for the Disabled – http://www.barbadosdisabled.org.bb
Barbados Environmental Association
Barbados Museum and Historical Society
Barbados National Trust
Barbara Gauntlett Foundation, The
Bareebo: Tuk, Aha, Sahmahtupeeup
Barefoot College, (SWRC) Tilonia
Barefoot Urban Planners – http://www.barefooturbanplanner.com
Bargad-Organization for Youth Development – http://www.bargad.org.pk
Bariadi Non Governmental Organisations Network
Barinu Institute For Economic Development
Barnaamijka Hormarinta Deegaanka
Barnabas Trust International
Barovita Vivekananda Bidyapith
Barra Angelopolitana de Abogadas, ac. – http://www.badaac.com
Barra Mexicana
Barwaqa Relief Organisation – http://www.barwaqarelief.org
Basel Peace Office – http://www.baselpeaceoffice.org
Bashiran Munshi Founation (Bmf) – http://www.bmf4d.org
Basic Education Coalition – http://www.basiced.org
Basic Health International – http://www.basichealth.org/
Basic Human Rights – http://www.basichumanrights.org.uk
Basic Institute of Nurturing Career Multi Development Society (BINC)
Basic Needs
Basti Vikas Samiti
BATANI Internationl Development Fund for Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East – http://www.batanifund.org
Batey Relief Alliance Inc B R A – http://www.bateyrelief.org
Bathinda Young Club
Bati Trakya Kultur ve Saglik Vakfi
Batisseurs sans Frontieres
Batool Welfare Trust – http://www.batoolwelfaretrust.org
Battelle Memorial Institute
Baveeko Basome – http://www.baveekobasome.org
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship
Bawaneh and Marwan
Bawm Literature Forum
Bawn Social Council-Bangladesh
BAYAN Iran Association – http://www.bayan.org.ir
Baztab Society
BBC Humanitarian Fund, The
Be the Change Ancademy – Kenya
Beacon of Hope Uganda – http://www.beaconofhopeuganda.webs.com
Bead For Life – http://www.beadforlife.org/index.html
Beam Foundation – http://www.beamindia.org
Bear Clan Familys Maxan Lake
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation – http://www.keep-earth-beautiful.org
Beautiful Eves of Africa Organisation
Beautiful Feet Worldwide, Inc. – http://www.beautifulfeet.org
Beautiful Life Development Plan – http://www.uneschaf.org,www.bldp.org,www.myspace.com/musicwithobdw
Beautiful Taiwan Foundation – http://blog.sina.com.tw/chubean
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
Beckley Foundation, The
Beekeeping Extension Society – http://www.biye.beekeepers.8m.net
Bees for Development – http://www.beesfordevelopment.org
BEFA (Beauty for Ashes) Women & Child Care Foundation
Befa Women and Child Care Foundation – http://www.befafoundation.org
Befrienders International
Begegnungen – http://www.begegnungen-ev.net
Behar Al Sindh Foundation – http://www.beharalsindh.org
Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization – http://www.behnamcharity.org.ir
Beijing Charity Association – http://www.bjcsh.org.cn
Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center – http://www.chinachild.org
Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges – http://www.beijingngo.org.cn
Beijing Women¡¯s Federation – http://www.bjwomen.gov.cn/index.jsp
Beijing Youth Federation (BYF) – http://www.beijingyouth.org.cn
Beijing Zhicheng Migrant Workers’ Legal Aid and Research Center – http://www.zgnmg.org
Beirut Institute – http://www.beirutinstitute.org
Belarusian Helsinki Committee – http://www.belhelcom.org
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs – http://www.belfercenter.org
Belgium – PM
Belgrade Centre for Human Rights
Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha
Belize Audubon Society (BAS) – http://wwwbelizeaudubonorg/abouthtm
Belize Enterprise for Sustained Technology
Bell Human Rights Organization
Bellerive Foundation
Bellona Foundation – http://www.bellona.org
Beloved Libya Women’s Forum
Bem TV – Educação e Comunicação – http://www.bemtv.org.br
Benadiri women Welfare Association
Bench We Share Association, The
Benevolence International Foundation (BIF)
Benevolent Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Socially Underprivileged – http://www.bapesu.org
Benevolent Community Education and Rural Development Society – http://www.berdsco.org/
Benevolent Community Education and Rural Development Society (BERDS CO) – http://www.berdsco.org
Benfam Institute for Natural Living
Bengal Engineering College Alumni Association of USA and Canada
Bengal Rural Welfare Service – http://www.brws.org
Benin – Direction des Forets et des Ressources Naturelles
Benin – PM
Bénin 21
Bénin Développement
Benin Environment and Education Society – http://www.bees-ong.org/www.ecotourismelama.org
Benin Rural Assistance (BRA)
Bernard van Leer Foundation
Berne Declaration
Best – Fonder
Best Care
Beterem – The National Center for Children’s Safety and Health – http://www.beterem.org
Bethel McFidel Foundation – http://www.bethelmcFidel.org
Bethel Youth Aid Foundation
Bethesda Project Uganda – http://www.bethesdaprojectuganda.org
Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation
Bethlehem University
Betio Fishermen Association Inc – http://www.bfa.org.ki
Better Hope Institute
Better Life – USA
Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development – http://www.blacd.org
Better Life Organization
Better Life Programme for the African (Rural) Woman – (BLPAW) – http://www.betterlife-africa.org
Better Pakistan Foundation
Better World
Better World Foundation – http://www.bewof.com
Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC)
Beyond War – http://www.beyondwar.org
Bhadrakali Social Welfare Society
Bhadrakali Socio-Eco-Cultural Centre for the Development of Women & Children (B.S.E.C.C.DWC)
Bhagal Shiksha Samiti – http://www.klinkindia.in
Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti Jaipur – http://www.jaipurfoot.org
Bhagya Abhivrudhi Seva Samsthe
Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency – http://www.biswa.org
Bharat Sevashram Sangha – http://www.bharatsevashramsangha.net
Bharat Vikas Mission
Bharat Vikas Samiti – http://www.knowledgopedia.hpage.com
Bharatiya Mahila Vikas Sanstha – http://www.bmvsindia.org
Bhartiya Jansangharsh Shakti – http://www.bjshakti.org
Bhartiya Manavadhikar Association – http://www.hrai.co.in
Bhartiya Shaikshik Sansthan
Bhartiya yuva chalchitra sansthan – http://www.yuvachalchitra.org
Bhaskar Rural Education and Agriculture Development Society – http://www.breadsindia.org
Bhawani Siksha Prasar Parishad
BHEC and Civil Patrol Group, USA, Inc.
Bhittai Social Watch and Advocacy – http://www.bswa.org.pk
Bhopal Yuwa Paryavaran Shikshan & Samajik (BYPASS) Sansthan
Bhujel Empowerment Campaign, Nepal – http://www.bhujelinfo.com/becnepal
Bhujel Samaj Sewa Samittee
Bhupati Development Trust
BHUPATI International Trust
Bhutan Association Of Women Entrepreneurs – http://www.baowe.org
Bhutanese Indigenous Women’s Forum
Bhutanese Indigenous Women’s Forum (BIWF)
Bhuvaneshwari Seva Sasmthe – http://www.bssgdg.org
Biafra Liberation in Exile (BILIE) – http://www.bilie.org
Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation – http://www.biancajagger.com(underconstruction)
Bibek Bikash – http://www.bibekbikash.com
BIBEK BIKASH SAMAJ KALYAN KENDRA – http://www.bibekbikash.com
Bibliotheque pilote provincial Jean Louis Njemba Medou
Bibliothèques Sans Frontières – http://www.bibliosansfrontieres.org
Bien Aimer la Nature en s’Investissant
Bien-être partage
Bienfaisance et Action
Big Brothers Big Sisters International
Bihar Youth Social Service Association – http://www.byssa.webs.com
Bikalpa Gyan Tatha bikas Kendra
Bikash Bharati Welfare Society
Biladi Foundation
Biland Awdal Organization Somalia – http://WWW.bilandawdalorgGoogle
BILIGERT – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário
Bilim Insanlari Dernegi – http://www.bilinder.org
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Woodley Mt Kenya Trust – http://wwwmountkenyatrustorg/indexhtm
BillWoodley Mt Kenya Trust
Bina Swadaya
Binaytara Foundation – http://www.binayfoundation.org
Biofutura A.C. – https://www.facebook.com/biofutura.ac
Biogas Sector Partnership Nepal – http://www.bspnepal.org.np,www.biogasnepal.org,www.bspneaprhcc.org
Biomas Users Network
Biopolitics International Organisation
BioRegional Development Group – http://www.bioregional.com
Bioresource Research Centre, Pakistan – http://www.pbrc.edu.pk
Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme-Cameroon
Biosfera – Brazilian Society of Environmental Promotion
BIOSFERA – Sociedade Brasileira para o Valorizaçao do Meio Ambiente
Biota Initiatives International
BiotechCity – http://www.biotech-city.com
BIOTICA Ecological Society
Biovision – Foundation for Ecological Development
Biowatch South Africa Trust
BIRAM (Boudhi Ivestgate and Research Assemly of Men)
Bird Explorers – http://www.birdexplorers.com
Birdlife Botswana – http://www.birdlifebotswana.org.bw
BirdLife International – http://www.birdlife.org
Birdlife South Africa – http://www.birdlife.org.za
Birthing Kit Foundation
Bischöfliches Hilfswerk Misereor e.V. – http://www.misereor.org
Biz Consultant Bangladesh
Black African Reorientation and Development Organization – http://www.barado.org
Black Alliance for Just Immigration – http://www.blackalliance.org
Black Girls Ignite Africa, Inc. – http://www.blackgirlsigniteafrica.com
Black Immigration Network – http://www.blackimmigration.net
Black Sea Civil Society Solidarity Association (Union of Black Sea Region NGOs) – http://www.kastob.org
Black Sea University Foundation – http://www.bsufonline.org
Black Women’s Agenda, Inc.
Black Womens Domestic Violence Newtork – http://www.angelou-centre.org.uk
Blacksmith Institute – http://www.blacksmithinstitute.org
Blackwood Consulting and UN CRPD Article 12 Enforcement – http://www.stopobamacarenow.webs.com
Blagovest Centre of People’s Help International Public Charitable Organization
Blaze Youth Development Organization – http://www.facebook.com/BYDO.pk
Blessed Tansi Centre for Street kids
Blessing Group (NGO)
Blitz Bureau
Bloechliger Foundation – http://profiles.tigweb.org/Timothy-Titus
Blood Donrs Orgnisation for Social Service (BOSS ) & centre for Information; Prevention & Counselling on HIV/AIDS (CIPCA)
Blood Drive Initiative – http://www.bdi.org.ng,www.bdinitiative.blogspot.com
Blue Design & Green Protect
Blue Diamond Society – http://www.bds.org.np
Blue Planet Project, Inc. – http://www.blueplanetproject.net/
Blue Point Drug Counselling & Outpatient Centre – http://www.kekpont.hu
Blue Rose Compass – http://www.bluerosecompass.org
Blue Sky Humanitarian Aid Organization
Blue Star of Life, The
Blue Veins (Women Welfare and Relief Services)
BlueBuck Network – http://www.bluebucknetwork.org
BlueGreen Alliance Foundation
B’nai B’rith
Board of Certified Safety Professionals – http://www.bcsp.org
Boat People SOS – http://www.bpsos.org/
Boboland Territorial Council
Boboland Territorial Council (BTC)
Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha – http://www.swaminarayan.org
Body Shop Foundation, The – http://www.thebodyshopfoundation.org
Bogazici University Reunion Association
Bohumukhi Milon Shangha
Bolero Association Ltd
Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, ALBA
Bolivia – Superintendencia Forestal
Bolivia Inti – Sud Soleil – http://www.boliviainti-sudsoleil.org
Bolivian Climate Change Platform – http://www.cambioclimatico.org.bo/
Boma Development Initiatives.
Bomang’ombe Vocational Training Center
Bombay Environmental Action Group
Bombay Natural History Society
Bombay Teen Challenge – http://www.setbeautifulfree.org
Bond Street Theatre Coalition (BST) – http://www.bondst.org
Bond University
Bone and Joint Decade – http://www.boneandjointdecade.org
Bone and Joint Decade Foundation – http://www.boneandjointdecade.org
Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) – http://www.bicc.de
Bonsucro – http://www.bonsucro.com
Bonyad Emdad-e-Jahan – http://www.iwrf.org
Boompajuhan – http://www.boompajuhan.ir
Boost Educational Cultural and Research Organization – http://www.becro.org
Boots for Africa Ghana
Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen Hamilton (Management Consulting Firm)
Booz-Allen Hamilton
Bophelo / Impilo Community Association
Borail Upajati Kalyan Sangha
Border Action International
Border Environment Cooperation Commission – http://www.cocef.org
Border State Women Educational & Welfare Society
Border Welfare Society – http://www.facebook.com/borderwelfaresociety
Borderless Alliance – http://www.borderlesswa.com
Borgang Foundation
Borne Fonden
BOSAFWE Foundation Initiative
Bosco Seva Kendra – http://www.boscosevakendra.org
Bosh Samajik sanstha
Bosomtwa Rural Bank Limited
Bosques Tropicales en la Amazonia
BOSS & CIPCA (A Charitable Non-Govt. Voluntary Community Based Organi
Boss Friendship Club in Nigeria – http://www.bossfriendshipclub.org
Boston Women’s Health Book Collective
BOTHAR-Helping People To Help Themselves
Botines Solidarios – http://www.botines-solidarios.org.ar
Botswana Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (BAPR)
Botswana Christian AIDS Intervention Programme (BOCAIP)
Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower – http://www.boccim.co.bw
Botswana Council for the Disabled
Botswana Council of Churches – http://www.botswanacouncilofchurches.org
Botswana Council of NGOs
Botswana Network for AIDS Service Organisations (BONASO) – http://www.bonaso.org.bw
Botswana Network of People Living with HIV AND AIDS (BONEPWA) – http://www.bonepwa.botsnet.co.bw
Botswana Society for the Arts – http://www.botsnet.co.bw/bsa
Botswana Society for the Deaf
Botswana Technology Centre
Boutique des Droits de l’Homme
Boy With a Ball Ministries – http://www.boywithaball.com
Bprite Global Network Services
BPW Australia
BPW Germany – http://www.bpw-germany.de
Bpw Ramallah Club
BRAC – http://www.brac.net
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence – http://www.bradycampaign.org
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) – http://un.brahmakumaris.org
Brain builders nternational
BrasilConnects Ecology
Brasilian Institute of Public Organization of Rio de Janeiro – IBAP-R
Brasilien Initiative Freiburg e.V
BraveHeart Initiative for Youth & Women – http://www.braveheartinitiative.org
Brazil – Secretaria de Biodiversidade e Florestas, Ministerio do Meio Ambiente
Brazil Korea Association
Brazilian Forum on Climate Change
Brazilian Foundation of America
Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration (IBAM)
Brazilian Society for Support, Guidance and Protection of Minor Children (SOFRE)
Brazilian Women Confederation / Confederacao das Mulheres do Brazil
Bread for the World
Bread for the World Institute
Breast Without Spot Initiative – http://www.breastwithoutspot.org
Breastfeeding Information Group
Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India – http://www.bpni.org
BRIDGE FOUNDATION, INC. – http://www.bridgefoundation.org
Bridge Research and Development
Bridges Center for Social Development,Inc – http://WWW.bridgescsd.org
Bridges International
Bridges of Friendship – Institute of Social Solidarity – http://www.friendship.gr
Bridges of Hope Project, Inc.
BRIDGES-IDF – http://www.idfbridges.org
Bridging the Gulf – http://www.bridgingthegulf.org
Brigada Voluntaria Brasileira – http://www.comandobvb.webnode.com
Brigade d’Actions Rurales au Togo
Bright Educational Society
Bright Future Organization – http://www.bfo.org
Bright Future Social Ewlfare Organization Badin Sindh Pakistan
Bright Generation Community Foundation – http://www.brightgeneration.org
Brighter Future Nepal – http://www.josephbrady.org
Brighter Green – http://www.brightergreen.org
Brighter Needy Vision – http://www.bnvghana.yolasite.com
Brilliace Ladies Club
BRINFOR – Brigada Nacional de Formação
British American Security Information Council – http://www.basicint.org
British Association for the Club of Rome
British Association of Women Entrepreneurs
British Blue Cross – http://www.blue-cross.in
British Columbia Civil Liberties Association – http://www.bccla.org
British Columbia Environmental Network
British Humanist Association – http://www.humanism.org.uk/
British Institute of Practising Professionals
British Nuclear Test Veterans Association – http://www.bntva.com
British Overseas NGOs for Development (BOND) – http://www.bond.org.uk/
British Youth Council – http://www.byc.org.uk
British-Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen’s Women Organisation
British-Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen’s Women Organisation (BGAESWO)
British-Gurkha Women Ex-Servicemen’s Organisation
British-Gurkha Women Ex-Servicemen’s Organisation (BGWESO)
BritishHongKong – http://www.BritishHongKong.org.uk
Bromand Research Educational and Development Organization – http://www.bredo.org.af
Brotee Samaj Kallyan Sagstha – http://www.brotee.org
Bucharest International Student Model United Nations Association – http://www.bismun.ro
Buddha’s Light International Association – http://www.bliango.org
Buddha’s Light Universal Welfare Society – http://www.watthaitemple.net/bluws
Buddhas Manadala, The
Buddhist Perception of Nature
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation – http://www.us.tzuchi.org
Buddhist Tzu-Chi Free Clinic
Budge Budge Social Welfare Society
Buganda Blue Cross
Buhay Foundation for Women and the Girl Child
Build Eden – http://www.buildedenafrica.jimbo.com
Build Jamaica Foundation – B.J.F.
Building & Wood Workers’ International *BWI
Building Africa, Inc. – http://www.buildingafrica.org
Building and Social Housing Foundation
Building and Wood Workers’ International
Building Community Voices – http://www.bcv-cambodia.org
Building Eastern Africa Community Network
Building Housing Strengthening Communities
Building In Knowledge Aattitute and Skills for Health (BIKASH) Nepal – http://www.bikashnepal.org.np
Building Understanding through International Links for Development – http://www.build-online.org.uk
Bukoggolwa Widows and Orphans’ Care Centre, BWOCC
Bulbul Medical Hall
Bulgarian Reading Association – http://www.bulra.org
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds
Bulgarian Society of Natural Research
Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. – http://www.bund.net
Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege – http://www.bagfw.de
Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Senioren-Organisationen – http://www.bagso.de
Bundesjugendvertretung – http://www.jugendvertretung.at
Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH
Bundesverband Ethik e.V. – http://www.bv-ethik.de
Bundesverband Macula-Degeneration e.V. – http://www.macula-degeneration.de
Bunkassa Ged (Genre et Développement)
Bunyad Literacy Community Council – http://www.bunyad.org.pk
Bunyoro Blue Cross
Burabazar Jai Mata di Seva Welfare Society
Bureau d’appui et de conseils aux organisations paysannes (BACOP)
Bureau de Formations et de Recherches pour un Développement Intégré, BUFORDI
Bureau de Traduction
Bureau de Traduction – Association Sans But Lucratif.
Bureau Executif de E.A.P. – http://www.eapong.new.fr
Bureau for Reconstruction and Development (BRD) – http://www.brd.org.af
Bureau International de la Recuperation
Bureau international pour le respect des droits de l’homme au Sahara Occidental – http://www.birdhso.org
Bureau of Environmental Analysis (BEA) International – http://wwwbeainternationalorg/
Bureau of Informations, Training and Ressearch for Developpement
Bureau of Public Safety – http://www.publichealthbureau.com
Burkina Faso – Parcs Nationaux, Reserves de Faune et des chasses
Burnet Institute – http://www.burnet.edu.au
Büro zur Umsetzung von Gleichbehandlung (BUG) e.V. – http://www.bug-ev.org
Bursa Kent Konseyi – http://www.bursakentkonseyi.org.tr
Burundian Youth for Peace Building and young refugees Integration
BUSCO – Business Association for the World Social Summit – http://www.ogiscard@aol.com
Bushra Development Service And Social Organization – http://bdssongo.org
Busia Indigenus People Community Project
Business & Economic Development Committee, Karu, Nigeria.
Business and Entrepreneurship Support Tanzania – http://www.best-tz.org
Business and Professional Women Ankara Club – http://www.bpw-turkey.org/
Business and Professional Women Voluntary Organization – Sudan
Business Civic Leadership Center – http://bclc.uschamber.com/
Business Council for International Understanding – http://www.bciu.org
Business Council for Sustainable Development
Business Council for Sustainable Energy – http://www.bcse.org
Business Council for the United Nations – http://www.bcun.org
Business Council of Australia
Business Development Center – http://www.bdc.org.jo
Business Europe – http://www.businesseurope.eu
Business for Social Responsibility – http://www.bsr.org
Business Humanitarian Forum – http://www.bhforum.org
Business Incubator, Inc., The
Business Initiatives and Management Assistance
Business Innovation Research Development – http://www.gsradjou.comalso,www.slideshare.net/GSRADJOU
Business South Africa
Business Women Association – http://Www.iskadinlaridernegi.com
Business Women Center of Turkmenistan
Business Women Entrepreneurs and Enhancement Association – http://www.angikad.org.tr
Business Women’s Association of Andijan Region “Tadbirkor Yol”
Business Women’s Association of Uzbekistan – Tadbirkor Ayol
Businness and Professionnal Women Mfoundi – http://www.adasbpw.org
Bustan Association for Child Development (known previously as Bustan Assoication for Children’s Media & Culture) – http://www.bacma.org
Busu Gonofa MFI
Butakoola Village Associtaion for Development – http://www.buvad.org/
C&C Luggage Manufacturing Co., Ltd
C.O.A.F. (Coalition des Artistes Feminins) / (Women Artists Association)
C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre
C3 Collaborating for Health – http://www.c3health.org
CABI – http://wwwcabiorg/indexasp
Cabildo Indigena Inga de Arauca
Cadif – http://www.cadifkenya.interconnection.org
Cadre de concertation des Associations des veuves du Burundi
Cadre de Concertation des OSC pour le suivi du CSLP
CADTM- Comité pour l’Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde – HTTP://users.skynet.be/cadtm
CAETS – Internation Council of Academies of Engeineering and Technological Sciences, Inc.
CAFSO-WRAG for Development – http://www.cafso.org
Cafus Obed Foundation – http://www.cafusobedfoundation.com
Cairo Center for Development CCD – http://www.ccd-eg.org
Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies – http://www.cihrs.org
Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration
Caisse coopérative d’epargne et de crédit mutuel
Caisse Cooperative d’Epargne et de Credit Mutuel (CECM)
Caisse de sion
Caisse d’epargne et de credit des femmes – ENDA Graf Sahel
Caisse togolaise d’epargne et de credit
Caisse villageoise d’épargne et de crédit
Caja Solidaria Zongolica Sociedad Civil
Caldwell First Nation
Caleta Sur (Corporation Program of Attention for Drugaddicts)
Calgary Billings Centre
California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection
california honduras institute for medical and educational support – http://www.projectchimes.org
California Institute of Public Affairs
California Polytechnic State University Foundation/Communications Services
California Technological Care – http://www.ctcglobal.wordpress.com
California Women Lawyers
CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc. – http://www.calfree.com
Call of the Earth Llamado de la Tierra
Calvary Foundation International Inc, The
Calvary Foundation International, Inc.
Camara Education – http://www.camara.ie
Cambodia – Forest Administration / MAFF
Cambodian Action Committee for Justice and Equity – http://www.cacje.net
Cambodian Defenders Project – http://www.cdpcambodia.org
Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee – http://www.chrac.org
Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights – http://www.licadho-cambodia.org
Cambodian Reconciliation Committee, Inc.
Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) – http://www.redcross.com.kh
Cambodian-American Rescue Committee (CARC)
Cameroon – Ministere de lÉnvironnement et des Forets
Cameroon Aid Action Association for the Underprivileged Areas
Cameroon Association of Volunteers for Youth Promotion and Humanitarian Actions (CAVYPHA)
Cameroon Association of Woman Entrepreneurs
Cameroon Diabetes Association
Cameroon Education Foundation
Cameroon Health and Education Project, Inc. – http://www.camhep.org
Cameroon Infant Feeding Association
Cameroon League for Development
Cameroon Network for Development and Environment
Cameroon Students Human Rights Club
Cameroon Trade Promotion Organisation
Cameroon Vision Trust
Cameroon Youth Solidarity Association
Cameroon Youths Against Corruption
Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace – http://www.camyosfop.org
Cameroonian Skills Abroad Network
Cameroun Terre Nouvelle – http://www.camerounterrenouvelle.org
Camfed – http://www.camfed.org
Caminamos Juntos Para Salud y Desarrollo,A.C – http://www.atzin.org
Camino Foundation
CAMNAFAW / Cameroon National Association for Family Welfare
CAMP Consulting
Camp Hope Leadership Development for Girls – http://www.camphopeafrica.com
Campagna Nord-Sud: Biosphere – Human Survival – Debt
Campagna Nord-Sud: Biosphere-Human Survival-Debt
Campagne Des Hommes
Campaign Against Arms Trade Nigeria
Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation – http://www.cagem.org
Campaign for Good Governanace – http://www.supro.org
Campaign for Good Governance
Campaign for Human Rights & Development Sierra Leone – http://www.chrdsierraleone.org
Campaign for Human Rights, World Outreach Media
Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC)
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
Campaign for Peace and Development
Campaign for the Earth Foundation – http://www.campaignfortheearth.se
Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales
Campaign for tobacco-free kids – http://www.tobaccofreekids.org
Campaign for U.N. Reform
Campaign Life Coalition – http://www.campaignlifecoalition.com
Campaign to Defend the Right to a Secret Ballot
Campaign2015+ International
Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación – http://www.campanaderechoeducacion.org
Campbell Institute
CAMP-Consulting Public Foundation
CAMPO – Centro de Assessoria ao Movimento Popular – http://www.campo.org.br
Camrose International Institute
Canada – CIDA – Canadian International Development Agency
Canada – Indian and Northern Affairs
Canada – Ministere de l Environnement
Canada – Natural Resources Canada
Canada Family Action Coalition
Canadian Afghan Congress
Canadian AIDS Society
Canadian Ape Alliance
Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies – http://www.elizabethfry.ca
Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association / Association Canadienne des Réserves de la Biosphère
Canadian Cancer Society – http://www.cancer.ca
Canadian Centre For Ethics and Corporate Policy
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) – http://www.ccsa.ca
Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association, The – RESIGNED TO STATUS –
Canadian Coalition for Gun Control – http://www.guncontrol.ca
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition
Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation (CCAF) – http://www.ccaf-fcvi.com
Canadian Council
Canadian Council for International Cooperation
Canadian Council for Refugees
Canadian Council of Churches – http://www.councilofchurches.ca
Canadian Council on Social Development
Canadian Environmental Law Asssociation (CELA)
Canadian Environmental Network – http://www.rcen.ca
Canadian Federation of Agriculture – http://www.cfa-fca.ca
Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (BPW Canada)
Canadian Federation of University Women – http://www.cfuw.org
Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)
Canadian Forestry Association
Canadian Government Executive Magazine
Canadian Human Rights International Organization CHRIO – http://www.chrio.ca
Canadian Human Rights Voice – http://www.chrv.ca
CANADIAN HUNGER FOUNDATION – http://www.chf-partners.ca
Canadian Indigenous Women’s Resource Institute (CIWRI)
Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL)
Canadian Institute of Child Health
Canadian Institute of Forestry
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Canadian Institute of Tourism And Sustainable Livelihoods – http://www.citsl.org
Canadian Labour Congress – http://www.clc-ctc.ca
Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights – CLAIHR – http://www.claihr.org
Canadian Participatory Committee for UNCED
Canadian Patient Coalition – http://www.putpatientsfirst.com
Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief
Canadian Physicians For Life
Canadian Public Health Association
Canadian Pugwash Group – http://www.pugwashgroup.ca
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association
Canadian Race Relations Foundation
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women – http://www.criaw-icref.ca
Canadian Roots Exchange – http://www.canadianroots.ca
Canadian Shooting Sports Association – http://www.cdnshootingsports.org/index.html
Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
Canadian Tamil Congress – http://www.canadiantamilcongress.ca
Canadian University Service Overseas
Canadian University Students Overseas
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace – http://www.vowpeace.org
Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation – http://WWW.HIVANDREHAB.CA
Canadian Youth Foundation/Youth ’92
Canadian-Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (CEOHR) / Organisation Canado-Egyptienne des Droits de la Personne – http://www.ceohr.org
Cancer Aid Society – http://www.canceraidsocietyindia.org
Cancer Care Association – http://www.cancercaresl.com/
Cancer Council Australia (CCA)
Cancer Patients Aid Association – http://www.cancer.org.in
Cancer Society Nepal – http://www.cancersocietynepal.org.np
CancerAide – http://www.canceraides.com
CANEUS International – http://www.caneus.org
Canne du Sud
Canners International Permanent Committee
Canterio International for Sustainable Development – http://www.canteriointernational.org
Capacity Building Centre for Africa
CAPDA (Consortium d’Appui aux Actions pour la Promotion et le Développement de l’Afrique) – http://www.capda.netouwww.aedev.org/capda
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project – http://www.capeverdejewishheritage.org
Capital Humano y Social Alternativo – http://www.chsalternativo.org
capital new era education and development society
Capitania del Alto y Bajo Y Isoso CABI
Capitania Guarani Zona santa Cruz
Capitulo Perfeita União da Ordem DeMolay
Caprivi Organization for Community Action and Development
Capstone Ministries
Capsulexel Foundation
Captive Daughters – http://www.captivedaughtersfilms.com
Caputo Children’s Fund – http://www.caputo-children-fund.org/
Caraga Youth Leaders’ Network Inc. – http://www.caragayouthleadersnetworkinc.blogspot.com
CARAM – Asia Berhad
Carbon Disclosure Project – http://www.cdproject.net
Carbon War Room Corporation – http://www.carbonwarroom.com
Carbone Guinée – http://www.carboneguinee.org
CarbonSink Development Initiatives – http://www.carbonsink-ng.org
Cardet – http://www.cardet.org
CARE – Niger
Care & Help
CARE (Christian Action Research and Education)
Care and Action Research Non-Government Organization
Care and Development Centre
Care and Love Friendship
Care Brasil – http://www.care.org.br
Care For All Trust India – http://www.cfatrust.com
Care for Health Education and Social Interaction of Indonesia – http://chesiflat.wordpress.com
Care for Health International
care for life (CFL)
Care for Youth Future Initiative – http://www.careforyouth.org
Care International – http://www.care-international.org
Care International – Togo
Care International Eritrea
CARE International Ethiopia
Care International in Rwanda
CARE International in Sudan
Care International Niger
CARE Kenya
CARE Lisikamena Credit Fund
CARE London
CARE Nepal – http://www.carenepal.org
CARE NET GHANA – http://www.carenetghana.org
Care Unation
CARE Zimbabwe (Score Project)
Care&Relief for human resources Balochistan
Care, Future and Life
Career Development Society Mananwala – http://www.cdsmananwala.blogspot.com
Caremate Foundation Limited – http://www.carematefoundation.com
CareQueen & King Foundation Global Family NetWork.Inc – http://www.carequeen.org
Carers Australia – http://www.carersaustralia.com.au
Caretakers of the Environment International
Caretakers of the Environment Tanzania – http://www.caretakerstz.org
CaretoHelp Foundation – http://www.caretohelpusa.org
Cari – http://www.cariassociation.org
Caribbean Action Lobby, Inc.
Caribbean African Association of Barbados
Caribbean American Repertory Theatre Inc.
Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action – http://www.cafra.org
Caribbean Association for Youth Development
Caribbean Coalition for Development and the Reduction of Armed Violence – http://www.cdrav.org
Caribbean Conservation Association
Caribbean Cooperative
Caribbean Development Activists & Women’s Network
Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation – http://www.carilec.org
Caribbean Farmers Network – http://www.caribbeanfarmers.org
Caribbean Food Crops Society
Caribbean Forest Conservation Association
Caribbean foresters – http://wwwcaribbeanforestersorg/
Caribbean Institute of Sustainability – http://www.cisaction.org
Caribbean Medical Association. Asociacion Medica del Caribe.
Caribbean Natural Resources Institute – http://www.canari.org
Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development
Caribbean People’s Development Agency
Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC)
Caribbean Science Foundation – http://www.caribbeanscience.org
Caribbean Women’s Association
Caribbean Youth Environment Network – http://www.cyen.org
Caribbean-American Program for Empowerment (USA), Inc.
Caring & Living as Neighbours – http://www.whatisclan.org
Caring & Reaching Elders Rights
Caring Environment and Society in Nepal – http://www.censonepal.org.np
Caring for Cambodia – http://www.caringforcambodia.org
Caring Hand Foundation Ltd.
Caring Minds Social Services International
Caring Moses Orphanage
Caritas Australia
Caritas Austria
Caritas del Peru
Caritas Estonia
Caritas Internacionalis – HTTP://www.caritas.org/
Caritas Internationalis (International Confederation of Catholic Charities) – http://www.caritas.org
Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center
Caritas Manila, Inc. – http://www.caritasmanila.org.ph
Caritas Mpika – http://www.diompika.org
Caritas Secours Catholique – http://www.secours-catholique.org/
Caritas Sweden – http://www.caritas.se
Carmelite Community of the Word Hands & Hearts Haiti Mission Program – http://www.ccwsisters.org
Carmen Group, The, Incorporated
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs (CCEIA)
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carnegie Mellon University
Carpe Diem
Carrefour des Femmes et Familles
Carrefour Femmes et Familles – http://www.cafefablogpost.com
Carrefour International des Femmes et Familles
Carrefour pour les Jeunes
Carrefour Sahel
Carrefour Wada
Carrot Tops
Carter Center
Carter Center, Inc., The
Casa do Caminho Brasil – http://www.casadocaminhobrasil.org/
Casa Generalizia della Societa’ del Sacro Cuore – http://www.sacredheartattheun.org;sacrecoeuralonu.org;sagradocorazonenla…
Cascade Climate Network – http://www.cascadeclimate.org
Case de Sante et Environment (CASEN)
CASLE (Commonwealth Association of Surveying & Land Economy
Catalyst Foundation for AIDS Awareness and Care – http://www.catalystfdn.org
Catalytic Communities – http://www.catcomm.org
Cathedral At Chapel Hill
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India
Catholic Charities Diocese Brooklyn
Catholic Civil Rights League
Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Inc.
Catholic Fund for Overseas Development – http://www.cafod.org.uk/
Catholic Institute for International Relations – http://www.progressio.org.uk
Catholic International Education Office – http://www.infoiec.org
Catholic International Union for Social Service
Catholic Justice and Peace Commission
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. – http://www.cliniclegal.org
Catholic Medical Mission Board, Inc. – http://www.cmmb.org
Catholic Near East Welfare Association – http://www.cnewa.org
Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid – http://www.cordaid.org/en
Catholic Relief Services – Burkina Faso
Catholic Relief Services – Togo
Catholic Relief Services – Uganda Program
Catholic Relief Services – United States Catholic Conference, Inc.
Catholic Relief Services Ethiopia
Catholic Relief Services Senegal
Catholic Social Service Center of Handan Diocese
Catholic Women’s League Australia Incorporated (CWLA) – http://www.cwla.org.au
Catholics for Choice
Catholics United for Life
Catolicas pelo Direito de Decidir
Catolicas Por El Derecho A Decidir – http://www.catolicasmexico.org
Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir Córdoba – http://www.catolicas.com.ar
Caucasian Feminist Initiative – http://www.wprc.org.ge
Caucasus Environmental NGO Network – http://www.cenn.org
Caucus des femmes congolaises
Caucus for Women’s Leadership – http://www.kwpcaucus.org
Caucus Global sobre el manejo Comonitario de Bosqum – http://wwwgccbfmorg/
Cause Première – http://www.causepremiere.org
Çay Üretimcileri Dayanisma Derneði
CBFP Congo Basin Forest Partnership
CBJP – Comissão Brasileira de Justiça e Paz – HTTP://www.cbjp.org.br/
CBM Australia – http://www.cbm.org.au
CCMM Centre Roger Ikor
CEAAL – Cons. Educação de Adultos da Am. Latina – HTTP://www.ceaal.org/
CEARAS Kallpanchis Civil Asociation
Ceasefire Campaign – http://www.ceasefire.org.za
Cebu Economics Society
Cecodhas Housing Europe – http://www.housingeurope.eu
CEDA Trust
CEDAR Internacional – HTTP://www.cedarinternational.net/
Cedeca Casa Renascer – http://www.cedecacasarenascer.org
CEDETIM- Centre dEtudes et d Initiatives de Solidarité Internationale – HTTP://www.cedetim.org/
CEEP Centre for Environmental Education and Protection
CEEweb for Biodiversity – http://www.ceeweb.org
CEFC Shanghai
CEFCI Centre Feminin pour la Democratie et les Droits Humains en CI – http://www.cefci.org
Cefe International
Celebes Insan Mandiri
Cell of Alternative Youth Activities – http://www.kean.gr
Cellule Université-Entreprises
Celtic League – http://www.celticleague.net
CEMA S.A., Centre per a l’Empresa i el Medi Ambient
Centa for Organisational Development *COD) Nigeria
Centa for Organisational Development Ltd/Gte – http://www.codnigeria.org
Centar za Prevenciju i Pomoc žrtvama Porodicnog Nasilja
Centar za sigurnosne studije – http://www.css.ba
Centenary Rural Development Bank, Ltd.
Center Against Violence and Human Trafficking
Center for a New American Dream – http://www.newdream.org
Center for a World in Balance – http://www.worldinbalance.net
Center for Addiction Research Therapy and Counselling
Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES)
Center for Advancement of Rural Women
Center for Advocacy & Development in Africa Nigeria
Center for Africa Development and Progress
Center for African Progress and Collaborative Research – http://www.africaprogresscentre.com.gh
Center for Alcohol and Drug Research and Education
Center for Alternative Development Studies
Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP)
Center for Assistance to Human Right Protection
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
Center for Bioethics and Culture, The
Center for Change and Community Development – http://www.centerforchangenigeria.org
Center for Citizenship, The/Civil and Human Rights (Poradna pro obcanstvi/Obcanska a lidska prava
Center for Civil Liberties – http://www.ccl.org.ua
Center for Clean Air Policy – http://www.ccap.org
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions – http://www.c2es.org
Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics
Center for Communication, Investigation, and Documentation for Europe and Latin America
Center for Community and Urban Health
Center for Community Development Studies
Center for Computer Logistics People Association Worldwide – http://www.cclpworldwideng.org
Center for Conflict Resolution – http://www.cecore.net
Center for Constitutional Rights Inc. – http://www.ccrjustice.org
center for contemporary issues and policy studies abuja nigeria siute 31 b maitama shopping complex abuja fct
Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population – http://ccihp.org
Center for Cultural Exchange
Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists – http://www.cdfj.org
Center for Democracy and Development – Ghana
Center for Democracy and Technology
Center for Democracy in Africa
Center for Democratic Empowerment
Center For Democratic Renewal
Center for Detention Studies – http://www.cds.or.id
Center for Development Communication
Center for Development of Civil Society – http://www.cdcs.am
Center for Development of Economic and Economic Resources
Center for Development of International Law
Center for Development of Sustainable Peace- Iran – http://www.cdspiran.org
Center for Development Policy Research Solutions
Center for Development Programs in the Cordillera (CDPC) – http://www.cdpc.kordilyera.org
Center for Development Services
Center for Development Support Initiatives(CEDSI Nigeria) – http://www.cedsi-nigeria.org
Center for Dialogue and Democracy
Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT)
Center for Economic and Social Development – http://www.cesd.az
Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD)
Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD), Azerbaijan – http://www.cesd.az
Center for Economic and Social Rights, The – http://www.cesr.org
Center for Economic Development
Center for Ecozoic Societies – http://www.ecozoicstudies.org
Center for Educational and Economic Development – http://www.ceedpk.org
Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance – http://www.cewlacenter.org
Center for Elderly Rights (CEER)
Center for Energy and Environmental Policy
Center for Energy Efficiency – http://www.rertc.net
Center for Environment and Community Development
Center for Environment and Economic Development – http://www.ceedasia.org
Center for Environment and Population (CEP) – http://www.cepnet.org
Center for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia
Center for Environmental and Agricultural Policy Research Extension and Development (CEAPRED)
Center for Environmental and Management Studies
Center for Environmental Democracy -FLOROZON – http://www.florozon.org.mk
Center for Environmental Economic Development
Center for Environmental Education and Communications of China
Center for Environmental Education and Protection of Liberia
Center for Environmental Information
Center for Environmental Policy and Culture – http://www.ecologyandculture.ru
Center for Environmental Science and Policy, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University – http://cesp.stanford.edu
Center for Environmental Studies and Research
Center for Family-Friendly Cities
Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion – http://Www.Centerforfinancialinclusion.org
Center for Freedom and Prosperity – http://www.eslaven80@comcast.net,slaven@freedomandprosperity.org
Center for Gender & Refugee Studies – http://www.cgrs.uchastings.edu
Center for Gender and Development in Africa – http://www.gadafrica.org
Center for Global Community and World Law – http://www.centerglobalcommunitylaw.org
Center For Global Development
Center for Global Nonkilling – http://www.nonkilling.org
Center for Grassroot Development and Crime Prevention
Center for Health and Gender Equity, Inc. – http://www.genderhealth.org
Center for Health Research& Disease Prevention – http://www.chrdp.org/index2.html(underconstruction)
Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) Limited by Guarantee – http://www.cehurd.org
Center for Human Development & Management
Center for Human Rights and Environment – http://www.cedha.org.ar
Center for Human Rights Legal Aid
Center for Independent Social Research
Center for Inquiry – http://www.centerforinquiry.net/UN
Center for Inquiry, International
Center for Intercultural Dialogue – http://www.cid.mk
Center for Interethnic Cooperation, The
Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty – http://www.cifa.org
Center for International Cooperation
Center for International Earth Science Information Network – http://www.ciesin.columbia.edu
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Center for International Health and Cooperation
Center for International Law and Justice
Center for International Law and Policy (CILP) – http://www.nesl.edu
Center for International Migration and Integration
Center for International Peacekeeping and Security Studies
Center for International Policy – http://www.ciponline.org
Center for International Rehabilitation
Center for International Stabilization and Recovery – http://cisr.jmu.edu
Center for International Study and Development – http://cisdnetwork.org
Center for International Trade and Security at the University of Georgia (CITS/UGA)
Center for International Virtual Schooling (C4IVS)
Center for Inter-Religious Relations in Africa – http://www.cira-africa.org
Center for Issues and Policy Studies
Center for Judaica and Jewish Art in Lviv – http://www.jewishheritage.org.ua
Center for Justice and International Law – http://www.cejil.org
Center for Labour and Social Studies – http://www.classnepal.org.np
Center for Latin American Monetary Studies
Center for Legal Research and Resource Development – http://www.celrrd.org
Center for Local Self-Goverment Research – http://www.cdms.org.ua
Center for Marine Conservation
Center for Media & Peace Initiative Inc. – http://www.cmpimedia.org
Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines – http://www.centerformigrantadvocacy.com
Center for Migration Studies of New York, The – http://www.cmsny.org
Center for Military Human Rights, KOREA – http://www.mhrk.org/
Center for Monitoring Democracy and Human Rights
Center for National Security Law
Center for New National Security
Center for Nonproliferation and Export Control – http://cnecorg.page.tl/Home.htm
Center for Oceans Law and Policy (COLP)
Center for Oceans Laws and Policy
Center for Participatory Research and Development – http://www.cprdbd.org
Center for Partnership Studies (CPS) – http://www.partnershipway.org
Center for Peace and Development Effectiveness – http://www.cepdeliberia.org
Center for Peace and Environmental Justice – http://www.cepejng.com
Center for Peace Building and Democracy, inc
Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology – http://www.omnicenter.org/
Center for Policy Alternatives
Center for Policy Studies – http://www.pircenter.org
Center for Political Ecology – http://www.centerforpoliticalecology.org
Center for Poverty Reduction and Community Development. – http://www.cporcdevnig.org
Center for Practice-Oriented Feminist Science (PROFS)
Center for Prisoners’ Right Japan
Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age
Center for Public Health – http://www.centerpublichealth.org
Center for Public Health and Environmental Development
Center for Public Participation
Center for Public Policy and law Studies of University of Science and Technology Beijing
Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation “Studiorum” – http://www.studiorum.org.mk/
Center for Religion and Diplomacy, Inc. – http://www.icrd.org
Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, The
Center for Reproductive Rights, Inc., The
Center for Research and Global Communication
Center for Research and Policy Making – http://www.crpm.org.mk
Center for research of social conflicts and political violence – http://www.crs-cpv.com
Center for Research on the New International Economic Order
Center for Research on the New International Economic Order, the Center of Concern
Center for Resource Economics, The/ Island Press
Center for Resource Management
Center for Respect of Life and Environment
Center for Rural Affairs
Center for Rural Research and Community Development – http://www.crrcdindia.org
Center for Russian Environmental Policy – http://www.ecopolicy.ru
Center for Science in the Public Interest (U.S.) – http://www.cspi.net
Center for Science Teaching and Learning – http://www.cstl.org
Center For Social Development and Educational Initiative
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for Strategic Research
Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia – http://www.csrdg.ge
Center for Studies on Turkey – http://www.zfti.de
Center for Support of Civil Service Institutional Development
Center for Sustainable Economy – http://www.sustainable-economy.org
Center for the Advancement of Women
Center for the City at UM-KC, The
Center for the Promotion of Disarmament and Non-proliferation – http://www.cpdnp.jp
Center for the Reconstruction of Human Society
Center for the Right to Health – http://www.crhonline.org
Center for the Study of Women and Society
Center for Trade Union and Workers Services – http://www.ctuws.com
Center for Traditional Music & Dance
Center for Traditional Music & Dance (CTMD)
Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia – http://www.cental.org
Center for U.N. Reform Education – CURE
CENTER FOR UN REFORM EDUCATION – http://www.centerforunreform.org
Center for Urban Development Studies
Center For Urban Inquiry
Center for Victims of Torture, The – http://www.cvt.org
CENTER FOR WAR/PEACE STUDIES – http://www.cwps.org
Center for Watershed and Community Health
Center for Women and Development – http://cwd.vn
Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, University at Albany – http://www.albany.edu/womeningov/
Center for Women’s Global Leadership – http://www.cwgl.rutgers.edu
Center Independent from Research and from Initiative for the Dialogue – http://www.cirid.ch
Center International des Artistes pour l’Aide au Développement
Center of Business International
Center of Concern, The – http://www.coc.org
Center of Ecology Fisheries and Oceanography of the Gulf of Mexico
Center of Investment and Financial Analysts – http://www.cifa.uz
Center of Living Light
Center of Research and Development in Upland Area
Center of Solidarity and Developmental Cooperation of Ileia <<Kallirroi Parren>>
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Center on International Cooperation – NYU
Center on Migration and Human Rights
Center Western
Central Africa Building Society
Central America Smiles (CAS)
Central American Coordinating Committee for the Agro Forestry of Indigenous and Peasant Communities (CICAFOC)
Central American Indeginous and Peasant Coordinator of Communal Agroforestry, ACICAFOC
Central Asia Children & Family Services
Central de Comunidades Nativas de la Selva Central
Central de Trabajadores Argentinos – HTTP://www.cta.org.ar/
Central Florida Earth Alliance / Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice
Central Florida Earth Alliance/Florida Coalition
Central Independiente de Obreros Agricolas y Campesinos CIOAC
Central Tibetan Women’s Association – http://www.tibetanwomen.org/www.tibet3rdpole.org
Central Unica dos Trabalhadores
Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT)
Central Union of Iraqi Youths and Students
Centrale des Ressources pour l’Appui au Développement Durable
Centrale des syndicats des travailleurs du Rwanda
Centrale Sanitaire Suisse Romande
Centralian Consulting Foundation
Centre Africain D’Echange Culturel
Centre Africain de Recherche Industrielle (CARI)
Centre africain de recherche interdisciplinaire
Centre Africain de Réhabilitation des Victimes de la Torture et de la Répression
Centre Africain D’echange Culturel
Centre Africain pour l’Education auc Droit Humains (C.A.E.D.HU)
Centre Against Abuse – http://www.centreagainstabuse.bm
Centre Béninois pour le développement des Initiatives à la base
centre congolais pour le developpement durable
Centre Culturel Europe-Asie
Centre d´etude et de recherche pour l´integration regionale et le developpement de l´Arique (CERIDA)
Centre d’Accès a la Justice pour les Femmes Afghanes
Centre d’appui Pour les Femmes Victimes d’abus Sexuels (CAFVAS)
Centre d’accompagnement des autochtones pygmees et minoritaires vulnerables
Centre D’accompagnement des Filles Desoeuvrees
Centre d’Accueil et de Volontariat pour Orphelins, Abandonnés et Handicapés du Cameroun (CAVOAH-CAM) – http://www.cavoahcam.org
Centre d’Action pour la Santé -l’Education l’Environnement
Centre d’action pour le développement durable et intégré dans les communautés
Centre d’Action pour le DTveloppement Durable des Autochtones Pygmees (CADDAP)
Centre d’Actions pour le Developpent Social
Centre d’Animation, de Formation, de Recherche et d’Appui au Developpement
Centre d’Appui au Developpement Global Rural Integ
Centre d’Appui aux Organisations de Femmes du Gabon
Centre d’Appui aux Populations en Auto Développement
Centre d’Appui aux Populations Locales en Auto développement
Centre d’appui nutritionnel et economique aux femmes
Centre d’Arts et de Culture d’Haiti (CACH)
Centre d’Assistance aux Déminus et Orphelins
Centre de Bienfais. pour la Promot. de l’Enseig. de Santé et du Secours
Centre de Capacitacion de Desarrollo Humano y Genero AC
Centre de Coopérative Villageoise pour le Développement Social en Afrique
Centre de Déveéloppement Socioculturel – http://www.cads.ch
Centre de Developpement Agro-Pastoral de Djolu
Centre de Développement de la Région de Tensift – http://www.cdrt-marrakech.org
Centre de développement des énergies renouvelables
Centre de Developpement, de Prevention des Conflits et de Secours Humanitaires
Centre de documentation d’education et d’action contre les manipulations mentales
Centre de Documentation, de Recherche et d’Information des Peuples Autochtones (doCip) – http://www.docip.org
Centre de documentation, de recherches et de formation indianocéanique
Centre de Formation Aroma
Centre de Formation aux Techniques Informatiques – http://odiga.unblog.fr
Centre de Formation et d’Appui aux Initiatives Locales
Centre de Formation et de Recherche pour le Développement (CFRD)
Centre de Formation Etudes et Recherches pour le Developpement
Centre de Formation pout le Develppement et les Activites de Population Mali
Centre de la femme arabe pour la formation et la recherche
Centre de Parrainage et d’Aide pour le Développement
Centre de Promotion Agricole et de Technologies Adaptées
Centre de Promotion de l’Emploi et de l’Initiative Privée
Centre de rcehrche en langues et Culture Africaines de Kinsangani
Centre de Recherche des Voies pour L’epanouissement dt L’autonomie – http://www.asblcerveau.doomby.com
Centre de recherche en anthropologie sociale et culturelle – http://www.crasc.org/
Centre de Recherche et d’Action pour la Protection de l’Environnement – http://wwwidrcca/fr/ev-27286-201-1-DO_TOPIChtml
Centre de Recherche et D’appui aux Initiatives de Developpement Integre
Centre de Recherche et d’Education pour le Developpement (CREPD)
Centre de recherche et des initiatives pour l’auto-promotion du monde rural
Centre de Recherche et d’Essai des Modèles d’auto-promotion
Centre de Recherche et d’Etudes pour un Développement Orienté vers l’Autopromotion
Centre de Recherche et d’Information pour le Developpement (CRID) – http://www.crid.asso.fr
Centre de Recherche et d’Ingénierie Sociale du Togo
Centre de Recherche Pharmacologique Appliquée sur les Plantes Thérapeutiques Africaines -TOGO
Centre de Recherche-Action pour l’Environnement et le Développement Intégré
Centre de Recherches et de Promotion pour la Sauvegarde des Sites et Monuments Historiques en Afrique – http://www.centrededakar.org
Centre de recherches forestières appliquée et de développement
Centre de recherches, d’études, de documentation et d’information sur la femme
Centre de vulgarisation de l’outil informatique (C.V.O.I)
Centre d’Education et de Developpement pour les Enfants Mauriciens
Centre d’Encadrement des Jeunes pour le Developpement Rural (CEJEDER)
Centre d’encadrement et développement des anciens combattants CEDAC – http://www.cedac.org.bi
Centre des dames mourides
Centre des Droits des Gens-Maroc
Centre d’Etu, et d’Exp,Eco,Sociales pour l’A,Occ.
Centre d’Etude et d’Action pour la Promotion des Initiatives Communautaires
Centre d’etude et de la cooperation internationale (CECI)
Centre d’Etude et de Recherche en Médecine Traditionnelle Appliquée
Centre d’études diplomatiques et stratégiques
Centre D’Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques – CEDS
Centre d’études économiques et sociales de l’afrique de l’ouest
Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche pour une Population Dynamique (CERPD)
Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches pour le Développement
Centre d’etudes pour realiser l’espoir de l’enfant du desert
Centre d’Etudes Techniques et d’Appui aux Actions de Développement
Centre d’information et de coopération décentralisée
Centre d’Information et de Documentation sur le Mozambique et l’Afrique Australe
Centre d’information et de liaison des ONG
Centre d’information sur les droits des femmes et des familles
Centre d’Initiatives pour le Développement Intégral (CIDI) – http://www.cidirdc.org
Centre d’Insertion et des Rehabilitation des Enfants et Jeunes Defavorises (CIRED)
Centre d’interventions polyvalentes pour invalides et nécessiteux
Centre du Commerce International pour le Développement – http://www.cecide.org
Centre Euro-Àrab de Catalunya – http://www.centre-euroarab.cat
Centre Europe – Tiers Monde – Europe-Third World Centre – http://www.cetim.ch
Centre Familial Ed d’ Orientation Nupitale Au Congo
Centre Féminin pour la Promotion du Développement (CEFEPROD) – http://www.cefeprod.org
Centre Femme, Citoyennete et Paix, Centre FECPA – http://www.fecpa.org
Centre For 21st Century Issues
Centre for Action Research
Centre for Adivasee Studies & Peace – http://www.adivasee.org
Centre For Advocacy Against Corrupt Practices – http://www.cacorp.org(notcompletedyet)
Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology – http://www.cawst.org
Centre for African Israeli Friendship – http://www.caifglobal.org
Centre for African Settlement Studies and Development (CASSAD) – http://www.cassadnigeria.org
Centre for Agricultural Resources and International Development – http://www.cefard.org
Centre for Agricultural Rural Development
Centre for Agro-Ecology & Development
Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development
Centre for Alternative Development Studies- CADS
Centre for Animal Welfare Legal Protection
Centre For Applied Research In Governance
Centre for Applied Sociology – http://www.casoc.in
Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations
Centre for Arid Zone Studies
Centre for Armed Violence Reduction – http://www.avrmonitor.org
Centre for Basic Development
Centre for Batwa Minoirties Uganda – http://www.cfm-uganda.org
Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development-Cameroon
Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability – http://www.cbgaindia.org/index.php
Centre for Built Environment
Centre For Charity And Development Foundation – http://www.cechadef.org
Centre for Children’s Affairs Malawi
Centre for Civic Initiatives
Centre for Civil Society
Centre For Climate Change & Environmental Study – http://www.center4climatechange.com
Centre for Coal Utilization, Japan
Centre for Common Ground – Angola – http://www.sfcg.org/mainang.htm
Centre for Community and Health Development International
Centre for Community Economics & Development, Consultants Society – http://www.cecoedecon.org.in
Centre for Community Organization and Development – http://www.cecode-vik.org
Centre for Community Regeneration and Development – http://www.ccreadcameroon.org
Centre for Community Youths Advocacy
Centre For Conflict Resolution – http://www.ccrngo.org
Centre for Conflict Resolution – Ghana
Centre for Conflict Resolution – Kenya
Centre for Conflict Resolution, The – http://ccrweb.ccr.uct.ac.za
Centre For Convention on Democratic Integrity
Centre for Coordination of Youth Activities
Centre For Corrections And Human Development – http://www.cchdnigeria.org
Centre for Culture and Development
Centre for Cyber Victim Counselling – http://www.cybervictims.org
Centre for Democracy and Development – http://www.cddwestafrica.org
Centre for Democratic Assignment
Centre for Development Action and Community Research
Centre for Development and Population Activities – http://www.cedpa.org
Centre for Development and Population Activities, India
Centre for Development Communication – http://www.cdcindia.org
Centre for Development Innovation – http://www.cdi.org.pk
Centre for Development of International Law
Centre for Development of People
Centre for Development Strategy
Centre for Development Studies and Action
Centre for Disability Studies – http://www.cds.mona.uwi.edu
Centre for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance in Sri Lanka
Centre for Disaster RIsk and Crisis Redction
Centre for Discipline & Peace Initiative – http://www.disciplinecorpsng.com
Centre for Documentation, Research and Training on the Southwest Indian Ocean
Centre for Drinking Water, Agriculture Development and Environment Im
Centre for Eco-cultural Studies – http://www.cessrilanka.org
Centre for Economic & Libertarian Affairs – http://Www.celak.org
Centre for Economic and Leadership Development – http://www.celdng.org
Centre for Economic and Libertarian Affairs (CELA)
Centre for Economic Problems Research
Centre for Education and Communication – http://www.cec-india.org
Centre for Education and Youth Development
Centre for Energy and Environment
Centre for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology (CEEST)
Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT)
Centre for Environment & Development – http://www.thehavids.global-arina.org
Centre for Environment and Development – http://centreforenvironmentdevelopment.blogspot.com/
Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab region and Europe (CEDARE) – http://www.email@cedare.int,email@cedare.org.eg
Centre for Environment and Human Development (CEHDev)
Centre for Environment and Natural Resources Studies
Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development India
Centre for Environmental and Management Studies
Centre for Environmental Concerns – http://www.cecphils.org
Centre for Environmental Information
Centre for Environmental Policy and Law in Africa
Centre for Environmental Rights
Centre for Environmental Studies and Research
Centre for Environmental Training and Information
Centre for Equality – http://www.centreforequality.org
Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation – http://www.equalityrights/org/cera
Centre for Equity Studies
Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation
Centre for Gender Rights Protection
Centre for Gerontological Studies – http://www.cgsindia.org
Centre for Girls and Interaction – http://centreforgirlsandinteraction.weebly.com/
Centre for Global Dialogue
Centre for Governance and Economic Policy Research – http://www.cgeprghana.org
Centre for Grassroots and Environmental Concerns
Centre for Health and Social Justice – http://www.chsj.org
Centre for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA)
Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development
Centre for Himalayan Integrated Development and Social Welfare ( CHIDSW )
Centre for Himalayan Integrated Development and Social Welfare ( CHIDSW ).
Centre for Hospital and Health Services Improvement
Centre for Human Environment
Centre for Human Resource Development
Centre for Human Rights – http://www.chr.up.ac.za
Centre For Human Rights and Climate Change Research
Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD) – http://www.chrd.org.mn
Centre for Human Rights and Institute for National Social Initiatives – http://www.chinansifoundation.org
Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy – http://www.chrapacm.org
Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation – http://www.chrr.org.mw
Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR)
Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan – http://www.chrepak.com
Centre for Human Rights Empowerment and Development
Centre for Humanitarian Affairs and Community Development
Centre for Humanitarian Enhancement
Centre for Indian Migrant Studies
Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources
Centre for Indigenous Research Institute
Centre for Indigenous Voices of the Nothrift
Centre for Integrated Rural Development
Centre for Integrated Rural Environmental Development
Centre for International Cooperation
Centre for International Environmental Law
Centre for International Forestry Research
Centre for International Law and Policy
Centre for International Sustainable Development Law – http://www.cisdl.org
Centre for International Women’s Issues
Centre for Internet and Society
Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention – http://www.cjcp.org.za
Centre for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture – http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org
Centre for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement – CLAAS
Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement – http://www.claasfamily.com
Centre for Legal Project and Research, The – http://www.exjure.com
Centre for Low Carbon Futures – http://www.lowcarbonfutures.org
Centre for Marketing and Analytical Research
Centre for Mass Communication
Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies – http://www.cres.edu.vn
Centre for Northern Families – http://www.northernfamilies.org
Centre for Our Common Future
Centre for Peace, Culture and Environmental Studies – http://www.centreforpeace.org
Centre for Peace, Security and Armed Violence Prevention – http://www.cps-avip.org
Centre for Peacebuilding and Poverty Reduction – University of Nigeria (Nsukka-CEPPERUN)
Centre for Playback Theatre
Centre for Policy and Development – http://www.poldec.org
Centre for policy dialogue
Centre for Policy Dialogue Dhaka, Bangladesh
Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns – http://www.pwtn.org
Centre for Psychology and Social Change – http://www.johnemackinstitute.org
Centre for Public Integrity
Centre for Public Service Innovation
Centre for Renewable Energy and Action on Climate Change
Centre for Research and Action on Developing Locales, Regions and the Environment (CRADLE)
Centre for Research and Action on Peace (KEDE)
Centre for Research in Environment Kenya – http://www.creek-kenya.org
Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development – http://www.crrid.res.in
Centre for Research on New International Economic Order
Centre for Research on Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development
Centre for Research on Women’s Issues
Centre for Research on Youth Rights
Centre for Research, Planning and Action
Centre for Resource Education
Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies
Centre for Rights and Development
Centre for Rights and Development (Seychelles)
CENTRE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT – http://www.crdev.org
Centre for Rural Development Busia Chapter
Centre for Rural Development Systems
Centre for Rural Education & Economic Development (CREED)
Centre for Rural Education and Development – http://www.credindia.org
Centre for Rural Education and Development Society
Centre for Rural Employment, Awareness, Training and Education – http://www.createngo.org
Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal
Centre for Rural Women Development. Gilgit-Baltistan
Centre for Science and Environment
Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries
Centre for Science in the Public Interest (Canada) – http://www.cspinet.ca
Centre for Social Impact Studies – http://www.cesisghana.org
Centre for Social Markets
Centre for Social Reconditioning and Development
Centre for Social Research
Centre for Social Research – Malawi
Centre for Social Transformation & Human Dev. Ltd/Gte – http://www.protectourfuture.org
Centre for Study of Man and Environment
Centre for Sustainable Development – http://www.sustainabledevelopmentcentre,com
Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment (CENESTA) – http://www.cenesta.org
Centre for Sustainable Development and Research – http://www.csdr.info
Centre for Sustainable Development in Mountainous Area
Centre for Sustainable Development of Cities – http://www.c4sdc.org
Centre for Sustainable Rural Development and Research Studies – http://www.vit.ac.in
Centre for the Defence of Human Rights & Vocational Training in Africa – http://www.cdhrvta.org
Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights and Protection of Nature
Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed – http://www.crp-bangladesh.org
Centre for the Study of Administration of Relief
Centre for the Sustainable use of Natural and Social Resources
Centre for Trade Facilitation & E Commerce
Centre for Trade Facilitation & E-Commerce ( non commercial non gover
Centre for Trade, Globalisation & Development – http://www.cetglad.org
Centre for Transparency and Community Development
Centre for Water and Environment Development (CWED) – http://www.cwedng.org
Centre for Widows and Children Assistance
Centre for Women and Children and Children Development – http://www.cwcdnigeria.org
Centre for Women and Children Studies
Centre for Women and Development
Centre for Women Empowerment and Community Development
Centre for Women the Earth the Divine, The – http://www.cwed.org
Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR)
Centre for Youth and Social Development
Centre For Youth Development – http://www.cyd.co.in
Centre for Youth Development Aquisition Skill
Centre for Youth Interest, Dignity and Development
Centre for Youths Integrated Development – http://www.cyid.org
Centre Gali
Centre Humaniste des Cultures du Niger enreg.
Centre Interdisciplinaire pour le Développement et les Droits Humains – http://www.cipad-africa.org
Centre International de Droit Comparé de l’Environnement
Centre international de droit compare de l’environnement (CIDCE)
Centre International des Artistes pour l’Aide au Développement
Centre International des Formations en Droits Humains
Centre international d’études forestières et environnementales
Centre International du CrTdit Mutuel
Centre International pour le Developpement Social
Centre Jacques Cartier
Centre Marocain des Droits de l’Homme / Moroccan Centre of Humane Rights (MCHR)
Centre National d’Information sur les Droits des Femmes et des Familles (CNIDFF)
Centre National d’Appui aux Organisations de Femmes du Gabon – http://www.cenaf.org/ga
Centre National de Coopération au Développement – http://www.cncd.be
Centre national d’etudes juridiques et des recherches des droits de l’homme
Centre Nutritionel et Professionel du Congo
Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research
Centre of Ecology and Biotesting of the Ural’s Department of the Russia Academy of Sciences
Centre of Economic and Social Studies of the Third World – Centro de Estudios Economicos y Sociales Del Tercer Mundo A.C.
Centre of Excellence Castle Utveggio – CERISDI
Centre of Informationa and Advocacy People (PIAR)
Centre of Innovation in Governance and Public Administration
Centre On Convention For Democratic Integrity – http://www.rmg.com.ng
Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions – http://www.cohre.org/
Centre Panafricain d’Action pour le Développement
Centre panafricain d’etudes et de recherches en relations internationales et en education pour le développement
Centre patronal de l environnement du Quebec
Centre per a l.Empresa i el Medi Ambient
Centre PolitOn – http://www.politon.eu
Centre pour la Promotion Sociale et Communautaire
Centre pour l’Ecologie et le Développement
Centre pour l’Environnement et de Développement Rural
Centre pour l’Environnement et le Développement Rural
Centre pour les Droits Civils et Politiques – Centre CCPR – http://www.ccprcentre.org
Centre Regional d’Appui et de Developpement des Initiatives Feminines (CRADIF)
Centre Régional pour l’Eau Potable et Assainissement à Faible Coût
Centre régional pour l’eau potable et l’assainissement à faible coût
Centre résolution conflits
Centre Ressource du Developpement Durable
Centre Ressource du Développement Durable
Centre Social pour la Protection des Démunis – http://www.observateurs-elections.blogspot.com
Centre Songhai
Centrist Democratic International – http://www.idc-cdi.com
Centro Academico XI de Agosto
Centro Amazónico de Antropologia y Aplicación Práctica
Centro Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais – http://www.cebri.org.br
Centro Científico Tropical – http://www.cct.or.cr
Centro Comunitario Nossa Senhora de Nazare
CENTRO CULTURAL SALASAKA MANDA, miembro del Concejo de Gobierno de Pueblo Salasaka
Centro de Ação Cultural – http://www.centrac.org.br
Centro de Acción Social Unión Achiri
Centro de Agricultura Biológica
Centro de Apoio ao Movimento Popular da Zona Oeste – http://www.campozo.org.br
Centro de Apoio Sócio Ambiental – http://www.casa.org.br
Centro de Aprendijaze Maya Cam
Centro de Asesoria Laboral del Peru
Centro de Atencion Psicologica en Adiccines, A.C. – http://www.capa.com.mx
Centro de Capacitacion Social de Panama
Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos Dom Oscar Romero – CEDHOR – http://www.cedhor.org(inthemaking)
Centro de Derecho Ambiental y de los Recursos Naturales – http://www.cedarena.org
Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez – http://www.centroprodh.org.mx
Centro de Derechos Humanos y Medio Ambiente (CEDHA)
Centro de Desarrollo Indigena Andino Amazonico
Centro de Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer Aymara “Amuyt’a” CDIMA
Centro de Direitos Humanos e Cidadania do Imigrante – http://www.cdhic.org.br/
Centro de Ecologia Integral – http://www.ecologiaintegral.org.br
Centro de Educacion Campesinas de Base – Comunidad de Cucuta
Centro de Educacion Mapuce Norgvbatuleayin
Centro de Educacion para la Participacion
Centro de Educacion Popular
Centro de Educación Popular, Inc
Centro de Educación y Promoción Nosotros – http://www.centronosotros.or.cr
Centro de Educación y Promoción Popular
Centro de Educación, Capacitación y Tecnología Campesina
Centro de Education y Promoción Popular
Centro de Esttu Dios Sobre la Juventud
Centro de Estudio y Formacion Integral de la Mujer – http://www.cefim.org.mx/
Centro De Estudios Ambientales
Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES) – Center for the Study of State and Society
Centro De Estudios De La Mujer
Centro de Estudios Europeos
Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS) Asociación Civil – http://www.cels.org.ar
Centro de Estudios Rurales Interdisciplinarios
Centro de Estudios sobre Asia y Oceania
Centro de Estudios sobre Ciencia, Desarrollo y Educación Superior – http://www.centroredes.org.ar
Centro de Estudios Sobre la Juventud
Centro de Estudios sobre Tecnologias Apropiadas de la Argentina
Centro de Estudios Sociales y Publicaciones (CESIP)
Centro de Estudios Urbanos y Regionales
Centro de Estudios y Promocion del Desarrollo
Centro de Estudos Avançados de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos – CEADDH – http://www.ceaddh185.blogspot.com
Centro de Estudos Avançados de Promoçao Social/Projeto Saude e Alegria – http://www.saudeealegria.org.br
Centro de Estudos Casa Curta-SE – http://www.casacurtase.org.br
Centro de Formaçao Profissional Alzira de Aleluia – http://www.seralziradealeluia.com.br
Centro de Formación y Desarrollo Juvenil
Centro de Gestão e Estudos Estratégicos – http://www.cgee.org.br
Centro de Gestion Comunitaria Amaru
Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento – http://www.cippec.org
Centro de Información y Comunicación Ambiental de Norte América
Centro de Informacion y Education para la Prevencion del Abuso de Drogas
Centro de Iniciacao Proficional e de Estudos para o Desenvolvimento Social “CIPDES”
Centro de Intercambio y Servicios para el Cono Sur – http://www.redmujer.org.ar
Centro de Investigaci=n y Docencia Económicas
Centro de Investigacion de los Movimientos Sociales
Centro de Investigacion Educacion Y Servicios – http://www.cies.org.bo
Centro de Investigación Filantrópica para el Desarrollo Integral de las Comunidades, A.C. – http://www.cifdic.org.mx
Centro de Investigacion Integral de Formacion- OQHARIKUNA
Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo y Defensa del Medio Ambiente – http://www.cidmaperu.org
Centro de Investigacion Social, Formacion y Estudios de la Mujer – http://www.observatoriomujeres.org.ve
Centro de Investigación y Acción en Salud Poblacional
Centro de investigación y Docencias Económicas
Centro de Investigación y Entrenamiento de la Academia Ecuatoriana de Neurociencias
Centro de Investigacion y Extension Rural Amazonica (CIERA)
Centro de Investigación y Pormoción de los Derechos Humanos – http://www.ciprodeh.org.hn
Centro de Investigación y Promoción Franciscano y Ecológico
Centro de Investigación y Promoción para América Central de Derechos Humanos – http://www.cipacdh.org
Centro de Investigaciones de Economia International
Centro de la Mujer Panamena – http://www.fotolog.com/cemp_panama
Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán – http://www.flora.org.pe
Centro de Logística e Apoio a Natureza – http://www.clean.org.br
Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc. – http://www.cdmigrante.org
Centro de Pesquisas Ambientais do Nordeste – http://www.cepan.org.br
Centro de Promocion Capacitacion Asesoria Y Difusion Cultural de Comunidades Campesinas Indigenas del Peru – CEPROCADIC
Centro de Promocion para el Desarrollo Comuncal INTI
Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos – http://www.promsex.org/
Centro de Protección a la Naturaleza
Centro de Referencia em Informacao Ambiental – CRIA
Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe, Inc
Centro de Tecnologias Alternativas da Zona da Mata – http://www.ctazm.org.br
Centro de Transporte Sustentable de México – http://www.ctsmexico.org
Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione Febbraio 74 – http://www.cerfe.org
Centro Ecológico y de Servicios Cereus Mexico S.C. – http://www.cereusmexico.com.mx
Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental – http://www.ceda.org.ec
Centro Ecuménico de Documentaçao e Infomaçao
Centro Educativo y Desarrollo Integral Andino- C.E.D.I.A
Centro Educativo y Desarrollo Integral del Altiplano
Centro el Canelo de Nos
Centro Estratégico para el Desarrollo Sostenible – http://codesosursinergias.org
Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici
Centro Experimental Chuquilambille
Centro Federal de Educaçao Tecnologica Celso Suckow da Fonseca
Centro Informazione e Educazione allo Sviluppo
Centro Integrado de Estudos e Programas de Desenvolvimento Sustentável – http://www.cieds.org.br/
Centro Interdiciplinario de Investigacion para el Desarollo Integral Regional
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical – http://www.ciat.cgiar.org
Centro Internacional de Fisica – http://www.cif.org.co
Centro Internacional de Investigación, Demostración, Capacitación y Servicio en Aprovechamiento en Agua de Lluvia A. C. – http://www.colpos.mx/cidecalli
Centro Internactional de Mejoramiento Maize Y Trigo – http://www.cimmyt.org
Centro Internazionale per le Ricerche e gli Studi Interculturali – http://www.cirsi.net
Centro Italiano Femminile (Italian Women’s Movement)
Centro las Libres de Informacion en Salud Sexual Region Centro, Asociacion Civil – http://www.laslibres.org.mx
Centro Latinoamericano de Investigacion Cientifica – http://www.celinbolivia.org
Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental A.C. – http://www.cemda.org.mx
Centro Mexico de Derecho Ambiental, A.C.
Centro Nazionale di Prevenzione e Difesa Sociale
Centro Nicaragüense de Derechos Humanos – http://www.cenidh.org
Centro Panafricano Kituo Cha Wanafrika – http://www.wanafrika.org
Centro para el Desarrollo Agropecuario y Forestal, Inc. – http://www.cedaf.org.do
Centro para la Estabilidad Financiera – http://www.cefargentina.org
Centro para la Investigacion de la Epidemia del Tabaquismo – http://www.cieturuguay.org
Centro para la investigacion en sistemas sostenibles de produccion agropecuaria – http://wwwcipavorgco/
Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Poblacion
Centro Regional de Derechos Humanos y Justicia de Genero – http://www.humanas.cl
Centro Regional para América LAtina y el Caribe en Apoyo al Pacto Mundial – http://www.centroregionalpmal.org
Centro Salvadoreno de Tecnologia Apropiada
Centro shuar San Ramon del Ecuador
Centro Shuar Uyuimi Del Ecuador
Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo – http://www.cesie.eu
Centro UNESCO di Firenze – http://www.centrounescofi.it
Centro Vivo da Memoria Contemporanea – http://centro-memoria.blogspot.com
Centro: Instituto de Estudio Socioeconomicos y Fomento del Desarrollo
Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C. – http://www.cij.gob.mx
Centrul de Consultanta Ecologica Cahul
Centrul de Informare in Domeniul Drepturilor Omului – http://www.cido.org.md
Centrul International Antidrog si Pentru Drepturile Omului – http://www.ciado.ro,www.artacontradrog.ro
Centrum Mot Rasism
Century Technologies International
Century’s Awake
CERAC-Conflict Analysis Resources Center – http://www.cerac.org.co
CE-RASE, Centre for Environmental Resources and Sustainable Ecosystems
Cercle d’Action pour la Protection de l’Environnement et de la Salubrité Publique
Cercle d’Action pour la Protection et la Promotion de l’Enfant et de la Famille
Cercle d’Actions pour le Développement du Renouveau
Cercle de l’auto-promotion et de l’excellence
Cercle de Recherche sur les Droits et les Devoirs de la Personne Humaine – http://www.pnad.ch
Cercle de Réflexion des Nations
Cercle d’Entraide aux Albinos Malvoyants
Cercle des amis de la foret pour le 21e siecle – http://www.cafor21.org
Cercle des amis de la forêt pour le 21e siècle – http://www.cafor21.org/
CERCLE DES OUVRIERS HUMANISTES DU BENIN – http://www.ouvriers-humanistes.org
Cercle Diplomatique de Genève CDGE – http://www.cdge.org
Cercle International pour la Promotion de la Création
Cercle Social pour la Protection des Defavorises
Cerebral Palsy Nigeria
CERISDI – Centro Ricerche e Studi Direzionali
Certified International Rehabilitation Counselors Administration (CIRCA)
CES – European Trade Union Confederation – HTTP://www.etuc.org/
CESAM – http://www.cesam-sahar.org
CESMO – Centre d’etudes strategiques pour le Moyen-Orient / CESMO – The Center for Middle-Eastern Studies – http://www.cesmo.org
Cesvi Fondazione – http://www.cesvi.org
CETAF Confidence Fund
CETRI – HTTP://www.cetri.be/
CGBD – http://www.cgbd.org
Chabad – International Jewish Educational and Cultural Network
Chaine de L”espoir RDC
Chaine Des Foyers Saint Nicodeme
Chairman of Economics-Europe
Chaithanya Samskarika Vedi Chennayangaloor P.O. – http://www.chaithanyanorthcmr.com
Chalanbil It Society – http://www.sites.google.com/site/chalanbilsociety
Chaldean Assyrian Syriac Council of America – http://www.cascausa.org
Chaldean Federation Of America
Challenge your Disability Initiative – http://www.cydionline.com
Challenged Children Charity Foundation – http://www.3cfinternational.org
Challenging Heights – http://www.challengingheights.org
Chama cha utafiti wa Magonjwa Sugu na Ukimwi kwa tiba asilia Tanzania
Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi bora Tanzania
Chama Cha Walemavu Tanzania (Kigoma)
Chama cha wanaoishi na VVU KIliamanjaro
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Production of the Argentine Republic
Chamber of Computer Logistics People Worldwide – http://www.cclpworldwide.com
Chambre de concertation des ONG/AD
Chameg SBI
Champions of Women Development
Chanan Development Association – http://www.cdapak.org
Change Catalyst
Change Life
Change Managers International Network
Change Mob – http://www.change-mob.org
Change Planet Partners Climate Innovation Foundation
Change thru Empowerment – http://www.cte.org.pk
Change-A-Life – http://www.changealifenigeria.org
ChangeMaker – Society for Social and Economic Development – http://www.changemaker-bd.org
Changemaker Norway – http://www.changemaker.no
Changemaker Sudan
Changemakers-Sierra Leone
Changement Social Bénin
Changing Mentalities And Empowering Groups
Chant du Guépard dans le Désert – http://www.cchbio.com
Chantal Biya Foundation
Chantiers jeunesse Maroc
Chaplain Ambassadors and Theological Ministry – http://www.chaplainambassadors.org.ng
Chapter 7
Chariots of Destiny Organisation – http://www.chariotsofdestiny.org
Charitable Centre of Social Protection of Children «Munis»
Charitable Foundation of Helping Armenian Children of Georgia “Arevik” – http://www.arevik.page.tl
Charitable fund of environmental research student s projects- The Earth and myself
Charitable Fund of Human Rights Protection in the Sumy Region, The
Charitable Institute for Protecting Social Victims, The – http://www.asibdidegan.com
Charitable Public Fund “Poligon – 29 August”
Charitable Society for Social Welfare
Charitable Trust
Charities Aid Foundation
Charity Aid Educational Foundation – http://www.charityaef.org
charity care network initiative
Charity Foundation for Special Diseases – http://www.cffsd.org
Charity Institution to Protect Kurdistan’s Women and Girls, The
Charity Medical Team
Charity Public Organization
Charity: Water – http://www.charitywater.org
Charter for Human Rights – http://www.adamkukyk.kz
Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Chase Sidheequabad
Chatham House – http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk
Chelis Christopher Foundation
Chelyabinsk City Public Movement of Women
Chemical Manufacturers Association
Chemtech Foundation
Chenab Development Foundation – http://www.cdf.org.pk
Chernihiv Public Committee of Human rights Protection
CHERNOBYL CHILDREN S PROJECT INTERNATIONAL – http://www.chernobyl-international.com
Chernobyl Union International
Cherokee Nation of New Jersey
Chetanalaya – http://www.chetanalaya.org.in
Chibuzor Human Resource Development Organisation – http://www.chiddo.org
Chibuzor Human Resource Development Organization
Chicago Justice Project – http://www.chicagojustice.org/
Chicago T.A.S.C. Inc. – http://www.tasc-il.org
Chicxs Por Un Mundo Mejor A.C
Chiduku Foundation
Chief Hosea Kutako Foundation
Chikka Federation of India – http://www.chikkafederation.org
Child Advocacy Centre – http://www.cactamale.org
Child Aid and Youth Development Network
Child Aid, Community-Care & Development Initiative – http://www.facebook.com/caccadev
Child and Promise Association – http://childandpronise.org
Child and Social Welfare Society
Child Care Consortium
Child Development Foundation
Child Family Health International – http://www.cfhi.org
Child Foundation – http://www.childf.org
Child Foundation/Cocuk Vakfi
Child Helpline International – http://www.childhelplineinternational.org
Child Helpline Somalia
Child Life-Line Organisation
Child Migrants Trusts
Child of Street Assist, Inc
Child Rehabilitation Centre – http://www.crcsrilanka.org
Child Rights Action Coalition
Child Rights Information & Documentation Centre – http://www.cridoc.net
Child Rights Information Network – CRIN – http://www.crin.org
Child Rights International Research Institute
Child Rights Network (CHIRN)
Child Spacing, Family Health and AIDS Education Pilot Project
Child to Child International
Child Trends – http://www.childtrends.org
Child Welfare Foundation
Child Welfare League of America
Child World Watch
Child4Aid Foundation – http://www.childaidfoundation.webspawner.com
ChildFund Australia – http://www.childfund.org.au
ChildHelp Sierra Leone – http://www.childhelpsl.org
Childhood Enhancement Through Training and Action
Childhope Asia Philippines (CHAP)
Childlink Foundation – http://www.childlinkfoundation.com
Childolescent and Family Survival organization – http://www.cafso.org
Children Alliance for Environmental Protection, CAEP, The
Children and Community Initiative for Development – http://www.caidgambia.org
Children and Mothers Welfare Society
Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights – http://www.cwish.org.np
Children Australia Inc.
Children Barned Fellowship
Children Barned Fellowship (CBF)
Children Education and Social Welfare Society – http://www.cews-pak.blogspot.com
Children for Children Organisation
Children for Green New Nepal – http://www.cgnn.org.np
Children Foundation and Peace Development Ghana
Children Fund for Education and Scholarship Trust
Children Homes of Africa Network
Children Human Rights Centre Lesotho
Children in Slavery – The 21st Century Campaign
Children in Wales – http://www.childreninwales.org.uk
Children International – http://www.children.org
Children of a Better Time
Children of Africa Foundation
Children of Light
Children of Peru Foundation, Inc. – http://www.childrenofperu.org
Children of the Earth – http://www.coeworld.org
Children of the World – Regional Public Charitable Fund of Assistance to Cultural and Sports Development of Children and Young People, The
Children of the World Foundation
Children Sensory Integration Behavioral Approach and Language Enrichment, Inc,
Children Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (CSDRR) – http://www.childrenstrategy.simplesite.com
Children/Youth as Peacebuilders – http://www.childrenyouthaspeacebuilders.ca
Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV)
Childrens and Youth Social Initiatives (DIMSI) – http://www.dimsi.net
Children’s HeartLink – http://www.childrensheartlink.org
Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania – http://www.crca.org.al/
Children’s Law Center
Children’s Movement for Creative Education – http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CC8Q…
Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission – Africa (CALM-Africa) – http://www.calmafrica-ug.org
Children’s Rights Council – http://www.crckids.org
Children’s Rights Institute – http://www.childrensrightsinstitute.org
Children’s Rights Network
Children’s Village, The
ChildVoice International – http://www.childvoiceintl.org
Chile – Instituto Forestal
Chilean Corporation for Children Youth Rights
Chilean Corporation for Children Youth Rights / Corporacion Asociacion Chilena pro Naciones Unidas — ACHNU
Chilloe Cancer Foundation
Chin Freedom Coalition
Chin National Front
Chin National Front (CNF)
China Access to Medicines Research Group
China Alliance of People Living with HIV/AIDS
China Arms Control and Disarmament Association
China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation
China Association for NGO Cooperation
China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetian Culture (CAPDTC)
China Association for Science and Technology – http://www.cast.org.cn
China Association of Women Entrepreneurs – http://www.cawe.org.cn
China Care and Compassion Society – http://www.chinaguanai.org.cn
China Center for Comparative Politics and Economics
China Disabled Person’s Federation – http://www.cdpf.org.cn
China Economic and Social Council (CESC)
China Education Association for International Exchange
China Energy Fund Committee – http://www.chinaenergyfund.org
China Environmental Culture Promotion Association (CECPA)
China Environmental Protection Foundation – http://www.cepf.org.cn
China Ethnic Minorities’Association for External Exchanges
China Family Planning Association – http://www.chinafpa.org.cn
China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
China Great Wall Society – http://www.greatwallculture.org
China Green Foundation – http://www.cgf.org.cn
China Institute for Reform and Development – http://www.cird.cn/
China International Council for the Promotion of Multinational Corporations – http://www.cicpmc.org
China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) – http://www.cipra.org.cn/
China Labor Watch, Inc. – http://www.chinalaborwatch.org
China National Committee on Ageing
China Natl Committee for the Implementation of CCD
China NGO Network for International Exchanges (CNIE) – http://www.cnie.org.cn
China of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce – http://www.chinahouse.info
China Society for Human Rights
China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) – http://www.humanrights-china.org
China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Programme – http://www.cspgp.org.cn/
China Society of Administrative Reform – http://www.csoar.org.cn/
China Soong Ching Ling Foundation – http://www.sclf.org(Chinese)\sclf.cri.cn(English)
China Undeveloped Area Investment Fund, Ltd. (CUAIF)
China Wildlife Conservation Association
China Youth Climate Action Network – http://www.cycan.org
China Youth Development Foundation – http://www.cydf.org.cn
China, State Forestry Administration
China’s Forum of Environmental Journalists
Chinese Academy of Forestry – Intl Farm Foretry Training Center – http://wwwcafaccn/newcaf/english/main1cfm
Chinese Alliance to Save Energy
Chinese Association for International Understanding
Chinese Association on Tobacco Control
Chinese Immigrants Services, Inc.
Chinese Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, The – http://www.cpaffc.org.cn
Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament, The – http://www.cpapd.org.cn/cn/index.asp
Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection
Chinese Society for Sustainable Development – http://www.kcxfz.org
Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences
Chinese Society of Fire safety & Disaster Management (CSFSDM)
Chinese Taipei Committee of Irrigation and Drainage
Chinese Women’s Association of America/Chinese Women’s Association America Foundation
Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group
chinyere gbugu charity and education foundation – http://www.chigbugufoundation.org
Chinyere Onuogu Foundation – http://www.cofng.org
Chips Nepal
CHIRAPAQ – Centro de Culturas Indígenas del Perú – http://www.chirapaq.org.pe
Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism – http://www.grassrootsjourneys.com/explore/asia/pakistan/camat/
Chittagon Indigenous Buddhist Student’s Association in SriLanka
Chittagong Hill Tracts Hill Student’s Council
Chittagong Social Development Forum – http://www.gadalliance.net/csdf
CHOICE for youth and sexuality
Choice USA
Chosen Rehab Center – http://www.chosenrehabcenter.org
Christ Cares for the Needy Foundation
Christ Foundation for Missionary Works and Education for Ghana (BIBMA Foundation)
Christ In Me The Hope Of Glory Mission – http://www.cimthog.org
Christelik Maatskaplike Raad Humansdorp
Christian Action Research and Education
Christian Adolescent Foundation Inc. – http://www.chrisadolfoundation.org
Christian Aid – http://www.christian-aid.org.uk
Christian Aid-Ethiopia – http://www.christianaid.org
Christian Alliance Club
Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare
Christian Blind Mission – http://www.cbm.org
Christian Business Gospel Outreach (CGO)
Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – Kenya – http://www.cndkenya.org
Christian Centre
Christian Children’s Fund
Christian Children’s Fund – West Africa Regional Office
Christian Children’s Fund, Inc. – Ethiopia
Christian Children’s Fund, Inc. – Uganda
Christian Collectivity to Reach Others’ Needs
Christian Collectivity to Reach Others’ Needs / Collectivite Chretienne pour Atteindre les Besoins des Autres (CCRON/CCABA)
Christian Communication Centre – http://www.cccug.org
Christian Community Development Programme
Christian Conference of Asia
Christian Congregation in the United States
Christian Council of Mozambique
Christian Council of Zambia
Christian Democratic International
Christian Development Foundation
Christian Education and Development Organization – http://www.http//envaya.org/CEDO/News
Christian Embassy
Christian Environmental Alliance
Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation – http://www.chrifacafinc.org
Christian Freedom International
Christian Human Rights Activists
Christian Legal Fellowship – http://www.christianlegalfellowship.org
Christian Legal Society of Zimbabwe
Christian Mission Aid – http://www.cmaid.org
Christian Organisation for Youth and Environmental Development
Christian Partners Development Agency – http://www.cpda.or.ke
Christian Peace Conference
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee – Senegal
Christian Relief and Development Organization
Christian Relief Organisation – CRO
Christian Rural Aid Network
Christian Solidarity International
Christian Solidarity Worldwide – http://www.csw.org.uk
Christian Spiritual Youth Ministry
Christian Volunteer Service International – http://www.cvsighana.com
Christian Youth for the Future
Christian Youths Education Society
Christianah Fate Foundation – http://www.christianahfatefoundation.org
Christians for Peace in Africa – http://www.christianforpeaceinafrica.co.za
Christine Cares, Inc. – http://www.chriscares.org
Christoffer Blindenmission
CHRISTOPHERS, THE – http://www.christophers.org
Chronic Care Foundation – http://www.chroniccareindia.org
Chukotka Native Information Center
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of the Brethren – http://www.brethren.org
Church Team Ministries International (CTMI)
Church Women United – http://www.churchwomen.org
Church World Service – http://www.churchworldservice.org
CIBJO – The World Jewellery Confederation – http://www.cibjo.org
CICEFA – Centre International de Cooperation, d’etudes de Formation pour l’Afrique
Ciclo Sustainable – http://www.ciclo.org
CIDSE – http://www.cidse.org
CIEMEN – Centre Internacional Escarre per a les Minories Etniques i les Nacions – http://www.ciemen.cat
CIFAA – Centre International de Formation a l’Amenagement et a L’Architecture
CIMMYT – http://www.cimmyt.org
CINDES – Asociation Indigena para el Desarrollo Sostenible
CIPCRE – Bamenda
CIRAD – http://wwwciradfr/en/indexphp
CIRASTIC- Collectif Inter-Associatif pour la Realisation des Activities scientifique et Technique Jeunes au Cameroun – http://www.ENCOURSACHEMINEMENT
Circle of Life-Mastery – http://www.reclaim.cc
Circle Of Voice -COV
Circulo de Estudios Científicos Aplicados
Círculo Latinoamericano de Estudios Internacionales – http://www.claei.org.mx
CIRD – http://www.cird.org
CIRID (Centre Independent de Recherches et d’Iniatives pour le Dialogue) – http://www.cirid.ch
CISA, Tierras para la Conservación, A.C.
Cisco – IBSG (Govt)
Cisco Systems
CISV International – http://www.cisv.org
Cities Network Campaign (The Sustainable Environment Resource Institute) – http://www.citiesnetworkcampaign.org
Citi-Habitat/Centro de Investigatao e Technologia Intermediaria para o Habitat
Citizen Forum on Human Rights
Citizen Mission for Development – http://www.citizenmissionfordevelopment.com
Citizen Voice – http://www.citizenvoice.org.pk
Citizen?s Network for Sustainable Development
Citizens’ Alliance for Consumer Protection of Korea
Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights – http://www.nkhumanrights.or.kr
Citizens Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth (CASA)
Citizens Campaign For Old Growth – http://wwwancienttreesorg/
Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights – http://www.ccidesor.org
Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice
Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice
Citizens’ Commission for Human Development – CCHD (NGO)
Citizens Commission on Human Rights – http://www.cchr.org.nz
Citizens’ Constitutional Forum Limited – http://www.ccf.org.fj
Citizens’ Disaster Response Center
Citizens for Decent Housing
Citizens for Environmental Safety
Citizens for Global Solutions
Citizens For Justice-(CFJ) Malawi – http://www.cfjmalawi.org
Citizens’ Movement for Environmental Justice – http://www.eco.or.kr
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development – http://www.citnet.org/
Citizens’ Radioactivity Measuring Station
Citizens’ Rights Protection Society
Citizens United for Better Society (CUBS)
Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants – http://www.internationalcure.org
Citizens United to Promote Peace and Democracy in Liberia – http://www.cuppadl.ushahidi.com
Citizens` Labor Rights Protection League – http://www.clrpl.az
City & Guilds
City Action Coalition International – http://www.cityactioncoalitioninternational.org
City count of sorsokoh
City Environmental Foundation
City Montessori School – http://www.cmseducation.org
City Social Welfare Organization Pakistan – http://www.cswo.info
City University of Hong Kong
City University of N.Y
City University of New York /Center for the Study of Women and Society, and Community Environmental Health Center
City2000 Youth Action International
CITYNET – Regional Network of Local Authorities for the Management of Human Settlements
Ciudadanos en Apoyo a los Derechos Humanos, A.C. – http://www.cadhac.org
Ciudadanxs Contra la Corrupción (C3) – http://ciudadanosc3.com
CIVES – HTTP://www.cives.org.br/
Civic Act-up
Civic Development and Partnership Foundation – http://www.cdpf.am
Civic Duties Awareness Initiative – http://www.cidaingr.org
Civic Education Project
Civic Environmental Foundation UNISON – http://www.unison.kg
Civic Exchange
Civic Initiatives, Citizens Association for Democracy and Civic Education
Civic Resource and Intervention Centre
CIVICUS – World Alliance for Citizen Participation – http://www.civicus.org
Civil Aid Organization (CAO) – http://www.civicaid.org
Civil Centre for Peace, Justice and Development
Civil Coalition for Human Rights – http://cchr.ucoz.com/
Civil Development Organization – http://www.cdo-iraq.org
Civil Enlightment Movement
Civil Human Rights Front – http://civilhrfront.org/
Civil Organization Promoting Peace in Youth – http://www.coppyanu.com
Civil Power Africa
Civil Power Africa (Nigeria)
Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDDOC) Nigeria – http://www.cirddoc.org
Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre / CIRDDOC – http://www.cirddoc.org
Civil Societe Initiative
Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All – http://www.csacefa.org
Civil Society Association of Pakistan – http://www.civilsocietypakistan.webnode.com
Civil Society Bahamas
Civil Society Biofuels Forum – http://www.biofuelsforumzambia.com
Civil Society Coordination Against Poverty
Civil Society for Family Planning in Nigeria
Civil Society Forum of Tonga (Incorporated) (CSFT)
Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Programme – http://www.chip-pk.org
Civil Society Initiative – http://www.csingo.org
Civil Society Initiative for Youth Development
Civil Society Institute
Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre – http://www.cislacnigeria.net
Civil Society Organisations’ Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment in East Africa – http://www.cisonet.org
civil society organization network
civil society organization network for development
Civil Society Safety and Development Organization
Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) – http://www.cssp.org.pk
Civilization and Dialogue Center for development
CIVILSCAPE – http://www.civilscape.eu
CJCA-SP. – Centro de Justica a Cidadania de Atibaia Estado de San Paulo
CLACSO – HTTP://www.clacso.org/
Clamor en el Barrio de México A.C.
Clamor Por New York, Community Service Center Inc – http://www.clamorpornewyork.com
Clan Star Inc.
Clans of Ireland (Finte na hÉireann) – http://www.clansofireland.ie
Classic Live for The United Nations – http://www.classiclive-un-org
Claudia Strauss
CLC – Canadian Labour Congress – HTTP://www.clc-ctc.ca/
Clean Air Foundation
Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) Center, Inc. – http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/index.php
Clean Energy and Safe Environment Initiative – http://www.ceasei.org
Clean Energy Council Limited – http://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au
Clean Energy Nepal – http://www.cen.org.np
Clean Energy Promoting Citizen’s Forum – http://www.noksekenergy.org
Clean Nova Scotia Foundation
Clean Up Australia Ltd – http://www.cleanup.org.auandwww.cleanuptheworld.org
Clean up the World
ClearWater Initiative – http://www.clearwaterinitiative.com
Clefsdufutur.org-ONG-CDF.org-Groupe G6 – http://www.clefsdufutur.org
Clifford Global Education Initiative – http://www.cliffinitiative.org
Climate & Sustainable Development Network of Nigeria – http://www.csdevnet.org
Climate Action Network Association e.V. – http://www.climatenetwork.org
Climate Action Network Australia Inc
Climate Action Network Canada – http://www.climateactionnetwork.ca
Climate Action Network Europe asbl – http://www.caneurope.org
Climate and Development Initiatives
Climate and Health Limited – http://www.climateandhealth.org
Climate Bonds Initiative
Climate Caucus Network – http://www.climatecaucus.net
Climate Change Center – http://www.climatechangecenter.kr
Climate Change Network Nigeria – http://www.ccnnigeria.org
Climate Change Resilience Centre
Climate Council
Climate Emergency Institute – http://www.climateemergencyinstitute.com
Climate Institute – http://www.climate.org
Climate Leaders India Network – http://www.cleain.in
Climate Network Africa
Climate Network Europe (CNE)
Climate One at The Commonwealth Club – http://www.climate-one.org
Climate Parliament – http://www.climateparl.net
Climate Policy Initiative – http://www.climatepolicyinitiative.org
Climate Wise Women – http://www.climatewisewomen.org
ClimateChange-Center – http://www.climatechange-center.org
Climatenet e.V. – http://www.climatenet.de
Clinetown Community Development Association
Clinics For All – http://www.clinics4all.org
CLIPSAS – http://www.clipsas.com
Close the Gap – http://www.close-the-gap.org
Club “Eney”
Club Botánico Ambiental – http://www.clubbotanicoambiental.blosgpot.com
Club de l’Organisation de l’Unité Africaine
Club des acteurs pour l’épanouissement de populations purales
Club des Amis de la Nature
Club des Amis de la Nature et la Protection de l’Environnement
Club des Jeunes Aveugles Réhabilités du Cameroun – http://www.cjarc-cameroun.org
Club des Prospecteurs de l’Or Vert
Club des Prospecteurs de l’or Vert (CLUPOV)
Club Desarrollo Humano
Club imagirêve – imagination et rêves d’enfants
Club of Dakar
Club of madrid
Club of Rome Capitulo Brasileiro
Club UNESCO Une Humaine Une Planete
CMG Empowerment Ghana
CNAM University for Adults
Coal Briquettes for Neighbors in Korea – http://www.lovecoal.org
Coalicion de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales del Area de SIDA – http://www.coalicionongsida.com
Coalición internacional de Activistas en Tratamientos CIAT – ITPC – Latinoamérica – http://www.latinciat.net
Coalición Latinoamérica Saludable – http://www.coalicionlatinoamericasaludable.org
Coalition Against Gun Violence
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – http://www.catwinternational.org
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America and the Caribbean – http://www.catwlac.org
Coalition des familles dans la lutte contre le HIV/ SIDA et la pauvreté
Coalition des Familles dans la Lutte contre le SIDA et la Pauvrete (COFAL/SP)
Coalition des ONG et OCB du cameroun oeuvrant dans le domaine des etablissements humains – http://www.congeh.kabissa.org/
Coalition des organisations africaines pour la securité alimentaire et le développement durable
Coalition eau – http://www.coalition-eau.org
Coalition for Community Participation in Governance (CCPG)
Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES)
Coalition for Peace Action – http://www.peacecoalition.org
Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA) – http://www.copafrica.org
Coalition for Rainforest Nations
Coalition For The Children and Family – ISRAEL – http://www.ccfisrael.org
Coalition for the Presidio Pacific Center
Coalition for the Promotion of Peace, Research and Intellectual Freedom in Africa
Coalition for Youth and Family
Coalition gaie et lesbienne du Québec – http://www.cglq.ca
Coalition Mondiale Contre la Peine de Mort – http://www.worldcoalition.org
Coalition Nationale De Guinee Pour Les Droits et La Citoyennete Des Femmes
Coalition Nationale des Organisations des Volontaires pour le Développment Durable
Coalition Nepal
Coalition of Activist Lesbians – Australia – http://www.coal.org.au
Coalition Of Concerned Citizens For Complete Justice (COCFOJU)
Coalition of Cuban-American Women (CCAW)
Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation – http://www.coniwas,org
Coalition of NGOs on Health Population and Development
Coalition of Ogaden Civil Societies
Coalition of Political Parties Women in Liberia
Coalition of Services of the Elderly,Inc – http://www.cosephil.org
Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS – http://www.cowlhamw.com
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)
Coalition on the Rights and Responsibilities of Youth
Coalition on Violence Against Women
Coalition pour la protection du Patrimoine Génétique Africain – http://www.inadesfo.net
COAST – http://www.coastbd.org
Coast Forum of NGOs
Coast Women In Development – http://www.coastwomen.org
Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) – http://www.eucc.net
Coastal Association for Social Transformation (COAST) Trust – http://www.coastbd.org
Coastal Development Partnership – http://www.cdpbd.org
Coastal States Organization
COBASE – Cooperativa Tecnico Scientifica di Base – http://www.cobase.it
Cobaty International – http://www.cobaty.org
Cocody Cité de l’Espoir
Coconut Art Craft Group
Çocuk Haklari Zirvesi ve Kalkinma Dernegi – http://www.cocukzirvesi.org
çocuk ve sosyal hizmetler dernegi
Code Corp.
CodePink – http://www.codepink4peace.org
CODESTA – http://www.codesta.org
CODS – http://www.phmaroc.org
Coeur du Monde/ Heart of World (HOW)
Coexistence Initiative, The
Cognisci Information Systems and Technologies for Development Foundation – http://www.cogniscifoundation.corg
Co-Habiter – http://www.co-habiter.ch
Cohort for Research on Environment, Urban Management and Human Settlements
Coimbatore Institute of HRD and Social Research (Regd)
Cojep International – http://www.cojep.com
Colectiva Mujer y Salud – http://www.colectivamujerysalud.org/
Colectivo Feminista Mujeres Universitarias
Colectivo por una Política Integral Hacía las Drogas – http://www.cupihd.org
Colegio de Abogados especialistas en Derecho Ambiental de Colombia – http://www.ceidcolombia.org
Colegio Oficial de Biólogos – Spain
Colegio Oficial de Biologos Spain
Coletivo de Assessoria e Documentacao – http://www.parawa.org.br
Coligação para a Justiça Econômica
CoLink – http://www.colinkonline.org
Collaborative Center for Gender and Development-Kenya
Collaborative Development Foundation
Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning – http://CCACaptioning.org
Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council Limited
Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program, Inc.
Collaborative Network of Persons Living with HIV
Collectif (A Hauteur d’Homme) Espace Inter Handicap Europeen
Collectif 95 Maghreb Egalite
Collectif 95 maghreb égalité
Collectif Alpha Ujuvi – http://www.alphaujuvi.org
Collectif Avenir sans Frontieres
Collectif Bnet Fatma n’Soumeur
Collectif de Femmes du Printemps noir de Kabylie
Collectif de Femmes Entrepreneurs (COFEN)
Collectif de Recherches Interdisciplinaires en Anthropologie – UniversitT Marc Bloch
Collectif des Associations et ONG Féminines – Togo
Collectif des associations et ONG feminines du Burundi (CAFOB)
Collectif des Familles de Disparu(e)s en Algerie
Collectif Des Jeunes Lecon Leve Kanpe Pour Le Developpement D’Haiti – http://www.collectifdesjeunes.org
Collectif des ONG pour la Securite Alimentaire et le Developpement Rural – http://www.cosader.net
Collectif des Organisations de Défense des Droits de l’Homme et de la Démocratie
Collectif des organisations des jeunes solidaires du Congo – http://www.cojeski.org
Collectif des Organisations Non Gouvernementales pour le Essoir des Communautes de Base en Afrique
Collectif des Organisations Non-Gouvernamentales pour Essor des Communautes de Base en Afrique
Collectif Environment a Dimension Internationale
Collectif Environnement à Dimension Internationale
Collectif Multisectoriel pour le Développement Intégral
Collectif national des associations et ONG du Gabon
Collectif national des associations et ONG du Gabon (CNAONG)
Collectif pour la Défense du Droit à l’Egergie (CODDAE)
Collectif Pour la Défense du Droit à l’Energie – http://www.coddae.org
Collectif Senegalais des Africaines pour la Promotion de l’Education Relative a l’Environnement
Collective for Research and Training on Development Action – http://www.crtda.org.lb
Collective Self Finance Scheme
Collectivorem – HTTP://www.sitiocompa.org/compa/index.php
College Art Association
College for All – http://www.college4all.org
Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum
Colombia Diversa
Colombia Earth Institue
Colombian Commission of Jurists – http://www.coljuristas.org
Colombian Confederation of NGOs – http://www.ccong.org.co
Colonie Des Pionniers de Developpement (CPD asbl)
COL’OR Onlus – http://www.colorngo.org
Colorado Haiti Project – http://www.coloradohaitiproject.org
Colorado State University – http://www.colostate.edu
Colour Me Freedom Foundation, Inc.
Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change – http://www.colourofpoverty.ca
Colubris-Colibrí Cuello Rubí, A.C. – http://www.simplesite.com/builder/pages/preview.aspx?pageid=327388082
Columbia Earth Institute – http://www.earth.columbia.edu
Columbia Foundation
Comarca Ngobe bugle Cacique regional de Nedrini
Combatants for Peace – http://www.cfpeace.org
Combined Community Legal Centres’ Group (NSW) Inc. (CCLCG) – http://www.clcnsw.org.au
Combite pour la Paix et le Developpement
ComForch Development Communications
Comhlamh, Development Workers in Global Solidarity Ireland
Comisariado de Bienes Comunales
Comision Chilena De Derechos Humanos
Comision de Asociaciones para el Seguimiento del Plan de Igualdad de Oportunidades de las Mujeres
Comision de Comunidades Indigenas de Guatemala Congreso de la Republica
Comision de Educacion A Distancia
Comision de Gestion nacional e Intrnacional AICO
Comision de Lugares Sagrados SEPAZ
Comision Española de Ayuda al Refugiado
Comision Interdisciplinaria de Medio Ambiente – http://www.cima.org.ar
Comisión Jurídica de los Pueblos de Integración Tawantinsuyana
Comision Juridica para el Autodesarrollo de los Pueblos Originarios Andinos – Capaj – http://www.capaj.org
Comision Justicia y Paz de Espana
Comision Latinoamericana por les Derechos y Libertades de los Trabajadores y los Pueblos
Comisión Mexicana de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos, Asociación Civil – http://www.cmdpdh.org
Comision Nacional de Asuntos indigenas
Comision Nacional Forestal
Comisión para la Investigación de Malos Tratos a las Mujeres – http://www.malostratos.org
Comision Permanente de pueblos Indigenos-Asamblea Nacional
Comisión Pro-Amazonia
Comision Quinta “De asuntos Sociales y Desarrollo Humano – Parlamento andino Venezuela
Comision Quinta De asuntos Sociales y Desarrollo Humano – Parlamento andino Venezuela
Comissao pela Criaçao do Parque Yanomami
Comissao PRO-INDIO de Sao Paulo
Comission for activing the civil society – http://www.facebook.com/groups-www.madaniate.blogspot.com-www.ahlambeydo…
Comission Nationale des Droits de l’ Homme des Libertres Fondmentales
Comitato- Ev-K2 -CNR – http://www.evk2cnr.org/cms/en/
Comitato Internazionale Cooperazione Sviluppo
Comitato Internazionale Per Lo Suiluppo Dei Populi Comité International pour le Développement des Peuples
Comitato Regionale Per La Tutela Dei Diritti Civilli
COMITE 21 – http://www.comite21.org
Comité 21
Comite Africain de Lutte contre la Corruption Affectant les Jeunes – CALCAJ
Comité algérien des droits de l’homme et des peuples
Comité algerién des droits de l’homme et des peuples
Comite Beijing Guatemala
Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Déloppement – http://www.ccfd-terresolidaire.org
Comite d’Organisation Europeen Des Assises De l’Energie dans les Regions Ultra Peripheriques (COEDADE RUP)
Comité d’Accompagnement de la Revitalisation des Services Administrat
Comité d’action de la promotion de l’emploi
Comité d’action pour la promotion de l’agriculture
Comite d’action pour la recherche et le developpement
Comité d’Action pour la Recherche et le Développement
Comité d’action pour les droits de la femme
Comite d’Action pour les Droits de l’Enfant et de la Femme
Comité d’Animation pour la Santé
Comité d’Animation pour la Santé (ASAPSU)
Comité d’Animation Sociale et Culturelle du SDIS du RHONE Section APPUI – http://www.cascappui.org
Comité d’Appui au Travail Social de Rue, – http://parcequelarueexiste.skynetblogs.be/
Comite de Abogados de Derchos Humanos – CADH
Comite de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agricolas – http://www.cata-farmworkers.org
Comité de Apoyo a Los Trabajadores Agrícolas (Farmworker Support Committee) (C.A.T.A)
Comité de coordination des actions des ONG
Comite de Desarrollo Cantonal de Suscal-Canar
Comité de Développement Intégral de Biossé
Comite de Gestion de bosques de la Cuenca del Cohenguaa
Comité de Gestion de l’Environnement/Environnement-Développement
Comite de Liaison Construction D’equipements et de pieces d’autos
Comité de Lutte Contre les Pandémies pour le Développement Durable au Cameroun (CLPC) – http://www.clpc.org
Comité de Pilotage des Initiatives de Developpement – http://cpid.asso-web.com
Comite de Productores Agrarios de la Provincia de Maynas
Comite de Productores Agrarios de la Provincia de Maynas (COPAPMA)
Comite de Promocion Social del Valle del Yaqui A.C.
Comite de protection pour l’enfance au Niger (CPEN)
Comite de Secours aux Personnes Démunies
Comite de secours internationaux
Comite de Solidaridad Triqui en el Area Metropolitana, Association Civil
Comite de Solidarité avec les Victimes des Violations des Droits Humains en Mauritanie
Comité de Soutien à la Scolarisation des Filles Rurales – http://www.comitessf.org
Comite D’Echange et D’Information sur la Femme et pour le Developpment (CEIFD)
Comité des Droits de L’homme et Développement
Comite des Observateurs des Droits de L’Homme – CODHO
Comité d’Intervention pour le Développement en Côte d’Ivoire
Comité Directeur International sur la Promotion Economique des Femmes Rurales
Comité Español de Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad – http://www.cermi.es
Comité français des organisations non gouvernementales pour la liaison et l’information des Nations Unies
Comité Français ONG/ONU
Comite Francais pour l’Afrique du Sud – http://www.comitefas.com
Comité Français pour l’Environnement
Comité Indígena Internacional para la protección de los pueblos en aislamiento voluntario y contacto inicial de la Amazonía y el Gran Chaco – http://www.cipiaci.org/home.htm
COMITE INTERNACIONAL DE LA BANDERA DE LA PAZ – http://www.banderadelapaz.org
Comitê Internacional dos Boinas Azuis, Defensores da Paz – http://www.cibadep.blogspot.com.br/
Comite International des Femmes Africaines pour le Developpement
Comité international des femmes africaines pour le développement
Comite international pour la promotion et la defense de la sante
Comité International pour la Protection des Droits de l’Homme CIPDH – http://www.cipdh.fr
Comité International pour le Respect et l’Application de la Charte Africaine des Droits de l’Homme et des Peuples (CIRAC)
Comité Intertribal 500 Años de Resistencia
Comite National d’Action pour les Droits de l’Enfant et de la Femme
Comite national de solidarite
Comité national d’entraide de la jeunesse et de l’enfance
Comité National des Droits de la Femme
Comité National Femme et Développement
Comite national pour la preservation et la promotion de la famille
Comite nigérien sur les pratiques traditionnelles
Comite Nigerien sur les Pratiques Traditionnelles ayant effet sur la sante des femmes et des enfants
Comite Permanent Inter-Etats de Lutte contre la Secheresse dans le Sahel
Comité Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos – http://www.comitepermanente.org
Comite pour les relations internationales de jeunesse de la communaute francaise de Belgique – http://www.conseildelajeunesse.be
Comite Sociale pour la Protection des Demunis
Commenda Cavalieri del Tempio San Giovanni Battista – Terra del Salento Italia – http://www.commendasangiovannibattista.it
Commision on the Status of Women
Commission africaine des promoteurs de la santé et des droits de l’homme – http://www.capsdh.org
Commission Episcopale pour la Pastorale des Migrants et des Réfugiés Burkina Faso – Niger
Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers – http://www.cfmw.org
Commission For Refugee – http://www.cfr.tmipu.org
Commission for the Defense of Human Rights in Central America
Commission Independante Contre La Discrimination, COMICODI
Commission internationale de liaison des associations feminines
Commission National des Femmes Travailleuses de Guinee – Confetrag/CNTG
Commission Nationale des Femmes Travailleuses (Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Mali)
Commission Nationale Jeunesse Développement du Togo
Commission of the Churches on International Affairs of the World Council of Churches – http://www.oikoumene.org
Commission on Voluntary Service and Action Inc. – http://www.cvsa-investyourself.org
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace
Committed Communities Development Trust – http://www.ccdtrust.org
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
Committee for Defence of Human Right (CDHR) – http://www.cdhrnigeria.org
Committee for Defence of the Repressed ‘Salidarnasc’ – http://www.salidarnasc.org
Committee for Economic Development
Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE)
Committee for Hispanic Children and Families
Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography (CICRED)
Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan – http://www.craausa.org
Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Bahrain
Committee for the Defence of Human Rights Nigeria – http://www.cdhrnigeria.org
Committee of 200, The
Committee of Agricultural Organizations in the EEC (COPA)
Committee of Relief and Cooperation for the Advancement of Haiti CORCAH, Inc.
Committee on Space Research
Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)
Committee to Protect Journalists, Inc. – http://www.cpj.org
Common Cause
Common Era, LLC – http://www.futurespace.me
Common Ground Worldwide – http://www.commongroundworldwide.org
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Secretariat
Commoners Agricultural and Rural Development Association
Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy – http://www.casleconferences.co.uk
Commonwealth Combined Command, Frontiersmen
Commonwealth Human Ecology Council – http://www.checinternational.org
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
Commonwealth Local Goverment Forum
Commonwealth Medical Association
Commonwealth Medical Trust – http://www.NGOsBeyond2014.org
Commonwealth Movement of Students (COMMOS)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Commonwealth Peoples’ Association of Uganda (CPA-UG)
Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association
Commonweath Human Ecology Council (CHEC)
CommonWell Institute International, Inc. – http://www.commonwell.org
Communauté d’Action pour la Mobilisation des Initiatives pour un Développement Intégral
Communaute des Autochtones rwandais
Communaute des Ressortissants Angolais-Congolais (CORAC)
Communaute Engagement Service Volontariat (CISV) Comunita Impegno Servizio Volontariato
Communication – Dynamisme – Developpement (CELIAF)
Communication and Development Institute – http://www.lasociedadcivil.org
Communication Coordinating Committee
Communication for Child Enlightenment – Nepal
COMMUNICATION FOR DEVELOPMENT CENTRE – http://www.africadevelopment.org
Communication for Development Foundation Uganda – http://www.cdfuug.co.ug
Communications Careers for Latinos, Inc.
Communications Coordination Committee for the Unit
Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations – http://www.cccun.net
Communities for the Years 2000 & Beyond
Communities Forestry and Social Development Organization
Community Access – http://www.communityaccess.org
Community Action & Research for Development
Community Action Against Injustice
Community Action Centre-Nepal (CAC-Nepal) – http://www.cac-nepal.org.np
Community Active in Development Association-CADA
Community Agricultural Development Project
Community Aid Abroad
Community Ailment Redressal Establishment
Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth – http://www.cafety.org
Community Alliances for Drug Free Youth – http://www.cadfy.org
Community and Environmental Servicies Association – http://saintkatherinecenter.blogspot.com/
Community and Family Services International – http://www.cfsi.ph
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America – CADCA – http://www.cadca.org
Community Awareness Raising Advocacy Ven: Arround Needs (CARAVAN)
Community based Impact Assessment Network for Eastern Africa(CIANEA) – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Community-Based-Impact-Assessment-Network…
Community Based Rehabilitation Aliance – http://www.combra.org
Community Biodiversity Action Network – http://www.cbansl.org
Community Capital Management Association
Community Centred Conservation (C3) – http://www.c-3.org.uk
Community Conservation and Development Initiatives – http://www.ccdinigeria.org
Community Development & Entrepreneurship Foundation
Community Development Action Group
Community Development Alliance (CDA)
Community Development And Conservation Agency (CODECA) – http://www.codecauganda.org
Community Development and Micro-Finance Round Table
community development and tourism foundation – http://www.cdtf2006gh.org
Community Development Centre
Community Development Concern
Community Development Initiative Support Organization
Community Development Initiative West Africa
Community Development Initiatives
Community Development Library – http://www.cdlbangladesch.org
Community Development Library (CDL)
Community Development of Minaesa Region
Community Development Organization Trust
Community Development Programme (SDP) – http://cdpdir.webs.com/
Community Development Programme Agency
Community Development Resource Center
Community Development Resource Network
Community Development Society
Community Development Trust Fund – Nigeria
Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance – http://www.cdvtacameroon.org
Community Development Welfare Foundation (CDWF)
Community Dispute Resolution Trust
Community Education Services (CES) Canada – http://www.cescan.ca
Community Emergency Response Initiative
Community Empowering Society, Taiwan – http://www.peopo.org/cesroc
Community Empowerment For Peace and Health Initiative – http://www.cepinig.org
Community Empowerment Forum, Nepal (CEF-NEPAL) – http://www.cefnepal.com.np
Community Empowerment Programme
Community Engineering Programme – http://www.comengip.org
Community Environmental Social Welfare Rehabilitation Proramme
Community Healer – http://www.communityhealer.com
Community Health And Information Network – http://www.chainproject.co.ug
Community Health Information Education Forum – http://www.chiefngo.org
community Humanitarian Advocacy and Develpment Organization
Community Initiatives and Social Support Organization
Community Initiatives Support Services International
Community Justice Project of Florida Legal Services, Inc. – http://www.floridalegal.org/cjp
Community Life Advancement Project
Community Life Project – http://www.reclaimnaija.net
Community Motivation and Developement Organization – http://www.cmdo.org
Community of Iranian Students
Community of Sant’Egidio
Community Outreach and Empowerment Development Centre (COEDC)
Community Outreach Programme – http://www.copepk.org
Community Partners for Development, CPD – http://www.cpdng.org
Community peace and development foundation – http://www.copedef.org
Community Production & Development Centre
Community Radio Academy – http://www.cra.bnnrc.net
Community Recovery Foundation
Community Research and Development Center
Community Research and Development Centre – http://www.credcentre.org
Community Responsibility Initiative Network – http://www.ogundipetunde07.blogspot.com
Community Rights and Sustainable Development Initiatives – http://www.communityrightsnigeria.org
Community Safety and Mediation Center
Community Service Centre
Community Service for Environmental Protecetion – http://sites.google.com/sites/cosepcam
Community Service Foundation
Community Services Guild, The
Community Social Development Organization
Community Social Humanitarian Project
Community Social Welfare Foundation – http://www.cswf-ng.org
Community Technology Development Trust
Community Technology Development Trust (CTDT) – http://www.ctdt.co.zw
Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE) – http://www.cotfone.org
Community Transitions
Community Translation Organization
Community Trust Fund (CTF)
Community United Against Ills of Society
Community Workers Co-operative
Community Youth Network Program – CYNP – http://www.one.org/c/international/hottopic/3797/http://www.facebook.com…
Community-Based Rehabilitation Network (South Asia) – CBR Network (South Asia)
COMPA – Convergência de los Movimientos de los Pueblos de las Américas
CompAfriCare Foundation, Inc. – http://www.compafricare.org
Compagnie des apôtres de la paix
Compagnons D’action pour le Développement Familial – http://www.cadf-ongd.populus.ch
Company of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul – http://www.filles-de-la-charite.org
Compasion Solidarité Enfant du Niger
Compasionate Hands Charity Initiative
Compassion Africa Aged Foundation – http://www.compassionafricaaged.org
Compassion Australia
compassion initiative for development – http://www.cidngo.org.ng
Compassion of Christ for Ethiopia Developmental Organization (CCEDO)
Compassionate Listening Project, The
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Complutense University of Madrid
Comprehensive Care Association
Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) – http://www.ccbrt.or.tz
Compromisso Empresarial para Reciclagem – http://www.cempre.org.br
Compte de Protection de l’Enfant au Niger (C.P.E.N)
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Comuna Sarayaku de Sucumbios
Comunicação, Educação, Informação e Adaptação – http://www.cemina.org.br
Comunicacion Cultural
Comunicacion y Educacion Ambiental S.C
Comunida Nativa Ashaninka Mariscal Caceres
Comunidad Altoandina de Cabanaconde
Comunidad Arcopongo – Provincia Inquisivi
Comunidad Campesina de Chaagapampa comprension
Comunidad Campesina de Obrajillo
Comunidad Campesina de PUÑACHIZAK
Comunidad Catavi – Popoo , Nexo con Global Humanitaria – Tarata
Comunidad Cotana- Productores de Papa
Comunidad de Iluman Bajo
Comunidad Indigena Ashaninka Marankiari bajo Amazonia central del Peru
Comunidad Indigena de Cochiraya
Comunidad Indígena de Pomasara
Comunidad Indigena de Sarayaku, miembro de la Confederacion de Nacionalidades Indigenas de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana (CONFENIAE)
Comunidad Indigena San Jose de Uchupiamonas
Comunidad Indigena Sawina
Comunidad Indigena Uchich Kupatas del Ecuador
Comunidad Molina Huayta
Comunidad Nativa Ashaninka Mariscal Caceres
Comunidad Nativa de Ninacaca
Comunidad Puetaquil MAGP
Comunidad San Antonio
Comunidad y Familia de Chihuahua AC
Comunidade Semeando o Futuro – http://www.comsef.wordpress.com(Blog)
Comunidades de base de cucuta
ComuniDária – http://www.comunidaria.org
Comunita’ Incontro
Comunity of Sant’Egidio
CONAIE – HTTP://conaie.org/
CONAMI – Conselhonacionaldemulheresindigenas
Concejo para la Preservacion de la Paz, la Vida e Integridad de Bolivia (COPPVIB) / Council for the Preservation of Peace, Life and Integrity of Bolivia
Concern for Children International – Cameroon
Concern for Environmental Development And Research – http://www.nocorruptionbd.org
Concern Health Education Project – http://www.concernhealthghana.webs.com
Concern Health Education Project NGO – http://www.concernhealthghana.org
Concern Nimba Citizens for the Promotion of Health and Development
Concern Universal – http://www.concern-universal.org
Concern Women Action for Peace – Sudan (CWAPS)
Concern Women Development Association
Concern Women International Development Initative – http://www.concernwomen.org
Concern Worldwide US, Inc. – http://www.concernusa.org
Concerned About Universal Social Empowerment – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000950704708&sk=info
Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government (CCAGG)
Concerned Women Against the Spread of HIV & AIDS, Inc.
Concerned Women for America (CWA) – http://www.cwfa.org
Concerned Youth Forum of Nigeria
Concerned Youth in Development
Concerns for Millennium Development Goals – http://www.concernsformdgs.com
Concertation Nationale de la SociTtT Civile du Togo (CNSC Togo)
Conciencia y Educacion Ambiental A.C. – http://www.ceaambiental.org
Concile Mondial de Congres Diplomatiques des Aumoniers pour la Paix Universelle des Droits Humains et Juridiques
Concord Sverige – http://www.concord.se
Concordia (local Iraqi Kurdistan Region politically independent, non-
Concordis International Trust – http://www.concordis-international.org
Conectas Direitos Humanos – http://www.conectas.org
Confederacao da Agricultura e Pecuaria do Brasil Cna – http://www.canaldoprodutor.com.br
Confederaçao Nacional do Industria
Confederação Nacional do Transporte – http://www.cnt.org.br
Confederacion de Asociaciones de Jubilados, Pensionistas y Mayores (CAJUMA)
Confederacion de Federaciones y Asociacones de Viudas Hispania (CONFAV)
Confederación de Nacionalidades Amazónicas del Ecuador
Confederacion de Nacionalidades Indigenas de La Costa Ecuatoriana
Confederacion de Nacionalidades Indigenas del Ecuador
Confederación Ecologista Pacifista Andaluza
Confederación Española Asociaciones Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales – http://www.colegaweb.org
Confederacion General Económica de la Ciudad de Bs.As. y del Conurbano Bonaerense – http://www.cgemetropolitana.com.ar
Confederacion Indigena Tairona de Colombia CIT
Confederación Internacional de Organizaciones de Productores Familiares Campesinos y Indígenas del Mercosur Ampliado – http://www.coprofam.org
Confederacion Latinoamericana de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Credito – COLAC -V – http://www.colac.com
Confédération des organisations familiales de l’Union européenne – http://www.coface-eu.org/en/
Confederation fiscale europeenne – CFE – http://www.cfe-eutax.org
Confederation for the Conservetion of Maring Environmental
Confederation Marocaine des Handicapes – ACHIAT ARRAHMA
Confederation Mondiale du Travail
Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry – http://www.cacci.org.tw
Confederation of Associations Working for World Peace -” The Good Samaritian”
Confederation of Brazilian Industry
Confederation of Business Women of Russia – http://www.moes.ru
Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF)
Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies – http://www.cemt.eu
Confederation of European Paper Industries
Confederation of Fire Protection Association International – http://www.cfpa-i.org
Confederation of Food and Drink Industries of the EEC
Confederation of German Forest Owners Associations
Confederation of International Contractor’s Associations
Confederation of International Trading Houses Associations
Confederation of Iranian Industry
Confederation of National Association of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community
Confederation of NGOs of Rural India – http://www.cnri.in
Confederation of Organisations in Road Transport Enforcement (CORTE) – http://www.corte.be
Confederation of Women Networks Foundation – CWNFI
Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro – General Italian Confederation of Labour – http://www.cgil.it
Conference des Ministres en Charge des Forets D’Afrique Centrale
Conference of European Churches
Conference of European Rabbis
Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO) – http://www.ngocongo.org
Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Status with
Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe
Conflict Management Group
Confluence Philanthropy – http://www.confluencephilanthropy.org
Congo Grainier Mondial (CGM)
Congo National Association of Social Workers
Congo Network of Religious Leaders Living or Personnally Affected by HIV and AIDS
Congo Nord Sud
Congo Peace Fund – http://www.dcpf.co.uk
Congolese Community Association, The
Congolese Community of North Carolina/Raleigh – http://www.cocomnc.com
Congregation de Notre Dame of Montreal – http://www.cnd-m.org/en/development/index.php
Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd – http://www.buonpastoreint.org/jp
Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Carmelite NGO – http://www.carmelitengo.org
Congregation of the Mission
Congregation of the sisters of Charity of Australia – http://www.sistersofcharity.org.au
Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace
Congregations of Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Eastern Province, Inc. / Claretian Missionaries – http://www.claret.org+www.claretiansusa.org
Congregations of St. Joseph – http://www.CSJ-UNNGO.org
Congrès Mondial Amazigh
Congrès National des Arméniens Occidentaux (CNAO) – http://www.ncwarmenians.orgaswellasFacebook
Congreso General Guaymi
Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
Congress of Black Women of Canada, The
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Congress of World Hmong People (CWHP) – http://www.cwhp.net
Congresso Nacional Indígena do México
ConnectiGroup International – http://www.connectingroup.com
Connecting Gender for Development
Connections for Afghanistan Research & Prosperity Organization – http://www.karpogroup.net/carpo.karpogroup.net
Conscience Africaine – African Network of Grassroots Democracy
Conscience and Peace Tax International (CPTI) – http://www.cpti.ws
Conscience and Science in Medicine
Conscience Citoyenne
Consciência, Liberdade, Atitude e Movimento – http://clam.sarava.org
Conseil d’Action pour le Développement Intégré
Conseil de jeunesse pluriculturelle (COJEP) – http://www.cojep.com
Conseil de la nation atikamekw/Atikamekw Nation Council
Conseil des ONG d’appui au développement
Conseil des Organisations Non-Gouvernementales d’Appui au Développement
Conseil des Organisations Non-Gouvernmentales d’Appui au Developpement
Conseil en education des premieres nations – http://www.cepn-fnec.com
Conseil en Micro-finance et Budget Familial
Conseil Eurepeen des Syndicats de Police – http://www.cesp.eu
Conseil International de Recherches Culturelles et Spirituelles
Conseil international des femmes francophones
Conseil international des organisations de festivals de folklore et d’arts traditionnels
Conseil International du Sport Militaire – CISM / International Military Sports Council
Conseil International pour la Promotion de l’Enfant Francophone
Conseil Mondial de l’Artisanat – http://www.worldcraftscouncil.org
Conseil Mondial Pour la Solidarite
Conseil national de la femme
Conseil National de la Jeunesse
Conseil National de la Jeunesse et de l’Avenir du Maroc
Conseil National des Associations pour la Democratie et les Droits de L’homme
Conseil national des ONG
Conseil pour la Défense Environnementale par la Légalité et la Traçabilité – http://www.codelt.org
Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en afrique – http://wsi.cso.uiuc.edu/CAS/codesria.htm
Conseil pour le développement économique de la femme africaine
Conseil Pour Les Droits De L’Homme et La Liberte Religieuse
Conseil pour un Développement Utile en Afrique
Conseil Régional des Organisations Non Gouvernementales de Développement/Equateur
Conseils Gestion Afrique Togo/ Initiatives des Communautés de Base
Consejo Andino de Manejo Ecológico
Consejo de Autoridades Indigenas Civiles Agrarias y Religiosas de la RegionLacustre y Mesetap Urhepecha de Michoacan
Consejo de Desarrollo Socioeconomico Para Sudamerica
Consejo de Educacion Ambiental del Estado Aragua
Consejo De La Joventud De Espana
Consejo de la Juventud de España – http://www.cje.org
Consejo de Pueblos Nahuas Del Alto Balsas, Guerrero, A..C.
Consejo Estatal de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Jalisco
Consejo Europeo de Investigaciones Sociales sobre America Latina
Consejo Indio de Sur America
Consejo Mexicano Contra el Tabaquismo A.C. – http://www.cmct.mx
Consejo Nacional de Mujeres Indigenas de Brasil
Consejo Para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Nahuas del Alto Balsas, Guerrero, A.C. (CDPNAB)
Consejo para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos, A.C. – http://derechoshumanosong.com/Derechos_Humanos.htm
Consejo Regional Tsimane Mosetene TCO Pilon Lajas (CRTM – PL)
Conselho Ambiental Comunitario Administrativo Gama Distrito Federal – http://www.enfantsetaction.e-monsite.cim
Conselho Federal de Engenharia e Agronomia – http://www.confea.org.br
Conselho Mundial de Igrejas – HTTP://www.wcc-coe.org/
Conselho Nacional de Mulher Indigena
Conselho Nacional de Mulher Indigena (CONAMI)
Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Agronomia do Rio de Janeiro – http://www.crea-rj.org.br
CONSEPT Sri Lanka – http://www.consept.lk
Conservacion del Territorio Insular Mexicano, A.C. – http://www.isla.org.mx
Conservación, biodiversidad y Transferencia Tecnológica para las Comunidades, AC
Conservancy Association, The
Conservation Corps
Conservation Council of Nations – http://www.councilofnations.org
Conservation Council of Western Australia – http://www.ccwa.org.au
Conservation Force, Inc. – http://www.conservationforce.org/
Conservation International (CI) Okavango Programme – http://www.conservationinternational.org
Conservation International Foundation – http://www.conservation.org
Conservation of Flora and Fauna COFF – http://www.2conserve.org
Conservative Women’s Organisation
Conservatoire et Jardin Botanique de Mascarin
Conserve Africa Foundation – http://www.conserveafrica.org.uk/
Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti
Consiliul National al Tineretului din Moldova – http://www.cntm.md
Console Capital Management Group
Consorcio Centro Ejecutor de Proyectos Económicos y Sociales
Consórcio Intermunicipal das Bacias dos Rios Piracicaba, Capivari e Jundiaí – http://www.agua.org.br
Consórcio Intermunicipal Lagos São João – http://www.lagossaojoao.org.br
Consorcio para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Ecorregion Andina – http://www.condesan.org
Consorcio para el Dialogo Parlamentario y la Equidad, AC – http://www.consorcio.org.mx
Consortium Congo Development – http://www.consortiumcongodev.org
Consortium d’ Appui aux Acton pour la Promotion et le Developpement de l’Afrique
Consortium d’appui aux actions pour la promotion et le développement de l’Afrique (CAPDA) – http://www.capda.net
Consortium for Action to Protect the Earth
Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa – http://www.cormsa.org.za
Consortium for Street Children, The – http://www.streetchildren.org
Consortium for the Advancement of People’s Participation through Sustainable Integrated Area Development, Inc. – http://www.capp-siad.org
Consortium for the Development of Western Mindanao Communities, Inc. – http://www.cdwmci.blogspot.com
Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (Gte) Ltd – http://www.humanitarian-srilanka.org
Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers
Consortium of Youth Development Organizations in Ethiopia
Consortium TRAX-TOGO
Consorzio Etimos
Conspectus Foundation, Inc
Constellation for AIDS Competence, The
Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union – http://www.cfmeu.asn.au
Construisons Ensemble Le Monde
Consulate Pakistan – Gent Belgium – http://wwwmfagovpk/Green_Book/Belgium_GBhtm
Consultation. Evaluation. Education., Inc. – http://www.ceeservices.org
Consultative Committee of the Basque Institute for Women / Emakunde
Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations – http://www.renecassin.org
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity
Consumer Alert
Consumer Alliance of Zambia
Consumer Awareness and Support Society – http://www.cassadvanceonline.com
Consumer Education and Research Centre
Consumer Education Centre
Consumer Guidance Society of India – http://www.cgsiindia.org
Consumer Unity & Trust Society
Consumer Unity and Trust Society – http://www.cuts-international.org
Consumer World Organization (CWO)
Consumers Association of Pakistan – http://www.consumersassociationpk.org
Consumers Empowerment Organisation of Nigeria
Consumers Health Forum of Australia – http://www.chf.org.au
Consumers International – http://www.consumersinternational.org/
Consumers International – Zimbabwe
Contact Base – http://www.banglanatak.com
Contact: Farouk M. Sadiq Ismaa’l 
Contemporary International Law and Sustainable Development
Content Austria
Continental Youth Watch Development Organization Africa – https://envaya.org/cywadotz/network
Contraloría Ciudadana para la Rendición de Cuentas, A.C. – http://www.contraloriaciudadana.org.mx
Contribution à l’Education de Base
Contribution au développement rural
Contribution, The
Control Arms – http://controlarms.org/
Convenção das Igrejas Independentes e Ministros das Assembleias de Deus no Estado do Espírito Santo e Outros – http://www.convencaocimadeso.com
Convenção Evangélica Vivendo com Cristo
Convention Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution
Convocatoria para la Defensa Ambiental
Cooch Behar Ashar Alo
Cooch Behar Kharimala Khagrabari Rural Backward &Social Welfare Samity
Coochbehar Khagrabari Relief Service
Coolidge Center for Environmental Leadership
Coopdanza, Inc – http://www.coopdanzainc.org
COOPEC Kalundu
Cooperation and Participation in Overseas NGOs – http://copion.or.kr/english
Coopération au Développement VILLAGES-SUD
Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco
Cooperation for Development – http://www.cdpt.tj
Cooperation For Human Development South Africa
Cooperation for Peace and Development – http://www.cpdo.blog.af
Cooperation for Peace, Sweden
Co-operation Ireland
Cooperation Pour l Autosuffisance Agroalimentaire du Trarza
Cooperation pour le developpement du Congolais
cooperativa de desarrollo comunal mira loma de laime
Cooperativa Ecológica Familiar Magaly ‘S 547, R.L. – http://cooperativaecologicamagallys547rl.blogspot.com/
Cooperative Akako Fafa
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (Atlanta, GA) – http://www.thefellowship.info
Coopérative d’Epargne et de Crédit pour des Chrétiens Unis
Cooperative d’epargne et de credit pour le developpement
Cooperative des Agriculteurs et Eleveurs du Congo – http://www.facebook.com/coopagel
Cooperative Foundation Philippines, Inc
Cooperative Housing Foundation – http://www.chfinternational.org
Cooperazione Internazionale – http://www.coopi.org
Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti – http://www.cospe.org
Coordenación del Foro “El Otro Davos”
Coordenadora de Centrais Sindicais do Cone Sul – HTTP://www.sindicatomercosul.com.br/
Coordillera People’s Alliance
Coordillera Women’s Education and Resource Center, Inc
Coordinación de ONG y Cooperativas – http://www.congcoop.org.gt
Coordinacion Regional CIMA-Alianza International Alliance
Coordinadora Agroforestal Indigena y Campesina del Peru
Coordinadora de Animación Socio Cultural – http://www.casco.org.do
Coordinadora de Comunidades Kichwas de la Amazona- CORCKA
Coordinadora de la Mujer – http://www.coordinadoramujer.org
Coordinadora de Organizaciones Comunitarias San Juan Ostuncalco
Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Agricultores y Ganaderos – http://www.coag.org
Coordinadora del Pueblo Kichwa Saraguro (CORPUKIS) Filial ECUARUNARI, CONAIE
Coordinadora del Pueblo Kichwa Saraguro Filial ECUARUNARI, CONAIE
Coordinadora Española para el Lobby Europeo de Mujeres – http://www.celem.org
Coordinadora Indigena – Campesina de Afroforesteria Communitaria por el Accesso Uso & Manejo de lso RRNN (CICAFOC) – http://www.acicafoc.net/quienessomoscfm
Coordinadora Indigena Campesina de Agroforesteria Comunitaria
Coordinadora Kaqchikel de Desarrollo Integral- COKADI
Coordinadora Nacional de Asociaciones Cristianas Indigenas del Perú – http://www.jawcaperu.org
Coordinadora Nacional de Criadores de Alpacas Llamas del Peru
Coordinadora nacional de Desplazados y Comunidades Indfgenas en Reconstrucción del Per·
Coordinadora Nacional de Mujeres Indigenas (CNMI)
Coordinadora Permanente de los Pueblos Indigenas del Peru COPPIP
Coordinadora Politica de Mujeres Indigenas Antisuyumanta
Coordinadora Politica Juvenil por la Equidad de Género – http://www.coordinadorajuvenilecuador.org
Coordinadora Regional de Jovenes Indigenas de Puno (COREJIP)
Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane – http://www.a21italy.it
Coordinamento Delle Organizzazioni non Governative per la Cooperazione Internazionale allo Sviluppo
Coordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organizations (CANGO), The
Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations
Coordinating Body of the Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon Basin (COICA)
Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service
Co-ordinating Council of Women in Antigua and Barbuda
Coordination Council for Russian, Cossack and Slavic Organizations of Kazakhstan
Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience – http://www.coordiap.com
Coordination des Associations et ONG Feminines du Mali
Coordination Des Ong Et Association Feminines Nigeriennes (CONGAFEN)
Coordination des ONG Feminines de Guinee
Coordination des ONG Feminines Gabonaises (CORFEM GABON)
Coordination d’Initiatives d’Autopromotion et de Développement à la Base
Coordination Francaise du Lobby Europeen des Femmes
Coordination Francaise pour le Lobby Europeen des Femmes
Coordination Immigrés du Sud du Monde/C.I.S.M.-Vénétie
Coordination in Development, Inc
Coordination in Development, Inc. (CODEL)
Coordination Internationale pour la Decennie / International Coalition for the Decade
Coordination nationale du mouvement associatif feminin (CONAMAF)
Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility – http://www.caramcambodia.org
Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility in Asia (CARAM-Asia) – http://www.achieve.org.ph;www.caramasia.org
Coordination SUD (Solidarité-Urgence-Développement)
Coordination Unit for the Rehabilitation of the Environment
Copenhagen Business School
Copenhagen Consensus Center – http://www.copenhagenconsensus.com
COPERNICUS Alliance – European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development – http://www.copernicus-alliance.org
Coping Centre for People Living with HIV/AIDS (COCEPWA)
Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development – http://www.co-plan.org
Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, The
Cor Afrique
CORAIL Coopération Réseau Action Internationale
Coral Cay Conservation – http://www.coralcay.org
Corban Bee Enterprises
Cordilera Women’s Education and Resource Center, Inc
CORE (Care for Orphans Rehabilitation and Eduational society)
CORFAS-Corporacion Fondo de Apoyo de Empresas Asociativas – http://www.corfas.org
Cork Forest Conservation Alliance – http://www.corkforest.org
Corp Watch/Tides Center
Corpo Forestale dello Stato
Corpo Nacional de Intervenção Civil – http://www.cnic-pt.org
Corporación Ágora
Corporación Ágora Conglomerante Social
Corporacion Ambiental – http://www.sieambiental.org
Corporación Ambiental Colombia AMBCOL – http://www.ambcol.org
Corporación Ambiental Makuna
Corporacion Arutam amazonico 95CAA95
Corporacion Colombia Unida por el Respeto al Adulto Mayor (COR PRO ADULTO MAYOR) / Corporation Colombia United for the Respect of the Elder – http://www.corproadulto.org
Corporacion Cultural Nueva Acropolis Chile – http://www.nueva-acropolis.cl
Corporación de Comunicaciones Mapuche AZkintuWE
Corporacion de Desarrollo de la Mujer La Morada
Corporacion de Mujeres Mapuche “Aukinko Zomo”
Corporacion de Organizaciones “ALLPA MAMA”
Corporación de profesionales y especialistas de las Nacionalidades y Pueblos de la Amazonfa Ecuatoriana
Corporacion Eccos Contacto Colombia – http://www.eccos.org.co
Corporacion Ecologica Kanusia Amuntay
Corporacion Estrategias Sustentables ONG – http://www.corpoesus.org
Corporación Excelencia en la Justicia – http://www.cej.org.co
Corporación Femm – http://www.corporacion-femm.org
Corporación Futuro Humano
Corporacion Green Team – http://www.corporacióngreenteam.com
Corporacion Kimirina – http://www.kimirina.org
Corporación Konsultecnica
Corporación- Konsultecnica
Corporacion Laboral de Desarrollo Humano y Espiritual para la Produccion de Pan y Paz en la America y el Mundo
Corporacion Makaia Asesoria Internacional – http://www.makaia.org
Corporacion Mujer a Mujer
Corporación Ornitológica del Ecuador
Corporación Palenque 5 – http://www.palenque5.org.co
Corporacion para la Defensa y Promocion de los Derechos Humanos Reiniciar – http://www.reiniciar.org
Corporacion para la Integracion Social de Colombia – http://www.corpopais.com
Corporación para la Investigación, el Desarrollo Sostenible y la Promoción Social CORPROGRESO – http://www.corprogresocol.org/
Corporación Participa – http://www.participa.cl
Corporacion Prosperar de Colombia – http://www.corprosperar.org
Corporación Pulso Verde – http://www.pulsoverde.com.co
Corporación Red Local Pacto Global Colombia – http://www.pactoglobal-colombia.org
Corporacion RUPAI (Runa Pacha Sapi)
Corporacion Rvs
Corporacion Shuar Nantar CSNA
Corporacion Vida ONG – http://www.ongvida.com
Corporate Accountability International – http://www.stopcorporateabuse.org
Corporate Head Office Christian Aid Center- International Aid Dept.
Corporate Social Responsibility Awareness and Advancement Initiative – http://www.csr-in-action.org
Corporation of Opportunity and Jointly Action Opcion – OPCION CORPORATION – http://www.opcion.cl
Corporation Real Citizenship for Deaf from Chile (CRESOR) / Corporacion Cuidadania Real de Chile – http://www.cresor.cl
Corps de Réflexion et de Planification pour l’Utilité Sociale (CORPUS) – http://www.ongcorpus.org
Corps des Partenaires Entrepreneurs Volontaires
Corps volontaire congolais au développement
CorpsAfrica – http://www.corpsafrica.org
Corpwatch – HTTP://www.corpwatch.org/
Corrections India – http://www.aswasabhavan.org
Corsorzio GPL Autotrazione
Corvinus Umiversity at Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest – Faculty of Public Administration
Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Public Administration
COSATU – Congress of South African Trade Unions – HTTP://www.cosatu.org.za/
COSI – Promouvoir et Defendre les Droits – http://www.cosi.asso.fr
COSI (Community Self Improvement) Foundation – http://www.cosi.org.lk/
Cosmo Foundation – http://www.cosmofoundation.com
Costa Rica – Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the United Nations
Côte d’Ivoire – écologie
Cote d’Ivoire – Ministere des Eaux et Forets – Cabinet
Cote D’ivoire Alphabetisation
Côte d’Ivoire écologie
Cote d’Ivoire Food for Education
Council Anti Poverty Action & Rurla Volunteers
Council for a Community of Democracies – http://www.ccd21.org
Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions – http://www.parliamentofreligions.org
Council for American Students in International Negotiations – http://www.americanstudents.us
Council for Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa, The (CODESRIA)
Council for Development, Environmental Studies and Conservation
Council for Environmental Education
Council for Human Ecology Kenya (CHEK)
Council for International Development – http://www.cid.org.nz
Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
Council for Law Enforcement Reseves – http://www.reservecop.com
Council for People’s Development
Council for Refugees and Displaced Relief Rehabilitation and Agency (S/L)
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – http://www.csir.co.za
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa – http://www.codesria.org
Council of Agriculture
Council of American Overseas Research Centers
Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe – http://www.ccbe.eu
Council of Bureaux
Council of Churches
Council of Europe
Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners Associations
Council of European Foresters – http://www.ormuh.org.tr
Council of European Municipalities and Regions, Working Group on Marine Pollution
Council of European National Youth Committees (CENYC)
Council of Forest Industries of British Columbia
Council of Gulf International Relations – http://www.cogir.org
Council of International Programs – http://www.cipusa.org
Council of Professional Social Workers
Council of Students and Youth Movements
Council of Students and Youth Movements – Mauritius
Council of Voluntary Social Services
Council on Foreign Relations
Council on Health Research for Development – http://www.cohred.org
Council on International and Public Affairs (CIPA) – http://www.cipa-apex.org
Council on Ocean Law
Council on UN Global Affairs – a division of Committee of Friends of Michael Chan – http://mwchan.us
Counsel of Honor of the Revolution from December 1989
Counsel of Turkish Cypriot Associations UK – http://www.ctca.org.uk
Counterpart International, Inc.
Country Women Association of Nigeria
Countryside Foundation for Sustainable Development
Countrywide Indigenous Pilipinos Foundation, Inc.
County Caroni Voluntary Counseling Services
Coup de Pouce Ongd
Couple to Couple League International, The
Courage Foundation International
Couselo Nacional de Reforma del Estado
Cousteau Society – http://www.cousteau.org
Cousteau society Inc
Cousteau Society, The
Covenant God Glory People Empowerment Organisation
Covenant House
Coventry Cathedral International Centre for Reconciliation, The
Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development – http://www.chrad.net
Craighead WildlifeWildlands Institute
CRE- Standing Conference of Rectors, Presidents and Vice-Chancellors of the European Universities
CreActIve(NGO) -University of New York in Skopje(education)
Creating Possibilities Nepal – http://www.cpn.org.np
Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action – http://www.creaworld.org
Creative Approaches for Development
Creative Best Care
Creative Centre “ALTERNATIVA”
Creative Concept for Youth Development
Creative Develoment Organization Pakistan
Creative Spirit Welfare Organization – http://www.cswo.com.pk
Creative Technology for Development Initiative – http://www.ctdi.org.ng
Creators Rights Alliance
Credit Against Poverty
Credit Communautaire Africa
Credit Management Services Limited
Crescent Shikhsan Prasarak Mandal Chandrapur – http://www.informs.co.in
Crescent University – http://www.crescentversity.ude.ng
Crest Bee Club – http://www.crestbeeclub.webs.com
CRID – Centre de Recherche et d´Information pour le Développment
Crime Stoppers International, Inc.
Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, The
Criminologists Society of J&K
Criola – http://www.criola.org.br
Crisis Action – http://crisisaction.org/en/
Crisis Management Initiative – http://www.cmi.fi
Croatian Economic Association – http://www.hde.hr
Croatian Law Centre
Croatian World Congress – Hrvatski Svjetski Kongres – http://www.crowc.org/english/home.asp
Croissant Rouge Algerien
Croix Rouge Nigérienne
Croix Rouge Togolaise
Croix -Rouge Togolaise Coordination de la Région Centrale
CroMSIC/ Y-PEER Croatia
CropLife International – http://www.croplife.org
Crops for the Future – http://www.cropsforthefuture.org
Cross-Cultural Solutions – http://www.crossculturalsolutions.org
Crossing Boundaries National Council
Cruz Azul Venezuela – http://www.ifbc.info
Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana – http://www.cruzroja.org.ec
Cruz Verde – http://www.cruzverde.org
Cruz Vermelha Brasileira – Orgão Central
Cruz Vermelha Brasileira Filial Nova Iguaçu – http://www.cruzvermelhani.org.br
CSD Guest
CSO Net Test 1
CSO Net Test 2
CSYM HUDUMA The Christian Spiritual Youth Ministry Tanzania – http://www.siayifacebook.com
Cuba – Minister of Science, Technology and Environment
Cuban Association for Animal Production
Cubraiti, Inc. – http://www.cubraiti.orgwww.cubraiti.com
Cultura Ecologica – http://www.culturaecologica.org.mx
Cultura Indigena del Municipio de Pelileo
Cultural Campaign for Equality – http://www.cuceqnepal.org.np
Cultural Center For Human Rights – http://www.cchr.maktoobblog.com
Cultural Students League – http://www.iraq-students.org
Cultural Survival
Cultural Survival, Canada
Cultural Waves Uganda
Cultural, Educational & Enivormental Organisation – http://www.ceeongo.org
Culture & Science Foundation (CSF) – http://www.csf-csf.com
Culture Enviroonment Education Rural Centre
Culture et développement du monde berbère
Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust – http://www.culturefund.co.zw
Culture of Afroindigenous Solidarity
Cure Foundation – http://www.fondacijacure.org
CUREFO Reading Foundation – http://www.curefo.org
Curia Generalizia Agostiniana – http://www.augustinians.net;www.augustiniansinternational.com
Curia Generalizia dei Marianisti – http://www.MarianistNGO.org
Current Evangelism Ministries Outreach Sierra Leone
Current Evangelism Ministries, Women’s Network for Peace
Curucutu Parques Ambientais – http://www.curucutu.org.br/en-summary
Cuso International – http://www.cusointernational.org
CUT – Central Única dos Trabalhadores – HTTP://www.cut.org.br/
Cuttack Diabetes Research Foundation
CWMG Children’s Charity
Cybergarden Communications Luimited
CYO-Commonwealth Youth Organisation
Cyrenaica Regional Transitional Council – http://www.ctc-ly.org/
Czech Blue Cross – http://ceskymodrykriz.webs.com/
Czech Coordinating Office
Czech Republic – Monistry of Environement
Czech Union for Nature Conservation

D Change International Foundation – http://www.dchange.org
D.A.R.E. America (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) – http://www.dare.org
D.N. Public Charitable Trust
Dacia Revival International Society Inc.
Daem Oservatory for Consultation and Training – http://www.Tamkeen-jo.org
Dahua Century Low Carbon Research Institute in Beijing of China – http://www.dahualci.org.cn
Daikurisia Corporacion – http://www.daikurisia.org
DaimlerChrysler AG
Dairy Society International
Dairy Society International (DSI)
Daisy Alliance – http://www.daisyalliance.org
DAISY Consortium
dajan – http://www.nedi.org.np
Dakshin Dinajpur Pratik Rural and Urban Development Society – http://www.iohrp.org/Ngo.php
dalada waxbarashada nidaamiga ah ee FENPS
Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education – http://www.dalailamacenter.org
Dalhousie University – School for Resource and Environmental Studies
Dalian University, Dalian City
Dalit Association for Social and Human Rights Awareness – http://www.dashra.org
Dalit Foundation – Ahmedabad – http://www.dalitfoundation.org
Dalit Freedom Network
Dalit Mhaila Shaga – http://www.fedonepal.org
Dalit NGO Coordination Committee
Dalit Panther Of India ” A Social Movement For Human Rights” – http://www.dalitpanther.org&www.dalitpanther.com
Dalit Welfare Association – http://www.dwa.org.np
Dalton Education Trust – http://www.daltoneducationtrust.com
DaMeheux International Development Cooperative – http://www.DIDC.coop
Damien Foundation
Dana Meadows Sustainability Institute – http://www.sustainer.org
Dangerous Goods Advisory Council (DGAC) – http://www.dgac.org
Danida, The royal Danish Embassy, Bangladesh
Daniel Asekhame Foundation – http://www.danielasekhamefoundation.org
Daniel John Memorial Welfare & Education Society – http://www.djmwes.com
DANIEL PEARL FOUNDATION – http://www.danielpearl.org
Danish 92 Group, The – http://www.92grp.dk
Danish Agriculture and Food Council
Danish Association for International Cooperation
Danish Blue Cross – http://www.blue-cross.in/
Danish Council of Organisations of Disabled People
Danish Lawyers and Economist Association
Danish National Association for Gays and Lesbians (LBL), The
Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy, The
Danish Technological Institute
Dansk Flygtningehjælp – http://www.drc.dk
Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samrad Danish Council for Adult Education
Danube University Krems
Dar Al Insan Association
Dar Al-Salam Organization – http://www.dasoyemen.org
Dar Es Salaam Abandoned Children
Dar Si Hmad for Development, Education and Culture – http://www.darsihmad.org
DARA – http://www.daraint.org
Daralsalam Development Association
Darfur International Socio Development Agency
Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc. – http://www.darfurrehab.org
Darfur Women Action Group – http://www.darfurwomenaction.org
Darüs,s,afaka Cemiyeti – http://www.darussafaka.org/
Daryeel Foundation
Data for Development
Database Center for North Korean Human Rights
Daughters of Africa in Diaspora (DAD)
Daughters of Virtue and Empowerment Initiative
Davgi – Saami Youth Council/SSN – The Saami Youth Organisation in Finland
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies – http://www.kennedy.byu.edu/
David Shepherd Conservation Foundation, The
David Tende Orphan Mission Inc.
Daya Pertiwi Foundation – http://www.dayapertiwi.org
Dayemi Complex Bangladesh – http://www.dayemicomplexbangladesh.org
Daystar Adopt-a-Village, Inc. (DAAVI)
Daytop Village Foundation, Inc.
DC Vote
De Hoop Foundation – http://www.dehoop.org
De la Salle University/Center for Social Concern and Action -Kamp Kalikasan Ecology Caucus
De Paul Extension Services – http://www.depaul.edu.in
De Young Aid Ghana – http://www.deyoung-aidghana.blogspot.com
Deaf Ability Initiaitive
Deaf Aid – http://www.kenya.deafaid.org
Deaf and Dumb Association of Ouled Djellal Province, The (DDAODP)
Deafblind International (DbI) – http://www.deafblindinternational.org
Deb Adhikari Educational & Charitable Trust
Debate And Development Resource Center – http://www.dedercnigeria.blogspot.com
Debater’s Association – http://www.debatersassociation.co.nr
Debels – a socio-economic, political youth organisation
DEC Finance Trust
DECA Equipo Pueblo, A.C.
Decade of Human Right Education
Deccan Development Society
December 18 vzw – http://www.december18.net
December Twelfth Movement International Secretariat
Déclaration de Berne, La
Deekshe Integrated Rural Development Organization
Deep South Center for Environmental Justice – http://www.dscej.org
Deepti Bhuban
Deerghayu Foundation – http://www.deerghayu.org
Defence Against AIDS, Poverty and Underdevelopment
Defence for Children International – http://www.defenceforchildren.org
Defence of Child Laborers Rights
Defend International – http://www.defendinternational.org/
Defender and Reconciliation Project Center
Defenders of the Black Hills
Defenders of Wildlife
Defending Dissent Foundation – http://www.defendingdissent.org
Defense Research and Planetary Assistance Center
Defensores PROCDN – http://www.defensores.org
Defensoria de la Mujer Indigena de Guatemala
Defesa da Natureza e dos Animais
Delightsome Oaks Mission – http://www.delightsomeoaks.org
Delimar Gourmet’s Home Group
Delivering Good Health Community Services, Inc. – http://www.dghcs.org
Delta Electronics Foundation – http://www.delta-foundation.org.tw/
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, The
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Delta Stem
Deltawomen Foundation – http://www.deltawomen.org
Demobilised Women Civil Servants Association
Democracia Global
Democracy Coalition Project
Democracy Development Centre – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Democracy-Development-Center/3179806349889…
Democracy House – http://www.democracyhousemaldives.com
Democracy Reporting International
Democracy Today – http://www.democtacytoday.am
Democracywatch – http://www.dwatch-bd.org
Democrat Union of Africa (DUA)
Democratic and Fair Georgia – http://www.gerontiashordia.livejournal.com
DEMOCRATIC CLUB – http://www.volny.cz/dklub
Democratic Party Hong Kong – http://www.dphk.org
Democratic Party of the Greens
Democratic Republic of Congo – Ministère de l’Environement et Conservation de la NatureTourisme
Democratic Union of Africa (DUA)
Democratic Youngster Foundation – http://www.dyf.webs.com
Democratische Vernieuwing & Ontwikkeling – http://www.dveno.org
Demokratie & Dialog e.V. – http://www.demokratie-dialog.de
Demokratik Islahatç? G?ncl?r I.ctimai Birliyi – http://www.yrdu.az
Demokratyczna Unia Kobiet – http://www.dukrk.pl
Demus Estudio Para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer – http://www.demus.org.pe
Den Norske Helsingforskomité – http://www.nhc.no
Deniz Feneri Aid and Solidarity Association (DFD)
Deniz Feneri Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Dernegi – http://www.denizfeneri.org.tr
Dennis-Meek International Care [NGO] – http://www.UnderConstruction.
Dennis-MMEK International Care
Dental Care International Foundation – http://www.dentalcareinternational.com
Department of Agricultural Fisheries & Forestry, Australia
Department of Development at Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Syria – http://www.antiochdev.org
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Forestry
Department of International Relations, RSPAS, Australian National University
Department of National Park Wildlife and Plant Conservation
Department of Sociology at Lunds University ; Division of Social Anthropology
Department of Sustainable Resource Development
Dependent Origination Association
Deprived Child! And You
Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia
Dept. Sustainable and Environment
Derecho Ambiente y Recursos Naturales – http://www.dar.org.pe
Desafio Jovem Ebenezer – http://www.desafiojovemebenezer.com
Desarollo sostenible y proteccion de la naturaleza U I B C / C D M SA
Desarrollo de la Mosquitia
Desarrollo Social y de las Investigaciones Cientificas
Desarrollo Social y de las Investigaciones Cientificas (INDESIC)
DESCO – Centro de Estudios y Promoción del Desarrollo
Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
DesertNet International – http://www.desertnet-international.org
Desh Gori
Design Bangladesh – http://www.DesignBangladesh.com
Design Systems Association – http://www.undergoingrenewal(www.designsystems.4t.com
Desis Rising Up & Moving – http://www.drumnyc.org
Destinee Charity Foundation – http://www.destineecharity.org
Destiny Africa
Destiny Agricultural Development Association
Destiny Ladies Initiative
Destiny Media Foundation
Destitute and Handicapped Welfare Aassocition (DAHWA) – http://www.dahwa.org
Detainees and Indigents Help Center – http://www.dhcnigeria.org
DETMAC Associates
Deutsche Naturschutzring
Deutsche Naturschutzring (DNR)
Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung – German Foundation for World Population
Deutsche Welle Youth Club International Ghana – http://WWW.DWYCIG.
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe – http://www.welthungerhilfe.de
Deutscher Fachjournalisten Verband (DFJV) / Association of German Specialist Journalists
Deutscher Naturschutzring
Deutscher Naturschutzring – DNR – http://www.dnr.de
Deutsches Komitee für UN Women e.V. – http://www.unwomen.de
Deutsch-Marokkanischen Kompetenznetzwerkes e.V. – http://www.dmk-online.org
DEVAMM – Human Rights Organisation
DevCon-An Association for Rural Development – http://www.devconpk.org
DevEd – http://www.deved.org
Developing Innovations in Navajo Education Inc. – http://www.navajofarms.org
Development & Integrity Intervention Goal
Development &Research Organisation for Nature, Arts & Heritage – http://www.dronah.org
Development Action Agency
Development Action for Women Network – http://www.dawnphil.org
Development Action Group
Development Action Network – http://www.dan.org(underconstruction)
Development Advocates and Lobbyists
Development Alternatives – http://www.devalt.org
Development Alternatives for Wider Network – http://www.dawnalliances.org
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era – http://www.dawnnet.org
Development and Environment
Development and Environmental Law Center – http://www.delc-madagascar.org
Development and Relief Foundation – http://www.drfcharity.org
Development Association For Struggle Against Poverty
Development Authority
Development Dynamics (Africa)
Development Education and Advocacy Resources Initiative for Africa
Development Education for Youth
Development Empowerment Society International
Development Exchange Centre, Bauchi
Development for Children and Women Organization – http://www.dcwo.org.pk
Development Foundation – Kharkiv City Charitable Fund
Development Foundation for Rural Areas
Development Gateway – http://www.developmentgateway.org
Development Generation Africa International (DGAI) – http://www.dgai.webs.com
Development Group for Alternative Policies, Inc., The
Development Indian Ocean Network
Development Information Network
Development Initiative for Community Enhancement (DICE)
Development Initiatives – http://www.devinit.org
Development Initiatives Network – http://www.din.org.ng
Development Innovations and Networks – http://www.ired.org
Development Innovations and Networks – Niger
Development Khmer Kid Prosperity
Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations
Development of Institution & Youth Alliance – http://www.diyaalliance.org
Development of National Youth and Environmental Protection Association (DONYAEPA)
Development of Under-Privileged through integrated Economical Services
Development Organization for Community DOC – http://www.facebook/doc.balochistan
Development Organization for Social Transformation – http://www.dost.org.pk
Development Organization for Social Transformation( DOST) Balochistan
Development Organization of Coastal Area’s People
Development Organization of Socio-Economic, Health and Environmental Research
Development Partnership International
Development Promotion Group – http://www.dpgsulo.org
Development Reality Institute – http://www.driafrica.org
Development Research For Empowerment and Participation – http://www.drepmw.org
Development Research Southrn Africa Trust
DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE CENTRE – http://www.drcorissa.weebly.com
Development Service Exchange
Development Shepherd – NGO
Development Society
Development Society of Southern Africa
Development Solutions – http://www.dsmongolia.org
Development Support Care and Empowerment Foundation NGO – http://www.devsfoundation.org.ng
Development Through Media
Development Through Savings and Credit
Development Wheel
Development Without Borders Institution DWBI – http://www.dwbi-iraq.org
Development Workshop – http://www.devworks.org
Development Workshop Angola – Sustainable Livelihood Project
Development Workshop France – http://www.dwf.org
Development-2006 Social Support Public Association – http://www.development2006.org
Developmental Association for Human Advancement
Developmental Association for Renewable Energies – http://www.dareworld.org
Developmental Intervention and Welfare Organization – http://www.diwo.org
Developmental Media, Inc. – http://www.devmedialiberia.webs.com
Developoment for all NGO – http://deaInter.org
Développement -Initiative -Solidarité -Action -Concertée -Coopération
Développement par l’épargne et le crédit / Development Through Savings and Credit
Développement pour un Mieux Etre
Developpement Rural pour l’Afrique
Developpement sans Frontiers
Développement, Environnement et Santé Sans Frontières – http://www.dessafcameroun.org(enconstruction)
DEVNET Association – http://www.devnetinternational.org
Devoirs, Responsabilités, Optés et Intégrés par Tous
Devotional Endeavour Voluntary Association (DEVA) – http://www.devaindia.org
Devout Volunteer Organization
DEWA Trust – http://www.dewatrust.org
Dewan Pemerhati Kehutanan dan Lingkungan Tatar Sunda – http://www.facebook.com/dpklts
DGVN,FU Berlin
Dhaka Ahsania Mission – http://www.ahsaniamission.org.bd
Dhammachai Education Foundation
Dhammakaya Foundation
DHAN (Development of Humane Action) FOUNDATION – http://www.dhan.org
Dhanusha UNESCO Association, Nepal
Dharma Bharathi Service Society / Universal Solidarity Movement – http://www.universalsolidarity.org
Dharma Chakra Vihar Mul Bauddha Shodh Sansthan – http://www.dcv.vnsedu.com
Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association
Dharma Initiative Trust – http://www.dharmainitiativetrust.com
Dharti Development Foundation – http://www.dhartifoundation.org.pk
Dhe-Tsang Monastery Foundation Limited
Diabetes & Hypertension Help Society – http://www.dhs-ng.org
Diabetes Association Of Barbados – http://www.diabetes.bb
Diabetes Australia
Diabetes South Africa – http://www.diabetessa.co.za
diabetesDE – http://www.diabetesde.org
Diabetic Education and Research Foundation
Diabgroup Gambia Friends Bayern e. V. – http://www.diabgroup.de
Diakonisches Werk der EKD e.V.
Dialog Forum – http://www.dialogin.dk
Dialogo 2000 – http://www.dialogo2000.blogspot.com
Dialogue Association for Culture and Creativity
Dialogue International Kapiri-Mposhi District – http://www.dialogueafrica.org
Dialogue of Cultures – United World International Public Charity Fund
Dialogue on Diversity, Inc. – http://www.dialogueondiversity.org
Dialógus Platform Egyesület – http://www.dialogusplatform.hu
Dianova International – http://www.dianova.org
Diaspora Connection – http://diasporationconnection.org
Diaspora for African Development – http://www.dfad.org.uk
Diaspora Peacemaking org /wadajir
Dickross Orphanage Foundation, Inc
Die Kinder von Cali Hamburg e.V
Dieu Vous Aime
Diganta Samaj Kalyan Samity
Digital Austria BMF Bundesministerium fnr Finanzen
Digital freedom network
Digital Leadership Institute – http://dlii.org
Digital Opportunity Trust – http://www.dotrust.org
Digital Partners Foundation
Digital Peers International – http://www.digitalpeers.org
Dignidad y Justicia en el Camino A.C. – http://www.fm4pasolibre.org
Dignité internationale -Togo
Dignity Cooperative
Dignity International – http://www.dignityinternational.org
Diligent Rural Development and Sustainable Agricultural Research Centre
Dine Policy Institute
Dine’ Agriculture
dipartimento europeo sicurezza informazioni – http://www.dipartimentodesi.altervista.org
DiploFoundation – http://www.diplomacy.edu
Diplomacy by Other Means – http://Www.shaunccurry.com
Dir Rural Development Organization
Dirección de Estudios Profesionales en Ciencias Médico-Biologicas – http://www.ipn.mx
Direccion Etnias Ministerio el Interior y de Justicia
Direccion General de Asuntos Ambientales, Ministerio de relaciones exteriores
Direccion Nacional de Defensa de los Pueblos Indigenas
Direccion Nacional de Salud de los Pueblos Indigenas
Direct Aid – http://www.direct-aid.org
Direct Democracy Network
Director Institute of Public Enterprise, Osmania University Campus, H
Director-the Centre strategic resaerch under the president of the rep
Disability Action – http://www.disabilityaction.org
Disability and Development Partners – http://www.ddpuk.org
Disability Association of Tavana – http://www.irantavana.com
Disability Grapevine Online Newspaper
Disability HIV and AIDS Trust (DHAT)
Disability Rights
Disability Rights Fund – http://www.disabilityrightsfund.org
Disability Working Group Timor-Leste
Disabled & Old Rest House – Kahrizak, The – “Charity”
Disabled People South Africa
Disabled Peoples’ International Korea – http://www.dpikorea.org
Disabled People’s Organizations Of The Caribbean
Disabled Women Support Organisation
Disabled Women’s Network and Resources Organization in Uganda (DWNRO)
Disarm Education Fund Inc. – http://www.disarm.org
Disarmament Archives
Disaster and Environmental Management Organisation
Disaster Volunteers of Ghana – http://www.divog.org
Discovery Africa – http://discoveryafrica.wordpress.com
DISCOVERY BOYS ARTS, SPORTS AND CULTURAL CLUB – http://www.velmoc.com/ngo/discoveryboys
Discovery Institute
Discovery Team International – http://www.discoveryplus.org
Disease Management Association of India – http://www.dmai.org.in
DISHA – Society for Rural & Urban Community Development
Disha Sirsa
Disisleri Mensuplari Esleri Dayanisma Dernegi – http://www.dmedd.org
Disminuídos Físicos de Aragón
Distressed and Displaced (Africa)
District Rural Social Welfare Sangam
DITSHWANELO – The Botswana Centre for Human Rights
Ditshwanelo Centre for Human Rights – http://www.ditshwanelo.org.bw
Diversity Council Australia – http://www.dca.org.au
Divine Breakthrough Ministries, Inc – http://www.divinebreakthroughministries.org
Divine Gâce International
Divine International Foundation – http://www.difgroup.in
Divine Motivation
Divine Women Projects
DIVUTEC – Associação Guineense de Estudos e Divulgação de Tecnologias Apropriadas
Divya Jyoi Mahila Vikash – http://www.djmv.cfsites.org
Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan – http://www.Djjs.org
Diya Foundation Ngo – http://diyafoundation.org
DIYA, The All-Ukranian Women’s People’s Democratic Association
DIYAbility – http://www.diyability.org
Djimo Foundation
Do It Yourself Non Governmental Organisation – http://www.diyngo.org
Do Something International Campaign – http://www.cadosin.org
Dobbie Welfare Outreaches
DOCHAS – http://www.dochas.ie
Doctors For Humanity International -Medecins Pour L’humanite International
Doctors for Humankind Foundation
Doctors of the World
Doctors Worldwide Ltd – http://www.doctorsworldwide.org
Dodoma Biogas and other Alternative Energies.
Dodoma Environmental Network
Doga Koruma Merkezi – http://www.dkm.org.tr
Dogal Hayati Koruma Dernegi
Dogodogo Centre Street Children Trust – http://www.dogodogocentre.org
Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development (DIIFSD) – http://www.fsd.org.qa
DOKITA Volunteer Association
DOLLY FOUNDATION – http://www.dollyfoundationghana.webs.com
Dombak Evangelical Voluntary Team
Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America – http://www.episcopalchurch.org
Domestic Violence NSW Incorporated – http://www.wrrc.org.au
Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities Incorporated
Dominica Conservation Association
Dominican Leadership Conference – http://www.domlife.org/dlc/
Dominican Sisters International – http://WWW.DSIOP.ORG
Dominican Union of Journalists for Peace
Dominicans for Justice and Peace – Order of Preachers – http://un.op.org
Dominion Breed
Dones per la Llibertat i Democràcia – http://www.doneslid.org
Donezk Law Institute
Donne in Rete contro la Violenza – ONLUS
Donors Sub-Committee on Human Rights
Dosha Social Development Organization
Dost Welfare Foundation – http://www.dostfoundation.org
Dosti Welfare Organization – http://www.globaleducationcampaign.org
Dove Centre For Children
Dovewerks – http://www.dovewerks.org
DP World
DPU Associates, University College London
Dr Ambedkar Social Computer Development Organisation – http://www.ambedkarsocialdevelopment.org
Dr. Govind Das Richhariya Foundation
Dr. Reddy’s Foundation – http://www.drreddysfoundation.org
Dr. Salim Ali Memorial Nature Club – http://samncngo.cfsites.org/
Dr. Swami Hardas Glorious Globe and Brotherhood Organisation – http://www.shls.info
Dr.Ambedkar Trustworthy for Education and Rehabilitation
Dr.Morteza Chaman ara – http://www.tavallodedobareman.blogfa.com
Drammeh Institute, Inc
Dream Achievers Youth Organization – http://www.dreamachieverskenya.org
Dream Africa Volunteer Service – http://ww.davsghana.org
Dream Weaver Organization
DREW UNIVERSITY – http://www.drew.edu
Droit a l’energie sos futur – http://www.energiesosfutur.org
Droit Pour Tous – http://www.droitpourtous.ch
Droit pour une vie saine sans tabac
Droits de l’Homme sans Frontières – Human Rights Without Frontiers – http://www.hwf.net
Drug Abuse Information Rehabilitation and Research Centre
Drug Free America Foundation – http://www.dfaf.org
Drug Free Association Of Nigeria
Drug Free Australia Ltd. – http://www.drugfree.org.au
Drug Free Nation Welfare Organization – http://www.drugfreenation.org,www.sada.drugfreenation.org
Drug Free Pakistan Foundation – http://dfpf.org.pk/
Drug Policy Alliance
Drug Policy Forum of Kansas
Drug Prevention Network of Canada
Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet)
Drug Watch International
DSW-Ethiopia – http://www.dsw-ethiopia.org
Du Pain Pour Chaque Enfant
Dubai Police, United Arab Emirates
Dubai School of Government
Ducuum – http://www.ducuum.org
Due Process of Law Foundation – http://www.dplf.org/
Dui Hua Foundation, The
Duisburg-Essen University
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Foundation, The – http://www.intaward.org
Duke University Center for International Development
Dumi Kirat Phansikim, Central Committee
Dunamis-Touch Christian Development Foundation – http://www.dunamis.dothouseghana.com
Durawa Development Organization – http://www.durawa.org
Durban Chamber Foundation – http://www.durbanchamber.co.za
Durban Declaration & Program of Action Watch Group – http://www.ddpa-watchgroup.org
Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC)
Durga Mahila Sangham
Durham University
Durka Rural Women Welfare Foundation
Dutch Council for Refugees / VluchtelingenWerk Nederland – http://www.vluchtelingenwerk.nl
Duya Memorial Care Society
Dwa Fanm – http://www.dwafanm.org
Dynamic Action Groups – http://www.dynamicactiongroup.org
Dynamic Christian World Mission Foundation, U.S.A.
Dynamic Youth Development Organisation
Dynamique Des Femmes De Tshikapa
Dynamique Des Volontaires Sociaux – http://WWW.DYVOSO-AFRIK.ORG
Dynamique pour la Paix et les Droits de L’Homme
Dzeno Association
e 8 – http://www.e8.org
E M Trust – http://www.emtrustnepal.org
e^2: Equitable Energhy – http://www.getesquared.org
E-7 Council
eagle cadet organization for human welfare and emergency rescue mission
Eagle Eyes Association for Afghan Displaced Youth – http://www.eagleeyesngo.org
Eagle Forum
Eakok Attomanobik Unnayan Sangstha – http://www.eakok.org
Earl Mountbatten of Burma Award
Earth Action – Congo
Earth Action Network
Earth and Peace Education Associates International – http://www.globalepe.org
Earth Charter Associates Ltd. – http://www.earthcharterinaction.org
Earth Child Institute, Inc. – http://www.earthchildinstitute.org
Earth Community Trust – http://www.thisisecocide.com/
Earth Council – http://www.earthcouncilalliance.org
Earth Day Alliance
Earth Day Network, Inc. – http://www.earthday.net
Earth Day USA
Earth Endeavors
Earth Ethics Research Group, Inc
Earth Guardians
Earth Island Institute – http://www.earthisland.org
Earth Law Center – http://www.earthlawcenter.org
Earth Light Network Inc
Earth Negotiations Bulletin
Earth Negotiations Bulletin (From IISD) – http://wwwiisdorg/http://wwwiisdca/voltochtml
Earth Push ltd/gte
Earth Repair Foundation
Earth Resources
Earth Savers Movement Inc
Earth Society
Earth Society Foundation, Inc.
Earth Station Foundation
Earth Summit 2012 Japan – http://earthsummit2012.jp
EarthAction Santiago or Accion por la Tierra
EarthCulture & Focus Network
EarthGame – http://www.1earthgame.com
Earthjustice – http://www.earthjustice.org
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
Earthkind U.S.A
Earthlife Africa – http://www.earthlife.org.za
Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative
EarthRights International
Earthsavers Unesco Dream Center/Philippine Center of International Theatre Institute
Earthstewards Network
EARTHTRUST – http://www.earthtrust.org
EarthTrust International
EARTHWATCH RESEARCH INSTITUTE – http://www.earthwatchnigeria.org,www.earthwatchmagazine.com
East Africa Law Society
East Africa Youth for Peace and Human Rights – http://www.humanitarianforum.org/eayopeh
East African Forum for Payment for Ecosystem Services – http://www.eafpes.org
East African Support Unit for NGOs
East African Youth Agency
East African Youth Council, The (EAYCO)
East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project – http://www.defenddefenders.org
East Asia Environmental Information Center – http://www.eden-j.org
East Coast Center for Research & Learning
East Coast Institute for Research and Education
East Eagle Foundation – http://www.facebook.com/eefoundation.ong
East European Educational and Cultural Center – http://www.eeecc.org
East European Institute for Reproductive Health
East Timorese Women’s Network (REDE Feto Timor Leste)
Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council – http://eadiaspora.org/index.html
Eastern Africa Farmers’ Federation – http://www.eaffu.org
Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS Service Organizations – http://www.eannaso.org
Eastern African Sub-Regional Support Initiative for the Advencement of Women, The – http://eassi.org
Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport – http://www.easst.co.uk
Eastern and Southern African Management Institute
Eastern and Southern African Mineral Resources Development Centre
Eastern campus – http://www.xleader.cn
Eastern Cape Schools and Youth Development Programme
Eastern Carolina Community Development Corporation
Eastern Mennonite University
Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration
Eastern Sudan Women Development Organization
East-West Center
EastWest Institute
East-West Management Institute
Eau Vive
Ebenezerstone foundation
Ebussamba Imno Project Group
ECA Leadership Foundation – http://s309361848.websitehome.co.uk/
ECA Watch Austria
ECAD, European Cities Against Drugs – http://www.ecad.net
ECCO2 Corp – http://www.ecco2corp.org
EccoSocial da Regiao Serrana – http://eccosocialdaregiaoserrana.blogspot.com/
Echanges Franco-Allemands
Echekwu Damian Foundation – http://www.edfoundations.org
Echo de la Conscience Africaine
Echo Developpement et Strategie (EDS)
Echoing Steppe – http://www.cy.ngo.cn
Echoing Steppe web site – http://www.cy.ngo.cn
ECO – Sao Tomé Principe
Eco Conscious Developments
Eco Developpement et Strategie en Cote d’Ivoire
Eco Développement Participatif
ECO ED: A World Congress for Education and Communication on Environment and Development
Eco Friends Society
Eco Logic – http://www.ecologic.mk
Eco Needs Foundation – http://www.econeeds.org
ECO Sao Tome e Principe
Eco Society
Eco-Accord – Center for Environment and Sustainable Development – http://www.ecoaccord.org
Ecoagriculture International, Inc. – http://www.ecoagriculture.org
Ecociencia  Fundacion Ecuatoriana de Estudios Ecologicos
Ecocity Builders – http://www.ecocitybuilders.org
ECOCLUBE-Club La Granja.Cba.Arg – https://www.facebook.com/ecoclubEClubLaGranja?fref=ts
Ecocosm Dynamics, Ltd. – http://www.ecocosmdynamics.org
ECODATA- Agência Brasileira de Meio Ambiente e Tecnologia da Informação – http://www.ecodata.org.br
ECO-ECOLO – http://www.ecoecolo.org
Ecoethno Center – http://www.ecoethno.com
Ecoforum for Peace- USSR
Eco-Forum Global – http://www.efglobal.com/
Ecoforum of NGOs of Uzbekistan
Eco-Friendly Jobs Employment and Training – http://www.ecofriendlyjet.org
Ecole et Vie
Ecole Instrument de Paix Bénin – http://www.portail-eip.org
Ecole-Parrainage et Actions et Développement de Base
EcoLogic Development Fund – http://www.ecologic.org
Ecologic Institute for International and European Environmental Policy – http://www.ecologic.eu
Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand – http://ecoalert-thailand.org/
Ecological Development Union International – http://www.green-edui.org
Ecological Friendly Society
Ecological Restorations
Ecological Society DRIN-Tim
Ecological Society- RUZGAR
Ecological Union of Russia
Ecological Waste Coalition of the Philippines – http://www.ecowastecoalition.org/www.ecowastecoalition@blogspot.com
Ecological Youth of Angola
Ecologistas en Accion – http://www.ecologistasenaccion.org
Ecologistas en Acción
Ecologists Without Borders – http://www.ecowb.org
Ecology Action Centre
Ecomar A.C./ EPOMEX  Programa de Ecologia, Pesquerias y Oceanografia del Golfo de Mexico
Economic and Social Empowerment Of Rural Communities – http://www.eserc.org
Economic and Social Empowerment of women organization
Economic Development Council
Economic Justice Network of the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa – http://www.ejn.org.za
Economic Justice Network Sierra Leone – http://www.aycah.org
Economic Opportunity commission, Inc.
Economic Policy Research Centre
Economic Research Center – http://www.erc.az
Economic Research Committee of the Gas Industry – COMETEC – GAZ
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights-Asia,Inc. – http://www.hrba2j.asia
Economical Cooperation Development & Technical-Engineering Services Center of Middle East Countries – http://www.itcir.com
Economique Africaine et Dela
Economists Against the Arms Race
Economists for Peace and Security – http://www.epsusa.org
Ecopeace Middle East Environmental NGO Forum – http://www.foeme.org
Eco-Social Development Organization – http://www.esdo-bangladesh.org
Ecospirituality Foundation
Ecosystem Management Initiative
ECOTECHSY- Pôle Suisse de compétences en Eco-technologie, développement durable et génération d’emploi – http://www.ecotechsy.ch
Ecoterra International – http://www.ecoterra-international.org
Eco-Tiras International Environmental Association of River Keepers
Ecotropic- Brasil
Ecotrópica – Fundação de Apoio à Vida nos Trópicos – http://www.ecotropica.org.br
Ecotrust – http://www.ecotrust.org
Ecoute de la Nature
ECOWAS YOUTH AND CITIZENS LEAGUE – http://www.ecowasyouth.org
Ecpat Guatemala
ECPAT-USA: End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, Inc. – http://www.ecpatusa.org
ECRFM-Environment Cycle Radio F.M. 104.2MHZ
Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance – http://www.e-alliance.ch
Ecumenical Alliance for Human Rights and Development – http://www.eahrd.org
Ecumenical Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development – http://www.ecasard.org
Ecumenical Center for Stewardship Studies
Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism (ECTWT)
Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism Foundation – http://www.ecotonline.org
Ecumenical Commission For Human Development – http://www.echd.org.pk
Ecumenical Documentation Information Centre for Eastern and Southern Africa
Ecumenical Network for Youth Action
Ecumenical Service for Socioeconomic Transformation – http://www.esset.or.za
Ecumenical Society for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation
Ecumenical Women Association of Liberia, Inc – http://www.ewaliberia.org
Ecumenical Youth Peace Initiative Commission
EDEC – Estrutura de Desenvolvimento de Educação Comunitária
Edelman Consulting Company
Eden Foundation – http://www.edenfoundation.org.nz
Eden Handicap Service Centre Berhad
Edenic Light Humanitarian Institute for Integrative, Pastoral & Natural Medicine – http://www.edenic-light.comwww.pastoral-medicine.us
Edikanfo Progressive Foundation
Edinburgh Centre for Tropical Forests (ECTF) – http://wwwectfcouk/
Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
Edison Electronic Institute
Edmund Rice Centre – http://www.erc.org.au
Edmund Rice International Limited – http://www.edmundriceinternational.org/
Edo Change Network
Edo Youth Congress – http://www.edoyouthcongress.com
edo youth congress of nigeria
EDOIKANFO Progressive Foundation
Educació per a l’Acció Crítica (EPAC) – http://www.edpac.cat
Educare – Africa
EduCare Citizen Community Board
EduCare India – http://www.educare.in
Educare Trust, Nigeria – http://www.educaretrustngr.org
Educate Africa
Educated Unemployed Welfare Society – http://www.euws.in
Education Aid – http://www.education-aid.org
Education and Development Society – http://ngo.india.gov.in/view_ngo_details.php?ngo_id=eds09_edu&ngo_black=…
Education and Literacy Fund for Africa
Education and Research Association for Consumers
Education and Resources to Help
Education and Resources to Help (E.A.R.T.H.)
Education as a Vaccine – http://www.evanigeria.org
Education Center on the human rights of women
Education Centre For Helpless Children
Education Centre For Helpless Children – Nepal
Education Centre for Women in Democracy (ECWD)
Education Development Center, Inc. – http://www.main.edc.org
Education Development Foundation
Education -Développement
Education for Development
Education for Development Foundation (EDF), The
Education For Employment Foundation (THE) – http://www.efefoundation.org
Education for Growth and Development – http://www.egdcmr.org
Education on Human Rights Public Association – http://www.ehr-az.org
Education pour la Population et la vie Familiale
Education Santé Développement
Education Society of Azerbaijan Republic – http://azetahsil.blogspot.com/
Education women fund for neglected childen
Educational Center for Youth – http://www.ecy.az
Educational Development and Youth Consultancy Services
Educational Foundation for African Women
Educators for Peace, Norway
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
Eduquer pour un Mieux Être
EduSave Trust
Eesti Naisteühenduste Ümarlaua Sihtasutus – http://www.enu.ee
EFIDH – http://www.efidh.com
EG Justice – http://egjustice.org
Egale – http://www.egale.ca
Ege Uluslararasi Saglik Federasyonu – http://www.esafed.org
Église ‘Américano-Haitienne’ Adventiste du Septième Jour Hébron
Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development – http://www.egyptfoundation.org
Egyptain Association for Cities development – http://www.underconstructioncityonlineinfo.net
Egyptian AIDS Society – http://www.egyaids.org
Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement – http://www.mosharka.org
Egyptian Association for Educational Resources – http://www.egypt-era.org
Egyptian Biodynamic Association
Egyptian Business Women Association
Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights – http://www.ecwronline.org
Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs – http://www.ecfa-egypt.org
Egyptian Demographers Association
Egyptian Family Planning Association – http://www.efpa-eg.net
Egyptian Organization for Human Rights – http://www.eohr.org
Egyptian Red Crescent Society
Egyptian Society for Migration Studies
Egyptian Society for the Development of Local Communities, The
Egyptian Water Partnership (EWP)
Egyptian Youth Association for Health Development – http://www.gycaegypt.org
Egyptian Youth Federation – http://www.eyfed.org
Egypt’s Daughter Association for Development (EDA)
Ehsaas Foundation – http://www.ehsaasfoundation.com
Ehsaas Trust – http://www.ehsaastrust.org
Eight Gardenias Charitable Trust
Eikosphere Foundation – http://www.eikosphere.org
EIMAN – http://www.eiman.org.uk
EIRENE (Service Chrétien International pour la Paix)
Ek Sangharsh – http://www.eksangharshindia.org
Ekam Seva Parivar
Ekap Achi Foundation – http://www.ekapachifoundation.org
Eko Ibom Progressive MPCS Ltd.
Eko Real Llc
Ekoloji Tarazlig
Ekoloji Tarazliq – http://www.ekot.az
Ekolosko Drustvo Endemit – http://www.endemit.org.rs
Ekooptimist – http://www.ekooptimist.hr
EKTA – http://www.ektamadurai.org
Ekta Welfare Society – http://ekta-welfare.qapacity.com
El Colegio de Veracruz
EL HANANE (Tendresse: Avoir beaucoup d’Affection pour les pauvres au large sense du mot)
El Poder del Consumidor A.C. – http://www.elpoderdelconsumidor.org
El Salvador – Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia
El Taller
ELA-Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género – http://www.ela.org.ar
El-Amel Association for social development
Elderly Citizen Welfare Society
Elders Council of India
Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center at Val-Kill – http://www.erleadership.org
Electoral Reform Society of Great Britain & Ireland
Electric Power Research Institute
Electronic Commerce Europe
Electronic Commerce World Institute
Electronic Frontier Foundation – https://www.eff.org
Elephant Neighbors Center – http://www.elephantneighborscenter.org
Elephants for Peace
Elgon Project Management – http://www.elgonpm.com
ELI AFRICA – http://eli-africa.org/
ELIGE Red de Jóvenes por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos, A.C. – http://www.elige.net
Elim Pentecostal Temples of the Lord Ministries – EPTM
Elimination of Hard Core Poverty Foundation – http://www.elohacopofoundation.org
Elimisha – http://www.elimishatz.org
Elite Club
Elite Ladies Placement Services
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation – http://www.pedaids.org
Elizabeth Stops
Elizka Relief Foundation – http://www.elizka.org
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund – http://www.smwf.org
Elongo Elonga Ongd – http://www.elongoelonga.solidairesdumonde.org
Els-Ham Papua
Elyon Trust – http://www.elyon-trust.org
Emace Foundation – http://www.emacesrilanka.com
Emang Basadi Women’s Association
Embassy of the State of Qatar in Seoul
Embassy of Ukraine in Seoul
EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs, Inc. – http://www.emdrhap.org
Emerald Entrepreneurs Club – http://www.eeclub.org
Emerge For Africa Ltd – http://www.emergeforafrica.org
Emerging Youth Network Foundation – http://www.eynf.webs.com
Eminence – http://www.eminence-bd.org
Emirates Diving Association – http://www.emiratesdiving.com
Emirates Environmental Group – http://www.eeg-uae.org
Emmanuel Development Association (EDA) – http://www.edaethiopia.org
Emmaus International Association
Emmaus International Trust
Emoeferotu Foundation
Emperor Foundation – http://www.emperorfoundation.net
Empire Empowerment Inc.
Empire Justice Center – http://www.empirejustice.org
EMPOWER – http://www.empowerindia.org
Empower America
Empower Limited (Malawi) – http://www.empowerprojects.org
Empower Uganda
Empower Your Environment Society India – http://www.eyesindia.org
Empowering Women For Excellence Initiative – http://www.ewei.wetpaint.com
Empowering Women for Gender Equity – http://www.agenda.org.za/
Empowerment Iniative Ghana – http://www.empighana.org
Empowerment Initiative Ghana
Enable India – http://www.enable-india.org
Encadrement Technique et Réalisation pour un Développement Durable
Encuentros Hemisféricos contra el ALCA
End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes Guatemala – http://www.ecpatguatemala.com
End Hunger Committee Rio Claro
End Water Poverty – http://www.endwaterpoverty.org
ENDA – HTTP://www.enda.sn/
Enda Europe
Enda Inter-Arabe
ENDA Inter-Arabe Environnement et Développement
ENDA Maghreb – Environnement, développement et action au maghreb
ENDA Tiers Monde – http://www.endatiersmonde.org
Endeavour Forum Inc. – http://www.endeavourforum.org.au
Endometriosis Association
Enehiville foundation – http://www.enehivillefoundation@webs.com
ENERGETICA – http://www.energetica.org.bo
Energia Solar Ocidental-Asfour – http://eso-a.org.br/
Energies 2050 – http://www.energies2050.org
Energy & Development Research Centre UCT
Energy 21
Energy and Climate Policy Institute for Just Transition – http://enerpol.net/
Energy and Development Research Center
Energy and Environment Programme of the Royal Institute of International Affairs
Energy and Environment Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs – http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk
Energy and Environment Society of Pakistan
Energy Crossroads – http://www.energycrossroads.org
Energy Environment and Development Society
Energy Globe Foundation
Energy Probe Research Foundation/Probe International
Energy, Technology and the Environment – http://www.emdh.org
Energy, Technology and the Environment (ETE 21)
Enersol Associates, Inc
Enfance joyeuse du Cameroun
Enfant de Lumiere
Enfant Foot Développement/ RDC
Enfants de l’azawak
Enfants du Monde – Droits de l’Homme
Enfants et Action – http://enfantsetaction.e-monsite.com
Enfants Sans Frontière
Enfants solidaires d’afrique et du monde – http://www.esamsolidarity.org
Engage Now Africa – http://www.engagenowafrica.org
Engage Now Africa (USA) – http://engagenowafrica.org
Engagement Publique
Engender – http://www.engender.org.uk
EngenderHealth – http://www.engenderhealth.org
Engine Manufacturers Association – http://www.enginemanufacturers.org
Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources
Engineering Staff College of India – http://www.escihyd.org
Engineers Without Borders – International
Engineers Without Borders UK – http://www.ewb-uk.org
Engineers Without Borders USA – http://www.ewb-usa.org
English International Association of Lund, the (Sweden) – http://www.thelundian.com
English Speaking Union International Council, The
English World Wide Translators
Eniyan Development Initiative for Gender Justice – http://www.ediforgenderjustice.org
Enlightening Future-ENLIFT – http://www.enlift.org/
ENO Programme Association – http://www.enoprogramme.org
Enosi Metaston Ellados – http://www.eme.org.gr
Enough is Enough! People’s Initiative / Iniciativa Ciudadana ¡BASTA YA!
Ensemble Allons Dans La Paix – http://www.eapngo@yahoo.fr
Ensemble luttons contre le Sida – http://www.elcosrdc.org
Ensemble pour le Develeppement Durable du District d’Arta – http://www.weah.projetdomaine.com
Ente Colombo ’92/ International Conference on Ocean Management in Global Change
Enterprise for Sutainable Wrold – http://www.e4sw.org
Enterprise Promotion Link
Enterprising Nigeria Project – http://www.enterprisingnigeria.com
Enterprizer Technologies LLC
Enthinderungsselbsthilfe von Autisten für Autisten (und Angehörige) – http://www.autisten.enthinderung.de
Entidade Ecologica dos Surfistas – http://www.ecosurfi.org
Entraide Salama, Mutual aid Safety – ENSA
Entrepreneurial Development Initiative – http://www.endip.org
Entrepreneurs du Monde – http://www.entrepreneursdumonde.org
Entreprenurship Development and Support Initiative
Entwicklungspolitisches Bildungs- und Informationszentrum EPIZ e.V. – http://www.epiz-berlin.de
Envi-Rep Cameroon
Environic Foundation International – http://www.environicfoundation.org
Environment 2000 Foundation
Environment Action Association – http://www.ecolink.or.kr
Environment Africa
Environment and Development Activities – Morocco
Environment and Development Activities – Zimbabwe
Environment and Development Activities Zimbabwe
Environment and Development Association of Ghana
Environment and Development Resource Centre
Environment and Development Service (ENDS)
Environment and Social Development Organization – http://www.esdo.org
Environment and Society Organization
Environment Conservation Assocation of Zambia
Environment Council Bangladesh – http://www.ecbangladesh.org
Environment Europe – http://www.environmenteurope.org
Environment for life
Environment Foundation, Ltd.
Environment Institute of Australia
Environment Liaison Centre International – http://www.elci.org/
Environment Networks in Cities
Environment Park
Environment Preservation Society
Environment Society of Chandigarh
Environment Society of Oman – http://www.eso.org.om
Environment Support Group – http://www.esgindia.org
Environment, Population and Development Services
Environmental Aid,Nigeria
Environmental Alert
Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development – http://www.ambassadors-env.com
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental and Rural Mediation Center (ENVIRUMEDIC)
Environmental Awareness Group – http://www.eagantigua.org
Environmental Broadcast Circle
Environmental Business Council
Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness – http://www.ecca.org.np
Environmental Careers Organizations
Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore) – http://www.eco-singapore.org
Environmental Coalition for North America – ENCONA
Environmental Concerns Action Network of Salomon Islands
Environmental Conservation and Helpful Organisation
Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide Jamaica – http://www.ecco2jamaica.org
Environmental Defence Society Incorporated
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Degradation Organization of Nigeria – http://www.environmentaldegradationng.org
Environmental Development Action in the Third World (ENDA)
Environmental Disaster Risk Management Group of Sri Lanka
Environmental Education, Research and Management Program
Environmental Enterprises Assistance Fund
Environmental Evaluation Unit
Environmental Exponent Inc.
Environmental Foundation ForTanzania
Environmental Foundation Ltd
Environmental Health (Scotland) Unit
Environmental Health Unit
Environmental Heritage Foundation
Environmental Information Centre
Environmental Investigation Agency
Environmental Justice Foundation Charitable Trust – http://www.ejfoundation.org
Environmental Justice Ghana
Environmental Justice Network Forum
Environmental Justice Protection
Environmental Justice Resource Center
Environmental Law and Management Initiative – http://elma-ng.cfsites.org
Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) – http://www.elc.ab.ca
Environmental Law Research Institute – http://www.elri-ng.org
Environmental Management and Law Association
Environmental Management Association of Nigeria
Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement – Bwaise Facility – http://www.bwaisefacility.org
Environmental Media Services
Environmental Monitoring Group – http://www.emg.org.za/
Environmental Monitoring Group: Western Cape
Environmental Network Center Inc
Environmental Organization – Rhodope – http://www.rhodope.eu
Environmental Partnership Council
Environmental Policy Observatory – http://www.observatoriopoliticaambiental.org
Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation – http://www.epcoweb.org
Environmental Protection and Development Group
Environmental Protection and Public Care Organization
Environmental Protection Association of Ghana
Environmental Protection Society
Environmental Quality Protection Foundation – http://www.eqpf.org/home.aspx
Environmental Relief service ERS. – http://www.ers.org.pk
Environmental Research Alliance
Environmental Research Center
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan – http://www.altarum.org
Environmental Rights Action
Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) – http://www.eraction.org
Environmental Rights Network
Environmental Safety Awareness Club
Environmental Science and Policy Institute
Environmental Sense Movement
Environmental Vanguard
Environmental Watch on North Caucasus – http://www.ewnc.org
Environmental Women’s Assembly
Environmental Youth Alliance
Environmental Youth Alliance Australia, The
Environmentalist Foundation of India
Environmentalists Society
Environmetal, Human Right Care and Gender Organization
Environnement en Ligne – TOGO – http://www.enoprogramme.org
Environnement et développement activités
Environnement et développement activités – ENDA-SYNFEV
Environnement et développement du monde-arabe
Environnement et développement du tiers-monde – http://www.enda.sn/
Environnement Jeunesse
Environnement Meilleur et la Promotion de la Jeunedde Desoeuvree (EMPJD)
Environnement Sans Frontière
Environs Australia: Local Government Environment Network
Environzine Africa
Enviro-Protect – International Association for Environmental Protection in Africa
Enviro-Protect / International Association for Env
EnviroSynergy Incorporated – http://www.envirosynergy.org
Enyiwaauzor Foundation – http://www.enyiwaauzorfoundation.org
EOTO World – http://www.eotoworld.com
Epanouissement de la Femme Congolaise
Epilespy South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Durban & Coastal Branch
Episcopal Church’s Office of Women in Mission and Ministry
Equal Access International – http://www.equalaccess.org
Equal Opportunities – http://www.eotj.org
Equal Opportunities for Women Foundation
E-Quality – http://www.e-quality.nl
E-Quality Experts on Gender and Ethnicity
Equality Now – http://www.equalitynow.org
Equidad de Genero: Ciudadania ,Trabajo y Familia,A.C. – http://www.equidad.org.mx
Equilibre de la Nature
equilibres & populations – http://www.equipop.org
Equipe de Jeunes Formateurs et Animateurs pour le Développement enreg.
Equis: Justicia para las Mujeres – http://www.equis.org.mx
Equit Institute – http://www.equit.org.brandwww.igtn.org
Equitas centre international d’education aux droits humains – http://www.equitas.org
Equiterre – http://www.equiterre.org
Erevna International Peace Center Inc. (EIPC)
Erfan e Sorkh
Eric Loveday Luke Osuoaboneni
Eritrean Community for Human Rights & Refugee Protection – http://eritreanhumanrights.org
Eritrean Global Solidarity – http://eritreanglobalsolidarity.org
Erymanthos – http://www.erymanthos.gr
Escuela de Agricultura de la Region Tropical Humeda
Escuelas Sustentables A.C. – http://www.escuelas-sustentables.org.mx
ESE-Organisation for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality in Macedon
Esiloyia welfare & Development Initiative – http://www.ihcenter.org/groups/ewadi-
Eskom Holdings Limited
Esnad International Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Aid
Espace Afrique International
Espace Associatif – http://www.espace-associatif.ma
Espace Associative – http://www.espace-associatif.ma
Espace de Formation et de Développement UNESCO
Espacio Afroamericano (EA)
Espacio Autonomo
Espacio Civil – http://www.espaciovivil.com
Espacio Iberoamericano de Juventud – http://www.juventudiberoamericana.org
Espanoles por la Liberdad en Cuba / Freedom in Cuba
Espoir pour la Communaute
Espoir pour Tous – http://espoirpourtous.midiblogs.com
Espoir Tiers Monde – http://www.espoirtiersmonde.net
Espoir -Togo
Espoir Vie -Togo
Espolea – http://www.espolea.org
Espolea, A.C. – http://www.espolea.org
Estancia del Migrante Gonzalez y Martinez, A.C.
Esteem Youth Foundation – http://www.esteemyouthfoundation.org
Esteria Woods International Outreach Foundation – http://www.ewiof.org
esther women & child welfare charitable trust
Estonian Institute of Human Rights – http://www.eihr.ee
Estudios Rurales y Asesoría
ETAD – Estrutura Técnica de Ajuda ao Desenvolvimento
ETC Foundation – http://www.etc-international.org
Ethereal Sanctuary
Ethical Certification and Labelling Authentification Project, The
Ethical Encounters – http://www.ethicaltravel.weebly.com
Ethical Hacking Society of Kashmir
Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, The – (ERLC), – http://www.erlc.com
Ethics Institute of South Africa – http://www.ethicssa.org
Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church of Salvation
Ethiopia Change and Development Association
Ethiopia Diabetes Associations
Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) – http://www.ehrco.org
Ethiopian Interfaith Forum for development Dialogue & Action – http://www.eifdda.org.et
Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church
Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission
Ethiopian Scholastic Foundation
Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee – http://www.esacnyc.com
Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society
Ethiopian World Federation – http://ewfheadquarters.org
Ethiopian Youth Climate Coalition
Ethiopian Youth League
Ethnic Lawyers Council
Etibor (Dignity) Public Organization
etoile 2000 corporation – http://www.etoile2000.com
Euclid Network – http://www.euclidnetwork.eu
Eunice Foundation – http://www.eunicefoundation.org
Eurasia Development and Cooperation Foundation
Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia – http://www.ef-ca.org
Eurasia Reiyukai – http://www.eurasiareiyukai.com
Eurasia Solutions, L.L.C. – http://www.eurasiasolutions.org
Eurasian Academy of Television & Radio
Eurasian Harm Reduction Network – http://www.harm-reduction.org
EURISPES Insituto di Studi Politici Economici e Sociali
Euro Mea
Euro-Arab Environment Organization – http://www.beae.net
EUROASIA Development and Co-operation Foundation
Eurochild – http://www.eurochild.org/
EuroGeographics – http://www.eurogeographics.org
Euromarches – HTTP://www.euromarches.org/
EUROMED MARSEILLE Ecole de Management
Euro-Mediterraan Centrum Migratie & Ontwikkeling – http://www.emcemo.nl
Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network – http://www.euromedrights.org/en/
EUROMIL EV – http://www.euromil.org
Euromontana (European Association for Mountain Areas)
Europaeischer Interessenverband Handel-Gewerbe-Industrie – http://www.interessenverband.at
Europe 2000
Europe Conservation
Europe et Environment
Europe Migrants Associations Council
Europe-Africa Development Initiative – http://www.eurafrika.com
European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities
European Academy of Bolzano
European Advisory Council for Technology Trade
European Ahwazi Human Rights Organisation – http://euahwazi.blogspot.com/
European Aids Treatment Group
European Alliance of Press Agencies
European Anti Poverty Network – EAPN
European Apparel and Textile Organization
European Association for Animal Production
European Association for Public Administration Accreditation
European Association for Renewable Energies
European Association for Research on Plant Breeding
European Association for the Advancement of Social Sciences
European Association for the International Space Year
European Association for the Trade in Jute and Related Products FAO
European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)
European Association of Automotive Suppliers – http://www.clepa.eu
European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes
European Association of Professionals Working in the Drug Field (ITACA)
European Association of Refrigeration Enterprises (AEEF)
European Atomic Forum
European Azerbaijanis for Democracy
European Baha’i Business Forum
European Bahraini Organisation for Human Rights – http://www.ebohr.org
European Bioethanol Fuels Association
European Boating Association, The (EBA)
European Broadcasting Union
European Bureau for Conscientious Objection – http://www.ebco-beoc.eu
European Bureau for Conservation and Development
European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL)
European Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future
European Business School (ebs) Jntl. University
European Cancer Patient Coalition – http://www.ecpc-online.org/
European Caravan Federation
European Catering Association
European Catering Association (ECA)
European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights – http://www.ecchr.eu
European Center of Environmental Studies
European Centre for Law and Justice, The / Centre Europeen pour le droit, les Justice et les droits de l’homme – http://www.eclj.org
European Centre for Rights and Justice
European Centre for Studies, Information and Education on Pacific Issues
European Centre on Pacific Issues
European Chemical Industry Council – http://www.cefic.org
European Commission
European Commission – DG Environment
European Commission – Environment Directorate-General
European Committee for Young Farmers’ and 4H Clubs (ECYF)
European Committee of Sugar Manufacturers
European Community
European Computer Manufacturers Association
European Confederation of Agriculture
European Confederation of Woodworking Industries
European Container Manufacturers’ Committee
European Council for Agricultural Law
European Council of Practical Nurses (EPN)
European Council of WIZO Federations
European Council of Young Farmers – http://ceja.eu/
European Council on Refugees and Exiles – http://www.ecre.org
European Cyclists’ Federation
European Democratic Lawyers
European Disability Forum
European Electronic Messaging Association
European Environmental Bureau – http://www.eeb.org
European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation – http://www.ecostandard.org
European Federation for Intercultural Learning
European Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly (EURAG)
European Federation for Transport and Environment – http://www.transportenvironment.org
European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment – http://www.fedarene.org
European Federation of Association of Particleboard Manufacturers
European Federation of Conference Towns
European Federation of Fibreboard Manufacturers
European Federation of Management Consultants Association
European Federation of National Associations of Engineers
European Federation of National Maintenance Societies
European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA)
European Federation of Older Students at Universities – http://www.efos-europa.eu
European Federation of Road Traffic Crash Victims
European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (EFMA)
European Food Law Association (EFLO)
European Forest Institute – http://wwwefifi/
European Foundation for Democracy – http://www.europeandemocracy.org
European Garage Equipment Association
European Health Psychology Society – http://www.ehps.net
European Heart Network
European Humanist Federation – http://www.humanistfederation.eu
European Humanities University
European Industrial Gases Association – http://www.eiga.eu
European Institute of Health and Social Welfare
European Institute, The
European Insulation Manufacturers Association EURIMA
European Insurance Committee
European Intermodal Association
European Landowners´ Organization-asbl ELO
European Law Students’ Association, The (ELSA) – http://www.elsa.org
European League for Economic Co-operation
European Liaison Committee for Pulp and Paper
European Liaison Committee for Pulp and Paper (EUPECA)
European Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association
European Mediterranean Commission on Water Planning
European Mountain Forum
European Movement for Ethics in Politics
European Natural Gas Vehicle Association – http://www.ngvaeurope.eu
European Network Against Racism
European Network of Policewomen – http://www.enp.nl
European Network of Women
European Network on Debt and Development
European Network on Migration and Development – http://www.eunomad.org
European Network, The
European Observatory of Mountain Forests (EOMF) – http://wwweomforg
European Organization for Human Rights in Kurdistan
European Organization for Quality
European Partners for the Environment – http://www.epe.be
European Platform for Rehabilitation – EPR
European Policies Research Centre
European Public Health Alliance – http://www.epha.org
European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Federation – http://www.ilga-europe.org
European Regional Industrial Development Organzation
European Renewable Energy Council – EREC
European Road Safety Equipment Federation (EUROADSAFE)
European Roma and Travellers Forum – http://www.ertf.org
European Roma Rights Center – http://www.errc.org
European Rural University-UK Network
European Senior Organisation
European Social Network – http://www.esn-eu.org
European Society for Medical Oncology – http://www.esmo.org
European Solidarity Towards Equal Participation of People
European Space Agency
European Students’ Union – http://www.esu-online.org
European Tea Committee
European Transport Safety Council
European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN – http://wwwetfrnorg/etfrn/indexhtml
European Union Migrants Forum
European Union of Developers and House Builders (UEPC)
European Union of Jewish Students
European Union of Public Relations – http://www.eupri.com
European Union of Women – http://www.eu-woman.eu
European Wind Energy Association – Policy Dept
European Women’s Lobby – http://www.womenlobby.org
European Youth Forum – http://www.youthforum.org/
European Youth Information and Counselling Agency asbl – http://www.eryica.org
European Youth Parliament-Georgia – http://www.eyp.org.ge,www.eypej.org
European Youth Press – Network of Young Media Makers – http://www.youthpress.org/
European-Asian-Latin American Institute for Cooperation
European-Turkish Business Confederation – http://www.unitee.eu/
Europe’s Elites Society – http://www.tavallodedobareman.blogfa.com
Europlatforms European Economic Interest Grouping
EUROSOLAR Turkey – http://www.eurosolar.org.tr
Eurosoutien Italien au Developpement (EUROSID)
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – http://www.epcc.ca
Evaluation Capacity Development Group – http://www.ecdg.net
Evangelical Association for Sustainable Development
Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana
Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief – http://www.eficor.org
Evangelical Fellwoship of Zambia – http://www.efzsecretaraiat.org
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tz. – Pare Diocese
Evangelical Lutheran Mission Leipzig
Evangelical Social Action Forum – http://www.esafindia.org
Evangelicals Body of Christ
Evangelio Pleno & Espiritu Santo
Evangelischer Entwicklungsdientst – http://www.eed.de
Evangelização Geral de Ajuda aos Necessitados
Eveil de la Femme
EVE-olution Foundation, Inc.
EVER BRIGHT FOUNDATION (EBF) – http://www.everbrightbd.org
Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development – http://www.evergreen.org.cn
Evergreen Club of Ghana
Evergreen Habitat Organization – http://www.evergreenhabitat.org
Evergreen Nature & Folklore Club
Evergreen Society – http://www.evergreenbd.org
Every Child Matters – Sierra Leone
EveryChild – http://www.everychild.org.uk
Evolution Must
Evolving Planet Corporation – http://www.evolvingplanet.ning.com
E-Voting.CC Competence Center for Electronic Voting and Participation
Ewha Womes’ University
EWSN Mobile Community inc. – http://m1388.kr
Exarchate of Europe and Russia Fedap-Spsjj *Knights of Malta* (U.S Priorate, NY) – Inc. – http://www.esarcatososj.org
EXCEL HORT CONSULT LIMITTED – http://www.excelhort.com
Excellent Leaders Development Initiative – http://www.eldisolutions.org
Exchange and Cooperation Centre for Latin America (Centre d’Exchanges et Cooperation pour l’Amerique Latine) – http://www.cecal.net
Executive Women’s Club of South Africa
Ex-fathers – http://www.ex-fathers.org
Exhibitor- 7th Global Forum Korean E-Government
Exhibitor- 7th Global Forum MSI (Samsung SDS Co., Ltd.)
Exhibotor redPuls
Exode Rural Zéro
Exodus Cry Inc – http://www.exoduscry.com
Exopolitics Institute
Expansion Nepal
Experimental Cities
Explore Kenya Inclusive Organisation – http://www.explorekenya.org
EXPLORERS CLUB, THE – http://www.explorers.org
Extensive Rural Poor Development Organisation
Ex-Volunteers International
F N Forbundet – http://www.fnforbundet.dk
FAARF Credit Service
Face Africa – http://www.faceafrica.org
Face Out Malaria and AIDS Foundation – http://www.fomango.net
Faces and Names – http://www.RENUPUBLIC@YAHOO.CO.UK
FacultT des Sciences juridiques, politiques et sociales de Tunis
Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
Faculty of Forestry
Faculty of Law, University of Tromso, Norway
Fahad Al Salem Center for Dialogue Among Civilizations and the Defense of Liberty – http://www.fahadcenter.org
Fahamu Trust – http://www.fahamu.organdwww.pambazuka.org
Fair & Welfare Committee – http://www.fwcindia.co.cc
Fair International Human Rights – http://www.fair-int.org
Fair River International Association for Develpment – http://www.fairriver.net
Fairbridge Project International Inc. – http://www.fairbridgeproject.org
Fairfood International – http://www.fairfood.org
Fairtrade Labelling Orgainzations International – http://www.fairtrade.net
Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International e.V. – http://www.fairtrade.net
Faith Association of Rehabilitation of Street Children and Orphans – http://www.farsoghana.org
Faith Center Inc.
Faith Matters – http://www.faith-matters.org
Faith Regen Foundation – http://www.thefrf.org/
Falah for Humanity
False Labels Global Inc. – http://www.falselabelsglobal.org
Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre
Familia Unida, Inc.
Familias y Sociedad, A.C.
Families are Nations – http://www.familiesrnations.org
Families for Freedom – http://www.familiesforfreedom.org
Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND) – http://www.find.org.ph
Famille Artisan Foundation
Famille d’Accueil pour Enfants Délaissés
Family & Children – http://www.famien.org
Family Action Council International
Family Action Foundation / Accion Familiar – http://www.accionfamiliar.org
Family Africa – http://www.thefamilyafrica.com
Family Aid Programme
Family Aid Programme (FAP)
Family and Marriage Society of South Africa
Family Care International – http://www.familycareintl.org
Family Center Ukrainian family – http://www.ru-v.com
Family Circle Initative International
Family Educational Services Foundation – http://www.fesf.org.pk
Family First
Family Friends Organization
Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia – http://www.fgaeet.org
Family Health Development Organization – http://www.fhdo.webs.com
Family Health International – http://www.fhi360.org
Family Health Ministries (FHM) – http://www.familyhm.org/
Family Justice
Family Life Counselling Association of Kenya
Family Life International
Family Life Movement of Zambia
Family of the Americas – http://www.familyplanning.net
Family Peace Inc.
Family Planning Association of India – http://www.fpaindia.org
Family Planning Association of Nepal – http://www.fpan.org
Family Planning association of Pakistan
Family Planning Association of Tanzania
Family Planning Association of Turkey
Family Planning Association, I.R.Iran – http://www.fha.org.ir
Family Planning Movement the – “Vrancea”
Family Protective Services, Corp. – http://www.familyprotectserv.org/
Family Reorientation Education & Empowerment – http://www.freefoundationafrica.org
Family Research Council
Family Support Federation of Argentina
Family Welfare Foundation of India – http://www.fwfindia.com
Family Welfare in Brazil Civil Society (BEMFAM) – http://www.bemfam.org.br
Fampandrosoana Maharitra ny Firenena
Fang Protective Services – http://www.fangprotectiveservices.org
Fantsuam Foundation
FAO – Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
FAO – Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean
Faqih Foundation for Development – http://www.humanitarianforum.org/pages/en/organisation-profile-faqih-fou…
FARCA – http://www.farcapk.org
Fare Ambiente – Movimento Ecologista Europeo – http://www.fareambiente.it
Farm Africa – http://www.farmafrica.org
Farmapu-inter & cecotrap-rcogl
Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems Promotion Trust (FMIST)
Farmers Alliance Against Poverty
Farmers Care Foundation, NGO.
Farmers Development Organization – http://www.fdopk.org
Farmer’s Development Union
Farmers Development Union – Nigeria
Farmers Educational & Cooperative Union of America – http://www.nfu.org
Farmers Organized Development Association of Nigeria
Farmers Water Management Committees Association – http://www.fwmca.org
Farming and Animal Husbandry Project – http://www.fahpcm.org
Farsa – http://tech354535.com
Farz Association of Rehabilitation and Develop[ment – http://www.farz.co.cc
Farz Organization for Sustainable Development – http://www.fosd.org
Fashoda Youth Forum – http://www.fashodayouthforum.org
Fassway Management Systems
Fast Rural Development Program – http://www.frdpsindh.org
Fate Foundation
FATIMA Women’s Network
Fatma ALLOO 
Fauna and Flora International
Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, The
Fauna International Trust
Fayette Companies
Fazaldad Human Rights Institute – http://www.fazaldad.com.pk
Fazil Rural Development Organization Fazil
Fazilia Trust Pakistan – http://www.faziliatrust.org
FCM Canada
FDI World Dental Federation – http://www.fdiworldental.org
Fe y Alegria
Feasta (Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability)
FECOC – Frente Continental de Organizações Comunitárias
FED – Fundação Educação e Desenvolvimento
Federação Brasileira de Instituições Filantrópicas de Apoio à Saúde da Mama – http://www.femama.org.br
Federacao Brasileira de Plantio Direto na Palha
Federação Brasileira de Plantio Direto na Palha – http://www.febrapdp.org.br
Federacao das Associacoes de Moradores e Entidades Comunitarias de Alagoas – http://www.famecal.blogspot.com
Federaçao de Entidades Ecologicas Catarinenses
Federação Nacional Civil De Capelania
Federacion Agaria Revoluciomariu Tupue Amaru II del Cusco Fartac
Federación Agraria Argentina – Mujeres Federadas Argentinas – http://www.faa.com.ar
Federacion Aymar Markas
Federación Conservacionista Mexicana
Federacion de Asociaciones de Defensa y Promocion de los Derechos Humanos – http://www.federacionddhh.org
Federacion de Clubes de Mujeres Profesionistas y de Negocios de Mexico, Asociacion Civil
Federacion de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois – http://www.fedecmiusa.com
Federacion de Clubes Zacatecanos del Sur de California – http://www.federacionzacatecana.org
Federacion de Comunas Union de Nativos de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana (FCUNAE)
Federacion de Comunidades Nativas de Iparia
Federacion de la Nacionalidad Achuar de Pastaza “FENAP”
Federacion de la Nacionalidad Shuar de Pastaza
Federacion De los Pueblos de la Sierra Norte
Federacion De los Pueblos de la Sierra Norte (CHIJALLTA-FICI)
Federación de Mujeres Progresistas – http://www.fmujeresprogresistas.org
Federacion de Organizaciones y Juntas Ambientalistas de Venezuela (FORJA)
Federacion de Tribus Xicaques de Yoro
Federacion Depatamental de Comunidades Campesinas de Lima -Fedecalim
Federación Ecuatoriana de Clubes UNESCO
Federacion Espanola de Asociaciones Pro Vida
Federación Española de Ingeniería Sin Fronteras – http://www.isf.es
Federacion Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales – FELGT/ Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual State Federation – http://www.felgtb.org
Federacion Foro Social Panafricanista de Comunidades Negras de España – http://www.reparacionafricana.blogspot.com
Federacion Indigena de Cacha
Federación Indígena de la Nacionalidad Cofán del Ecuador (FEINCE)
Federacion Indigena del Estado Bolivar FIEB
Federacion Indigena Tawahka de Honduras
Federación Indigenista de Venezuela
Federacion Internacional de Asociaciones de Ayuda Social Ecologica y Cultural FIADASEC / International Federation of Associations for Social, Ecological and Cultural Help
Federación Internacional de Fe y Alegría – http://www.feyalegria.org
Federacion international de Abogadas
Federacion Interprouineial de Centros Shuar de Morona Santiago
Federación Maranatha de Asociaciones Gitanas – http://www.gypsyworld.org
Federación Mundial de Juventudes Democráticas – HTTP://www.wfdy.org/
Federacion Planificacion Familiar España – http://www.fpfe.org
Federacion Provincial de Centros Shuar deS ucumbios
Federacion Shuar Kapar del Ecuador
Federacion Shuar: FENASH – P
Federación Sindicatos Unidos Petroleros del Estado
Federacion Zacatecana Asociacion Civil – http://www.fedzac.mx
Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities – FAAVM – http://www.faavm-canada.org
Federal Chancellary
Federal Chancellery of Austria
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs – Mission Permanente de la Suisse aupres de l’ONUG et des autres organisations internationales
Federal Government Chamber
Federal Procurement Agency of Austria
Federal Public Service Personnel & Organization
Federal Union of European Nationalities – http://www.fuen.org
Federally Employed Women, Inc.
Federated Institution Afroumbandista IFA of Uruguay
Federated Women In Timbre International Affairs
Federatie Platform Afrikaans Gemeenschappen – http://www.afrikaansplatform.be
Federatie van Nederlandse Verenigingen tot Integratie Van Homoseksualiteit – COC Nederland – http://www.coc.nl
Fédération Africaine des Femmes Entrepreneurs
Federation africaine des parents d’eleves et etudiants
Federation algerienne pour le mouvement de promotion des handicapes (FAMPH)
Federation chretienne des organisations economiques du katanga
Fédération Chrétienne des Pêcheurs Artisanaux du TOGO
Fédération Comorienne des Organisations de la Société Civile (FECOSC)
Fédération d’afrique centrale des associations pour la promotion des droits des personnes handicapées
Federation de Droit de Femmes
Federation de Tunis de Solidarite Sociale
Fédération de tunis de solidarité sociale
Féderation démocratique internationale des femmes (FDIF) – HTTP://www.fdif.eu.org/
Federation des Amis de L’unesco de Cote D’ivoire
Federation des Associations des Handicapes Moteur
Fédération des associations des handicapés moteurs
Federation des Associations du Fouta pour le Développement
Fédération des Associations du Fouta pour le Développement
Fédération des associations féminines du Sénégal – http://www.sentoo.sn/
Fédération des Associations Franco-Africaines de Développement – http://www.fafrad.org
Fédération des Collectives d’Organisations Féminines du Mali – http://www.fenacof.org
Federation des Congolais de l’Etranger
Federation des Dames De Acadia
Federation des Femmes du Quebec
Fédération des Groupements Agro-pastoraux
Federation des ONG de Sénégal
Federation des Organisations Non-Gouvernementales de Senegal
Federation des organisations non-gouvernementales du Senegal
Fédération des unions des groupements naam
Féderation Européenne de la Manutention – http://www.fem-eur.com
Federation Europeenne des Centres de Recherche et d’Information sur le Sectarisme (FECRIS) – http://www.fecris.org
Federation Europeenne des Ecoles (European Federation of Schools) – http://www.fede@fede.org
Federation Europeenne des Femmes Actives au Foyer – http://www.fefaf.be
Federation for Peace and Conciliation – http://www.ifpc.ru
Federation for the Protection of Children’s Human Rights Japan
Federation for Women and Family Planning – http://www.federa.org.pl
Federation Guineenne des Reseaux des Femmes pour la Paix et le Developpement
Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile
Federation Internationale des Associations de Victimes du Terrorisme
Fédération Internationale des Associations Médicales Catholiques
Fédération Internationale des Femmes des Carrières Juridiques
Federation Internationale des Grossistes, Importateurs et Exportateus en Fournitures Automobiles – FIGIEFA / International Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors
Federation Internationale des Organisations des Donneurs de Sang – http://www.fiods.org
Federation Internationale Libre des Deportes et Internes de la Resistance
Federation Internationale pour la Planification Familiale
Federation National de la Musique pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse
Federation Nationale Demain L’Afrique (FEDAF)
Fédération nationale des agricultrices tunisiennes
Federation Nationale des Industries Chimiques (CGT)
Federation Nationale des Organisations Non Etatiques (FENONE)
Federation nationale des parents d’enfants inadaptes (FNPEI)
Fédération Nationale des Sourds d’Algérie – http://www.algeriesurdite.google
Federation Nationale du Scoutisme Marocain (FNSM)
Federation of African Consultants
Federation of African Consultants (FECA)
Federation of African Media Women – SADC
Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations – http://www.famsanet.org
Federation of African Women Peace Network
Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers
Federation of American Scientists – http://www.fas.org
Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) – http://www.fawco.org
Federation of Arab Journalists
Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants – http://www.afics.unog.ch/fafics.htm
Federation of Balkan Turks & Associations for Emigrees
Federation of Business and Professional Women Bamako
Federation of Cale/Kale, Manouches, Romany and Sinte Women
Federation of Cale/Kale, Manouches, Romany, Sinte Women
Federation of Cham Organizationa & Communities – http://www.peoplechampadescent.com
Federation of Community Forest Users, Nepal – http://www.fecofun.org
Federation of Cuban Women
Federation of Disabled Persons Organization Mauritius
Federation of Drug Demand Reduction
Federation of Electric Power Companies
Federation of Employers of Ukraine
Federation of Environmental and Ecological Diversity for Agricultural Revampment and Human Rights, The (FEEDAR & HR) – http://www.feedar.interconnection.org
Federation of European Chemical Societies
Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials
Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations – http://www.fema-online.eu
Federation of European Rope and Twine Industries
Federation of European Rope,Twine and Netting Industries
Federation of European Societies of Arms Collectors
Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia
Federation of Gay Games – http://www.gaygames.org
Federation of German Industries
Federation of IJAW Communities, The
Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia – http://www.fnpr.ru
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry – http://www.ficci.com
Federation of Islamic Medical Associations – http://www.fimaweb.net
Federation Of Jain Associations in North America – http://www.jaina.org
FEDERATION OF JEWISH MEN’S CLUBS, INC. – http://www.fjmc.org
Federation of Liberia Youth
Federation of Muslim Women’s Association in Ghana
Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria
Federation of National Representations of the Experiment in International Living, The – http://www.federationeil.org
Federation of NGOs Interested in the Field of Environment
Federation of Rural Women (FEMUR) / Federacion de la mujer rural
Federation of Saskatcheuwan Indian Nations Senate
Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations
Federation of Social Institutions of VileParle – http://www.parlefederation.org
Federation of Swedish Farmers
Federation of the European Salmon and Trout Growers (FES)
Federation of the United People of Africa (FUPA)
Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus -FPB
Federation of UN Peace Ambassadors
Federation of Voluntary Organizations for Rural Development
Federation of Voluntary Organizations for Rural Development in Karnataka
Federation of Western European Rope and Twine and Twine
Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe – http://www.abttf.org
Federation of Women “Status” – http://www.statuswomenkz.org
Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya – http://www.fidakenya.org
Federation of Young European Greens – http://www.fyeg.org
Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia
Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) – http://www.fezana.org
Fédération panafricaine des associations et clubs UA
Fédération togolaise des association et clubs UNESCO
Federation: Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.
Federeçao de Orgaos para Assistencia Social e Educacional
FEDH-IPN – http://www.fedh-ipn.org
Feed My Lambs Global Ministries Inc.
Feed One and Feed a Family Initiative – http://www.amenhoward.org
Feed one to Feed A Family – http://www.feedonetofeedafamily.org
Feed The Children Inc – http://www.feedthechildren.org
Feed the Children Uganda
Feed the Hungry & the Sick
Feed the Nation-Uganda – http://www.feedthenationuganda.org
Feel and Fill Initiative
Felege Guihon International
FELICIAN COLLEGE – http://www.felician.edu
Felihow Student & Youth Foundation
Felix Varela Center – http://www.cfv.org.cu
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)
Fellowship of the School of Economic Science (“SES”), The – http://www.schooleconomicscience.org
Female Lawyers Association of Benin
Female Leadership Forum (FLF)
Femei in Afaceri – http://www.femei-in-afaceri.ro
Femeile in dezvoltarea durabila a Moldovei
Femina HIP Ltd
Feminenza Kenya – http://www.feminenza.org
Feminenza North America, Inc. – http://www.feminenza.org
Feminist League – http://www.women.kz
Feminist Majority Foundation
Feminist Press Inc., The
Feminist Task Force – http://www.feministtaskforce.org
Feminist Women’s Health Center – http://www.feministcenter.org
Feministas en Accion Argentina
Feminists for Life of America
Feminists for Life of America (FFLA)
FemLINKPACIFIC – http://www.femlinkpacific.org.fj
Femme – Jeunesse – Environnement – Santé
Femme – Jeunesse – Environnement – Sante (FEMJES)
Femme Action Sociale Et Developpement
Femme Active de Côte d’ Ivoire
Femme Aid – http://www.ongfemmeaid.mr
Femme Avenir
Femme développement entreprise en afrique
Femme Développement Entreprise en Afrique (FDEA)
Femme Dynamique pour le Developpement et le Changement
Femme et Environnement “BATA-GBAKO”
Femme et Justice Economique
Femme Initiative Développement
Femmen Environment Assaintment
Femmes Actives Au Foyer
Femmes actives et foyer
Femmes Africa Solidarité
Femmes Afrique Solidarité – http://www.fasngo.org
Femmes Autochtones du Quebec, Inc./ Quebec Native Women, Inc. – http://www.faq-qnw.org
Femmes des Medias pour la Justice au Congo
Femmes Du Moyen- Ogooue
Femmes du moyen-ogooue
Femmes Enfants et Développement
Femmes et Villes International – http://www.womenincities.org
Femmes Internationales Murs Brises – http://www.fimb-asso.fr
Femmes Solidaires – http://www.femmes-solidaire.org
Femmes, Environnement et Développement
Femmes-Santé-Développement en afrique sub-saharienne
FEMNET -MALI – http://www.femnet.or.ke
Femrex Laurels Services
Fend Youth Initiative – http://www.fendyouth.com
FERE – Cooperacion International
FERN – http://wwwfernorg/indexhtml
Fernando Henrique Cardoso Institute
Fertility Education and Medical Management – http://femmhealth.org/
Fgbmfi North Jersey Chapter – http://WWW.FGBMFINORTHJERSEYCHAPTER.ORG
FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society – http://www.fiafoundation.org
Fiadasec – http://www.fiadasec.org
FIAN – Food First International Action Network – HTTP://www.fian.org/
FIAN Brasil – http://www.fianbrasil.org.br
FID-Fighting Infectious Diseases-The Gambia – http://www.fidgambia.com
FIDH – Fed. Internacional Direitos Humanos – HTTP://www.fidh.org/
Fiesta Christian Foundation
Fight Against Desert Encroachment
Fight against Poverty & Ignorance – http://www.fapi.org.pk
FightAIDS Ghana – http://www.fightaidsghana.org
Fighting Against AIDS, Poverty and Environmental Conervation (FAAPECO)
Fighting HIV-AIDS & Abuse – http://www.spectrango.weebly.com
Fiji Health – http://www.FijiHealth.org
Fiji Women’s Rights Movement
Filipina Women’s Network – http://www.FilipinaWomensNetwork.org
Filipino Community Center – http://www.filipinocc.org
Filipino Migrant Center
Filipino Women’s Council – http://www.filipinowomenscouncil.org
Filipino-Japanese Descendants Support Association – FJDSA
FilmAid International
Filomena Tomaira Pacsi
FIMCAP – International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements – http://www.fimcap.org
Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade – http://www.fastinternational.org
FINCA Malawi
FINCA Tanzania
FINCA Uganda
Findhorn Foundation
Finland – Metsähallitus, Finnish Forest and Park Service
Finland National Committee for UN-Women – http://www.unwomen.fi
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
Finnish Centre for Health Promotion
Finnish Forest Association – http://wwwsmyfi/smy/SMYengnsf
Finnish Society for Environmental Sciences
Finnish United Nations Association
Finnish Youth Co-operation – ALLIANSSI – http://www.alli.fi
FIOH Women’s Co-operative and Credit Union
Fiorello H. LaGuardia Foundation, Inc. – http://www.laguardiafoundation.org
FIQR-E-INSAN Welfare Association
Fire Disaster Prevention and Safety – http://www.firedisasterprevention.net
Fire Rescue Development Program – http://www.frdp.org/
Fire Rescue Development Program (F.R.D.P.)
Firearms Import/Export Roundtable Trade Group – http://www.fairtradegroup.org
Firooznia Charity Foundation
First Allied Savings and Loans Fund
First Amendment Project
First Big Brother NGO, The
First International Doer’s Ministries
First Lady’s Save our Youths Campaign – http://www.saveouryouthsandfamilies.ning.com
First nations centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization
First Nations North & South
First Nations Quebec Labrador Health and Social Services Commission
First Nations University of Canada
First Step Action for Children Initiative
First Step Georgia – http://www.firststepgeorgia.org
FIRST WEEK FOUNDATION – http://www.first-week.com
First Youth Social Enterprise
Fisheries Council of Canada
Fishermen, Food & Allied Workers
Fishermen, Food & Allied Workers (FFAW/CAW)
Fit for School Philippines – http://www.fitforschool.ph
FKO foundation – http://www.fkofoundation.org
FLARE – Freedom Legality And Rights in Europe – HTTP://www.flarenetwork.org/
FLARE Freedom Legality and Rights in Europe – http://www.flarenetwork.org
Flèche noire sporting club
Flemisch Government; Forests And Green Areas Division
Flemish Platform on Sustainable Development
Flemish Youth Council – http://www.vlaamsejeugdraad.be/
Flinbog Energy Investment Comp. Ltd
Flora Tristan Peruvian Women’s Center
Florida Intergovernmental Relations Foundation, Inc.
Florida International University
Florida Theological Ministries, Inc – http://www.csiedu.org
Flow for Water – http://www.flowforwater.org
Fluor Corporation
FNRAA – Fonds National De Recerches Agricoles et Agro Alimentaires
FNTG – Funders Network on Trade & Globalization – HTTP://www.fntg.org/
FNV Bondgenoten – http://www.fnvbondgenoten.nl
Focal Point Global – http://www.focalpointglobal.org
Focus Humanitarian Assistance
Focus on Children
Focus on Human Developmet
Focus on Labour Exploitation – http://www.labourexploitation.org
Focus on the Family – http://www.focusonthefamily.com
Focus on the Family (Canada) Association – http://www.focusonthefamily.ca
Focus on the Global South – http://www.focusweb.org
Focus on Volta (Podoe)
Focus, društvo za sonaraven razvoj – http://www.focus.si
Focused Women Against HIV, AIDS and Cancer
Foire Agricole et Culturelle Internationale au Togo
Folk Research Centre
Folkcenter for Renewable Energy
Follow-up Committee for the Support of the Lebanese Detainees in the Israeli Prisons
Fomento Social y Asistencia Tecnica – FOSAT SRL
Fond Mondiale pour la Nature
Fondaion Objectif Devellopement et Lutte Contre la Pauvreté
Fondasyon Ti Moun Yo
Fondasyon Vwa Timoun yo – http://www.childrensvoicefoundation.og/
Fondation Africaine – http://www.farmapu.org
Fondation Africaine (Farmapu-inter & cecotrap-rcogl) – http://www.farmapu.org
Fondation Africaine D’Assistance Aux Personnes Sans Espoir (FAPE)
Fondation Africaine FARMAPU INTER & CECOTRAP-RCOGL – http://wwwfarmapuorg/
Fondation africaine pour le renouveau moral, l’apprentissage professional et universitaire internationale, le commerce electronique et la coordination des trades points aux Rwanda, r.d.c. et la region des grandes lacs (FARMAPU – Inter – CECOTRAP – RCOGL)
Fondation Aidera Cherif – http://www.fac.sn
Fondation Alfons Goppel Alfons goppel stiftung
Fondation Alize (The Alize Foundation)
Fondation Alkarama – http://www.alkarama.org
Fondation Artisans de la Paix et du Developpement au Rwanda – http://www.fapdr.bplaced.com
Fondation ASET
Fondation banque populaire pour le microcrédit
Fondation Bertarelli
Fondation Bilokos
Fondation Campaner
Fondation centrafricaine pour la sauvegarde des ressources naturelles
Fondation Chantal Biya
fondation Chirac
Fondation Comorienne des Droit de L’Homme (FCDH)
Fondation Congo Assistance
Fondation Connaissance et Liberte / Fondasyon Konesans ak Libete
Fondation credit agricole pour le microcredit
Fondation d’assistance aux orphelins
Fondation De La Progeniture Denis Lomela Ifangwa
Fondation de l’eau au cameroun
Fondation des Amis de la Nature
Fondation des jeunes pour un développement durable – http://www.fjdd.org
Fondation Diaby Moustapha
Fondation el kef pour le developpement
Fondation El Kef pour le Développement Regional
Fondation Europeenne pour le développement durable des régions
Fondation Fact
Fondation Femme Plus ASBL
Fondation Foi et Esperance
Fondation Genereuse Developpement – http://www.fondationgenereuse.org
Fondation Glorieuse, La
Fondation Guilé
Fondation haitienne pour l’habitat et l’integration des sans-abris – http://www.fondhabisa.org
Fondation Humanus / Humanus International – http://www.humanus-international.org
Fondation Idole
Fondation Idole (FONI)
Fondation internationale carrefour
Fondation Internationale de la Femme Africaine pour le Developpement (FIFAD)
Fondation Internationale pour le Développement
Fondation Islamique Internationale de Bienfaisance
Fondation Josias Live – http://www.josiaslive.org
Fondation Kerbally pour l’Aide et la Cooperation – http://www.fondationkerbally.mr
Fondation Kuyula pour le Progrès Social et Communautaire – http://www.fokuprosoc.blogspot.com
Fondation La Paix Et Developement Pour Enfants
Fondation la Providence
Fondation la Sagesse pour la Coopération et le Développement à la Base
Fondation Luamba
Fondation Magama pour l’Aide à la Femme et à l’Enfant en Souffrance
Fondation Makala e.V
Fondation Maman Henriette Conte
Fondation maman mwabi pour le developpement integre
Fondation Medicale pour le Developpement – http://www.fomedev.org
Fondation Mzee Laurent Desire Kabila
Fondation Nature & Vie – http://www.fondation-naturevie.org
Fondation Nehemie
Fondation Ngomo
Fondation Ngoyi Kasanji (NGOKAS)
Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme – http://www.fnh.org
Fondation Olangi Wosho – http://www.olangiwosho.org
Fondation pour la Démocratie et le Développement
Fondation pour la promotion de la santé et le développement de la recherche
Fondation pour la Promotion de la Sante et le Developpement de la Recherche (FOREM) – http://www.forem.dz/
Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversite Marine – http://www.foprobim.org
Fondation pour la Sauvegarde des Espèces Menacées
Fondation pour le Developpement Humain – http://www.fonddh.unblog.fr
Fondation pour le développement local et le partenariat – http://www.fondep.com/
Fondation pour l’economie et le developpement durable des regions d’Europe (FEDRE)
Fondation pour les Femmes Africaines
Fondation pour un Centre pour le Développement Socio-Eco-Nomique – http://www.csend.org
Fondation pour une Terre Humaine
fondation pro equity
Fondation Rene Mohawad
Fondation Ressources et Nature – http://www.forena.jimdo.com
Fondation Rita Zniber
Fondation rurale de l’afrique de l’ouest
Fondation Soleil Leve (FSL)
Fondation Soleil Leve non gouvernementale ONG – http://www.fondationsoleilleveong.e-monsite.com
Fondation SPLAR, Côte d’Ivoire – http://www.fondationsplarci.org
Fondation Suisse pour la Coopération au Développement
Fondation Surgir
Fondation Terre Des Hommes
Fondation Togolaise pour le Bien-Etre
Fondation Toya – http://www.fondationtoya.org
Fondation Tunisienne de Développement Communautaire
Fondation Tunisienne pour la Verification et la Gouvernance (FTVG)
Fondation Voix du Coeur
Fondation WWF France – http://www.wwf.fr
Fondation Zakoura
Fondazione Cesar (European Center for the Research of Social Economy and Insurance)
Fondazione Courmayeur
Fondazione Giovanni e Francesca Falcone – Foundation Giovanni e Francesca Falcone – http://www.fondazionefalcone.it
Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti
Fondazione S.A.V.E. (Scienza, Allenza, Vita, Ambiente) – http://www.horn-horn.de
Fondazione San Patrignano – http://www.sanpatrignano.org
Fondazione Universita “G. d’Annunzio” – CE.SI. – Centro di Scienze dell’Invecchimanto – CHIETI / Aging Research Center (Ce.SI)
Fondo Naciona de Recursos – http://www.fnr.gub.uy
Fondo para la Acción Ambiental y la Niñez- Fondo Acción – http://www.accionambiental.org
Fonds de solidarité nationale
Fonds du bureau de promotion des initiatives privees
Fonds ee Developpement des Services de Sante
Fonds pour le développement énergétique durable
Fonds rural pour le développement du tiers-monde
Fontaine ISOKO pour la Bonne Gouvernance et le Développement Intégré
Food & Water Watch – http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org
Food and Agriculture Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO Regional Office for Africa
Food and Disarmament International
Food and Trees for Africa
Food First
Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN) Nepal – http://www.fiannepal.org
Food for All Foundation for Sustainable Agricultural Development
Food for the Hungry International (FHI) – http://www.fh.org
Food For The Poor, Inc. – http://www.foodforthepoor.org
Food Processors Association
Food, Agriculture Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network – http://www.fanrpan.org
FoodClique support Initiative – http://www.foodclique.org
Foodfirst Information and Action Network (FIAN) – http://www.fian.org
For The World
Fora do Eixo – http://www.facebook.com/foradoeixo
Foramat 2000
Force de Femmes pour la Promotion et la Protection des Ressources Naturelles de la R.D.C
Force Economique Des Mamans Congolaises
Forces en action pour le mieux-etre de la mere et de l’enfant
Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention of the United States of America – http://www.fmbnbc.org
FOREIGN POLICY ASSOCIATION (U.S.A.) – http://www.fpa.org
Foresight Generation CLB
Foresight Generation Club
Foresight Institute
Forest Action Development Organization
Forest Action Network – http://www.fanworld.org
Forest Alliance of British Columbia
Forest and Beekeeping Division
Forest and Range Organization of Iran
Forest Certification Watch – http://certificationwatchorg/
Forest Club of Russian non-governmental organizations
Forest Consultancy
Forest Department
Forest Economies and Forest Products Research Office, Royal Forest DepartmentRoyal Forest Department
Forest History Society – http://wwwforesthistoryorg/indexhtml
Forest Plantation Development Centre
Forest Preservation Society – http://www.forestpreservationsociety.com
Forest Products Associations of Canada
Forest Research Institute Of Malaysia (FRIM) – http://wwwmtccommy/publication/library/formal/7Bfrimhtm
Forest Resources International (FORIN) – Consultants on Forest Resources, Biodiversity and Agroforestry – http://www.forin.org
Forest Service
Forest Stewardship Council AC – http://www.fsc.org
Forest Sustainability Consultation
Forest Trends – http://www.forest-trends.org
Foresta Institute for Ocean and Mountain Studies
ForestEthics – http://forestethicsorg/articlephp?id=1463
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Society – http://wwwfoeconsorg/
Forestry and Environmental Develoment Network
Forestry Chronicle – http://pubsnrc-cnrcgcca/tfc/TFChtml
Forestry Commission
Forestry Department
Forests Monitor Ltd.
Foresty and Forest Products Research Institute
Forever Green
Forgotten children
FORIM – http://www.forim.net
FORIM – Forum des Organisations de Solidarité Internationale issues des Migrations
Formal Education Network for Private Schools (FENPS)
Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights – http://www.fpphr.org.ge
Formerly of Hanyang University
Formez Study and Training Center
Formez Study Training Center
Formula K Consult
Foro Ciudadano de Participacion por la Justicia y los Derechos Humanos – Instituto para la Participación y el Desarrollo – http://www.inpade.org.ar
Foro Ciudades para la Vida – http://www.ciudad.org.pe
Foro del Sector Social-Federacion / Forum of the Social Sector, The
Foro Internacional d Mujeres Indígenas (FIMI/IIWF) – http://www.indigenouswomensforum.org/
Foro Internacional de Mujeres Indígenas (International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI/IIWF) – http://www.indigenouswomensforum.org/
Foro Permanente de Pueblos Indígenas de Ucayali, Peru – http://www.foropermanente.org.pe
Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network, Inc. – http://www.foejn.org
Fortech International Ltd.
Fortune Grassroots Development Initiative – http://www.fgdi.org
Forul Organizatiilor de Femei din Moldova
Forum Africain de la Promotion des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication ”Connect my Community” – http://www.fap-ntic.org
Forum Africain pour la Promotion des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication – http://www.fap-ntic.org
Forum Africanista Umbandista e Exubandeiro de Canoas
Forum Algerien Pour La Citoyennete et la Modernite, Le (F.A.C.M.)
Forum Amazigh de Culture et Développement – http://www.forumamazigh.c.la
Forum Azzahrae pour la Femme Marocaine – http://www.fz.ma
Forum Brasileiro de ONGs e Movimentos Sociais para o Meio Ambiente e o Desenvolvimento
Forum Courrier
Forum d’Action et d’Intervention pour les Droits de l’Homme en Afrique
Fórum Dakar
Forum Damascene House – http://www.damascenehouse.org
Fórum de Juventude da CPLP – http://www.fjcplp.wordpress.com
Forum de la Femme Menagere
Forum de ONGs Brasileiras Prepatorio para CNUMAD
Forum des Jeunes du Gabon – http://fojega.blogspot.com
Forum des migrants de l’Union europeenne (NO LONGER EXISTS)
Forum des organisations tchadiennes de jeunesse
Forum des Producteurs d’anacarde en Côte d’Ivoire
Forum du tiers monde / Third World Forum
Forum Européen pour la Sécurité Urbaine – http://www.efus.eu
Forum Europejskie – http://www.forumeuropejskie.eu/new/
Forum for A Better Hyderabad
Forum for African Women Educationalists
Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity Nepal – http://fayanepal.org.np/
Forum for Culture and Human Development – http://www.fchdbd.org
Forum for Culture of Peace – http://www.iflac.com
Forum for Democracy & Civic Education
Forum for Economics and Environment
Forum for Energy & Development
Forum for Energy and Development
Forum for Environment
Forum for Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy
Forum for Former African Heads of State and Government, Africa Forum – http://www.africaforum.org
Forum for Human Dignity
Forum for Human Rights and Environment – http://www.fohren.com.np
Forum for Human Rights and Public Health – Nepal (Friendship-Nepal)
Forum for Human Rights and Public Health-Nepal (Friendship-Nepal) – http://www.friendshipnepal.org.np
Forum for International Commercial Arbitration, THE (FICA)
Forum for Justice
Forum for Nature Protection – http://www.fnp.org.np
Forum for Protection of People’s Rights Nepal – http://www.pprnepal.org.np
Forum for Social Justice & Development – http://www.fsjdallindia.wordpress.com
Forum for the 21st Century Leaders
Forum for the Future – http://www.forumforthefuture.org
Forum for Women and Development – FOKUS
Forum Francophone des Affaires
Forum Francophone des Affaires (FFA)
Forum für interkulturellen dialog – http://www.fidev.org
Forum international des femmes
forum international des femmes de l espace francophone
Forum International Inc
Forum Inter-Regional des Femmes Congolaises pour le Developpement International – http://www.FIREFEC.be
Forum Jeunes & Objectif du Millénaire pour le Développement
Forum Jeunes et OMDs
Forum Maghrebin pour l’Environnement et le Développement – http://agenceariffinformationformation.blogspot.com/2010/09/campagnes-et…
Forum maghrébin pour l’environnement et le développement
Forum Marocain de la Surdité – http://www.fmsourds.org
Forum Mondial des Alternatives – HTTP://www.alternatives-action.org/fma
FORUM MULHER – Coordenação para a Mulher no Desenvolvimento – http://www.forumulher.org.mz
Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities and Towns – http://www.adriatic-ionian.net
Forum of African Civil Society for Sustainable Development
Forum of African Voluntary Development Organizations (FAVDO)
Forum of Brazilian NGOs for Environment and Development
Forum of Consortium, Network and Independent Civil Society Organization
Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia Pacific
Forum of Federations – http://www.forumfed.org
Forum of Mozambican Associations of The Disabled People – http://www.famod.org
Forum of Nigerian Women in Politics
Forum of Non-Government Organizations
Forum of Sami Women
Forum of the Poors
Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan – http://www.forumofwomenngos.narod.ru
Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft – http://www.foes.de
Forum pour d’Autres Indicateurs de Richesse
Forum Refugies-Cosi – http://www.forumrefugies.org
Fórum Social Italiano
Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung – http://www.forumue.de
Forum-Eine-Welt Bonn
Forumi I Pavarur I Gruas Shqiptare – http://www.ifaw.al
Forwa Sukabumi – http://www.forwasukabumi.org/www.forwasukabumi.blogspot.com
Forward Sunsari Nepal – http://www.forward.org.np
Forward Works
Fossil Fuels Action Institute
Foster Care Organization International
Foster Parents Plan International
Foundation “Shtedrost” – http://charitygenrous.org
Foundation “Together”, The
Foundation Against Social Trauma and Environmental Ravages
Foundation AL-BASAR
Foundation Bigmamma – Taking Care – http://www.bigmamma.net
Foundation Caucasus Environment
Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer pour le progres de l’Homme (fph)
Foundation des Nations Unies pour L’emploi de la Jeunesse Africaine
Foundation du 8 Mai 1945
Foundation ECPAT International (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes) – http://www.ecpat.net
Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action Aboriginal Corporation
Foundation for African Development Through International Biotechnology (FADIB)
Foundation for Amity and Nation Solidarity – http://www.fansindia.com
Foundation for Autism Support and Training – http://www.myarchway.org
Foundation for Community Development for Social and Behavioural Change
Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development – http://www.fdsd.org
Foundation for Democracy in Africa – http://www.democracy-africa.org
Foundation for Democracy,Governance and Endowment
Foundation for Democratic Initiatives and Development
Foundation for Disabled People. The Gambia – http://www.pageant.org.uk/ffdp01.htm
Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) – http://www.fes.org.in
Foundation For Empowerment and Human Rights Promotion – http://www.fehrpafrica.org
Foundation for Enterprise Development
Foundation for Environmental Conservation
Foundation for Environmental Education
Foundation for Environmental Stewardship – http://www.FESplanet.org
Foundation for Future Christian Worker Int
Foundation for GAIA – http://www.foundation-for-gaia.org
Foundation for Global Community
Foundation For Global Peace and Environment
Foundation for Global Sports Development – http://www.globalsportsdevelopment.org
Foundation for Health Education and Drug Awareness, Inc. (FHEDA) – http://mysite.verizon.net/vzet7zwn/fheda
Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa, Inc.
Foundation for Human Horizon – http://www.childjustice.org/html/mumbai_floods.htm,www.paybacktosociety….
Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, The – http://www.ihh.org.tr
Foundation for Human Rights for Defence of the Pensioners, retired and Adult Gender (FUNDAEDD)
Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI)
Foundation for information and technology transfer society – http://www.clsa.in
Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All(IDEA) – http://www.ideafoundation.org.in
Foundation for Integrated Development
Foundation for Integrated Education and Development – http://www.funedesin.org
Foundation For Integrated Rural And Urban Development – http://www.firudfoundation.org
Foundation for International Community Assistance
Foundation for International Environmental Law
Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD) – http://www.field.org.uk
Foundation for International Studies, University of Malta
Foundation for International Training
Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (FLED) – http://www.fledgroup.org
Foundation for Moral Development Approach
FOUNDATION FOR POST CONFLICT DEVELOPMENT, THE – http://www.postconflictdev.org
Foundation for Preventing Youth Violence, The (FPYV) – http://www.jikim.net
Foundation for Reconciliation and Democracy
Foundation for Released Prisoners
Foundation for Research and Sustainable Development (FRSD) – http://www.frsd.webs.com
Foundation for research on International Environment National Development and Security
Foundation for Research on Technology Migration and Integration
Foundation for Responsible Media – http://www.formedia.org.in
Foundation for Social and Economic Reform
Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research – http://www.ser-stiftung.dewww.ser-foundation.chwww.global-balance.orgwww…
Foundation for Sustainable Development
Foundation for Sustainable Development International – http://www.fsdinternational.org
Foundation For Sustainable Women Micro-Enterprise Credit
Foundation for the Advancement of a Harmonious Society Limited
Foundation for the American Indian – http://www.foundationfortheamericanindian.org
Foundation for the Child and the Family – http://www.childfamily.gr
Foundation for the Development of Environment, Settlements and Tranport of Inland Waterways (Letter of Intent)
Foundation for the development of knowledge Suma Veritas – http://www.sumaveritas.org
Foundation for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court, The
Foundation for the Healing Among Nations
Foundation for the Health and Knowledge of Ethnic Labour – http://www.mapfoundationcm.org,www.mapradio.org
Foundation for the International Network of Museums for Peace – http://www.inmp.net
Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific
Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage
Foundation for the Refugee Education Trust, The
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations
Foundation for the Rights of the Family (PRODEFA)
Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture (Fundacion Promocion Social de la Cultura) – http://www.fundacionfpsc.org
Foundation for the Support of the United Nations – http://www.fsun.org
Foundation for the Sustainable Development of the South American Chaco
Foundation for Tolerance International – http://www.fti.org.kg
Foundation for Victims Of Child Abuse – http://www.vcafng.org
Foundation for widows and less privileged – http://www.fowalp.org
Foundation for Women – http://www.foundationforwomen.org
Foundation for Youth Development
Foundation gedeon
Foundation Martin Luther Jules, Inc. – http://www.fmlj.org/usa
Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes – http://www.fend.org
Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society – http://www.fhts.ac.in
Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts – http://www.japanse-ereschulden.nl
Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International , The
foundation of United for relief and Abidding Development – http://www.fuad-iraq.org
Foundation Open Society Institute-Macedonia
Foundation Overcoming Poverty – http://www.superacionpobreza.cl
Foundation Partners for Local Development – http://www.fpdl.ro
Foundation Petita Swadaya
Foundation Projekta for Women and Development Services / Stichting Projekta
Foundation Sife Leiden – http://www.sifeleiden.nl
Foundation to Assist the Immunodeficient Person
Foundation to Assist the Immunodeficient Person / Fundacion de Ayuda al Immunodeficiente – FUNDAI
Foundation to support civil initiatives
Fountain of Youth Association
Four Directions Council
FOURTH FREEDOM FORUM – http://www.fourthfreedom.org
Foyer Gracia -Théresa au Secours des Enfants Miséreux
Framework Convention Alliance
Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control – http://www.fctc.org
France Libertes : Fondation Danielle Mitterrand
France Nature Environnement
France Terre d’Asile – http://www.france-terre-asile.org
France-Israel, Alliance General Koenig
Francis of Assisi Academy for the Protection of Earth – http://www.faape.org
Franciscans International – http://www.franciscansinternational.org
François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights
Frank Foundation Child Assistance International, Inc. – http://www.frankfoundationcai.org
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management gemeinnutzige GmbH – http://www.fs-unep-centre.org/
Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
Franklyn Town Community Development Project
Fraternidad Misionera Juvenil
Fraternité Notre Dame
Fraternite Notre Dame, Inc.
Fraternite Sans Frontieres
Fraternite Solidarite Jeunesse Cote D’ivoire
Frauen ohne Grenzen – Women without Borders – http://www.office@women-without-borders.org
Fraunhofer FOKUS
Free Africa Foundation
Free Africa Foundation Ghana
Free Ambassodor women and Children Mission TZ
Free Nigeria
Free Teens, Inc
Free wings
Free World Foundation (FWF) – http://www.freeworldfoundation.org
Free World Institute – http://www.mundolibre.org.pe
Free Youth Association of Bucharest
Free Youth Association of Bucharest – Romania
Free Youth of Romania
freedom & peace foundation international
Freedom Camp International – http://www.nic-net.gm
Freedom Forum Palestine
Freedom Forum, Nepal
Freedom Foundation – http://www.freedomfoundationng.org
Freedom from Debt Coalition
Freedom From Fistula Foundation – http://www.freedomfromfistula.com
Freedom from Hunger – http://www.freedomfromhunger.org
Freedom from Hunger – Ghana
Freedom from Hunger – Togo
Freedom House – http://www.freedomhouse.org
Freedom Life
Freedom Ministries – http://www.juda4praise.com
Freedom Now – http://www.freedom-now.org
Freedom of Expression Institute
Freedom Of Opinion
Freeland Foundation – http://www.freeland.org
Freemuse – The World Forum on Music and Censorship – http://www.freemuse.org
Freeplay Foundation
Freeworld Initiative Foundation
Freeworld International
French Committee for South Africa
FrenchAmerican Environmental Technology Centre
Frente de Resistencia A La actividad petrolera, Defensa del Territorio y Recuesos Naturales en los Bloques 20 y 29
Frente Manantlan Cuenca del Marabasco, Agrupacion Indigena Nahuatl, A.C.
Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative – http://www.fbi-nigeria.org
Fresh Water Action Network South Asia – http://www.fansasia.net
Freshwater Action Network – http://www.freshwateraction.net
Freshwater Action Network Secretariat – http://www.freshwateraction.net
Freytag & Berndt
Fridtjof Nansen Institute – http://www.fni.no
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – http://www.fes-globalization.org
Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Friend in development
Friend’s Association for Rural Reconstruction
Friends Education, Environment, and Health Development Organization (FEEHDO)
Friends in Need Empowerment Initiative – http://www.projectfriendship.org
Friends of Africa International, Inc. – http://www.fafrica.org
Friends of Children Society
Friends Of Christ Revival Ministries – http://www.focrevministries.org
Friends of Destitute Foundation
Friends of Disabled Association – http://www.sismail@cyberia.net
Friends of Education for African Children Orphaned By AIDS – http://www.Feacoba.org
Friends of Environment and Development Society
Friends of Environment and Humanity Foundation
Friends of Environment and Humanity Foundation (FEHUF)
Friends of Farm Workers – http://www.friendsfw.org/
Friends of IFA Japan – http://www.foifa.or.jp
Friends of Lake Victoria
Friends of Literacy and Mass Education – http://www.allforflame.net
Friends of Luk & Rita – http://www.friendsoflukandrita.org
Friends of Peace Network
Friends of Renascer, Inc.
Friends of River and Water Bodies
Friends of Siberian Forests
Friends of the Earth – England, Wales and Northern Ireland – http://www.foe.co.uk
Friends of the Earth – Hong Kong
Friends of the Earth – U.S.A
Friends of the Earth Curacao
Friends of the Earth Czech Republic- Hnuti DUHA – http://www.hnutiduha.cz
Friends of the Earth International – http://www.foei.org
Friends of the Earth Malaysia
Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone – http://www.foei.org/sierraleone
Friends of the Environment – http://www.enfriends.org
Friends of the Environment Centre Qatar
Friends of the Forest – http://www.friendsoftheforest.co.za
Friends of the Global Fund – Latin America and the Caribbean
Friends of the Global Fund Africa Ltd/Gte – http://www.friends-africa.org
Friends of the Global Fund Latin America and the Caribbean
Friends of the Indigenous Elders
Friends of the Irish Environment – http://www.friendsoftheirishenvironment.net/
Friends of the Nation
Friends of the People
Friends of the United Nations – http://www.fotun.org
Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific – http://www.founap.org
Friends of the United Nations Australia – http://www.foun.org.au
Friends of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention
Friends of Uth for Service, Empowerment and Development
Friends of Waldorf, Sierra Leone
Friends Society in Social Service
Friends Welfare Association Pakistan – http://www.friendswa.org
Friends World Committee for Consultation
Friendship Ambassadors Foundation – http://www.faf.org
Friendship Association Self Controled Thought Exchange
Friendship Network International
Friendship with the World – http://www.fwtwasia.org
Fristim Estate Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited
Front Aid International – http://www.frontaid.org
Front Line, The International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders – http://www.frontlinedefenders.org
Front national pour la protection de la richesse et de la lutte contre la corruption
Frontier foundation – http://www.frontier-foundation.org
Frontier Reconstruction Welfare Agency – http://esango.un.org/civilsociety
Frontier Reconstruction, Welfare Agency
Fruitful Leaders Foundation
Fruitful Ministries Global, Inc.
FSEJ – Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice
ftdTEST–Centre for International Sustainable Development Law Commission
FUKUOKA INTERNATIONAL MS. ASSOCIATION, THE – http://www.nakamura-u.ac.jp
Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology
Fulfillment for the young foundatio
Fund “Energy of Atom in XXI Century”
Fund for the City of New York, Inc. – http://www.courtinnovation.org/
Fund of Aid for Youth, The – http://www.gyf.org.az
Fundaçao Amazonas Forever Green
Fundação Amazonas Sustentável
Fundação Bernardo Feitosa – http://www.fbfeitosa.org
Fundaçao Biodiversitas
Fundaçao Brasileira para e Conservaçao da Natureza FBCN
Fundação Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos Bento Rubião (Human Rights Bento Rubião Foudation) – http://www.bentrorubiao.org.br(siteunderre-construction)
Fundacao de Assistencia Medica Internacional – http://www.ami.org.pt
Fundacao de Direitos Humanos
Fundacao Grupo Esquel
Fundaçao Grupo Esquel
Fundaçao Mata Virgem
Fundacao Museu de Futuro
Fundaçao Museu do Homem Americano
Fundacao Museu do Homem Americano (FUNDHAM)
Fundaçao Ondazul
Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade
Fundação Pedra Azul
Fundação Portuguesa “A Comunidade Contra a Sida”
Fundaçao Vitória Amazônica
Fundacin para el desarrollo comunitario “INTINAN”
Fundacio Futbol Club Barcelona
Fundacio Per la Pau (FpP) – http://www.fundacioperlapau.org
Fundacion “8 de Marzo” para la Promoción de mujeres y Jóvenes
Fundacion “ARUTAM”
Fundacion “Juri-Juri”
Fundacion “LLAKTAPURA”
Fundacion- 8 de Marzo- para la Promoción de mujeres y Jóvenes
Fundacion Achuar Ecologica Kapawi
Fundacion Achuar Ecologica Kapawi de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana “FAEKAE:
Fundación AGRECOL Andes – http://web.agrecolandes.org/
Fundación Agreste (Ecología y Medio Ambiente) – http://www.fundacionagreste.org.ar
Fundación Alisos – http://www.alisos.net
Fundacion Alitasia
Fundacion Alma – http://www.fundacionalma.org.ar
Fundación Alma
Fundacion Alvaralice
Fundación Ambiental Francisco Tamayo
Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales – http://www.farn.org.ar
Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza – http://www.fan-bo.org
Fundacion Anna Watta Kai
Fundación Argentina a las Naciones Camino a la Verdad – http://www.fancv.org.ar
Fundación Argentina de Etoecología – http://www.etoecologia.org.ar/
Fundacion Argentina Para La Salud
Fundación Arias Para la Paz y el Progreso Humano
Fundacion- ARUTAM
Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir (FUNAVI)
Fundación Azimuth – http://fundaazimuth.blogspot.com
Fundacion Azteca
Fundacion Biosfera – http://www.biosfera.org
Fundacion Bloque de Artistas Zulianos – http://www.facebook.com/funbaz
Fundación Cambio Democrático – http://www.cambiodemocratico.org
Fundacion Camino
Fundacion Canovas del Castillo
Fundacion Caseiche Runacunapac Riccharimui Inti Churi
Fundación Centro de Gestión Tecnológica e Informática Industrial – http://www.cegesti.org
Fundación Charles Darwin para las Islas Galápagos
Fundación Christian Bulleux
Fundación Cimab – http://www.info@cimab.org
Fundación Cimientos – http://www.cimientos.org/
Fundacion Cisneros
Fundación Cívica Francisco de Orellana
Fundacion CLARITAS
Fundacion Cooperacion y Educacion
Fundación Crisálida – http://www.glasswing.org
Fundacion Cultural Baur, A.C. – http://www.fundacionculturalbaur.org
Fundación DARA Internacional – http://www.daraint.org
Fundacion de Apoyo a las Indiciativas Locales de Desarrollo
Fundación de Asistencia Técnica para el Desarrollo – http://www.fundatedguatemala.org
Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción – http://www.fad.es
Fundacion de Ayuda y Promocion de las Culturas Indigenas Rosa Collelldevall
Fundacion de Defensoria Kichua de Cotopaxi
Fundacion de Desarollo Social
Fundacion de Desarrollo Comunitario JuriJuri
Fundacion de Desarrollo Comunitario y Microempresarial en el Ecuador
Fundacion de Desarrollo Social Guaman Poma
Fundacion De Educacion Para La Paz
Fundacion de Iniciativas de Cambio Climatico de Honduras (Fundacion MDL de Honduras) – http://www.fundacioncambioclimatico.hn
Fundacion de la Solidaridad y el Voluntariado de la Comunidad Valenciana
Fundacion de Mujer a Mujer, A.C.
Fundacion de Mujeres por el Desarrollo del Este Inc.
Fundacion de Naciones Unidas Americanas para Centros de Excelencia y Fomento
Fundación de Parques Nacionales
Fundacion Defensores de la Naturaleza
Fundación del Sur
Fundacion Democratica Italo-Americana
Fundacion Desarrollar
Fundación Desarrollo Sustentable A.C. – http://www.fds.org.mx
Fundacion Desarrollo y Paz – http://www.fundepaz.org
Fundacion Desiderio Arias – http://www.fundarias.org
Fundacion Diagrama – Intervacion Psicosocial
Fundacion Dialogo Mujer
Fundación Directorio Legislativo – http://www.directoriolegislativo.org
Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo – http://www.ecodes.org
Fundacion Ecologica Suasie Yewae
Fundación Ecologica Universal
Fundacion EcoMediterrania
Fundacion Ecosistemas Altoandinos
Fundacion Ecoturismo “Ayamtai”
Fundacion Ecumenica Cienca
Fundación Educambiente
Fundacion Educativa Woodville
FUNDACION EMAUS – http://fundaemaus.blogspot.com
Fundación Esperanza
Fundacion Esquel
Fundación Esquel
Fundación Estudio, Debate y Acción
Fundacion Eudes – http://www.eudes.org.mx
FUNDACION EUDES A.C. – http://www.eudes.org.mx
Fundacion Futuro Latino-Americano – http://www.ffla.net
Fundación Generación Bio – http://www.generacionbio.com
Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo – http://www.funglode.org
Fundación Grupo Internacional de Paz y Desarrollo – http://www.gipcolombia.org
Fundacion Guatemala
Fundacion Guayasamin
Fundacion Hemera
Fundación Herencia Verde
Fundacion Hernandiana
FUNDACION HHS – http://www.fundacionhhs.org
Fundación Hogares Libres de Violencia Sagrada Familia
Fundacion Honduras Support
Fundacion Huancavilca
Fundación Insieme – http://www.insieme.cl
Fundación Instituto de Política Ambiental – http://www.ipa.cr
Fundacion Instituto de Promocion y Apoyo al Desarrollo-Ipade – http://www.fundacion-ipade.org
Fundacion Instituto Psicopedagogico Uruguayo
Fundacion Interamericana del Corazon Argentina – http://www.ficargentina.org
Fundación Intermón
Fundacion Internacional de Derechos Humanos Proayuda Grupos Vulnerables Jam A.C.
Fundacion Internacional Oasis A.C. – http://www.fundacioninternacionaloasis.com
Fundacion Internacional Shiwiar sin Forntera
Fundacion Intervida – http://www.intervida.org
Fundacion Intiwasi
Fundacion Jatun Pacari
Fundación Jorge Esteban Roulet/Instituto de Estudios e Investigaciones sobre el Medio Ambiente
Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla, A. C. – http://www.juconi.org.mx
Fundacion- Juri-Juri
Fundacion la Era Agricola
Fundación la Era Agricola
Fundación La Era Agrícola
Fundacion Latinoamericana de Innovacion Social – http://www.elinnovadorsocial.org
Fundacion Leon XIII, IAP, The
Fundación Lonxanet para la Pesca Sostenible – http://www.fundacionlonxanet.org
Fundación MAPRE
Fundación Metropolitana – http://www.metropolitana.org.ar
Fundacion Mexico Unido AC (United Mexico Foundation)
Fundacion Mi Casa / Mi Casa Foundation – http://www.fundacionmicasa.cl
Fundacion Migrantes y Refugiados sin Fronteras – http://www.sinfronteras.org.ar
Fundación mil tres cientos sesenta y siete – http://www.observadoresddhh.org
Fundación Moisés Bertoni para la Conservación de la Naturaleza
Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad
FUNDACION MUNDIAL HASTINAPURA – http://www.hastinapura.org.ar
Fundación Natura
Fundacion Natura Colombia – http://www.natura.org.co
Fundación Natura Colombia
Fundacion Neotropica – http://www.neotropica.org
Fundación Neotropica
Fundación Neotrópica, Costa Rica
Fundacion Niños Invisibles – http://www.funinvisibles.com
Fundación Nosotros los Jóvenes, A.C. – http://www.nosotroslosjovenes.com
Fundacion Nuestro Ambiente
Fundación Oficios
FUNDACION ONG TEOPAL-teatro experimental obrero de Palmira – http://www.46664voluntarios.es/organizations/fundacion-ong-teopal-teatro…
Fundacion Opcion Colombia Fundacol
Fundación Pachamama – http://www.pachamama.org.ec
Fundacion para Ancianos Concepcion Beistegui – I.A.P.
Fundacion para el Analisis y la Reflexion de Argentina – http://www.fundara.org.ar
Fundación para el Avance de las Reformas y las Oportunidades – http://www.grupofaro.org
Fundacion para el Desarrollo Colombiano”FUNDECOL”
Fundacion para el Desarrollo de la Libertad Ciudadana – http://www.libertadciudadana.org
Fundación para el Desarrollo de los Jovenes
Fundacion para el Desarrollo Integral de Pueblos Originarios.
fundación para el desarrolo y dignificacion del indigena
Fundación para el Ecodesarrollo y la Conservación
Fundación para Estudio e Investigacion de la Mujer
Fundacion para Estudio Investigacion de la Mujer – http://www.feim.org.ar
Fundacion para Estudio Investigacion de la Mujer (FEIM) / Federation for Studies and Research on Women – FEIM
Fundacion Para la Ayuda y Promocion de las Culturas Indiogenas :DAMA BLANCA” (FAPCI)
Fundación para la Defensa de la Naturaleza
Fundacion para la Defensa del Ambiente (FUNAM)
Fundación para la Defensa del Interés Público
Fundación para la Formación de Líderes Afrocolombianos
fundación para la innovación social FUNISOC – http://funisoc.blogspot.com/
Fundacion para la Justicia y el Estado Democratico de Derecho
Fundacion Para La Libertad – Askatasun Bidean
Fundacion para la Ruralidad la Educacion y el Desarrollo
Fundación para un Mejor Ambiente
Fundacion para Una Cultura de Paz – http://www.fund-culturadepaz.org
Fundación Pensar. Planeta, Política, Persona – http://www.fundacionpensar.org.mx
Fundación per la Pau/International Peace Bureau (IPB) – HTTP://www.ipb.org/
Fundacion Peruana Par La Conservacion De La Naturaleza
Fundacion Peruana para la Conservacion de la Natur
Fundación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza
Fundación Polar
Fundación por el Gusto de Servir, IAP
Fundacion PRISMA – http://www.prisma.org.sv/
Fundación Pro Bono Chile – http://www.probono.cl
Fundación Pro Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Fundacion Proyecto de Paz Mundial
Fundación Proyecto Solidario por la Infancia – http://www.proyectosolidario.org
Fundación Puerto Rastrojo
Fundacion Recycling Planet A. C.
Fundación Red Cruceña de Apoyo Integral a Personas que Viven con el VIH de Santa Cruz – Bolivia (REDVIHDA) – http://www.redvihda.org
Fundacion Red Deporte y Cooperacion
Fundación Revel – http://www.fundacionrevel.net
Fundacion Saldarriaga Concha – http://www.saldarriagaconcha.org
Fundación Salvadoreña de Recursos Marinos y Limnológicos
Fundacion Salvadorena Para el Desarrollo Economico y social – http://www.fusades.org
Fundación Santa María
Fundación SES – http://www.fundses.org.ar
Fundacion Social Ciudad Alegria
Fundacion Social Para el Desarrollo Empresarial, Poblacion Desplazada y Vulnerable
Fundación SOL JURÍDICO DE COLOMBIA – http://www.onginfo.com/fundaciónsoljuridico
Fundacion Solar
Fundacion Sur Futuro – http://www.surfuturo.org
Fundacion Teleton
Fundacion Teleton AC (Teleton Foundation)
Fundacion Teleton Mexico AC
Fundacion Tierra Viva – http://www.tierraviva.org
Fundación TierraVida – http://www.tierravida.org.ar
Fundacion UNITRAN
Fundacion Vida – Grupo Ecologico Verde – http://www.documentalistas.org/proyectos/nosolos.php
Fundación Vivir Mejor
Fundación Zícaro – http://www.zicaro.org
Fundamental Human Rights & Rural Development Association – http://www.fhrrda.org
Fundamental Human Rights & Rural Development Association FHRRDA
Fundamental Rights League Int’l
Fundar, Centro de Analisis e Investigación – http://www.fundar.org.mx
Fundashon Defensa Ambiental
Fundecooperacion para el Desarrollo Sostenible – http://www.fundecooperacion.org
Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade – http://www.funbio.org.br
Fundo Vale para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável – http://www.fundovale.org
Furaha Art
FUSION Foundation – http://thefusionfoundation.org
Future by Design – http://www.futurebydesign.org
Future Centre Trust – http://www.futurecentretrust.org
Future China Society – http://www.futurechina.com.cn
Future Development Welfare Society
Future Dreams Foundation
Future Forest – http://www.futureforest.org
Future Generations
Future Hope Foundation of Nigeria
Future Hope International – http://www.futurehopegh.org
Future in Our Hands, Norway, The
Future International Micro-Electronics Ltc
Future Leaders Global Initiative
Future Protectors Association – https://www.facebook.com/Future.Protectors/info
Futuros Lideres de America A.C. Mexico
FXB India Suraksha – http://www.fxbsuraksha.in
G V D Afrique
G(irls)20 Summit – http://www.girls20summit.com
G. d’Annunzio University Foundation
G.I.D. Group (Interdisciplinary Group on Drugs)
Gabasawa Women and Children Empowerment Initiative – http://www.gabasawainitiatives.org
Gabon Environnement Et Developpment Sans Frontieres
Gabon pour Jesus
Gabonese American Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Gacci Magazine
GAECA PALMEIRINHA – Grupo de Apoio à Educação e Comunicação Ambiental
Gaia Education
Gaia Foundation, The
Gaia Mater
GAiN International – http://www.gainusa.org
Galaxy Television Lagos
Galilee Society, The
Galkayo Medical Foundation – http://www.galkayomedicalcenter.org
Gallet Joel
Gambella development Agency GDA Inc
Gambella Development Agency in partnership with Anywaa Survival Organization
Gambia Food and Nutrition Association
Gambia Women’s Finance Association
Gambians for Self-Employment
Gandhi Ashram trust
Gandhi Bhavan International Trust – http://www.gandhibhavan.org
Gandhi Research Foundation – http://www.gandhifoundation.net
Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute – http://www.gandhiforchildren.org
Gandhian Unit for Integrated Development Education – http://www.guideindia.org.in
Gangamata Care and Hospic Nepal
Ganja Agribusiness Association – http://www.gaba.az
Gansu “Green Camel Bell” Environment and Development Center – http://www.gcb.ngo.cn
Gantsi Craft
Gap Intercessors Movement International – http://www.gapintercessors.net
Gargar Foundation for Development – http://www.gargarfoundationfordevelopment.org
Garifuna Coalition USA
Garmin Mahila Sanjal Nepal – http://www.ruwonnepal.org.np
Garuda 23 Team Officer
Gasha Micro-Financing S.G. (Pro Pride)
Gates Cambridge Trust
Gathering of Young Mauritanians for Development.
Gautam Buddha Jagriti Society
Gavin Anderson&Company
Gay & Lesbian Network – http://www.gaylesbiankzn.org
Gay Chapter of Network of People Living with HIV AIDS from Bolivia – http://www.redvihda.org/redbol.asp
Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe – GALZ
GBD Public Diplomacy & Culture Exchange Center – http://www.cpdcea.com
GCAP Global Foundation – http://www.whiteband.org
Gears of Change – http://www.gearsofchange.org
Gedakina, Inc. – http://www.gedakina.org
Gedaref Digital City Organization – http://gedaref.com/
Gede Foundation, Inc. – http://www.gedefoundation.org
Gee Tuck World Association Limited – http://www.geetuckworld.hk
Geledes – Instituto da Mulher Negra – http://www.geledes.org.br
GELEDÉS – INSTITUTO DA MULHER NEGRA – http://www.geledes.org.br
Gena Foundation – http://www.genafoundation.org
Genc Liderligi ve Girisimciligi Destekleme ve Egitim Vakfi – http://www.genclig.org
Gender Action – http://www.genderaction.org
Gender Alliance for Development Center – http://www.gadc-al.org
Gender and Child Rights Initiative
GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT ACTION – http://www.gadanigeria.org
Gender and Development Intiative in Myanmar
Gender and Disaster Network
Gender and Economic Alternatives Trust
Gender and Energy Network, Ghana – http://www.geda-ghana.tripod.com
Gender and Human Values Proactive – http://www.huvapng.org
Gender and Human Values Proactive (HUVAP)
Gender and Media Action Group(Guangzhou)
Gender and Science and Technology (GASAT)
Gender and Water Alliance – http://www.genderandwater.org
Gender Association ”Symmetry”
Gender at Work – http://www.genderatwork.org
Gender Centre – http://www.gender-centru.md
Gender Centru – http://www.gender-centru.md
Gender Concerns Awareness Initiative
Gender Concerns International – http://www.genderconcerns.org
Gender Development Initiative – http://www.gendiwomen.org
Gender Files, Inc – http://www.genderfilesinc.org
Gender Forum
Gender Lenses
Gender Links – http://www.genderlinks.org.za
Gender Progress Consortium & Foundation – http://www.genderprogress.org
Gender Sensitive Initiatives
Gender Studies and Training Centre
GenderHopes – http://www.genderhopes.org
GenderMediaCaucasus Journalists’ Association – http://www.gmc.ge;www.caucasia.at.ua
Gene Environnement Pauvreté Santé
General Arab Women Federation
General Assembly Entrepreneurs of United National – http://www.TAVALLODEDOBAREMAN.BLOGFA.COM
General Confederation of Trade Unions
General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists – http://www.adventist.org
General Federation of Iraqi Women
General Federation of Jordanian Women
General Forum of the Arabic and African Non-Governmental Organizations – http://www.fongaf.org
General Islamic Congress for Jerusalem, The
General Public Service Sectoral Bargaining Council
General Public Service Sectoral Bargaining Council – South Africa
General Research Institute on the Convention on the Rights of the Child – http://homepage2.nifty.com/npo_crc/
General Union
General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries
General Union of Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations, The
General Union of Palestinian Women
General Women’s Union (GWU)
Generation Development – http://www.generationdevelopment.org
Génération Femmes du Troisième Millénaire – http://www.onggfem3.org
Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network – http://www.geninitiative.gnbo.com.ng
Génération pour Christ International
Generation pour L’emergence de la Democratie et d’une Conscience Nouvelle
Generation recherche action & formation pour l’environnement – http://www.assografe.ch
Generations United – http://www.gu.org
Genesis Facility Foundation
Genetic Resources Action International
Geneva Call – http://www.genevacall.org
Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces
Geneva Foundation
Geneva Infant Feeding Association
Geneva Informal Meeting of International Youth Non-Governmental Organizations
Geneva Institute for Human Rights (GIHR) – http://www.gihr.org
Geneva International Academic Network
Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) – http://www.gimun.org
Geneva International Peace Research Institute – http://www.gipri.ch
Geneva Social Observatory – http://www.gsogeneva.ch
Genève pour les droits de l’homme : formation internationale – http://www.gdh-ghr.org
Genie Ivoirien pour les Sciences Practiques Japonaises Adaptees au Developpement de l’Afrique (GISP’JADA)
Genocide Research Institute
Genre en Action – http://www.genreenaction.net
Genre et Développement Rural
Gente de Soluciones – http://www.gentedesoluciones.org
Gentechnikfreies Europa – http://www.gentechnikfreies-europa.eu
Genuine and Quality Community, Inc.
Genuine Empowerment of Mothers in Society – GEMS
Geo Expertise – http://www.geoexpertise.org
GEODORA SAMARITANS INC – http://www.geodorasamaritansinc.org
Geopolitikai Tanács Közhasznú Alapítvány – http://www.cgeopol.hu
George Kerry Life Foundation – http://www.georgekerrylifefoundation.org
Georgia Blue Cross Society – http://www.blue-cross.in
Georgian Association of University Women – http://www.ifuw.org,www.gauw.org
Georgian Center for Environmental Research
Georgian Diaspora Foundation – http://www.geo-diaspora.nl
Georgian Environmental and Biological Monitoring Association
Georgian Institute of Public Affairs
Georgian War Veterans Federation (United Council)
Georgian Welfare Foundation – http://www.welfarefoundation.org.ge
Georgian Youth Parliament
Gerakan Nasional Anti Narkotika – http://www.granat.or.id
Geriatric Care Foundation – D U P L I C A T E
Geriatrics Care Foundation of Pakistan – http://www.iaed.org/gcfk
German Advisory Council on Global Change – http://www.wbgu.de
German Committee for Disaster Reduction
German Foundation for International Development
German Marshall Fund of the United States
Gerontological Society of China
GESCRS – http://www.gescrs.org
Gestos – http://www.gestos.org
Gestos – Soropositividade, comunicação e Gênero – http://www.gestos.org
Getting Out By Going In – http://www.gettingoutbygoingin.org
GFMD Support Unit
Ghana – Forest Services Division – Forestry Commission
Ghana Anti-Coalition Corruption – http://ghana-anticorruption.org
Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs
Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health – http://www.ghanahealthngos.org
Ghana Committee for Democracy and Human Rights
Ghana Co-peratives Council
Ghana Leadership Council International – http://www.ghanaleaders.org
Ghana Media Advocacy Programme – http://www.gmap-gh.org
Ghana National NGOs Coalition for Youth
Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service Foundation – http://www.gratis-ghana.com
Ghana Turkey Trade and Culture Organization
Ghana United Nations Association
Ghana United Nations Diplomatic Club
Ghana Xchange International – http://www.ghanaxchange.com
Ghana Youth Development Chamber
Ghana Youth for Peace and Development
Ghana-Denmark Friendship Association – http://www.gadafansc.org
Ghanaian High-Tech women Organisation
Ghazi Human Rights Welfare Society
Gherush92 – Committee for Human Rights – http://www.gherush92.com
Ghetto Artists Production
Ghoghardiha Prakhand Swarajya Vikas Sangh – http://www.gpsvs.org.in
Giant Care Organization
Giants for children (Círculo Internacional de Amigos de los Gigantes) – http://www.giantsforchildren.com
Gibh Varta Manch – http://vartamanch.blog.com
Gibraltar Local Disability Movement – http://www.disability.gi/
GIC Agricultrice et artisans du Cameroun
Gic Cadire – http://www.barreaulittoral.org/devcadire/
Gic Sainte Francoise de Charite
Girisimci Gencler Dernegi – http://www.giged.org.tr
Girl Child Network Sierra Leone – https://sites.google.com/site/girlchildnetworksierraleone/
Girl Guides Association of South Africa
Girl Scouts of Greater New York
Girl Scouts of the United States of America – http://www.girlscouts.org
Girl To Woman – http://www.girltowoman.org
Girls Education Initiative of Ghana
Girls For A Change – http://www.girlsforachange.org
Girls Incorporated
Girls Learn International, Inc (GLI) – http://www.girlslearn.org
Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage – http://www.girlsnotbrides.org/
Girls’ Power Initiative – http://www.gpinigeria.org
Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) – http://www.gpinigeria.org
Girls To Mothers’ Initiative
Girls-Awake Foundation – http://www.girlsawake.org
Gis 74 – http://www.gis74.fr
Give A Limb – http://www.give-a-limb.org
Give Them a Hand
Give Them Hope, Inc. – http://www.givethem-hope.org
Give to Colombia – http://www.givetocolombia.org
GlboalHunt Foundation – http://www.globalhuntfoundation.org
GLBT South-South Dialogue
Global 2000
Global 2000 (2010) International
Global 2000 International – http://www.friends-society.com
Global Action Against Poverty – http://www.brothersofcharity.org
Global Action for Africa’s Development – http://www.glafad.org
Global Action on Aging – http://globalaging.org/
Global Action Plan International, Inc – http://www.globalactionplan.com/
Global Action to Prevent War – http://www.globalactionpw.org
Global Advocates for Justice – http://www.fssg.blogspot.com
Global Afrikan Congress – http://www.globalafrikancongress.com
Global Agenda for Total Emancipation – http://www.gateng.org
Global Aid Hand, Sudan
Global Aid Network – http://www.globalaid.net
Global AIDS Alliance – http://www.globalaidsalliance.org
Global Alcohol Policy Alliance – http://www.globalgapa.org
Global Alert for Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
Global Alliance for a Sustainable Iraq
Global Alliance for Development Foundation – http://www.gadef.org
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) Philippines, Inc.
Global Alliance for Responsible Business / Sustainability
Global Alliance for Rights of Nature – http://www.TheRightsofNature.org
Global Alliance for TB Drug Development – http://www.tballiance.org
Global Alliance for Women’s Health – http://www.gawh.org/
Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments
Global Allies for Health and Development in Africa
Global and Multicultural Education Center (GAME)
Global Arts and Development Centre – http://www.gadec.org
Global Association Female Attorneys
Global Association for Environmental Investments and Sustainability of Economic, Social and Environmental Spheres – http://www.gafeias.at
Global Association of Measurement and Economics in Sports
Global Association of online forests
Global Autism Bangladesh – http://www.globalautism.org
Global Awareness Network NGO Accredited Observer to the UNFCCC – http://www.vatraxosvrastos.gr/
Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – http://www.gbchealth.org
Global Call to Action against Poverty
Global Call to Action Against Poverty Global Foundation – http://www.whiteband.org
Global Call to Action Against Poverty Korea – http://www.mdgkorea.org
Global Call to Action against Poverty/MDGs Nigeria
Global Call to Action against Poverty-China – http://www.gcap-china.cn/
Global Call To Action Against Poverty-GCAP Nigeria – http://www.gcapnigeria.org
Global Campaign Against Poverty and Hunger in Liberia
Global Campaign for Climate Action – http://www.tcktcktck.org
Global Campaign for Education – http://www.campaignforeducation.org
Global Campaign for Education, US Chapter – http://www.campaignforeducationusa.org/
Global Canopy Programme – http://www.globalcanopy.org
Global Caucus on Community Based Forest Management – http://www.forestsandcommunities.org
Global Centre for Compliance,Hazards and Disaster Management – http://www.glocecohadim.org
Global Child Care Tanzania – http://globalchildctz.wozaonline.co.za
Global Childcare and Poverty Eradication Initiative – http://www.gcpei.com
Global Children Foundation, Inc – http://www.globalchildren.org
Global Christian Unity Organization
Global Citizens for Sustainable Development – http://www.globalcitizens.org.in
Global Citizens Initiative
Global Civic Sharing – http://www.gcs.or.kr
Global Civil Initiatives, Inc. – http://www.globalcivin.org
Global Clearinghouse for Development Finance – http://www.ffdtoolkit.org
Global Climate Coalition
Global Coalition on Migration – http://www.GCMigration.org
Global Commission To Fund The United Nations
Global Committee of Parliamentarians on Population and Development
Global Commons Institute
Global Community Health Foundation – http://www.globalcommunityhealthfoundation.org
Global Compact Korea Network – http://www.unglobalcompact.kr
Global Compact Local Network Uruguay
Global Cooperation for a Brighter Society
Global Cooperation Society (GCS)
Global Coral Reef Alliance
Global Coral Reef Alliance, The
Global Corps of Jewish Diplomats, INC. – http://www.jdcorps.org
Global Cultural & Development Organization – http://www.gcdo.org.pk
Global Development Africa Foundation – http://www.globaldevelopmentafrica.com
Global Development Network
Global Development Program
Global Development Programme
Global Developmental Corps – http://www.developmentalcorps.wozaonline.co.za
Global Développement Association
Global Eco Village Network, The
Global Ecolabelling Network – http://www.globalecolabelling.net
Global Eco-Village Network
Global Eco-Village Network, The – http://www.gen.ecovillage.org
Global Education Associates – http://www.g-e-a.org
Global Education Mission Society – http://www.imaher.edu.in
Global Education Motivators – http://www.gem-ngo.org
Global Emcomm – http://www.gem-int.org
Global Empowerment Initiative – http://www.geiafrica.org
Global Energy Network International
Global Energy Sustainability Observatory Project
Global Environment & Technology Foundation – http://www.getf.org
Global Environment Centre
Global Environment Forum KANSAI
Global Environmental Action (GEA) – http://www.gea.or.jp
Global Environmental Forum
Global Environmental Management Education Center – http://www.gem.uwsp.edu
Global Environmental Management Initiative
Global Exchange
Global Family
Global Family for Love and Peace
Global Fellowship of Christian Youth
Global Financial Integrity – http://www.gfintegrity.org
Global Footprint Network Inc – http://wwwfootprintnetwork.org
Global Forum for Health Research – http://www.globalforumhealth.org
Global Forum For Peace, Justice and Human Rights – http://www.gfpjhr.org
Global Forum for the Defence of Human Rights Association Cameroon
Global Forum Foundation – http://www.globalforumfoundation.org
Global Forum Foundation Ghana – http://www.forumghana.org
Global Forum of NGO’s for Disaster Reduction
Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders
Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival
Global Forum on Human Settlements – http://www.gfhsforum.org
Global Foundation
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, Inc. – http://www.globalfoundationdd.org
Global Fund for Children, The
Global Fund For Muslim Women – http://www.globalfundformuslimwomen.org
Global Fund for Widows – http://www.globalfundforwidows.org
Global Fund for Women – http://www.globalfundforwomen.org
Global Futures Network – http://www.gfn.org.in
Global Gender and Climate Alliance – http://www.gender-climate.org
Global Girl Media – http://www.globalgirlmedia.org
Global Goods Partners
Global Green Environmental Network – http://www.globalgreennetwork.org
Global Greengrants Fund – http://www.greengrants.org
Global Hand – http://www.globalhand.org
Global Health And Awareness Research Foundation (GAF) – http://www.gharf-nigeria.org
Global Health Care, Inc.
Global Health Council – http://www.globalhealth.org
Global Health Foundation (GHF)
Global Health International Institute – http://www.gh2i.org
Global Health Partners – http://www.ghpartners.org
Global Health Review – http://www.globalhealthreview.org
Global Helping to Advance Women and Children – http://www.familiesfororphans.org
Global Hepatitis Initiative – http://www.ghi.org
Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise – http://www.vaccineenterprise.org
Global Hope Mobilization
Global Hope Network International – http://www.globalhopenetwork.org
Global Housing Foundation (GHF) – http://www.globalhousingfoundation.org
Global Human Rights Clinic
Global Human Rights Communications
Global Humanitarian Photojournalists, Inc. – http://www.ghpj.org
Global Ideas For Development
Global Impact Development – http://www.globalimpactdevelopment.org
Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute
GLOBAL INFORMATION NETWORK – http://africaninfonetwork.net
Global Infrastructure Foundation  North America
Global Infrastructure Fund Research Foundation Japan – http://www.ecdc.net.cn/partners/gif.htm
Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – http://globalinitiative-escr.org/
Global Initiative for Positive Change – http://www.globalinitiativeforpositivechange.org
Global Initiative for Youths Integation & Empowerment
Global Insight
Global institute
Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health – http://www.giweh.ch
Global Institute of Distance Learning – http://www.gidl.org
Global Investment and Development Institute
Global Islands Network – http://www.globalislands.net
Global Justice / Justica Global Brasil – http://www.global.org.br
Global Justice Center – http://www.globaljusticecenter.net
Global Justice Ecology Project, inc. – http://globaljusticeecology.org
Global Justice, Inc.
Global Kids Inc. – http://www.globalkids.org
GLOBAL KIDS, INC. (GK) – http://www.globalkids.org
Global Lawyers and Physicians
Global Life Focus Network
Global Literacy Project, Inc. – http://glpinc.org/
Global Mass Community (Welfare Organization) – http://gmcwelfare.org
Global Mayors’ Forum – http://www.globalmayorsforum.org
Global Mercy Mission Project
Global Metro City – Glocal Forum, The – http://www.glocalforum.org
Global Millennium International NGO – http://www.GlobalMillennium.org
Global Movement For Change And Project Colourful – http://www.globalmovementforchange.com
Global Movement for Children Group
Global Nature Fund (GNF)
Global Network for Environment and Economic Development Research
Global Network for Good Governance – http://www.geocities.com/gngg2000
Global Network for Human Development
global network for peace and anti corruption initiative
Global Network for Sustainable Environment
Global Network Initiative – http://www.globalnetworkinitiative.org
Global Network of Sex Work Projects – http://www.nswp.org
Global New Car Assessment Programme
Global Nirmithi Net
Global Objectives, Inc
Global Oceans – http://www.global-oceans.org
Global Open University, The
Global Organization for Human Empowerment and Rights – http://www.goher.org
Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption – http://www.gopacnetwork.org
Global Parliamentarians on Habitat
Global Partnership for Afghanistan – http://www.gpfa.org
Global Partnership for Local Action
Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict – http://www.gppac.net
Global Peace Academy – http://www.unme.or.kr
Global Peace Development – http://www.globalpeacedev.org
Global Peace Foundation
Global Peace Initiative of Women – http://www.gpiw.org
Global Perspective
Global Policy Forum – http://www.globalpolicy.org
Global Policy Network – HTTP://www.globalpolicynetwork.org/
Global Political Trends Center – http://www.gpotcenter.org
Global Poverty Project
Global Progressive Fórum – HTTP://www.globalprogressiveforum.org/
Global Projects Consortium
Global Protection Network – http://www.globalprotectionnetwork.com
Global Race Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Nigeria – http://www.graphng.org
Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection (GREEP)
Global Resistance – http://www.IndiaResource.org
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment – http://www.gracelinks.org
Global Rights – http://www.globalrights.org
Global Rights & Development International
Global Romanian Students and Young Professionals Society (GRSPSociety) – http://www.grspsociety.org
Global Security Institute – http://www.gsinstitute.org
Global Security Programme, The
Global Service Corps
Global Shine Project – http://www.globalshineproject.com
Global South Initiative – http://www.gsi.org.np
Global Stewards Institute – http://www.globalstewardsinstitute.org
Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership – http://www.globalelectricity.org
Global Tamil Forum – http://www.globaltamilforum.org
Global Technology Foundation/Global Response
Global Together – http://www.gtgt.org
Global Tomorrow Coalition
Global Unification the Gambia – http://globalunificationthegambia.org/
Global Urban Development – http://www.globalurban.org
Global Values Research Foundation – http://www.gvrfindia.com,www.gvrfindia.org
Global Village Cameroon (GVC)
Global Village for Rehabilitation and Development
Global Village of Beijing – http://www.gvbchina.org
Global Vision – http://www.global-vision.org
Global Vision Awake Africa for Development
GLOBAL VISION INDIA FOUNDATION – http://www.globalvision.org.in
Global Vision Institute – http://www.globalvisioninstitute.org
Global Voices – http://www.globalvoices.org.au
Global Volunteer Network Foundation – http://www.gvnfoundation.org
Global Volunteers
Global Welfare Association – http://www.glowacameroon.org
Global Welfare Association – GLOWA Cameroon
Global Welfare Foundation
Global Witness
Global Workers Justice Alliance – http://www.globalworkers.org
Global Young Greens – http://www.globalyounggreens.org/wordpress/
Global Youth Action Network – http://www.youthlink.org
Global Youth Action Network Ghana
Global Youth Assistance
Global Youth Connect, Inc. – http://www.gyconnect.org
Global Youth Focus – http://www.globalyouthfocus.com(underconstruction)
Global Youth in HIV/AIDS Advocacy & Positive Prevention
Global Youth Innovation Network – http://www.gyin.org
Global Youth Movement-Guyana
Global Youth Network for Peace & Development
Global Youth Organization – https://www.facebook.com/GlobalYouthOrganization
Global Zero
Globale Læger – http://www.globalelaeger.dk
Global-Local Links Project
GLOBE – Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment
Globe Aware
Globe International – http://www.globeinternational.org
Globe Japan
Globe Vert – http://www.globevert.org
Globetree – http://www.globetree.org
Globle Human Rights & S.D. Society – http://www.ggsict.org
Globus et Locus
Globycon International
Gloria Konyeshi Outreach Foundation
Glory Village for Elders & Youth – http://www.gloryvillage.pledgepage.org
Glynwood Center
Gmedia Center – http://www.gmediacenter.net
GMSL Foundation – http://www.gmsllegalservices.co.uk/Foundation
God’s Graces School – http://www.godgraces.org
God’s Harvest Foundation, GHARFO – http://www.godsharvestfoundation.org
Gods Trust – http://www.godstrust.co.in
Godwin Osung International Foundation, Inc. (The African Project) – http://www.theafricanproject.weebly.com/www.africanproject.ws
Goi Peace Foundation, The – http://www.goipeace.or.jp
Going For A Global Truce Peace Movement – http://goingforaglobaltruce.com/
Gojoven Honduras – http://www.gojoven.org
Gokul Prakalp Pratishthan
Gold Coast Permaculture
Gold Mercury International Limited – http://www.goldmercury.org
Gold Minds Initiative
Gold Resource Managers
Gold Touch
Goldcoast Development Foundation – http://www.goldcoast.org.ng
Golden Dove Charitable Trust – http://www.goldendovetrust.org
Golden Heart Foundation
Golden Mothers of Nigeria
Golden Neo
Goldman Environmental Prize – http://www.goldmanprize.org
Gonawinoua Tayrona
Gondwana Geological Society
Good Governance Consortium
Good Governance for Social Development and the Environment Foundation – http://www.gsei.or.th,www.measwatch.org
Good Governance for Social Development and the Environmental Institute – http://www.measwatch.org
Good Governance Forum – http://www.goodgovernanceforum.com
Good Hands – http://www.goodhands.or.kr
Good Helpers – http://www.goodhelpers.or.kr
Good Life of the Marginalized
Good Neighbors International – http://www.goodneighbors.org[English],www.gni.kr[Korean]
Good News Ministry Mother Terisa Social Service Organization – http://www.goodnewsministrymotherterisasocialservice.org/http://www.gnmm…
Good People International (GPI) – http://www.goodpeople.or.kr
Good Samaritan Fellowship Internation Inc.
Good Shepherd (Sisters) Centre – Johannesburg
Good Shepherd Congregation
Good Will Ambassador Organization, The
Goodplanet Foundation
GoodServants Foundation – http://www.goodservantfoundation.org
Goodwash Foundation for Health and Environmental Protection – http://www.goodwashfoundation.com
Goodwill Foundation
Goodwill Industries, International, Inc.
GOODWILL SOCIAL WORK CENTRE – http://www.goodwillsocialworkcentre.org
Goood Life for all
Gorakhpur Emvironmental Action Group
Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group – http://www.geagindia.org
Gosanet Foundation – http://www.gosanet.org
Gospel Assembly – Queens – http://www.gospelassemblyqueens.org
gospel to the poor
Goulandris Natural History Museum, The
Governance Reform Commission
Government Accountability Project
Government Servants’ Association –GSA
Government To You – http://www.gov2u.org
Grace Foundation – http://www.myway.com
Grace Mission Foundation
Grace Oviawe Foundation for Educational and Social Development – http://www.foundgrace.org
Grace Peter Charitable Trust – http://www.gracepetertrust.org
Graceland Foundation
Graduate Consulting Group – http://www.gcg.org.au
Graduate Institute of Peace Studies
Graduate Theological Foundation
Grail Knight Foundation – http://www.grailknightfoundation.com
Grail, The – http://www.thegrail.org
Grain and Feed Trade Association
Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA)
Graine/Afrisolar – http://www.wcre.org
Gram Bharati Samiti – http://www.gbsjp.org
Gram Seva Trust
Gram Sewa & Viklang Sahayta Sanstha – http://www.gramsewasanstha.org
Gram Utthan Samiti – http://www.gramutthansamiti.wordpress.com
Gram Vikas – http://www.gramvikas.org
Gram Vikas Seva Sansthan – http://www.gvssjodhpur.com
Gram Vikas, Orissa – http://www.gramvikas.org
Grameen Foundation Australia Ltd – http://www.grameen.org.au
Grameen Shakti – http://www.gshakti.org
Grameena Vikas Samithi (Conserve Nature for a Better Future)
Gramin Apasi Bikas
Gramin Bal Vikas Samiti, Darguwan, Badamalehra (CHHATARPUR) M.P.
Gramin Mahila Sanjal Nepal – http://www.ruwonnepal.org.np
Gramin Mahila Vikash Nidhi – http://www.karmayog.org/ngo/GMVN/
Gramin Vikas kendra
Gramkalp Foundation
Gran Fraternidad Universal (Universal Great Brotherhood) – http://www.granfraternidaduniversal.org
Gran Fraternidad Universal, Fundación Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière – http://www.granfraternidaduniversal.org
Grand Council of the Crees – Eeyou Istchee
Grand Health Initiative International
Grand Triangle, Inc. – http://www.grandtriangle.org
Grant Foundation, The (supporting Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti)
Grants International Organisation
Grassroot Development Assistance Program
Grassroot Empowerment Network
Grass-root Organization for Human Development – http://www.godh.org.pk
Grassroots Alliance for Community Education (G.R.A.C.E. Africa)
Grassroots Development Organization
Grassroots Empowerment for Self Reliance
Grassroots Empowerment Initiative – http://www.gei.org.za
Grassroots Gender Empowerment Movement
Grassroots Global Justice – HTTP://www.ggjalliance.org/
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Grassroots Leadership, Inc – http://www.grassrootsleadership.org
Grassroots Ministries – http://www.grassrootsministries.org
Grassroots Organisations Operating Together in Sisterhood – http://www.groots.org
Grassroots Sports Development Trust – http://www.GrassrootsSDT.org
Grassroots Women’s Foundation (GWF)
Gray Panthers – http://www.graypanthers.org/
Great 1 Foundation
Great American Notebook Company, The
Great Bear Foundation
Great Harry Charity Foundation – http://www.greatharrycharityfoundation.org
Great Lakes Center for Culture, Peace and Development
Great Lakes Forest Alliance Inc
Great Lakes United
Great Organization
Great Silk Way International Youth Union – http://www.gswyouth.org
Great Socialist People’s Libtyan Arab Jamahiriya
Great Tao Foundation of America – http://www.TrueTao.org
Greater Good Community Development Initiative
Greater Hyderabad Youth Association – http://www.greaterhyderabadyouth.com
Greek Council for Refugees
Greek Forum of Migrants – http://www.youthforum.gr
Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council of North and South America
Green Africa
Green Alliance
Green Ambassadors Foundation
Green and Rural development Nepal,GARDEN
Green Asia Network – http://www.simin.org
Green Belt Movement, The
Green Building Council Brasil – http://www.gbcbrasil.org.br
Green Camel Bell – http://www.gcbcn.org
Green Cameroon – http://www.greencameroon.org
Green Club – http://www.greenclub.bc.ca
Green Coalition Inc., The
Green Concern for Development – http://www.greencodeng.webs.com
Green Concerns – http://www.greenconcerns.org
Green Cross Bangladesh
Green Cross Burkina Faso
Green Cross International – http://www.gci.ch/
Green Culture International
Green Development Initiatives Zimbabwe
Green Earth Foundation
Green Earth Organisation
Green Earth Organization
Green Earth Research Foundation
Green Energy Efficiency Foundation
Green Environment Movement
Green European Foundation – http://www.gef.eu
Green For All – http://www.greenforall.org
Green Forum – Philippines
Green Front of Iran – http://www.greenfront.org
Green Generation – http://www.greenobjectif.blogspot.com
Green Globe Trust – http://www.gneeder.org
Green Impact International
Green Impressario
Green Korea United
Green Library LUND Sweden
Green Life Style – http://www.greenlifestyle.wozaonline.co.za
Green Line – http://www.greenline.org.lb
Green Mind Foundation – http://www.greenmind_foundation.org
Green Mobilisation Initiative
Green Odisha
Green Planet – http://www.greenplanets.org
Green Scenery
Green Senegal
Green State Resources Ltd
Green the Gene – http://www.greenthegene.co.nr
Green Umbrella Youth Group
Green Village Plan Development – http://www.greenvillagedev.org
Green Wood Organization | Uganda – http://www.N/A.
Green Youth Generation – http://www.greenyouthgeneration.co.nr
Green Zionist Alliance – http://www.greenzionism.org
GreenEarthCitizen – http://greenearthcitizen.org/
Greener Environmental Conservation Foundation
Greener Ethiopia – http://www.greener-ethiopia.org
Greener Impact International
Greening Australia
Greenlife Development Initiative
GreenLife Sri Lanka – http://www.greenlifelanka.org
Greenomic & Biopreneurs Consulting
Greenpeace International – http://www.greenpeace.org
Greenriver Environmental Protection Association of Sichuan – http://www.green-river.org
Greenspirit International Foundation
GreenStart Network – http://www.greenstart.kr
Greenwatch Initiative – http://www.greenwatchinitiative.org
GREENWISE International – http://www.greenwiseint.org
Greenwomen Analytical Environmental Agency – http://www.greenwomen.kz/
Grenada Human Rights Organisation Inc
Gret – http://www.gret.org
Grey Panthers
Griffith University
GRIP the Norwegian Centre For Sustainable Production and Consumption
Grito dos Excluídos – HTTP://www.movimientos.org/
Gröna Kvinnor – http://www.gronakvinnor.se
Gropo Puma de Radiocomucicaçao – COMSET – http://www.comset.xpg.com.br
Ground Work
Grounds for Health – http://www.groundsforhealth.org
Groundwater Foundation, The
Groundwork Environmental Initiatives – http://www.groundworkei.org
groundWork, Friends of the Earth South Africa – http://www.groundwork.org.za
Group 29 – http://www.group29q8.org
Group 484
Group Avenir
Group Cameroon/Let’s Live Foundation
Group for Environmental Monitoring – http://www.gem.org.za
Group for International Solidarity
Group for Study and Defense of Ecosystems of the Lower and Middle Amazon Region (GEDEBAM)
Group for Study and Research on Democracy and Economic and Social Development in Africa
Group Integrated for Voluntary Empowerment
Group of 78, The – http://www.group78.org
Group of friends of Maitre Beye/ Grupo de Amigos Maitre Beye
Group of Support For women’s and girls empowerment Initiatives
Groupe Concertation de Femmes Victimes
Groupe Culturel alédjo
Groupe d Etudes et de Recherche sur les Energies Renouvelables et l Environnement
Groupe d’Action Qui Veut Peut
Groupe d’Action International pour le Développement Durable au Bénin – http://gai2dbenin.wordpress.com
Groupe D’action Pour la Promotion Socioculturelle et l’Alphabetisation
Groupe d’Action pour la Protection et la Promotion de la Flore et la Faune
Groupe d’Action pour l’Alimentation Infantile au Togo
Groupe d’Action pour le Developpement Durable
Groupe d’Action pour le Développement Rural
Groupe d’Action -Recherche pour le Développement Global Intégré
Groupe d’Action, de Paix et de Formation pour la Transformation – http://www.ong-gapafot.org
Groupe d’Actions Santé Education et Développement Rural
Groupe d’Appui a la Scolarisation des Filles
Groupe d’Appui à la Scolarisation des Filles
Groupe d’Appui a la Scolarisation des Filles (ONG GASF)
Groupe d’appui au mouvement associatif
Groupe de Découverte des Potentiels de l’Afrique (GDPA) – http://www.onggdpa.org
Groupe de Recherche – Action pour le Développement Intégral
Groupe de Recherche -Action pour le Développement Socio-Economique en Vue de la Promotion Humaine et la Coopération Internationale
Groupe de recherche et d’action pour la promotion de l’agriculture et du developpement
Groupe de Recherche et d’Action pour la Promotion de l’Agriculture et du Développement
Groupe de Recherche et d’Action pour le Bien-Etre Social (GRABS)
Groupe de recherche et d’action pour le développement humain
Groupe de recherche et d’appui aux initiatives de base pour un developpement durable (GRAIB)
Groupe de Recherche et d’Appui pour la Promotion des Initiatives Privées
Groupe de Recherche et d’Information sur la Paix et la Sécurité – http://www.grip.org
Groupe de Recherches et d’Actions pour le Développement et l’Environnement
Groupe de recherches et d’applications techniques
Groupe de Reflexion et d’Action, Démocratie et Développement
Groupe de Reflexion Pour le Developpement Communautaire
Groupe d’économie solidaire du Québec
Groupe d’encadrement pour le developpement integral
Groupe des Amis de l’UNESCO (GRAMUE)
Groupe des Ecoles des Telecoms/ INT
Groupe des Jeunes Agronomes Actifs pour le Developpement Integre au Cameroon
Groupe des mamans de deux kasai et maniema
Groupe des ONG pour la Convention relative aux droits de l’enfant – http://www.childrightsnet.org
Groupe d’étude et de recherche sur la démocratie et le développement économique et social en afrique – Benin – http://www.gerddes.org/
Groupe d’Initiative Commune des Agriculteurs Reunis
Groupe d’initiative commune des paysannes de Bogso
Groupe Educatif pour le Développement Durable
Groupe Inter Nos, Asbl – http://www.grinos.org
Groupe pivot / Droit et Citoyenneté des femmes
Groupe recherche développement
Groupement d’Appui aux Initiatives Economiques des Femmes – http://gaiefemmes.courantsdefemmes.org/
Groupement de Promotion Integrale
Groupement d’epargne et de credit du groupe d’etude et d’intervention de thies
Growing Businesses Foundation
Grow-On Chamber of Commerce
Growth and Development Monitoring Initiative – http://www.gdming.org
Growth and Development Services – http://www.excelgds.org/directions.htm
Growth Project
Grupo Bosque
Grupo de Aplicação Interdisciplinar a Aprendizagem – http://www.gaiasocial.org.br
Grupo de Apoio aos povos kaiowa – http://www.ajindo.org.br
Grupo de Defesa Ecologica – http://www.grude.org.br
Grupo de Ecologia, Educação e Aperfeiçoamento Comunitário da Região Oceânica
Grupo de Estudos e Defesa does Ecosistemas do Baixo e Médio Amazonas
Grupo de Informacion en Reproduccion Elegida, A.C. (GIRE)
Grupo de los Cien
Grupo de Mães Amigas do Peito – http://www.amigasdopeito.org.br
Grupo de Monitoreo Independiente de El Salvador – http://gmies.com
Grupo de Mujeres de la Argentina – Foro de VIH, mujeres y familia – http://www.grupodemujeres.org.ar
Grupo de Tecnología Apropiada
Grupo de Tecnologia Apropriada
Grupo de Trabalho Amazonico
Grupo Ecológico Maitan
Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda I.A.P. – http://www.sierragorda.net
Grupo Ecologista del Mayab a.c
Grupo Guatemalteco de Mujeres – http://www.ggm.org.gt
Grupo Intercultural Almaciga – http://www.almaciga.org
Grupo Latinoamericano de Abogados para el Derecho del Comercio Internacional (GRULACI)
Grupo Nacional de Trabajo para la Participación – http://www.gntp.org
Grupo Para o Desenvolvimento da Mulher e Rapariga
Grupo Pró-Ambiental – http://www.ecogpa.org
Grupo Sociedad Civil – http://www.gsc.hn
Grupo Transdiciplinar de Estudos Ambientais Maricá – http://www.vhecologia.blogspot.com
Grupul Ecologic de colaborare LOTUS Oradea
GS1 – http://www.gs1.org/
GUAM Civil Development Center
Guardian Care,Inc – http://guardiancare-inc.blogspot.com
GUARDS OF THE EARTH AND THE VULNERABLE – http://www.gevghana.org
Guerrilla Girls On Tour! – http://www.ggontour.com
Guest for UNFF8
Guest for UNFF9
GUIARROZ – Arroz da -Bissau
Guild of Service
Guinea Bissau – Ministere Agriculture, Forets, Chasse et Elevages
Guinea Development Foundation (GDF)
Guinea Development Foundation, Inc.F
Guinean Association for Women’s Burden Alleviating (AGACFEM)
Guinée Development Foundation – http://www.Guinéedev.org/
Guinée écologie
Guinee Humanitaire – http://guineehumanitaire.org
Gulf Automobile Federation
Gulf Research Center – http://www.grc.net
Gulf Research Center Foundation – http://www.grc.net
Gumi Indigenous Initiative
Gun Control Australia, Inc.
Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group
Guru Angad Dev Sewa Society, Punjab, Ludhiana
Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Development Studies
Gurung (Tamu) National Council
Gurung National Council
Gusenghwe Inc. – http://www.gusenghwe.com
Guu Foundation Community Based Rehabiliatation
Guyana – Guyana Forestry Commission
Guyana Diabetic Association
Guyana Forestry Commission
Guyana National Council on Public Policy – http://WWW.GNCPP.ORG
Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association
Guyana Sex Work Coalition
Gwalior Hospital and Education Charitable Trust – http://www.helpchildrenofindia.org
Gyan Raksha Shiksha Samiti – http://www.gyanraksha.com
Gyan Vigyan Seva Sansthan
H P Singh Hira Foundation
H.H.S. Foundation
H.R. Association in Babylon / Iraq
h2 Empower – http://www.h2empower.org
H2Ong – http://www.h2ong.org.br
Habi Center for Environmental Rights
Habilian Association – http://www.habilian.ir/en
Habitat Associacao Juvenil Angolana de Habitacao
Habitat et Francophinie
Habitat for Humanity Int’l – http://www.habitat.org
Habitat Internation Coalition – HTTP://www.hic-net.org/
Habitat International Coalition – Women and Shelter Network
Habitat Perú Siglo XXI
Habitatcare and Protection Initiative – http://habitatcare.wordpress.com/
HACEY’s Health Initiative
Haciendo lo Necesario A.C – http://www.haciendolonecesario.org
Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc – http://www.hadassah.org
Hague Appeal for Peace
Haikou Aquatic product Supply and sales Main corporation
Haiphong People’s committee
Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Haiti-Cholera-Research-Funding-Foundation…
Haiti Engineering, Inc. – http://www.HaitiEngineering.org
Haiti Mission – http://www.haitimissioninc.com
Haitian American Women Advocacy Network, Inc. (HAWANET)
Haitian Memorial Foundation – http://www.HaitianMemorialFoundation.org
Haitianos Unidos an la Republica Dominicana – H.U.R.D.
Haitien Women Association of Collier County, Inc – http://www.savethebabysin4libertehaiti.com
Haki Network – http://www.hakinetwork.org
Haki Water – http://www.hakiwater.org
Haki Yetu – http://www.hakiyetu.org
Haleema Development Organization – http://www.hdopakistan.org
Half the Sky Foundation
Halim Foundation
Halley Movement
Halley Movement For Social and Community Development – http://www.halleymovement.org
Hallmark Education Foundation – http://www.hefeducation.com
Hamara Rasta – http://www.facebook.com/hamararasta
Hammond Redevelopment Commission – http://www.gohammond.com/web/index.php?id=205,257,0,0,1,0
Hamro Parbidhi: Ramro Nepal – http://www.hprnepal.org.np
Hana Philantropic Association for Orphans
Hand in Hand Somalia – http://www.hihsomalia.org
Hand of Africa Foundation
Handicap International – http://www.handicap-international.org
Handicap International – Niger
Handicap International – Togo
Handi-Club Sport
HANDS – http://www.hands.org.pk
Hands Empowering the Less Privileged in Sierra Leone
Hands For America Hands For Africa
Hands for Help Foundation – http://www.handsforhelpfoundation.in
Hands of Love Group System Inc.
Hands Together of the Palm Beaches
Hangu Rehabilitation & Development Organization – http://pk.linkedin.com/pub/hidayat-ullah-orakzia/21/a15/84b
Hankuk University
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Hankuk University of Forign Studies
Hape Development and welfare Association – http://www.hapebdn.co.nr
Happy Hearts Fund – http://www.happyheartsfund.org
HAQ: Centre for Child Rights – http://www.haqcrc.org/
Haqq & Adalet Association – http://www.haqq-adalet.com
Harambee House, Inc
Harambee Ombudsman Project Inc
Harbin Institute of Technology
Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources
Harijans Development Society
Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development – http://www.hariri-foundation.org
Harithasa Foundation – http://www.harithasaglobal.org
Harm Reduction Coalition
Harmony 23 – http://www.harmony23.com
Harmony Coalition
HARO – National Association for freedom of Choice, Equality and Parenhood
HARP – http://www.harpngo.org
Harpazo Chaplain Corps International – http://www.harpazochaplaincorps.org
Harvard Business School
Harvard Law School Project on Global Environmental Issues
Harvard University / Leiden University
Harvard University, Graduate School of Education
Hats Community Empowerment Programme – http://www.hacep2008.blogspot.com
Haudenosaunee United Native Nations Truth Network and Voice Confederation – http://www.oneidasfordemocracy.org
Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies aux droits de l homme
HAUT COMMISSARIAT D’INTERVENTION GENERALE – http://www.hacig.centerblog.net
HavServe Volunteer Service Network – http://www.havserve.org
Hawa Society for Women
Hawaii Association of International Buddhists
Hawai’i Institute for Human Rights – http://www.human-rights-hawaii.org
Hawatako MCH Welfare – http://www.xaawotaako.org
Hayat Boyu Sevgi Dernegi – http://www.hayatboyusevgi.com
Hayat Center For Civil Society Development – http://www.hayatcenter.ps
Hayi le Mbila [NPO 034-660]
Hazara United Movement – http://www.hazaraunitedmovement.wordpress.com
Hazardous Materials Advisory Council
Hazrat Javad-al-Aemeh Cultural Charity Institute – http://www.cjcf.org
HDF: Human Development Foundation – http://www.HDF.com
Heafa International – http://www.heafai.org/www.askafrica.org/www.onemillioncomputersforafrica…
Heal the Land Initiative in Nigeria – http://www.healthelandinitiative.org
HEAL The Youth Foundation
Health & Education Association for Development, Inc.
Health & Peace Foundation – http://www.scienceandbeyond.org
Health Access Initiative
Health Alert Organisation of India
Health and Education Alternative Development Studies – http://www.healdsindia.org
Health and Education for Less advanced People
Health and Environment Alliance – http://www.env-health.org/
Health and Food for Humanity(HFH)
Health And Nutrition Development Society – http://www.hands.org.pk
Health Australia & Tanzania (HAT) – http://www.hat.org.au
Health Care Without Harm – http://www.noharm.org/
Health Connections International – http://www.healthconnections.info
Health Consultants for Women (SYGYN)
Health Education and Development Organization
Health Education and Literacy Program
Health Education& Rural Association (HERA Foundaion)
Health Empowerment Africa
Health for All – http://www.healthforall.in/
Health for Humanity
Health Global Access Project Inc. – http://www.healthgap.org
Health Link Development Center
Health on the Net Foundation (HON) – http://www.healthonnet.org
Health Organization for Peoples Empowerment
Health Poverty Action – http://www.healthpovertyaction.org
Health Project – http://www.healthproject.8k.com
Health Unlimited – http://www.healthunlimited.org
Health Watch Africa
Health, Education and Environment Promotions for the Teeming Associates – http://www.heptabd.com
HealthBridge Foundation of Canada – http://www.healthbridge.ca
HealthChek International
HealthRight International – http://www.healthright.org
Healthsystem Plus
Healthy Caribbean Coalition
Healthy Earth
Healthy Environment Creative Society – http://hecs.webstarts.com
Healthy Environment Organization in Kurdistan – Iraq
HEALTHY INDIA FOUNDATION – http://www.healthyindiafoundation.co.in
Healthy Options Project Skopje – http://www.hops.org.mk
Healthy Solutions – http://www.healthtysolutionsgroup.org
Healthy Start Initiative
Heap Eradicate AIDS and Poverty
Hearafryca Foundation
Hearing International Nigeria
Heart Foundation of Jamaica – http://www.heartfoundation.org.jm/
Heartbeat International Foundation Inc – http://www.heartbeatsaveslives.com
Heartbeats of the World, Inc.
Hearts to the Future International – http://www.infotyto.org
Heath Actions Promotion Association
Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light – http://www.hwpl.kr
Heavenly Shower of Peace Church of God
Heavenly Treasures Charity Foundation – http://www.htcf.org
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS, Inc.) – http://www.hias.org
Hecho por Nosotros – http://www.hechoxnosotros.com
HEDA Resource Centre – http://www.hedang.org
Hedge, Ghana
Heidelberg International Help
Heidelberger Forum für Politik und Wissenschaft – http://www.forum-hd.de
Heifer Project International – Uganda
Heifer Project International – Zambia
Heifer Project International (HPI) – http://www.heifer.org
Heifer Project International Kenya
Heinrich Boell Foundation – http://www.boell.org
Heinz-Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa – http://www.heinz-schwarzkopf-stiftung.de
Helen Bamber Foundation – http://www.helenbamber.org
Helen Keller International, Inc – http://www.hki.org
Helena Chellamani Charity Foundation (HCCF)
Helena Kaushik Education Foundation – http://WWW.KAUSHIKFOUNDATION.ORG
Helenfred Initiative for Youth Education – http://www.helenfredinitiative.com.ng
HELIO International – http://www.helio-international.org
Helio International — Sustainable Energy Watch
Helios Life Association – http://www.helioslife.org
Hellen Keller International
Hellenic Action for Human Rights – “Pleiades” – http://www.hahur.com
Hellenic Action for Human Rights – Pleiades – http://www.hahur.com
Hellenic Center for Intercultural Psychiatry and Care “Kostis Ballas” – http://www.kii.gr
Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association
Hellenic Migration Policy Institute – http://www.imepo.org
Hellenic National Youth Council – http://www.esyn.gr
Hellenic Research and Educational Institute “Panos Mylonas” for the Road Safety and the Prevention/Reduction of Traffic Accidents – http://www.ioas.gr,http://www.ioas.gr/en/default.php,www.rsi-panosmylona…
Helm of Peace & Energy – http://WWW.CMAADVISORS.IN
HELP – http://www.helpngo.org
Help A Child Africa – http://www.helpachild.org.uk
Help Age India – http://www.helpageindia.org
Help and Development Organization
Help and Development Organization (HDO)
Help Centre – http://www.helpcentre.hpage.com
Help Earth
Help Eliminate Loneliness and Poverty (Volunteers Help Network)
Help for Children in Need (Kindernothilfe e.V.)
HELP Foundation – http://www.helpfoundation.in
Help Fund – Hjalpfonden
Help Handicapped International – http://www.hhiindia.net
Help Heal Kenya – http://www.helphealkenya.org
Help In Need – http://www.helpinneed.org
Help International – http://www.help-international.org
Help International Foundation/ Fundacion Ayuda International – http://www.helpinternationalfoundation.com
Help International Relief and Development Africa (HIRDA International)
Help Leads to Hope Foundation – http://www.helpleadstohope.org
Help less children mission Nepal
Help Less Unfortunate People Who Cannot Afford
Help of Prisoner’s Emancipation (HOPE)
Help Old People – http://www.hope2africa.org
Help Organization International – http://www.helporginternational.com
help Our world (hOw) Brasil – http://www.hOw-Brasil.org
Help Somalia Foundation – http://www.helpsomaliafoundation.org
Help the Aged
Help the Aged United Kingdom
Help Yourself Society
HelpAge Canada – http://www.helpagecanada.ca
HelpAge International – http://www.helpage.org
Helper Development Organization Pakistan (HDO) – http://www.heperdo.blogspot.com
Helping Children – http://www.helpingchildrensl.org
Helping Hand for Relief and Development
Helping Hand For The Children in Haiti
Helping Hand Medical Mission
Helping Hand Social and Welfare Society
HELPING HANDS AND HEARTS INC. – http://www.hhahj.jpn.org
Helping Hands For The Needy – http://www.helpinghandsworldwide.com
Helping Hands Health Education
Helping Hands Inc – http://www.hhcharity.org
Helping Hands Trust – http://www.helpinghandstrust.net
Helping Hands Worldwide – http://www.helpinghandsworldwide.net
Helping Hans for Service, Nepal
Helping Needy Children
Helping orphan and widow poor people – http://www.howpp.weebly.com
Helpless Rehabilitation Society (HRS)
HelpMeSee, Inc. – http://www.helpmesee.org
Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Georgian National Committee
Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office – http://www.hcav.am
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia – http://www.mhc.org.mk
HELSINKI ESPAÑA – HUMAN DIMENSION – http://www.humandimension.net
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Helsinki Institute for Crime Prevention and Control
Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation – http://helvetas.org
Hem Memorial Society(Regd)
Hemaia Center For Supporting Human Rights Defenders – http://hemaiaa.wordpress.com/
Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
HEPS Uganda – http://www.heps.org
Heritage and Ethnobotanical Society of Zambia
Heritage Ethnico Organization Inc.
Heritage Foundation – http://www.heritagehealthcareindia.com
Heritage Foundation, The
Heritage International Organization
Heritage Life Institute, Inc.
Heritage of National Environment Yeilding
Heritage Resource Foundation
Heritiers de la justice – http://www.heritiers.org/
Hermes Softlab
Hermetik International
Herriak Aske
Hesperian Foundation
Heungsadahn, A Corporation – http://www.yka.or.kr
Hewad Organization Pakistan ® – http://www.hewadorg.com
Hewlett-Packard Bulgaria Ltd.
HFC “Hope for Children”– UNCRC Policy Center – http://www.uncrcpc.org
Hibakusha Stories – http://www.hibakushastories.org
HIDANKYO/HIBAKUSHA ORGANIZATION OF JAPAN – http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hidankyo/nihon
Higaonon Ha Migsabuwa Ta Lanao Inc. – http://rogongonhhmtlfinc2007cyberspace.wetpaint.com/
Higa-Onon Migsabuwa Ta Lanao Inc. – http://www.higaonontribe.webs.com
High Council of Provinces, The
High Hope Network
High Resolves (HR)
High World International Organization
Higher Populaion Council
Highlander Research and Education Center
Hijos Del Rio. Union de Jovenes Por la Vida – http://www.cjdriosanjuan.net
Hill Development Organization (HDO)
Hill Study Forum of Chittagong Hill Tracts in bangladesh
Hillary Institute of International Leadership – http://www.hillaryinstitute.com
HILLS Liberia – http://www.hillsliberia.org
Hillside Institute
Himachal Children and Development Organisation – http://www.himachalchildren.org
Himachal Gram Jan Sansadhan Vikas Samiti
Himachal Human Rights Care
Himalaya Conservation & Development Association, Nepal – http://www.hcdakarnali.org
Himalaya Conservation and Development Association – http://www.hcdakarnali.org
Himalaya Vahini – http://www.paryawaransachetak.webs.com
Himalayan Alliance for Climate Change – http://www.himcca.org
Himalayan Grassroots Women’s Natural Resource Management Association (HIMAWANTI) Nepal – http://www.nhimawanti.org.np
Himalayan Health & Environmental Services Solukhumbu – http://www.hhessolu.org
Himalayan Helping Hands
Himalayan Human Rights Monitors – http://www.himrights.org
Himalayan Jyoti Samiti – http://www.himalayanjyotisamiti.org
Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation – http://www.himalayanresearch.org
Himilo Relief Development Association – http://www.hirda.org
HIMRIGHTS – http://www.himrights.org
Hindu American Foundation – http://www.hafsite.org
Hindu Council of Africa
Hindu Council of New Zealand Incorporated – http://www.hinducouncil.org.nz
Hindu Women’s Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago
His Royal Highness Iskandar Long Yunus Award
Histadrut Environment and Consumer Protection Authority
Historical Memory Project
HIV & AIDS Watch Association
HIV Young Leaders Fund – http://www.hivyoungleadersfund.org
HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee – http://www.hacccambodia.org
HIV/AIDS Education & Development Center – http://www.boriaidsprogram.org
Hizmet Relief, Inc. – http://www.embracerelief.org
Hjerteforeningen – http://www.hjerteforeningen.dk
Hmong Lao Human Rights Council
Hmong World Church Council
Hmong World Church Council (HWCC)
HOLA – http://www.HolaVB.com
Holding Hand Organization
Holistic approach for People’s Empowerment – http://www.vrhope.org
Holistic Development Nepal – http://www.foodsafetynepal.com
Holly Heart United
HOLS BULGARIA – http://www.holsbulgaria.org
Holy Angels Children’s Society
Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development
Holy Name University Center for Research and Local Governance – http://www.hnu.edu.ph/main/research/
Holy Order of Paladin Ecclesia – http://www.holyorderpaladinecclesia.com
Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism Incorporated
Home And Life Foundation – http://www.half.com
Home and Life Foundation (NGO) – http://www.halfnepal.com
Home School Legal Defense Association – http://www.hslda.org/
Home School Legal Defense Association of Canada, The
Homeland Association for Social Improvement
Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic (‘the Clinic’), a subsidiary of the Public Interest Law Clearing House (‘PILCH’)
Homes from the Heart
Homosexuelle Initiative Wien – http://www.hosiwien.at
Hondurans Against AIDS – http://www.casayurumein.com,
Honduras – Administracion Forestal del Estado, Corporacion Hondureña de Desarrollo Forestal
Hong Kong Climate Change Forum – http://www.hkccf.org/index.php
Hong Kong Council of Social Service, The
Hong Kong Federation of Women
Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres – http://www.womencentre.org.hk
Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor – http://www.hkhrm.org.hk
Hong Kong Unison Limited
Hong Kong Women Foundation Ltd.
Hong Kong Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Association – http://www.hkwpea.org
Hope ( Helping Old People Everywhere) – http://www.helpingoldpeople.com
Hope ’87 – Ethiopia
Hope Africa – http://www.hopecareservice.com/africa
Hope and Enablement of the Weak Organization
Hope and Happiness Foundation
Hope Care Foundation – http://WWW.hopecarefoundation.webs.com
Hope Children’s Centre – http://www.hopechildrenscentre.org
Hope Enterprises
Hope for a child In Christ
Hope for Africa
Hope For Africa – Cameroon
Hope For Africa Foundation
Hope for Change – http://www.hfc-india.org
Hope for Children International Inc – http://www.hopeforchildrenintl.org
Hope for Family Development Initiative – http://www.hffdi.org
Hope for Kids
Hope for Life
Hope For Life Organization – http://www.hfl.org.pk
Hope For The Family, Inc
Hope for the Nations – http://www.hopeforthenations.com
Hope for the Young Generation (HYG) Uganda
Hope For Them Foundation – http://www.hopeforthemfoundation.org
Hope For Tomorrow – http://www.hope4tomorrow.org
Hope Foundation (Regd) – http://www.hopefoundationpak.org
Hope Foundation NGO
Hope International Mission
Hope Makers Club for Youth and Sport – http://www.youthhopemakers.com
Hope Medical Enterprises, Ltd. – http://www.hmeaid.com
Hope on Africa Programme
Hope Rising for the Less Priveleged and Vulnerable Foundation
HOPE Serve to Humanity – http://www.hope4serve.com
Hope to the Future
Hope to the Future Congo Assistance
HOPE Worldwide – Pakistan (HOPE)
Hope Worldwide Nigeria
HOPE Worldwide, Ltd. – http://www.hopeww.org
Hope’87 Burundi – http://www.hope87.at
HOPE-Health Organization for Peoples’ Empowerment
Hopi Indigenous Nation
Horizon (OPCEM – Organization for Post-Conflict Environment Management)
Horizon Aids Awareness and Support Organization
Horizon Charite Humaine pour un Developpement Durable
Horizon Communications
Horizon d’Echange et de Lutte Contre la Pauvreté
Horizon Développement
Horizon Environnement Sante (HES-ONG)
Horizon Foundation – http://www.myhorizonfoundation.org
Horizon Organization for Development and Social Aid – http://hodsaconsulting.weebly.com/
Horizon pour tous les enfants
Horizon pour tous les enfants (HOPE)
Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization – http://www.horizonngo.org
Horizons Ouverts
Horizons Verts
Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network – http://www.hoarec.org
Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVOYOCO) – http://www.havoyoco.org
Horn Youth Development Association – http://www.hyda.org
hornpeace for human right and enviroment
Hosabelaku – Sunrise – http://www.surnriseindia.org
Hosei University and United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan
Hospital & Asylum (HA)
Hospitalischer Orden des Heiligen Lazarus von Jerusalem der Vereinigten Großpriorate – http://www.saintlazarus.at
Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem Grand Priory of the United States – http://saintlazarus.ning.com
Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem Supreme Grand Priory – http://www.saintlazarus.org
HOSS International
Hot Springs Organisation
Hot Springs Organisation (HOSPRO)
Hotline Human Rights Bangladesh – http://www.hotlinebd.org
House Committee on Habitat, House of Representatives, Nigeria
House Committee on Habitat, National Assembly Complex
house of Diamond Initiative – http://www.houseofdiamond.net(underconstruction)
House of Hadassah
House of Jacobs International – http://www.houseofjacobsint.org
House of Representatives of United Nations Foundation
House of Representatives, Abuja, Nigeria
House of Smayusta
House of Women – http://www.how.iway.na
Housewives in Dialogue
Housing Africa Initiative – http://www.housingafrica.org.za
Housing the People of Zimbabwe
Housing Works Inc – http://www.housingworks.org
Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society – http://www.worldcongress.org
Howard League for Penal Reform – http://www.howardleague.org
Howrah Protect Environment & Nature – http://www.pen.page4.me
HRH Iskandar Long Yunus Award
HRIDAY (Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth) – http://www.hriday-shan.org
Hridaya-Nest of Family Harmony – http://www.hridayanfh.org.in
Hrvatsko Kulturno Drustvo Napredak – http://www.hkdnapredak.com
HTI Alumni Association – http://www.facebook.com/HTIAlumni
Huairou Commission: Women, Homes and Community – http://www.huairou.org/
Hudson Institute, Inc. – http://www.eyeontheun.org
Huduma Kwa Jamii Programme – http://www.hudumakwajamii.org
Huduma ya Injili na Macendeleo kwa Wafugaji
HUJRA, Village Support Organization – http://www.hujra.org
HUMA Multipurpose Women Group
Human & Environmental Sustenance Organisation
Human Action for Rural Development
Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit International Charitable Trust – http://www.humanaffect.com
Human Aid UK – http://www.human-aid.eu
Human and Environmental Support Group
Human Appeal International
Human Appeal Organization Jaffarabad – http://www.humanappealorg.webs.com
Human City Foundation
Human Development and Reproductive Health, Right NGO Network of Mongolia
Human Development Center
Human Development Center “Tree of Life” – http://www.treelife.org.kg
Human Development Foundation
Human Development Foundation HDF
Human Development Foundation Peshawar Pakistan – http://www.hdfpak.org
Human Development Initiative Pakistan – http://www.hdipakistan.org
Human Development Initiatives – Legal and Psychosocial Services Centre
Human Development Organization – http://www.hdosrilanka.org
Human Development Organization (HDO) – http://www.hdosrilanka.org
Human Development Society – http://www.hdsindia.org
Human Development Society (HDS)
Human Development Society India
Human Development Society Pakistan – http://www.hdspakistan.org
Human Development Society the Gambia
Human Devolopment RHR NGO network – http://www.nisora.mn
Human Dignity Promotion Program
Human Dignity Society, Balochistan – http://www.hds.org.pk
Human Dynamics Public Sector Consulting
Human Education and Action for Liberation Movement (HEAL Movement) – http://www.heal.zoomshare.com
Human Effort for Love and Peace Foundation J & K – http://www.helpfoundation.co
Human Empowerment and Liberty Program
Human Environmental Association for Development
Human Family Foundation
Human Impacts Institute – http://www.HumanImpactsInstitute.org
Human in Love – http://www.hil.or.kr/main/main.php
Human Initiative Network
Human Lactation Center, Ltd., The
Human Life International (Ireland)
Human Life International, Inc. – http://www.hli.org/
HUMAN Network INDIA – http://www.humanindia.org
Human Relief Foundation – http://www.hrf.org.uk
Human Resource and Material Development Foundation (HURMAD) – http://www.facebook.com/hurmad
Human Resource Development Foundation, The – http://www.ikgv.org
Human Resource Development Society – http://www.hrdsociety.org
Human Resources Development Network
Human Resources Limited
Human Resources Organization
Human Right Activist
Human Rights & Legit Group
Human Rights Advocacay Centre – http://www.hracghana.org
Human Rights Advocates Inc. – http://www.humanrightsadvocates.org
Human Rights Advocates International, Inc.
Human Rights and Advocacy Network for Democracy HAND – http://www.hand-sudan.com
Human Rights and Development Trust of Southern Africa
Human Rights Association for Community Development in Assiut – http://www.assuithumanrights.org
Human Rights Association for the Assistance of Prisoners – http://www.hrcap.org
Human Rights Awareness – http://www.humanrightsawareness.law.officelive.com
Human Rights Center – http://www.hridc.org
Human Rights Center “Citizens against Corruption” – http://www.anticorruption.kg
Human Rights Center for the Assistance of Prisoners, The
Human Rights Center Tajikistan – http://www.hrc.tj
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan – http://www.hrcp-web.org/
Human Rights Committee
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) – http://www.hrcbm.org
Human Rights Consortium – http://www.billofrightsni.org/
Human Rights Council
Human Rights Council of Australia, Inc.
Human Rights Council Of India – http://www.hrcofindia.org
Human Rights Defence Centre
Human Rights Defence Group
Human Rights Defenders Solidarity Network – Uganda
Human Rights Development International – http://www.justicegroup.us
Human Rights Education and Peace International
Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) – http://www.hrea.org
Human Rights Education Centre – South Africa – http://www.umphakatsi.co.za
Human Rights First – http://www.humanrightsfirst.org
Human Rights First Society – http://www.hrfssaudiarabia.org
Human Rights Focus Pakistan – http://www.hrfngo.org
Human Rights Forum
Human Rights’ Forum – http://www.hrfpakistan.org
Human Rights Foundation Inc
Human Rights Generation – http://HRGeneration.org
Human Rights House Foundation – http://www.humanrightshouse.org
Human Rights House of Iran
Human Rights in China
Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems International
Human Rights Information and Training Center – http://www.hritc.net
Human Rights Information Network
Human Rights Initiative, Manipur – http://www.hrimanipur.org
Human Rights International – Pakistan
Human Rights International Alliance
Human Rights International Organization – http://www.facebook.com/humanrightsis1st
Human Rights Internet
Human Rights Kalyankari Samiti
Human Rights Law Centre – http://www.hrlc.org.au
Human Rights Law Foundation – http://www.hrlf.net
Human Rights Lawyers’ Society
Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa – http://www.humanrightsleague.com
Human Rights Legal Aid Fund – http://www.humanrightsfund.org
Human Rights Liaison Committee – HRLC
Human Rights National Circle (H.R.N.C.) / Cercle National des Droits de l´Homme (C.N.D.H.)
Human Rights Network (HURINET) – http://www.hurinet.or.ug
Human Rights Now – http://hrn.or.jp/eng/
Human Rights Organization
Human Rights Organization (An International Organization) – http://hrointernational.info
Human Rights Program at Harvard University Law School, The
Human Rights Protection Mission – http://www.hrpmindia.com
Human Rights Protection Opganisacion “Democratic and Fair Geotgia”
Human Rights Research & Development Center
Human Rights Sanrakshan Sansthaa
Human Rights Society
Human Rights Society in Iraq
Human Rights Society Pakistan – http://www.hrpk.org
Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa
Human Rights Voice For Minorities – http://www.hrvm.org
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Welfare Foundation – https://www.hrwf.org.in
Human Rights Working Group Indonesia – http://www.hrwg.org
Human Rights Writers’ Association of Nigeria – http://www.huriwa.com/www.huriwa.blogspot.com
Human Rights, justice and Peace Foundation
Human Rights-First the Child
Human Rithts Organization – http://www.humanrightsorganization.asia
Human Security Initiative Organization – http://www.humansecuritysud.org
Human Service Alliance
Human Settlements
Human Settlements of Zambia
Human Shield – http://www.humanshieldpk.org
Human Shield Trust – http://www.humanshieldpk.org
Human Strategies for Human Rights
Human Support Services
Human Touch India
Human Trafficking Awareness Council – http://www.htacouncil.org
Human Value Mission
Human Welfare And Development Trust
Human Welfare Society
Humana Global, Association for the Promotion of Human Rights, Culture and Development
Humanae World – http://www.humanae.com.br
Humane Society of the United States – http://www.hsus.org
Humanic Relief – http://www.humanicrelief.org
Humanidad Derechos Humanos
Humanio Development Organization – http://www.humanio.org(willcomesoon)
Humanisme et Droits Humains
Humanist Movement
Humanistische Union – http://www.humanistische-union.de
Humanitaire Plus
Humanitaires Sans Frontières – http://www.hsf-niger.org
Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International – http://www.hapinternational.org/
Humanitarian Action Foundation
Humanitarian Aid & Development – http://www.hadhq.org-hadye.org-www.hadcon.org
Humanitarian Aid & Rescue Project – http://www.harprescue.org
Humanitarian Aid and Development – http://www.hadhq.org
Humanitarian and Cultural Centre (HCC)
Humanitarian Assistance Trust of Zimbabwe
Humanitarian BBC Fund
Humanitarian Care and Relief Organization
Humanitarian Care Uganda – http://www.hcareuganda.org
Humanitarian Emergency Logistics & Preparedness Inc. – http://www.disasterlogistics.org
Humanitarian Foundation of Canada – http://www.hfcngo.com
Humanitarian International Services Group
Humanitarian Law Agency
Humanitarian Law Center – http://www.hlc-rdc.org
Humanitarian Legal Center
Humanitarian Media Foundation – http://www.humanitarianmedia.org
Humanitarian Organisation of Pskov’s Region “Happy Childhood” – http://www.hchil.org
Humanitarian Organization ” RUHAMA” Zenica
Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics – http://www.home.org.sg
Humanitarian Resource Institute – http://www.humanitarian.net
Humanitarian Welfare Foundation
Humanitarians in Action – http://ha-cameroon.asso-web.com
Humanitas International
HUMANITAS Organização para Direitos Humanos e Cidadania
HUMANITERRA INTERNATIONAL – http://www.humani-terra.org
Humanity Family Foundation for Peace and Development – http://www.huffped.org
Humanity First
Humanity for Orphans, Youth and Widows Initiatives Kenya – http://www.hoywikafrica.org
Humanity Foundation
Humanity Healing International – http://humanityhealing.org
Humanity Helping Sudan Project – http://www.humanityhelpingsudanproject.org
Humanity Protection Organization – http://www.humanityprotectionorganization.com
Humanity Services South Africa – http://www.humanityservices.org.za
Humanity Welfare Services Organization – http://www.hwso.org
Humanity Without Frontiers – http://www.humanitywif.org
humanitywatch – http://humanity-bd.blogspot.com
HumanKind – http://www.humankindcaringformankind.blogspot.com
Human’s Health Institute
Humboldt University
HUMINT – http://www.humint.org.uk
Humsafar foundation
Humuna Global
Hunan Women’s Federation,P,R,China
Hunch Welfare Foundation – http://www.hunchngo.org
Hungarian Association Against Violence and Discrimination – http://www.meeme.hupont.hu
Hunger Free World – http://leadfrancophoneafrica.org/
Hunger Project, The – http://www.thp.org
Hunger Reduction International – http://hungerreductioninternational.org/
Hunt Alternatives Fund – http://www.huntalternatives.org;www.inclusivesecurity.org
Hunter College Center for Community and Urban Health – http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/schoolhp/centers/comm_urb/about.htm
Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation – http://www.hedfpk.com
Hussaini Foundation – http://www.hussainifoundation.org
Hussaini Organization for Local Development HOLD
Hutan group – http://hutang.jimdo.com/
Hydra Project
Hydra Project International-Cameroon
Hydrautex International
Hygiène Scolaire -Togo
Hynniewtrep Integrated Rural Development Organisation
I.D.E.A.L. International Initiative D’Entraide Aux Libertés – http://www.ideal-international.org
I.nsan Haklar? Ortak Platformu – http://www.ihop.org.tr
I.qtisadi Resurslar?n Öyr?nilm?si I.ctimai Birliyi – http://www.ser-az.org
I.R?LI. I.CTI.MAI. BI.RLI.YI. – http://www.ireli.az
Iansa Women Network Nigeria
IARPP-International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
IATA-Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association
IATP – Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy – HTTP://www.iatp.org/
i-Bangla – http://i-bangla.com
IBASE – HTTP://www.ibase.br/
IBC – International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation
Ibero American Institute of Aeronautic and Space Law and Commercial Aviation – http://www.instibaerospa.org
Iberoamerican Federation of Elderly People Associations,The
Iberoamerican Institute of Maritime Law
Iberoamerican Institute of Maritime Law (IIDM)
Iberoamerican Science Technology and Education Consortium University of New Mexico -Native American Studies
IBFAN Brasil – http://www.ibfan.org.br
IBIS København
Ibn Khaldun Center for Development – http://www.net.org/page_3/ICDS
Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences – http://www.ibnsinaacademy.org
IBON Foundation, Inc. – http://www.ibon.org,www.iboninternational.org
IBON Philippines Databank and Research Center
IBON.International Foundation Inc. – http://www.iboninternational.org
IBREA Foundation – http://www.ibreaus.org
iBreathe – http://www.ibreathe.com.ng
Ibsa Inc. – http://www.ibsa-inc.org
ICAE – Conselho Internacional de Educação de Adultos – HTTP://www.icae.org.uy/spa/sindex.html
ICAN Norway – http://www.icannorway.no
ICC Iran
ICCCHT- Indigenous Coordination Council Of Chittagong Hill Tracts
ICDR-Islamic World Council on Disability & Rehabilitation
Ice Foundation – http://www.icefoundation.co.in
Icebo Youth Trust
ICED – http://www.iced.org.do
ICG Youth Initiative – http://www.icgyouth.org
ICIP-International Consortium for Intergenerational Programmes
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia – http://www.iclei.org/sa
ICNA Relief USA – http://www.icnarelief.org
ICO “Green Dossier” – http://www.dossier.org.ua
Icod Action Network – http://www.icoduganda.org
ICOM Africa – http://www.icomafrica.webs.com
ICOMAM – International Committee for Museums and Collection of Arms and Military History, The
ICON PHILANTHROPIC FOUNDATION – http://www.icon-foundation.org
Icross Tanzania
ICU – Instituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria
ICVolunteers – http://www.icvolunteers.org
ICW Zambia International Community of Women Living with HIV in Zambia
ID Nepal
Idara Aaghosh – http://www.idaraaaghosh.org
I-Dare for Sustainable Development – http://www.i-dare.org
IDC – http://www.idiplomatcommission.org
IDEA – http://www.idea.org.py
IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) public association – http://www.ideacampaign.org
Idea Builders Initiative – http://www.ideabuilders.org
IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity
Ideal Educational Social Welfare Society (IESWS)
Ideal World Foundation
Ideas Centre – http://www.ideascentre.ch
Ideas Centre Incorporated
IDEAS for US – http://IDEASforUs.org
IDMEGE Association pour la promotion de la femme et l’enfant sourd-muet
IDPC Consortium – http://www.idpc.net
IEA Coal Research Ltd
IFAT – International Federationof Alternative Trade – HTTP://www.ifat.org/
IFENDU for Women’s Development – http://www.ifendu.org
IFEVA, Instituto de la Facultad de Agronomfa – http://wwwifevaeduar/
IFG – International Forum on Globalization – HTTP://www.ifg.org/
Ifite Ani Nimo Women Association
IFRTK Trust – http://www.ifrtk.org
Igarape Institute
Igie Foundation Aid for Talent Development and Empowerment
Iglesia Luz Unitaria Universal – http://www.facebook.com/luz.unitaria
Igorota Foundation Inc.
Igreja Christa Evangelica Christo Vos Chama Pentecostal
Igrow Global Commerce Summit – http://www.igrowsummit.org
Igtiba – http://www.igtiba.org.br
Iguassu ITEREI Centro de Referência do Movimento da Cidadania pelas Águas Florestas e Montanhas – http://s.lourencinho.sites.uol.com.br
IIDA Women’s Development Organization – http://www.iidaonline.net
IILJ. NYU Law School
IISD Reporting Service – http://wwwiisdca/
Ikatan Pemuda Gayo
Ikhwezi Women’s Support Centre
Ikono-Ini Youth Consultative Assembly
Ikwerre Movement for Justice
Il Cenacolo
Ileto Caribbean People’s Network Ileto (Caribbean ya Watu wa Mtandao)
Ilha de Paz
Ilioulaokalani Coalition
Ilitha Labantu – http://www.ilithalabantu.org.za
Ilkisongo Pastoralists Initiatives (IPASTORIN)
Illah Development Organization
Ilm-o-adab Foundation (IAF)
ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal People
Ilsan Women Fishing Cooperative
Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid
IMAECSED – International Movement for Advancement of Education Culture Social and Economic Development
Image and pictures communications
IMAGE Development & Welfare Organization – http://imagehyderabad.blogspot.com/
Image development organization
ImageMagica – http://www.imagemagica.org
Imagination x Inspiration x Innovation Foundation
Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society – http://www.sosapoverty.org
Imam Al-Sadr Foundation – http://www.imamsadrfoundation.org
Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation – http://www.emdad.ir
Imam Shirazi World Foundation – http://www.iswf.us
Imamia Medics International
IMAXI Cooperative – http://www.imaxi.org
Imazon – Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazônia – http://www.imazon.org.br
IMC Trust
Immigrant Council of Ireland – http://www.immigrantcouncil.ie
Immigrant, Refugee and Visible Minority Women of Saskatchewan Inc.
Immigrants’ Network of Greece
Immigration Développement Démocratie – http://www.idd-reseau.org
Immigration Texas – http://www.immigrationtexas.org
Impact for Change and Development Limited by Guarantee – http://www.impactng.com
Impact Generation – http://www.impactgeneration.net
Impact Nigeria
Impact on Lives Africa
Impacto Asociación Civil – http://www.ongimpacto.org
Imperial College Energy Society – http://www.ic-energy.org/
Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society – http://www.ippo.ru,www.mos-ippo.ru
Improve Families Health Consortium (IFACO) – http://www.ifaconetwork.org
Impulse NGO Network – http://www.impulseasia.org/
Impunity Watch Foundation – http://www.impunitywatch.org
In Cité Mondi
INADES – formation
INAWEZEKANA to Create Decent Livelihoods
INBAR- Reseau International sur le Bambou et le Rotin
INBAR- Reseau International sur le Bambou et le Rotin-(International Network for Bamboo and Rattan )
inbridge – http://www.inbridge.org
Incentives for Global Health – http://www.healthimpactfund.org
Inclusion International (International League of Societies for Persons with Mental Handicaps)
Inclusive Planet Centre for Disability Law and Policy – http://www.inclusiveplanet.org.in
Incluyendo Mexico
Incomindios Schweiz – http://www.incomindios.ch
Incorporation Trustees Of Osita Nwajide Rural Folks Foundation – http://www.itonfoundation.org
Incredible Indians
Indalo Yethu South Africa’s Environemntal Agency – http://www.indaloyethu.org
INDCO Hightech Agro Rural Development of Women Welfare Society
Indekhwa (Widow) Women Group
Independant Election Comission of Afghanistan(IEC)
Independent Advocacy Project LTDGTE – http://www.iap-nigeria.org
independent communication strategies
Independent Jewish Voices Canada – http://www.ijvcanada.org
Independent Manchester Troop, Volunteer Frontiersmen
Independent Non-Profit Organization “Scientific-Research Institute”
Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa
Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs – http://www.drugscience.org.uk
Independent Service Delivery Monitoring Group – http://www.isdmg.org
Independent Women’s Forum (IWF)
Independent Youth Forum
Independent Youth Movement
Index on Censorship – http://www.indexoncensorship.org/
India Centre for Human Rights and Law
India Evangelical &Educational Rural Development – http://www.ieerdngo.com
India Media Centre
India Vision Foundation
India Water Foundation – http://www.indiawaterfoundation.org
Indian Agrometeorological Society
Indian Assembly of Youth
Indian Association for the Advancement of Science
Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development
Indian Committee of Youth Organisations
Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO) – http://www.icyo.in
Indian Community Development Service Society
Indian Confederation of Indigenous & Tribal Peoples
Indian Council for Child Welfare
Indian Council of Education
Indian Council of South America (CISA)
indian democratic human rights organistaion
Indian Development Foundation – http://www.idf.org.in
Indian Dreams Foundation
Indian Environmental Society – http://www.iesglobal.org
Indian Federation of United Nations Associations – http://www.ifuna.org
Indian Forest Service
Indian Forestry Service
Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection – http://www.iipdep.org
Indian Institute of Community Development – http://www.iicdmission.com
Indian Institute of Youth and Development
INDIAN INVESTOR FORUM – http://www.investorindia.in
Indian Land Claims, Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs
Indian Law Institute
Indian Law Resource Centre – http://www.indianlaw.org
Indian Media Centre For Journalists – http://www.imcfj.org.in
Indian Muslim Council – USA – http://www.imc-usa.org
Indian Muslim Federation UK
Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)
Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC)
Indian Science Communication Society – http://www.iscos.org
Indian Social Action Forum – http://www.insafindia.org
Indian Social Club Charity Wing
Indian Social Institute – http://www.isidelhi.org.in
Indian Social Institute – Bangalore – http://www.isiblr.org
Indian SociAl Service Institute – http://www.indianssi.org
Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals – http://www.isapindia.org
Indian Welfare Society
Indian Young Professionals Network – http://www.iypn.net
Indian Youth Climate Network – http://www.iycn.in
Indiana University – http://wwwindianaedu/
Indigena Campesina de Agri-foresteria Communitaria – CICAFOC
Indigenous and Peasant Coordinator of Communal Agroforestry (CICAFOC) – http://www.acicafoc.org
Indigenous Cultural and Educational Foundation, Inc.
Indigenous Dialogues Foundation
Indigenous Fijian Grassroots and Small Business Enterprisesfundacion
Indigenous Fish & Food Processors Association of Ghana
Indigenous Governance Programs
Indigenous Information Network – http://www.indigenous-info-kenya.net
Indigenous Media Network
Indigenous Natinality Association of Nepal
Indigenous Nationalities Association of Nepal
Indigenous Nationality Association iof Nepal (INAN)
Indigenous Network on Economics and Trade (INET) – http://wwwindigenousnetorg/
Indigenous People of Africa Coordinating Committee – http://www.ipacc.org.za/eng/default.asp
Indigenous People Of Israel – http://www.indiginous-people-of-israel.page.tl
Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples and Nations Coalition
Indigenous Peoples Caucus
Indigenous Peoples’ International Centre for Policy Research and Education – http://www.tebtebba.org/
Indigenous Peoples Links – http://www.piplinks.org
Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia (JOAS)
Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation
Indigenous Solutions Ethiopia – http://www.indisol.@ethionet.et
Indigenous Student Society
Indigenous Survival International
Indigenous Tourism Rights International
Indigenous Tribal Rights Centre
Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network
Indigenous Women Legal Awareness Group
Indigenous Women Legal Awareness Group (INWOLAG)
Indigenous Women s Network – http://www.indigenouswomen.org
Indigenous World Association
Indigenous Youth Development Project
Indigenous Youth Development Project (IYDP)
Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research
Indira Gandhi Integral Education Centre – http://www.igiec.freewebpages.org
Indira Gandhi National Foundation – http://www.indiragandhifoundation.org
Individual – former UNIDO
Indo European Kashmir Forum
Indo Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Indo-European Chamber of Commerce and Industry – http://www.iecci.com
Indo-Global Social Service Society – http://www.igsss.org
Indo-Myanmar Indigenous Tribal Development Association
Indonesia – PM
Indonesia Women Farmers
Indonesian Center for Environmental Law
Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation, The
Indonesian Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice – http://www.csoforum.net
Indonesian Cultural Foundation
Indonesian Family Health and Welfare Foundation
Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation
Indonesian National Council on Social Welfare (INCSW)
Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy – http://www.koalisiperempuan.or.id
Indra Nagar Ambedkar Seva Sanga
Indraprastha Public Affairs Centre – http://www.ipacindia.org
Indreni Services Society
Indus Development Society – http://www.indusdevsoc.org
Indus Resource Centre – http://www.irc-pakisatn.com
Indus Welfare Association – http://www.induswelfare.org
Industrial Designers Society of America
Industrial Ecology Institute – http://www.industrialecology.or.ke(underre-construction)
Industrial Environmental Forum of South Africa
Industry Council for Development (ICD)
IndyACT – http://www.indyact.org
Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan – http://www.idspak.org
Info plus Taraz NGO – http://lara-www.blogspot.com/,http://larisha.wordpress.com/,http://polix…
Infobox Australia – http://www.infoboxaustralia.co.cc
infogroup international – http://www.infogrouponline.org
Infogroupe International
Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC)
Information and Communication Programme
Information Communication and Technology Development Program
Information Habitat: Where Information Lives (IHWIL) – http://www.information-habitat.net
Information Hive – http://shobhagya.spaces.live.com
Information Industry Association
Information Resource Center “Common Home”
Informational Fond on Religions Questions «Areal» – http://www.areal-if.kz
Ing Makababaying Aksyon Foundation
Ing Makababaying Aksyon Foundation, Inc.
Ingenieurs du Monde – http://www.ingenieursdumonde.org
Iniciativa Ciudadana ¡Basta Ya!
Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la Cultura del Diálogo, A.C. – http://www.iniciativaciudadana.org.mx
Iniciativa Ciudadana y Desarrollo Social – http://www.incidesocial.org
Iniciatíva Inakost – http://www.inakost.sk
Iniciativa Latino-Americana para o Transporte Sustentável
Iniciativa para o Desenvolvimento, a Energia e o Ambiente
Iniciativa Social Para la Democracia – http://www.isd.org.sv
Iniciativa Verde – http://www.iniciativaverde.org.br/
Iniciativa YURTA-ADENYT – http://www.iniciativa-yurta.org
Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization – http://WWW.INISKOY.ORG
Initiatieve pour le Developpement de Centrafrique or IDC
Initiative béninoise d’education civique et d’eveil sur le monde
Initiative Center for Women Development and Training
Initiative des Femmes pour la Paix en Afrique Centrale
Initiative des volontaires pour le développement économique et social
Initiative du millénaire des femmes africaines contre la pauvreté et pour les droits humains – http://www.awomi.org
Initiative et Action (INACK)
Initiative Et Action Africaines Kingoff
Initiative for Building the Youths’ Good Health
Initiative for Care and Empowerment Support
Initiative for Change-IFC – http://www.ifc.org.pk
Initiative For Community Development – http://www.icdngo.org
Initiative for Conflict Control and Resolution – http://www.conflictcontrolandresolution.ng.org
Initiative for Environment, Health and Social Development
Initiative for Environmental Education
Initiative for Equality
Initiative for Grassroots Development Centre
Initiative for Peace, Empowerment & Tolerance
Initiative For Rural Areas Transformation
Initiative for Social Development and Human Dignity in Nigeria
Initiative for the Promotion of Equitable Environmental Practice
Initiative for the Protection of Civic Rights
Initiative Nationale d’Encadrement par des Actions Sociales
Initiative Nepal – http://www.initiativenepal.org
Initiative of Change
Initiative Plurielle
Initiative pour le developpement de l’epargne et du credit eyano
Initiative pour L’emergence des Valeurs Civiques et Democratiques
Initiative pour un Développement Durable en Afrique
Initiative pour un Developpment Integre
Initiative Rurale pour le Développement
Initiatives – http://www.theinitiatives.org
Initiatives de Développement Stratégique / Strategic Development Initiative
Initiatives des Femmes en Situations Difficiles pour le Développement Intégré, IFESIDI asbl
Initiatives of Change
Initiatives of Change International – http://www.iofc.org
Initiatives: Women in Development
Initiator Human Development Foundation – http://www.initiator.org
Initiators Foundation for Social Development – http://ar-ar.facebook.com/pages/%D9%85%D8%A4%D8%B3%D8%B3%D8%A9-%D9%85%D8…
Inland Waterways International
INMA University, Department of Education, Presidential Committee on G
Inmaa Organization for Development – http://www.inmaa-iraq.com
Inner Trip Reiyukai International
Innervision World
Innocence In Danger
Innovando el Futuro : Fundación Perú – http://www.fundacionperu.org
Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation – http://www.icet.org.cn
Innovation: Africa – http://www.innoafrica.org
Innovations et Reseaux pour le Developpment / Service d’Echange et d’Appui a la Gestion
Innovations, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development Caucasus Institute – http://www.eco-web.com/reg/02797.html
Innu Council of Nitassinan (Innu Nation)
Inochi – http://inochi.us/
INRI Widows Foundation
Insaan Welfare Organization
Insamlingsstiftelsen Vi planterar träd – http://www.viskogen.se/
Insan Association – http://www.insanassociation.org/en/
Insan Dost Association – http://www.idapk.org
Insan Foundation Trust – http://www.insan.org.pk
Insan Organization for Community Development
Insan Welfare Foundation Pakistan – http://www.iwfp.org
Insani Destek Dernegi – https://www.facebook.com/groups/buildhuman
Insani Müdafa ve Kardeslik Dernegi – http://www.imkander.org.tr/en/
Insaniat Foundation – http://www.insaniat.org
INSHED – International Network for Standardization of Higher Education Degrees
Insituto Plante uma Árvore – http://www.planteumaarvore.org
Insituto Runa de Desarrollo y Estudios sobre Género
Inspire Nigeria – http://www.inspiringnigeria.net
Inspiredworld – http://www.inspiredworld.org
Instituicao de Ética e Valores Humanos Estrela da Paz – http://estrelinhasdapaz.blogspot.com/
Institut africain pour la democratie
Institut Africain pour le Développement Economique et Social -Centre Africain de Formation
Institut Africain pour le Genre / African Gender Institute – http://www.uct.ac.za/org/agi
Institut Arabe des Droits de l’Homme – http://www.aihr-iadh.org
Institut de Coopération Europe Asie Amérique Latine
Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya – http://www.idhc.org/
Institut de la gestion déléguée – http://www.fondation-igd.org
Institut de la Vie
Institut de politique familiale
Institut de Recherche pour l’Energie, l’Environnement et la Construction
Institut d’Economie Afriacine – http://www.inafecon.org
Institut D’Estudis D’Historia de Catalunya
Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales – iDDRi – http://www.iddri.org
Institut Europeen des Armes de Chasse et de Sport – http://www.ieacs.eu
Institut francais d’ experts juridiques internationaux
Institut für interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit und Dialog – http://www.dialog-institut.ch
Institut hospitalier de leprologie pour l’Amerique Latine, les Caraibes et l’Afrique
Institut International pour la Promotion des Idées sur la Paix Dynamique – http://www.peacehopes.org
Institut International pour les Relations Diplomatiques – I.I.R.D.
Institut Jules-Destrée – http://www.institut-destree.eu
Institut Libanais de Développement Économique et Social – http://www.ildeslebanon.org
Institut Panafricain pour le Développement – http://www.paidafrica.org
Institut Robert Schuman pour L’Europe / Robert Schuman Institute for Europe I.R.S.E., The
Institut supérieur panafricain d’économie coopérative
Institut Tropical Suisse
Institute for 21st Century Studies
Institute for African Alternatives
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy – http://www.iatp.org
Institute for Behavior and Health – http://www.ibhinc.org
Institute for Child Witness Research and Training – http://www.childwitness.net
Institute for Cognitive Science Studies
Institute for Commercial Forestry Research – http://wwwicfrnetunpacza/
Institute for Communication & Development Action – http://www.icda.org.in
Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding – http://www.institute-icp.ch
Institute for Cultural Ecology
Institute for Cultural Unity
Institute for Decentralized Alternative Awareness – http://www.idaagte.lk-underconstruction
Institute for defending human rights
Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa – http://www.idasa.org
Institute for Development Anthropology
Institute for Development Exchange – http://www.index.org.in
Institute for Development of Youth Women and Child (PRAYAS)
Institute for development studies and practics IDSP
Institute for Education in Democracy
Institute for Electronic Governance & Development
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, The (IEER)
Institute for Environment and Development Studies (Friends of the Earth Bangladesh)
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies – http://ieet.org
Institute for European Environmental Policy
Institute for Food and Development Policy
Institute for Future
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies – http://www.iges.or.jp
Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development
Institute for Gulf Affairs – http://www.gulfinstitute.org
Institute for Human Centered Design – http://www.humancentereddesign.org
Institute for Human Rights & Business Limited – http://www.institutehrb.org
Institute for Human Rights & Democratic Governance – http://www.ihrdg.org
Institute for Human Settlement and Environment
Institute for Humanist Studies – http://www.humaniststudies.org
Institute for Integrated Development Studies
Institute for Integrated Rural Development
Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics
Institute for Intergrated DEV Studies (IIDS)
Institute for International Economic Cooperation and Development – http://www.iceps.it
Institute for International Economics
Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict
Institute for International Studies, Stanford University
Institute for International Urban Development – http://i2ud.org/
Institute for Interreligious Dialogue – http://www.iid.org.ir
Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti – http://www.ijdh.org
Institute for Justice and Reconciliation – http://www.ijr.org.za
Institute for Law and Environmental Governance – http://www.ilegkenya.org
Institute for Management and Leadership Training
Institute For Multicultural Communications Cooperation and Development
Institute for Multicultural Communications Cooperation and Development, Inc. – http://www.ifmccadi.org
Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Education Services, Inc. – http://www.imces.org
Institute for Multi-Party Democracy
Institute for Multitrack Diplomacy – http://www.imtd.org
Institute For New Leaders
Institute for Peace and Values-Centered Leadership
Institute for Planetary Synthesis – http://www.ipsgeneva.com
Institute for Policy Studies – http://www.tni.org
Institute for Population Studies – http://www.howmany.org
Institute for Poverty Awareness and Education, Inc.
Institute for Practical Idealism – http://www.legacyintl.org
Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety – http://www.irfs.az
Institute for Research on Environment and Economy University of Ottawa
Institute for Security Studies – http://www.issafrica.org
Institute for Social and Economic Studies, The (ISES) – http://www.inesc.org.br
Institute for Social Anthropology, University of Leipzig
Institute for Social Education and Development
Institute for Sustainable Development
Institute for Sustainable Development and Research (ISDR) – http://www.isdronline.com
Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies
Institute for Technological Advancement
Institute for the Advancement of Journalism
Institute for the Development in Education, Arts and Leisure – http://www.idealsociety.org
Institute for the Development of Civil Society
Institute for the Development of International Cooperation
Institute for the Promotion of Health and Quality of Life for Workers
Institute for Traffic Care
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) – http://www.itdp.org
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Institute for Women’s Studies and Research – http://WWW.IWSR.ORG
Institute for Women’s Studies and Research – http://www.iwsr.org
Institute for World Congress on Human Rights
Institute for World’s indigenous peoples/Issues
Institute for Youth Development – http://www.dr.kg
Institute International Jacques Maritain (IIJM)
Institute International pour les relations Diplomatiques – http://www.iird.org
Institute of Administrative Management
Institute of Advanced Leadership
Institute of Air Transport
Institute of Asian Culture & Development – http://www.iacd.or.kr/
Institute of Atiye “Philanthropic Help for Mental Disabled Persons” – http://www.atiiye.blogfa.com
Institute of Biophysics/International Centre for Closed Ecological Systems, and the Pristine Yenisei Project
Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology
Institute of Caribbean Studies – http://www.icsdc.org
Institute of Cetacean Research
Institute of Corporate Direcitor
Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan
Institute of Cultural Affairs – Ghana
Institute of Cultural Affairs International – http://www.ica-international.org
Institute Of Democratic And Business Development
Institute of Development Management, BLS
Institute of Development Studies,University of Zimbabwe
Institute of Development Support Services – http://www.idssngo.webs.com
Institute of Development Support Services – LSKFOPF[;DF – http://www.idssngo.webs.com
Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Institute of Economic Affairs Gambia.
Institute of Education Training and Development – http://www.ietdindia.org
Institute of Environment and Recreation Management – http://www.ierm.org.za
Institute of Environmental Management Accounting & Research (IEMAR)
Institute of Environmental Studies
Institute of Foresters of Australia – http://wwwforestryorgau/defaultasp
Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Chittagong University
Institute of Global Education – http://www.instituteofglobaled.com
Institute of Governance Studies
Institute of Hazrat Mohammad – http://www.ihmsaw.org
Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)
Institute of Health Management Pachod – http://www.ihmp.org
Institute of Higher Management
Institute of Higher Management (ISG)
Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law – http://www.ihrhl-ng.org
Institute of Human Rights Communication, Nepal (IHRICON) – http://www.ihricon.org.np
Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria – http://www.ihvnigeria.org
Institute of Inter-Balkan Relations – http://www.balkan-institute.gr/istoriko_idryshs.htm
Institute of Internal Auditors
Institute of International Container Lessors
Institute of International Education, Inc. (IIE) – http://www.iie.org
Institute of International Law
Institute of International Social Development – http://www.iisd-ngo.org
Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia
Institute of International Trade – http://www.iitrade.ac.in
Institute of Island Studies
Institute of Labour Management and Research
Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology – http://www.imarest.org
Institute of Marine Engineers (IME)
Institute of Mountain and Agricultural Machinery
Institute of Noahide Code – http://www.Noahide.org
Institute of Objective Studies (IOS)
Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD)
Institute of Policy Analysis and Research
Institute of Policy Studies
Institute of Population, Health and Development – http://www.phad.org
Institute of Pre-history, Anthropology and Ecology
Institute of Professional Research – http://www.ipr.net.in
Institute of Progressive Medicine
Institute of Psychiatry – King’s College London
Institute of Public Economy Cooperative and Financial Law
Institute of Research & Social Development – http://www.irsd.org.pk
Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs – http://www.irtea.gr
Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE)
Institute of Rural Management, Anand
Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA)
Institute of Science and Technology
Institute of Small Enterprises and Development
Institute of Social Studies Trust – http://www.isstindia.org
Institute of Southern African Studies
Institute of Sustainable Development – http://www.isdngo.org
Institute of Sustainable Development and Management of Natural Resources
Institute of Technology Carlo Cattaneo, Reggio Emilia,Italy. Via Mati
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) – http://www.ibvm.orgwww.ibvmunngo.org
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters)
Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies
Institute on Religion and Democracy, The
Institute Reciclar-T3 – http://www.reciclar-t3.org.br
Institute Time is Life – http://www.itev.org.br
Institute Voluntariat – http://www.zavod-voluntariat.si
Instituti i Studimeve per Camerine – http://www.cameriainstitute.org
Instituti SEDA
Institution marocaine d’appui à la micro-énterprise
Institution nationale de solidarité avec les femmes en détresse
Institution of Foresters Kerala
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Institution of Public Health Engineers in India
Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change
Instituto “O Direito por Um Planeta Verde” – http://www.planetaverde.org
Instituto Aguas da Terra – http://www.aguasdaterra.org.br
Instituto Akatu – http://www.akatu.org.br
Instituto Alana – http://www.alana.org.br
Instituto Amazônia – http://www.iamazonia.org.br
Instituto Amazônia Livre – http://www.amazonialivre.org
Instituto Ambiente em Foco – http://www.institutoaf.org.br
Instituto Ambiente em Movimento – http://www.iam.net.br/english
Instituto Amigos da Reserva da Biosfera da Mata Atlântica – http://www.rbma.org.br
Instituto Andino para el Desarrollo Sostenible
Instituto Arapyaú de Educação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável – http://www.arapyau.org.br/
Instituto Árvore da Vida – http://ongiav.blogspot.com
Instituto Augusto Carneiro
Instituto Autónomo de Investigaciones Ecológicas
Instituto Baleia Jubarte – http://www.baleiajubarte.org.br
Instituto Banco do Empreendedor – http://www.bemcred.com.br
Instituto Bem Estar Brasil – http://bemestarbrasil.org.br
Instituto Binacioal de las Fronteras/AMASDA
Instituto BixoEsperto – http://www.twitter.com/iBixoEsperto
Instituto Brasil PNUMA
Instituto Brasileiro de Administraçao Municipal
Instituto Brasileiro de Analises Sociais e Economicas (IBASE)
Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor – http://www.idec.org.br
Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Ambiental – http://www.ibda.org.br
Instituto Brasileiro De Direito Do Terceiro Setor-IBDTS
Instituto Brasileiro de Educação para a Vida – http://www.ibev.org
Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos Ambientais – http://www.ibeas.org.br
Instituto Brasileiro de Integracao das Nacoes-Ibin – http://www.ibin.com.br
Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisas e Estudos Ambientais, Pro Natura
Instituto Brasileiro de Políticas de Juventude – http://www.ibpj.org.br
Instituto Brasileiro de Proteção e Amparo aos Moradores de Rua Ocultos na Rua – http://proamor.org/
Instituto Brasileiro de Reciclagem – http://www.ibr.org.br
Instituto Brasileiro de Responsabilidade Socioambiental
Instituto Cabruca – http://www.cabruca.org.br
Instituto Centro de Vida
Instituto Chapéu de Couro
Instituto Chileno de Reconocimiento Ambiental
Instituto Comunitario Grande Florianopolis – http://www.icomfloripa.org.br
Instituto da Criança – http://www.institutodacrianca.org.br
Instituto de Acao Cultural
Instituto de Analises Sociais e Economicas
Instituto de Analises Sociais e Economicas (IBASE)
Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento e a Preservação da Natureza – http://www.inan.org.br
Instituto de Artes Aurimar Monteiro de Araújo – http://www.institutoama.org.br
Instituto de Comunicación y Medio Ambiente
Instituto de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Amazonas – http://www.idesam.org.br
Instituto de Derecho y Economia Ambiental – http://www.idea.org.py
Instituto de Desarrollo y Medio Ambiente
Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente
Instituto de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Socioambiental – http://www.idesabrasil.org.br
Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável – http://www.idest.org.br
Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável de Franca – http://www.institutoidesufran.com
Instituto de Ecología de Chile
Instituto de Ecologia e Desenvolvimento
Instituto de Ecologia Politica – http://www.iepe.org
Instituto de Economia Publica, Cooperativa y Derecho Financiero
Instituto de Energia e Meio Ambiente – http://www.energiaeambiente.org.br
Instituto de Ensenanza para el Desarrollo Sostinible – http://www.iepades.org
Instituto de Estrategias Agropecuarias
Instituto de Estudios Comparados en Ciencias Penales y Sociales – http://www.inecip.org
Instituto de Estudios del Hambre – http://www.ieham.org
Instituto de Estudios e Investigaciones Sobre en Medio Ambiente
Instituto de Estudios Estratégicos y Políticas Públicas – http://www.ieepp.org
Instituto de Estudios Internacionales – http://www.ideibo.org
Instituto de Estudos Amazónicos
Instituto de Estudos Ambientais do Paraná
Instituto de Estudos da Religião – Http://www.iser.org.br
Instituto de Estudos Monteiro Lobato – http://www.ieml.org.br
Instituto de Estudos Socio-Ambientais
Instituto de Estudos Socioeconomicos
Instituto de Estudos Socioeconômicos – http://www.inesc.org.br
Instituto de Genetica Ecológica y Biodiversidad del Trópico Americano Instituto Biodiversidad
Instituto de Inovação e Sustentabilidade – http://www.inovarsustentavel.org
Instituto de Investigacion Y Autoformacion Politica
Instituto de Investigaciones Ecológicas y Energéticas
Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Florestal e Agrícola – http://www.imaflora.org
Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazónia
Instituto de Pesquisas e Educacao para o Desenvolvimento Sustentavel – IPEDS (Research and Education for Sustainable Development Institute) – http://www.ipeds.org.br
Instituto de Pesquisas em Ecologia Humana – http://www.ipeh.org.br
Instituto de Pesquisas Especiais para a Sociedade – IPES – http://ipes.cemib.unicamp.br/ipes/index.php
Instituto de Politologia de la Religion – http://institutopolitologiareligion.blogspot.com
Instituto de Pré-Historia, Antropologia e Ecologia
Instituto de Protagonismo Juvenil – http://www.juventudeprotagonista.org.br
Instituto de Reafirmacion de los Pueblos aimaras, quechuas y Amazonenses
Instituto de Reafirmacion de los Pueblos aymaras Quechuas y Amazonencez – IRPAQA
Instituto de Sustentabilidade Social – http://institutodesustentabilidadesocial-org.blogspot.com
Instituto del Bien Comun
Instituto del Tercer Mundo
Instituto Ditakotená – http://www.ditakotena.org.br
Instituto do Cuidar – http://www.institutodocuidar.com.br
Instituto EcoBrasil – http://www.ecobrasil.org.br
Instituto EcoFaxina – http://www.institutoecofaxina.org.br
Instituto Ecologia Interior – http://www.ecologiainterior.org.br
Instituto Ecos do Cerrado Brasil – http://www.iecosbrasil.org
Instituto Ecuatoriano De Investigaciones Y Capacitacion De La Mujer (IECAIM)
Instituto Ekos Brasil – http://www.ekosbrasil.org
Instituto Ethos de Empresas e Responsabilidade Social – http://www.ethos.org.br
Instituto Etnobiologico da Amazonia
Instituto Gama da Silveira – http://www.institutogamadasilveira.org.br/
Instituto Gênesis 1.28 – http://www.ig128.org.br
Instituto Giramundo Mutuando – http://www.mutuando.org.br
Instituto Global Attitude – http://www.globalattitude.org.br
Instituto Harmonia na Terra – http://www.harmonianaterra.org.br
Instituto Homem Pantaneiro – http://www.institutohomempantaneiro.org.br
Instituto HSBC Solidariedade – http://www.hsbc.com.br/sustentabilidade|www.hsbc.com.br/sustentabilidade/investimento-social/instituto-hsbc
Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Medio Ambiente
Instituto Internacional de las Tecnologías de la Información y de las Comunicaciones para el Desarrollo – http://www.facebook.com/EnergiassRenovables
Instituto Internacional de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo
Instituto Ipanema – http://www.institutoipanema.net
Instituto Itapoty – http://www.itapoty.org.br
Instituto Kaluana Upiara – KUp Conservação e Gestão Ambiental – http://www.kaluanaupiara.org
Instituto Laboral para el Desarrollo Regional
Instituto Latino Americano
Instituto Latinoamericano de Educacion para el Desarrollo
Instituto Latinoamericano para una Sociedad y un Derecho Alternativo (ILSA)
Instituto Life – http://www.institutolife.org
Instituto Mão Pra Toda Obra – http://www.maopratodaobra.org
Instituto Mãos Limpas Brazil – http://www.maoslimpasbrasil.com.br
Instituto MAPAA – Meio Ambiente e Proteção Animal – http://www.mapaa.org.br
Instituto Marina Silva
Instituto Melhores Práticas de Gestão – http://www.impg.org.br
Instituto Migrações e Direitos Humanos – http://www.migrante.org.br
Instituto Nacional de Administración Publica de México
Instituto Nacional de Formacion Productiva y Tecnologica AC.
Instituto Nacional de Tecnologfa Agropecuaria – http://wwwintagovar/
Instituto Nupef – http://www.nupef.org.br
Instituto Oceanografico Universidade de Sao Paulo
Instituto Pacto Amazônico
Instituto Palmas – http://www.bancopalmas.org.br
Instituto para el Resurgimiento Ancestral Indigena Salvadorena (RAIS)
Instituto para la Investigación de los Derechos Humanos y los Estudios de Género – http://www.iidheg.org
Instituto Para la Participación y el Desarrollo-INPADE-Asociación Civil – http://www.foco.org.ar
Instituto para la Producción e Investigación de la Agricultura Tropical
Instituto para la Promoción de Servicios Sociales Especializados
Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migración (IMUMI)
Instituto para o Desenvolvimento de Energias Alternativas na América Latina – http://www.institutoideal.org
Instituto para Promocao da Educacao, Pesquisa, Preservacao, Conservacao e Recuperacao do Meio Ambiente – http://WWW.INSTITUTONATUREZA.COM.BR
Instituto Paulo Freire – HTTP://www.paulofreire.org/
Instituto Peruano de Paternidad Responsable – http://www.inppares.org
Instituto Portugues de Ecologia
Instituto Precisa – http://pprecisa.blogspot.com/
Instituto Pró Juventude
Instituto Qualicidade – http://www.qualicidade.org.br
Instituto Qualivida – http://www.qualivida.org.br
Instituto Regional da Pequena Agropecuária Apropriada – http://www.irpaa.org
Instituto Rodrigo Mendes – http://www.institutorodrigomendes.org.br
Instituto Salvia de Soluções Socioambientais – http://www.institutosalvia.blogspot.com
Instituto Santa Consciencia
Instituto Sauver – http://www.isauver.org
Instituto Sentinelas Socio-Ecoambientais da Amazonia-Isseamazon – http://isseamazon.blogspot.com
Instituto Social y Politico de la Mujer – http://www.ispm.org.ar
Instituto Sociedade Populacao e Natureza
Instituto Socioambiental
Instituto Sou da Paz – http://www.soudapaz.org
Instituto Sul-Mineiro de Estudios e de Conservaçao da Natureza
Instituto Supereco – http://www.supereco@supereco.org.br
Instituto Synthesis – http://www.institutosynthesis.org.br
Instituto Tecnologico Suoperior Intercultural Bilingue
Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente
Instituto Teologico Adonal de Teologia Aplicada – http://www.institutoteologicoadonai.comunidades.net
Instituto Terra – http://www.institutoterra.org
Instituto Terra de Preservação Ambiental – http://www.itpa.org.br
Instituto Trata Brasil – http://www.tratabrasil.org.br
Instituto Uruguayo Para El Desarrollo
Instituto Vale das Garcas – http://www.ivg.org.br
Instituto Walden – Tempo, Homem e Natureza
InstitutoNativo Ecologico Cashibo Cacataibo “INECA”
Integrare “rencontres euro-africaines”
Integrated Anti-Human Trafficking and Community Development Initiative
Integrated Care Society – http://www.escd.org.eg
Integrated Community and Industrial Development in Bangladesh – http://www.incidinb.org
Integrated Community Education and Development Association – http://www.iceda.org.et
Integrated Commuter Transport Safeety Network – http://www.ictsnetwork.ning.com
Integrated Consulting Resources Ltd
Integrated Development Foundation
Integrated Development in Focus – http://www.idevelopmentinfocus.org
Integrated Development Nepal – http://www.idnepal.org.np
Integrated Development Services (I.D.S.) – http://www.idsnig.blogspot.com
Integrated Holistic Approach – Urban Development Project
Integrated Human and Social Development Foundation
Integrated Pastoral Development Initiative
Integrated Regional Support Programme – http://www.irsp.org.pk
Integrated Rural Development Center – http://www.irdcngo.com
Integrated Rural Development Centre
Integrated Rural Development Foundation of the Philippines
Integrated Rural Uplift Programe
Integrated Social and Cultural Welfare Organisation
Integrated Social Development Centre – Ghana
Integrated Social Development Effort Bangladesh / ISDE Bangladesh – http://www.isdebd.org
Integrated Social Development Effort(ISDE) Bangladesh – http://www.isdebangladesh.org
Integrated Women Development Institute – http://www.iwdi.org
Integrative Sustainable Solutions
Integrity and Transparency Promotion Initiative
Intelektualet E Rinj, Shprese (IRSH)
Inteligencia de Negocios Cap, A.C. – http://sites.google.com/site/freecubator/
Intellect Initiatives for Economic Empowerment and Development – http://iieed.webs.com
Intellectual Motivators (TIM), The
Intelligence Bureau Investigation Corp – http://www.interdipco.org
Inter African Committee In Norway
Inter American Development Bank
Inter American Economic Council
Inter American Planning Society
INTER COOPERATION: Fondation Suisse pour le Développement et la Coopération Internationale.
Inter Mountain Peoples’ Education and Culture in Thailand Association
Inter Patris International Consultancy
Inter Press Service
Inter University European Institute on Social Welfare
InterAcademy Panel on International Issues
Interact Worldwide
Interact Zambia
Inter-Action Globale(I.A.G)
Interaction, American Council for Voluntary International Action
InterAction: multifaith youth network – http://www.interaction.org.au
Interafrica Forest Industries Association
Inter-Africa Group
Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children – http://www.iac-ciaf.net
Inter-African Network for Human Rights and Development
Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development – http://www.icad-cisd.com
Interaid Uganda LTD – http://www.interaiduganda.org
Interaktivna mreza za obrazovanie i resursi – http://www.imor.org.mk
Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environemntal Engineering
Interamerican Confederation of Public Relations / Confederacion Interamericana de Relaciones Publicas (CONFIARP)
Inter-American Dialogue
Inter-American Federation of Touring and Automobile Clubs
InterAmerican Heart Foundation – http://www.interamericanheart.org
Inter-American Housing Union – http://www.uniapravi.org
Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
Inter-American Parliamentary Group on Population and Development – http://www.iapg.org
Inter-American Statistical Institute – http://www.contraloria.gob.pa/inec/IASI/
InterAmerican University
Intercambios Asociación Civil – http://www.intercambios.org.ar
Intercan Development Ltd.
Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc. – http://www.imaworldhealth.org
Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy – http://www.ripess.org
Intercultural Network for Development and Peace – http://www.indp.org.in
Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Social Systems Analysis – http://www.icassa.org
Interdisciplinary Group on Women Issues – GIAM
Interdisciplinary Seminar on Women Studies
Interet General des Femmes et Enfants du Brakna – T’FEILA
Inter-European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development – http://www.epfweb.org
Inter-Faith Action for Peace in Africa – http://www.ifapa-africa.org
INTERFAITH CENTRE OF NEW YORK, THE – http://www.interfaithcenter.org
Interfaith coalition For Peace – http://www.icpindia.org
Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee
Interfaith Forum of Muslim and Christian Women’s Association (a.k.a. Women Interfaith Council, WIC) – http://www.womeninterfaithcouncil.org
Interfaith Ghana – http://www.interfaithghana.ning.com
Interfaith International
Interfaith Mediation Centre – http://www.imcnigeria.org
Inter-Faith Vision Foundation Cameroon – http://www.ivfcam.com
Inter-Governmental Authority on Development – http://www.igad.org/
Inter-Governmental Organisation; School of Management
Interhemispheric Resource Center
Interights Advocates – http://www.interightsadvocates.org
INTERIGHTS, International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights
Interlink Rural Information Services
InterMedia Survey Institute – http://www.intermedia.org
Intermon – http://www.IntermonOxfam.org
Internacia Akademio de Marmonio Ekologia Fonduso Efmah
Internacional de Trabajadores de la Construccion y Madera – http://www.bwint.org
Internacional Juvenil – http://www.internacionaljuvenil.org
Internatiional Human Rights Commission Public Trust – http://www.inthrc.com
Internation Project
International Abolitionist Federation
International Acadamy of Aviation and Space Medicine
International Academy of Alternative Psycholgy and Therapy
International Academy of Architecture – http://www.iaa-ngo.com
International Academy of Astronautics
International Academy of Ecology and Life protection Sciences – http://www.maneb.org
International Academy of Ecology and Life protection Sciences, The (IAELPS, the Russian Federation)
International Academy of Engineering (IAE)
International Academy of Noosphere
International Academy of Pathology
International Academy of Technological Sciences
International Academy of the Environment
International Accountability Project – http://accountabilityproject.org/
International Action Network on Small Arms – http://www.iansa.org
International Advertising Association (IAA) – http://www.iaaglobal.org
International Advisory Committee on Population and Law
International Aeronautical Federation
International Agency for Crime Prevention, Criminal Law and Jurisdiction, IACPCLJ
International Agency for Rural Industrialization
International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness – http://www.iapb.org/www.VISION2020.org
International AIDS Society – http://www.iasociety.org
International AIDS Society (IAS) – http://www.iasociety.org
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, The (IAVI) – http://www.iavi.org
International Air Transport Association
International Alert – http://www.international-alert.org
International Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture – http://www.allianceforsustainability.net
International Alliance of Catholic Knights – http://www.iack.org
International Alliance of Habitants – HTTP://www.habitants.org/
International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropics
International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations – http://www.patientsorganizations.org
International Alliance of Women – http://www.womenalliance.org
International Alliance of Women (USA)
International Aluminium Institute
International Amateur Radio Union
International Anti-Poverty Law Center, Inc
International Antiterrorism Unity
International Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility – http://arcpeace.org/new/
International Art & Technology Cooperation Organization – http://www.artech.or.jp/english/envedu/intex.html
International Arts Federation Services (trading as IFACCA) – http://www.ifacca.org
International Ascent
International Assembly For Human Rights
International Assembly of Roma – http://www.assemblyofroma.info
International Assets Valuation Standards Committee
International Assistance for Community Development
International Association “Znanie” – http://www.malitikov.ru
International Association Against Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking – http://www.oriadtda@jvl-bg.com
International Association against Noise
International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals
International Association Against Torture
International Association for Advancements, Inc.
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering – http://www.iabse.org
International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
International Association for Community Development – http://www.iacdglobal.org
International Association for Continuing Engineering Education
International Association for Counseling
International Association for Democracy in Africa
International Association for Driving Instruction and Traffic Education
International Association for Educational Assessment
International Association for Entrepreneurships Rights Protection (IAERP) – http://www.eparklaw@gmail.com
International Association for Feminist Economics – http://www.iaffe.org
International Association for Fire Safety Science
International Association for Housing Science
International Association for Human Values – http://www.iahv.org
International Association for Human Values Association Internationale des Valeurs Humaines
International Association for Humanitarian Medicine
International Association for Humanitarian Medicine Brock Chisholm – http://www.iahm.org
International Association for Hydraulic Research
International Association for Hydrogen Energy
International Association for Impact Assessment
International Association for Integration, Dignity, and Economic Advancement, IDEA
International Association for Landscape Ecology
International Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health
International Association for Media and Communication Research – http://www.iamcr.org
International Association for Mediterranean Forests – http://www.aifm.org
International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (IANGV)
International Association for Political Science Students –IAPSS
International Association for Public Participation – http://www.iap2.org
International Association for Religious Freedom Coordination Council for South ASia – http://www.iarfsacc.org
International Association for Research in Income and Wealth
International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities
International Association for Suicide Prevention
International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) – http://www.glocha.info
International Association for the Child’s Right to Play
International Association for the Defence of Religious Liberty – Association Internationale Pour La Defense de la Liberte
International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience – http://www.iaeste.org
International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean
International Association for the Promotion of Democracy under God – Pro Deo
International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property – http://www.mail@aippi.org
International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property formerly known as: International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property – http://www.ialana.net
International Association for the Study of Obesity – http://www.iaso.org
International Association for the Study of Pain
International Association for Volunteer Effort – http://www.iave.org
International Association for Water Law – http://www.aida-waterlaw.org
International Association for Women’s Mental Health – http://www.iawmh.org
International Association of Agricultural Economists
International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists
International Association of Agricultural Librarians and Documentalists
International Association of Aircraft Brokers and Agents
International Association of Airport and Seaport Police
International Association of Applied Linguistics
International Association of Applied Psychology – http://www.iaapsy.org
International Association of Art
International Association of Art (IAA)
International Association of Breeders for the Protection of Plant Varieties
International Association of Broadcasters
International Association of Cancer Registries
International Association of Charities
International Association of Chiefs of Police – http://www.theiacp.org
International Association of Civil Servants
International Association of Classification Societies
International Association of Conference Interpreters
International Association of Constitutional Law – http://www.iacl-aidc.org
International Association of Consumer Food Organizations – http://www.iacfo.org
International Association of Crafts and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) – http://www.iadllaw.org
International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)
International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners
International Association of Educators for World Peace – http://www.iaewp.org
International Association of Financial Management – http://www.interfima.org
International Association of Fish Meal Manufacturers
International Association of Genocide Scholars, Inc., The – http://www.genocidescholars.org/
International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics – http://www.iagg.info
International Association of Group Psychotherapy
International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing – http://www.iahsa.net
International Association of Horticultural Producers
International Association of Hydrogeologists – http://www.iah.org/
International Association of Hydrological Sciences – http://www.cig.ensmp.fr/~iahs/
International Association of Independent Tanker Owners
International Association of Instiutes of Navigation
International Association of Intercultural Studies
International Association of Islamic Banks
International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists – http://www.intjewishlawyers.org
International Association of Judges – http://www.iaj-uim.org
international Association of justice watch – http://www.jwa.ir
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
International Association of Liberal Religious Women – http://www.ialrw.org
International Association of Lions Clubs – http://www.lionsclubs.org
International Association of Literary Critics
International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics
International Association of Maritime Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities IMO, ITU
International Association of Medical Colleges (IAOMC) – http://www.iaomc.org
International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists
International Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
International Association of Nature Conservators
International Association of Oil and Gas Producers
International Association of Oil Gas Producers
International Association of Peace Foundations
International Association of Peace Messenger Cities – http://www.iapmc.org
International Association of Penal Law – http://www.penal.org/
International Association of Ports and Harbors
International Association of Producers of Insurance and Reinsurance
International Association of Prosecutors
International Association of Safety Professionals
International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration
International Association of Schools of Social Work – http://www.iassw-aiets.org
International Association of Science Parks
International Association of Seed Crushers
International Association of Soldiers for Peace – http://www.aisp.fr
International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences – http://www.iaasworld.org
International Association of Students in Economics and Management
International Association of the Soap Detergent and Maintenance Products Industry
International Association of the Third Age Universities – http://www.aiuta.asso.fr
International Association of Trading Organizations for a Developing World (ASTRO)
International Association of Universities
International Association of Universities of the Third Age
International Association of University Presidents
International Association of University Professors and Lecturers
International Association of Women in Radio and Television – http://www.iawrt.org
International Association of Women Judges – http://www.iawj.org
International Association of Young Diplomats
International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates
International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs – http://www.ysmen.org
International Association on Public and Non Profit Marketing
International Association on Water Quality (IAWQ)
International Association Promoting Human Rights
International Astronautical Federation
International Astronomical Union
International Aubomobile and Touring Club
International Automobile Federation – http://www.fia.com
International Baby Food Action Network – Africa
International Baccalaureat Organization
International Bar Association
International Benevolent Research Forum
International Black Sea Club – http://www.i-bsc.org
International Black Women for Wages for Housework
International Blue Crescent – http://www.blue-crescent.in
International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation
International Blue Cross – http://www.ifbc.info
International Blue Cross & Blue Crescent – http://www.blue-cross.in
International Blue Cross Organisation – http://www.health4humanity.org.in
International Board for Soil Research and Management
International Board of Cooperation for the Developing Countries (EMCO)
International Board on Books for Young People
International Bodyguard Association – http://www.ibabodyguards.com
International Brain Tumour Alliance – http://www.theibta.org
International Bridges to Justice – http://www.ibj.org
International Buddhist Foundation (IBF) – http://www.ibf-geneva.com
International Buddhist Organization for Culture Education and Social Development – http://www.onlinebuddhism.org&www.phatphaptrenmang.com
International Buddhist Relief Organisation – http://www.ibro.co.uk
International Budget Project
International Budget Project at CBPP
International Bulgarian Association for Support of Persons with Mental Disability
International Bureau for Children’s Rights – http://www.ibcr.org
International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) – http://www.ibe-epilepsy.org
International Bureau for Humanitarian NGOs / Bureau International des ONGs Humanitaires – http://www.ibh.me-www.humanitarianibh.net
International Bureau of Public Safety – http://www.bureauofpublicsafety.org
International Bureau of Social Tourism
International Bureau of Victims Advocacy and Rehabilitation
International Business Aviation Council (IBAC)
International Business Leaders Forum – http://www.iblf.org
International Campaign for Freedom and Peace
International Campaign for Peace and Human Rights in Chittagong Hill Tracts
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – http://www.icanw.org
International Campaign to Ban Landmines – http://www.icblcmc.org
International Campaign to Indict Iraqi War Criminals
International Cardiac Healthcare & Risk Factor Modification – http://www.i-charm.co.uk
International Career Support Association – http://www.ngoicsa.or.jp/
International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association
International Cartographic Association – http://www.icaci.org
International Catholic Child Bureau – http://www.bice.org
International Catholic Committee of Nurses & Medico-Social Workers – http://www.ciciams.org
International Catholic Migration Commission – http://www.icmc.net
International Catholic Migration Commission Europe – http://www.icmc.net
International Catholic Rural Association (ICRA)
International Cell Research Organization (ICRO)
International Center for Advocacy on Right to Health
International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP) – http://www.columbia-icap.org
International Center for Alcohol Policies – http://www.icap.org
International Center for Alleviation of Poverty – http://www.povertyalleviation.org
International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
International Center for Clubhouse Development
International Center for Conflict Engagement, Inc. – http://www.icceworld.org
International Center for Cooperation, Consulting and Training for Africa
International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS)
International Center for Democratic Transition
International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI), The – http://www.icdri.org
International Center for Dynamics of Development
International Center for Environmental Research – http://www.icfer.org
International Center for Environmental Research (ICFER)
International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation – http://www.icermediation.org
International Center for Integrative Studies
International Center for New Media – http://www.icnm.net
International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (INCPL) – http://www.icnl.org
International Center for Research in Agroforestry
International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) – http://www.icrw.org
International Center for the Environmental
International Center for the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas
International Center for the EnvironmentalManagement of Enclosed Coastal Seas
International Center for Transitional Justice
International Center Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP)
International Center of the Roerichs – http://www.icr.su
International Centre fo Youth Development
International Centre for Coastal & Ocean Policy Studies
International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, The
International Centre for Development Initiative – http://www.icdi-uk.net
International Centre for Earth Construction
International Centre for Earth Preservation and Environmental Protection Foundation – Earth Centre
International Centre for Enterprise and Sustainable Development (ICED)
International Centre for Environmental Technology Transfer
International Centre for Ethnic Studies
International Centre for Geopolitical Studies
International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development – http://www.dd-rd.ca
International Centre for Migration Health and Development – http://icmh.ch
International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children – http://www.icmec.org
International Centre for Ocean Development
International Centre for Peace Studies
International Centre for Proficiency
International Centre for Research in Sustainable Development. – http://www.the-icrsd.org
International Centre for Scientific Culture World Laboratory
International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis – http://www.icsrpa.org.ge
International Centre For Study and Development
International Centre for the Prevention of Crime – http://www.crime-prevention-intl.org/
International Centre for the Training of Bank Professionals
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development – http://www.ictsd.ch
International Centre for Trade Union Rights (ICTUR) – http://www.ictur.org
International Centre For Women Empowerment and child Development
International Centre for Youth Development on Information Communication Technology – http://www.icydict.org
International Centre of Africans and Elites/Centre international des africains et elites
International Centre of Films for Children and Young People
International Centre of Insect Physiology & Ecology
International Centre of Sociological, Penal and Penitentiary Research and Studies
International Centre on Small Hydro Power
International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium – http://www.icrcaoda.org/Contact.asp
International Challenge Nepal – http://www.internationalchallenge.org.np
International Chamber of Commerce – http://www.iccwbo.org
International Chamber of Shipping
International Charitable Foundation “Merrim”
International Charitable Organization “United Planet” – http://www.unitedplanetfound.org
International Charity Foundation ZHURAVLICK, Inc.
International Charity Non-Government Organization
International Charity Organization “Rehabilitation Center “Steps” – http://www.stupeni.org
International Child Rights Center – http://www.incrc.org
International Childcare Trust – http://www.international-childcare-trust.org
International Children Foundation
International Children’s Center – http://www.icc.org.tr
International Children’s Dream Foundation
International Christian Association for Rural Evangelism
International Christian Chamber of Commerce – http://www.iccc.net
International Christian Medical and Dental Association
International Christian Union
International Christian Union of Business
INTERNATIONAL CINEMA EDUCATION – http://www.intcined.org
International Circle of Faith Chaplaincy Corps Ltd/Gte – http://www.icofccafrica.org
International City/County Management Association
International Civil Aviation English Association – http://www.icaea.pansa.pl
International Civil Organization Institute Ukrainiki – http://ukrainica.org.ua/
International Civil Society Support – http://www.icssupport.org
International Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation (ICPF) – http://www.icpfweb.org/
International Climate Change Partnership – http://www.iccp.net
International Club for Peace Research
International Club of Croatian Emigrants, Returnees and Investors from Diaspora (ICCERID)
International Coalition Against Violence in Iran – http://www.icavi.co
International Coalition against War Criminals (ICAWC) – NORWAY – http://www.icawc.net
International Coalition of Fisheries Associations
International Coastal and Ocean Organization
International Cocoa Trades Federation
International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) – http://www.icsf.net
International College of Surgeons
International Commission for Distance Education – http://www.intcode.org
International Commission for Labor Rights – http://www.laborcommission.org
International Commission of Agricultural Engineering
International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care – http://www.iccppc.org
International Commission of Health Professionals for Health and Human Rights
International Commission of Jurists
International Commission on Eritrean Refugees – http://www.ICeritreanrefugees.org
International Commission on Illumination
International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage – http://www.icid.org/
International Commission on Occupational Health – http://www.icohweb.org/
International Commission on Peace and Food
International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements
International Commission on Radiological Protection – http://www.icrp.org
International Commission on Workforce Development – http://www.icwfd.org
International Committee “Planet People Games”
International Committee Against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa
International Committee for Animal Recording
International Committee for Arab-Israeli Reconciliation – http://sites.google.com.site/icair235
International Committee for European Security and Co Operation
International Committee for Plastics in Agriculture
International Committee for Standardization in Haematology
International Committee for the Convention Against Offensive Microwave Weapons
International Committee for the Indians of the Americas (Switzerland) – http://www.incomindios.ch
International Committee of Outer Space Onomastics (ICOSO)
International Committee of Peace and Human Rights
International Committee World Peace Games ICWPG
International Communities for the Renewal of the Earth (ICRE)
International Community Corrections Association (ICCA) – http://www.iccaweb.org
International Community Education Association
International Community Empowerment & Pastoralist Education Program – http://WWW.ICEPEP.ORG
International Community of Women living with HIV/AIDS Asia Pacific – http://www.icwglobal.org
International Confederation for Agricultural Credit (CICA)
International Confederation for Family Support
International Confederation of Associations of Experts and Consultants
International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations – http://www.icccpo.org
International Confederation of Christian Family Movements
International Confederation of European Beet Growers
International Confederation of Ex-prisoners of War
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
International Confederation of Midwives – http://www.internationalmidwives.org
International Confederation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – http://www.ssvpglobal.org
International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) – http://www.theicapp.org
International Congo Aid – Smile African Children – http://www.icasacngo.webs.com
International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
International Conservation Caucus Foundation – http://www.iccfoundation.us
International Consortium- Ecological Reconstruction
International Consortium for Integenerational Programmes (ICIP)
International Consortium on Landslides – http://icl.iplhq.org/andhttp://www.iplhq.org/
International Consortuim on Religion and Ecology
International Container Bureau
International Cooperative Alliance – Kenya
International Coordinating Committee on Religion and the Earth
International Co-ordinating Committee on Religion and the Earth
International Co-ordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations
International Coral Reef Action Network
International Corrections and Prisons Association for the Advancement of Professional Corrections, The – http://www.icpa.ca
International Cost Engineering Council
International Council for
International Council for Adult Education – http://www.icae.org.uy
International Council for Bird Preservation
International Council For Caring Communities, Inc. – http://www.international-iccc.org
International Council for Commercial Arbitration
International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders
International Council for Distance Education
International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment – http://www.icevi.org
International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
International Council for Human Development – http://www.ichd.eu
International Council for Human Rights – http://www.ichrworld.org
International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) – http://www.cibworld.nl
International Council for the Day of Vesak (ICDV) – http://www.icdv.org
International Council of AIDS Service Organisations – http://www.icaso.org
International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) – http://www.icaso.org
International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
International Council of Catholic Men (ICCM) – http://www.unum-omnes.com
International Council of Chemical Associations – http://www.icca-chem.org
International Council of Chemical Trade Associations
International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ)
International Council of Cruise Lines
International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL)
International Council of Environmental Law – http://www.i-c-e-l.org
International Council of Forest and Paper Associations
International Council of Forest Product Associations – http://forestpolicy.net
International Council of Graphic Design Associations – http://www.icograda.org
International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders Association
International Council of Human Duties
International Council of Jewish Women – http://www.icjw.org
International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, Inc. – http://www.icmci.org
International Council of Marine Industry Associations
International Council of Museums
International Council of Nurses – http://www.icn.ch
International Council of Police Representative Associations (ICPRA)
International Council of Prison Medical Services
International Council of Psychologists – http://icpsych.tripod.com
International Council of Russian Compatriots – ICRC – http://www.msrs.ru
International Council of Scientific Unions – http://www.icsu.org
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) – http://www.icsid.org
International Council of Sport and Physical Education
International Council of Toy Industries
International Council of Toy Industries, Ltd. (ICTI) – http://www.toy-icti.org
International Council of Voluntary Agencies – http://www.icva.ch
International Council of Women / Conseil International des Femmes – http://www.icw-cif.com
International Council on Alcohol and Addictions
International Council on Archives
International Council on Clean Transportation Inc. – http://www.theicct.org
International Council on Education for Teaching
International Council on Human Rights Policy – http://www.ichrp.org
International Council on Jewish Social and Welfare Services – http://www.jdc.org
International Council on Management of Population Programmes – http://www.icomp.org.my
International Council on Metals and the Environment
International Council on Mining and Metals – http://www.icmm.com
International Council on Monuments and Sites
International Council on Public Relations in Rehabilitation (ICPRR)
International Council on Social Welfare – http://www.icsw.org
International Court of Environmental Arbitration and Conciliation (ICEAC) – http://www.iceac.sarenet.es/
International Court of the Environment
International Court of the Environment Foundation (ICEF) – http://www.icef-court.org
International Covenant for the Protection of Journalists (ICPJ) – http://www.mediacovenant.org
International Cremation Federation
International Criminal Court Student Network – http://www.iccsn.com
International Criminal Defense Attorneys Association – http://www.aiad-icdaa.org
International Criminal Justice Resource Center
International Crisis Group – http://crisisgroup.org/
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation – http://www.icisf.org
International Cross-Cultural Black Women’s Studies Institute
International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) – http://www.icye.org
International Cultural Youth Exchange Kenya
International Cystic Fibrosis (Mucoviscidosis) Association
International Czech Blue Cross
International Dairy Federation
International Dalit Solidarity Network – http://www.idsn.org
International Data Exchange Association
International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
International Democrat Union
International Democrata de Centro
International Democrata de Centro (IDC)
International Dental Federation
International Desalination Association – http://www.idadesal.org
International Detention Coalition – http://www.idcoalition.org
International Development Center
International Development Conference – http://www.idc.org
International development consulting firm
International Development Education Resources Association
International Development Enterprises (India) – http://www.ide-india.org
International Development Fund for Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siber
International Development Information Organization – http://www.devnet-shanghai.org/
International Development of Persia co – http://www.idopc.blogfa.com
International Development office – http://www.idc.org
International Development Training Institute
International Diabetes Federation – http://www.idf.org
International Diabetes Federation – African Region
International Diabetes Federation – European Region
International Diabetes Federation – Middle East and North Africa
International Diabetes Federation – North American and Caribbean Region
International Diabetes Federation – South American and Caribbean Region
International Diabetes Federation – South East Asia Region
International Diabetes Federation – Western Pacific Region
International Diabetes Federation / Federation Internationale du Diabete
International Disability Alliance
International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies – http://www.idhdp.com
International Driving Tests Committee – http://www.cieca.be
International Drug Prevention Foundation
International Ecological Safety Cooperative Organization – http://www.iesco-iesco.org
International Economic Association (IEA)
International Economic Law Society, Canada
International Education & Welfare Society – http://www.sabatrust.org
International Education and Resource Network, Trinidad and Tobago – http://www.iearntandt.interconnection.org
International Education for Peace Institute
International Education Resource and Innovation Center
International Educational Development, Inc.
International Educational Foundation
International Egg Commission
International Egg Commission (IEC)
International Electric Research Exchange
International Electrotechnical Commission
International Emergency Action
International Emissions Trading Association – http://www.ieta.org
International Energy Foundation
International Enterprise Foundation of Geneva
International Environment Forum
International Environment Forum – IEF – (WITHDRAWN 04/01/05) – http://iefworld.org
International Environment Institute
International Environmental Law Research Centre – http://www.ielrc.org
International Environmental Negotiation Network
International Environmental Service Centre
International Epidemiological Association
International Eradication of Poverty Organization (IEPO)
International Ergonomics Association
International Eurasia Press Fund – http://www.iepf-ngo.org
International Express Carriers Conference
International Eye Foundation
International Facilitating Committee
International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International – http://www.ifm-sei.org
International Family Forestry Alliance, Inc.
International Family Health – http://www.ifh.org.uk
International Family Support Organization (IFAMSO)
International Family Therapy Association – http://www.ifta-familytherapy.org
International Federation for Documentation
International Federation for Family Development – http://www.iffd.org
International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering
International Federation for Home Economics – http://www.ifhe.org
International Federation for Housing and Planning – http://www.infhp.org
International Federation for Human Rights Leagues – http://www.fidh.org
International Federation for Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida – IF – http://www.ifglobal.org
International Federation for Information and Documentation
International Federation for Information Processing
International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering
International Federation for Parent Education
International Federation for the Elite of the United Nations – http://www.TAVALLODEDOBAREMAN.BLOGFA.COM
International Federation for the Protection of the Rights of Ethnic, Religious, Linguistic & Other Minorities
International Federation of ACAT (Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture) – http://www.fiacat.org
International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ)
International Federation of Agricultural Producers – http://www.worldfarmersorganisation.com
International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations
International Federation of Associations of the Elderly
International Federation of Automatic Control
International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations
International Federation of Building and Wood Workers
International Federation of Business and Professional Women – http://www.bpw-international.org
International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations
International Federation of Catholic Universities
International Federation of Central Diplomacy – http://www.centraldiplomacy.org
International Federation of Champa
International Federation of Chemical, Energy & General Workers’ Unions
International Federation of Chemical, Energy and General Worker’s Unions
International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Worker’s Union – (RECLASS)
International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Labaratory Medicine
International Federation of Consular Corps and Associations – http://www.ficacworld.org
International Federation of Consulting Engineers
International Federation of Documentation
International Federation of Educative Communities
International Federation of Employees in Public Services
International Federation of Environmental Health
International Federation of Family Associations of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts – http://www.iffampac.org
International Federation of Film Archive
International Federation of Free Journalists
International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations – http://www.fiata.com
International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers (IFJU)
International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics – http://www.figo.org
International Federation of Health Records Organizations
International Federation of Helicopter Association (IFHA)
International Federation of Human Rights
International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers
International Federation of Industrial Producers of Electricity for Own Consumption
International Federation of Inspection Agencies – http://www.ifia-federation.org
International Federation of Institutes of Advanced Study
International Federation of International Furniture Removers
International Federation of Inventors of the United Nations – http://www.TAVALLODEDOBAREMAN.BLOGFA.COM
International Federation of Journalists – http://www.ifj.org
International Federation of Landscape Architects – http://www.iflaonline.org/
International Federation of Liberal Youth – http://www.iflry.org
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – http://www.ifla.org
International Federation of Margarine Associations
International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations
International Federation of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts
International Federation of Multimedia Associations – http://www.fiam.org
International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies – http://www.msif.org
International Federation of Musical Youth – Federation Internationale des Jeunesses Musicales
International Federation of Musicians
International Federation of Non-governmental Organizations for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse – http://www.ifngo.org,www.ifngo.com
International Federation of Operational Research Societies
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
International Federation of Organizations of School Correspondence and Exchanges
International Federation of Pedestrians
International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability (FIMITIC)
International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA)
International Federation of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
International Federation of Plantation, Agricultural and Allied Workers
International Federation of Psoriasis Associations – http://www.ifpa-pso.org
International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management (IFPMM)
International Federation of Resistance Movements – http://www.fir.at
International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
International Federation of Rural Adult Catholic Movements – http://www.fimarc;org
International Federation of Senior Police Officers
International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres – http://www.ifsnetwork.org
International Federation of Shipmasters’ Association
International Federation of Social Workers – http://www.ifsw.org
International Federation of Surgical Colleges
International Federation of Surveyors – http://www.fig.net
International Federation of the Blue Cross – http://www.ifbc.info/default.aspx
International Federation of the Idea of Creative Visionaries of the United Nations – http://www.tavallodedobareman.blogfa.com
International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor
International Federation of the Periodical Press
International Federation of Training and Development Organisations, Ltd. – http://www.iftdo.net
International Federation of Translators – http://www.fit-ift.org
International Federation of University Women
International Federation of Women Against Fundamentalism and for Equality (WAFE) – http://www.wafe-women.org
International Federation of Women in Legal Careers – http://www.fifcj-ifwlc.com
International Federation of Women Lawyers – http://www.fida.org
International Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya Chapter
International Federation of Women Lawyers, Nigeria – http://www.fidanigeria.org
International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations
International Federation on Ageing – http://www.ifa-fiv.org
International Fellowship of Reconciliation – http://www.ifor.org
International Fertilizer Development Center
International Fertilizer Industry Association – http://www.fertilizer.org
International First Aid Society
International Fiscal Association
International Fishmeal & Oil Manufacturers Association
International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) – http://www.ifballiance.org
International Food Policy Research Institute
International Forestry Students’ Association – http://www.ifsa.net
International Forum
International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS)
International Forum for Child Welfare – http://www.ifcw.org
International Forum for Legal Aid and Research – (Human Rights NGO)
International Forum For the Rights of Black People Inc. – http://www.ifrbp.com
International Forum for Volunteering in Development – http://www.forum-ids.org
International Forum on Globalization
International Foundation For African Children
International Foundation for Development Alternatives
International Foundation for Dharma Nature Time (Dharma Nature Time)
International Foundation for Election Systems
International Foundation for Electoral Systems – http://www.ifes.org,www.electionsguide.org
International Foundation for Environment and Development
International Foundation for Performance Development
International Foundation for Science (IFS)
International Foundation for Sustainable Development – http://www.ifsdindia.com
International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources
International Foundation for the Promotion of Privatization and Foreign Investments
International Foundation LEA – http://www.itic.org.ge/lea
International Foundation of Alternative Financial Institutions – http://www.inafiinternational.org
International Franchise Association
International Friendship Service
International Friendship Society Nepal
International Fund for Animal Welfare – http://www.ifaw.org
International Fund for Social and Economic Reforms
International Fund of Ecology and Health ECOSAN
International Game Fish Association – IGFA
International Gas Union – http://www.igu.org
International Gender and Trade Network – HTTP://www.igtn.org/
International Gender Policy Network – http://www.igpn.net
International Geographical Union – http://www.igu-net.org/
International Geothermal Association Incorporated – http://www.geothermal-energy.org
International Green Economy Association – http://www.igea-un.org
International Green Purchasing Network – http://www.igpn.org/
International Group of Associations
International Group of P and I Associations (P and I)
International Group of P and I Clubs
International Hardwood Products Association
International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA)
International Health Awareness Network – http://www.ihan.org
International Health Council – http://www.ihcun.org
International Health Futures Network
International Health Professions Network, Inc
International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
International Heritage
International Higher Education Academy of Sciences (IHEAS) – http://www.iheas.edu.ru
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
International Holistic Tourism Education Centre – http://www.ihtec.org
International Holy Quran Award
International Hospital Federation
International Hospital Federation (IHF) – http://www.ihf-fih.org
International Hotel and Restaurant Association – http://www.ih-ra.com
International House – http://ihouse.berkeley.edu/
International Housing Coalition – http://www.unhabitat.org
International Human Right Association Asia Ihraa – http://www.ihraa.com
International Human Rights – https://www.facebook.com/groups/283056675069644/
International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society – http://www.ihras.com
international human rights assocation ihra – http://www.ihra.in
International Human Rights Association – http://www.ihra.in
International Human Rights Association (IHRA) – http://www.ihra.co.in
International Human Rights Association India – http://www.ihraindia.com
International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM) – http://www.ihraam.org
International Human Rights Commission – http://www.humanrightscommission.co.in
International Human Rights Commission INDIA – http://www.humanrightscommission.co.in
International Human Rights Commission Relief Fund Trust – http://www.ihrchq.org/IHRC%20Rft/home.html
International Human Rights Committee For Protection
International Human Rights Council – http://www.ihrc.in
International Human Rights Council – I.H.R.C.
International Human Rights Foundation
International Human rights india
International Human Rights Internship Program
International Human Rights Law Group
International Human Rights Observer – http://www.ihro.org.pk
International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) Pakistan – http://www.ihro.org.pk
International Human Rights Organisation (SA)
International Human Rights Organization (IHRO) – http://www.ihro.com.pk
International Human Rights Protection Commission – http://www.ihrpc.org.in
International Human Rights Protector’s Group – http://www.ihrpg.org
International Humanist and Ethical Union – http://www.iheu.org
International HumanRights Council (ihrc.org.in) – http://www.ihrc.org.in
International Humanrights Organization – http://www.ihro.com.pk
International Hydatidological Association
International Idea
International Imam Organization – http://www.globalimam.com
International Immigrants Foundation, Inc.
International Independent University of Environmental & Political Sciences (IIEUPS)
International Indigenous Commission
International Indigenous Youth Conference 2005 Secretariat
International Information Centre for Terminology – http://www.infoterm.info
INternational Information Technology Instructional Assistance and Training Effort — INitiate (Singapore)
International Information USA – http://www.ifdc-un.org
International Informatization Academy – http://www.iiaun.ru
International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment – http://www.iisbe.org
International Initiative for Peace – http://www.iipnigeria.org
International Inner Wheel – http://www.innerwheel.com
International Insolvency Institute – http://www.iiiglobal.org
International Institute
International Institute – Association of Regional Ecological Problems
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – http://www.iiasa.ac.at
International Institute for Child Protection – http://www.Iicprotection.org
International Institute for Communication and Development – http://www.iicd.org
International Institute for Energy Conservation – http://www.iiec.org
International Institute for Environment and Development – http://www.iied.org
International Institute for Human Rights, Environment and Development – http://www.inhuredinternational.org
International Institute for Humanitarian and Environmental Law – http://www.isherl.org
International Institute for Justice and Development (IIJD) – http://www.iijd.org
International Institute for Labour, Development and Cooperative Studies
International Institute for Monetary Transformation – http://www.iimun.net
International Institute for Non-aligned Studies
International Institute for Peace – http://www.iip.at
International Institute for Peace through Tourism
International Institute for Prevention of Drug Abuse
International Institute for Research and Advice on Mental Deficiency (IAMER)
International Institute for Research in Global Environment
International Institute for Sugar-Beet Research (IIRB)
International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategy – http://www.iinas.org
International Institute for Sustainable Development – http://www.iisd.org
International Institute for the Advanced Study of Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes
International Institute for the Development of Citizenship (IIDAC) / Instituto Internacional para o Desenvolvimento da Cidadania – http://www.iidac.org
International Institute for the Rights of the Child
International Institute for the Study and Preservation of Aboriginal Peoples and their Cultures
International Institute for Vital Registration and Statistics
International Institute of Administrative Sciences – http://www.iias-iisa.org
International Institute of Applied Technologies (IIAT)
International Institute of Concern for Public Health
International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences – http://www.isisc.org
International Institute of Humanitarian Law – http://www.iihl.org
International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy
International Institute of Public Finance
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) – http://www.iirr.org
International Institute of Security & Safety Management
International Institute of Space Law
International Institute of Sustainable Development and Management
International Institute of Welding (IIW)
International Institute on Peace Education – http://www.i-i-p-e.org
International Insulin Foundation
International Investment Center – http://www.uniic.ru.gg
International Islamic Charitable Organization
International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child
International Islamic Committee for Women and Child – http://www.iicwc.org/
International Islamic Confederation of Labour
International Islamic Council for Daw’a and Relief
International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations – http://www.iifso.com
International Islamic Organization of Human Rights for Imamiah
International Islamic Relief Organization – http://www.iirosa.org
International Islamic Youth League – http://www.iiyl.org
International Jagriti Foundation (Trust) – http://www.ijfindia.com
International Jesuit Network for Development
International Jumma Students Fellowship
International Juridical Organization for Environment and Development
International Jurists Organisation
International Justice Mission
International Justice Project – http://www.internationaljusticeproject.com/
International Justice Resource Center, Inc. – http://www.ijrcenter.org
International Juvenile Justice Observatory – http://www.oijj.org
International Kolping Society – http://www.kolping.net
International kurdistan Center for Strengthening Administrative and Mangerial Abilities /IKCSAMA – http://www.kc-sama.org
International La Strada Association – http://www.lastradainternational.org
International Lactation Consultant Association – http://www.ilca.org
International Lake Environment Committee Foundation
International Law Association
International Law Institute – http://www.ili.org
International Law Students Association
International Leadership
International Leadership Institute
International League for Human Rights
International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples
International League of Associations for Rheumatology
International League of Surveillance Societies, The
International Lebanese Committee for the UNSCR 1559
International Leprosy Association
International Lesbian and Gay Association – http://www.ilga.org
International Life Sciences Institute
International Lifeboat Federation
International Lifeboat Federation (ILF)
International Life-Saving Appliances Manufacturers Association
International Longevity Center – http://www.mailman.columbia.edu
International Mahavira Jain Mission – http://www.imjm.org
International Marine Transit Association (IPTA)
International Marinelife Alliance
International Maritime Committee – http://www.comitemaritime.org
International Maritime Pilots’ Association
International Measurement Confederation
International Measurement Confederation (IMECO)
International Meat Secretariat
International Meat Secretariat (IMS)
International Mediation Institute Stichting
International Medical Association for the Study of Living Conditions and Health
International Medical Corps
International Medical Society of Paraplegia
International Mediterranean Women’s Convention – Morocco
International Mediterranean Women’s Forum
International Metalworkers Federation
International Mine Initiative – http://www.demining.gr
International Miners’ Organization
International Model Forest Network Secretariat
International Model United Nations Association, Incorporated
International Modern Art Academy
International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization Inc. – http://www.imbci.org
International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee
International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (IMMA)
International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) – http://www.imadr.org
International Movement ATD Fourth World – http://www.atd-quartmonde.org/en.html
International Movement for Fraternal Union among Races and Peoples – http://www.ufer-international.org
International Movement for Peace & Sustainable Development (IMOPSUD-Nigeria)
International Movement for Peace and Sustainable Development
International Movement of Apostolate of Children
International Movements of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth
International Multimodal Transport Association
International Multiracial Shared Cultural Organization – http://www.imscoglobal.org
International Multi-services Consulting & Training, LLC
International Music Council – http://www.imc-cim.org
International Muslim Women’s Union – http://www.muslimaunion.org
International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association, Inc. (INEOA)
International National Trusts Organisation – http://www.internationaltrusts.org
International Native Tradition Interchange, Inc
International Navigation Association
International Navigation Association (PIANC)
International Needs
International Needs – Ghana
International Needs Network (UK) – http://www.ineeds.org.uk
International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
International Network for Environmental Management (INEM)
International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – http://www.insme.org
International Network for SME
International Network for Sustainable Energy – http://www.inforse.org
International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse – http://www.inpea.net
International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions – http://www.inafi.org
International Network of Basin Organizations / Reseau International des Organismes de Basin – http://www.riob.organdwww.inbo-news.org
International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (INESAP) – http://www.inesap.org
International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility – http://www.inesglobal.com
International Network of Green Planners
International Network of Liberal Women – http://www.inlw.org
International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) – http://www.inpud.net
International Network of Street Papers (INSP)
International Network of Street Papers, The – http://www.street-papers.org
International Network of Subcontractin, Industrial Cooperation and Partnership Organization
International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development – http://www.infid.org
International Noble Initiative Club
International Non Governmental Organization with General Status at EC
International non-governmental public self managed organization
International Non-Olympic Committee
International Ocean Institute – http://www.ioinst.org
International Oil Working Group, The
International Olive Oil Federation (FIO)
International Ontopsychology Association – http://www.ontopsicologia.org
International Order of Human Rights – http://www.iohr.org
International Organisation for Human Right Entitlements
International Organisation for Metaphysics (IOFM)
International Organisation for Migration
International Organisation for the Provision of Work for Persons with Disabilities and who are Occupationally Handicapped (IPWH)
International Organisation for Youth Advocacy and Development Incorporated – http://www.ioyad.org
International organisation of UN volunteers – http://www.yahzitereyahkoro.com
International Organization against Trachoma
International Organization Development Association (IODA)
International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants
International Organization for Democracy and Human Rights – IODHR
International Organization for Human RIights Protection – http://www.iohrp.org
International Organization for Legal Researches
International Organization for Migration
International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief, The
International Organization for Peace, Culture, Arts, Economics and Politics and Department for Cooperation to the FR Yugoslavia, The
International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Sustainable Development, Nigeria – http://www.iosd.org
International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
International Organization for the Right to Education and Freedom of Education (OIDEL) – http://www.oidel.org
International Organization for Victim Assistance – http://www.iovahelp.org
International Organization for World Peace Disarmament Development and Human Rights
International Organization in Support of Victims of Political Violence – http://www.isvpv.org
International Organization of Automobile Manufacturers
International Organization of Consumers Unions
International Organization of Employers
International Organization of Experts (ORDINEX)
International Organization of Human Rights Odessa
International Organization of Indigenous Resource Development
International Organization of Journalists
International Organization of Psychophysiology (IOP)
International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
International Organizations & Economic Department
International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) – http://www.iofbonehealth.org
International Paediatric Association
International Paint and Printing Ink Council
International Panel on Fissile Materials
International Paralympic Committee (IPC) e.V. – http://www.paralympic.org
International Parcel Tankers Association (IPTA)
International Parliamentarians for Life
International Partners in Mission – http://www.ipmconnect.org
International Partnership for Human Rights – http://www.IPHRonline.org
International Partnership for Microbicides – http://www.ipmglobal.org
International Peace and Development Organization
International Peace Bureau – http://www.ipb.org
International Peace Bureau, Buddhist Order Nipponzan Myohoji
International Peace Commission
International Peace Foundations Association IPFA
International Peace Institute – http://www.ipinst.org
International Peace Research Association – http://:soc.kuleuven.be/pol/ipra
International Peace Research Institute
International Peacebuilding Alliance (Inerpeace)
International Peat Society
International Peat Society (IPS)
International PEN – http://www.pen-international.org
International Pen Women Writers’ Committee
International People Resource Development Trust – http://www.iprdt.org
International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement
International Petroleum Environmental Conservation Association
International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association – http://www.ipieca.org
International Pharmaceutical Federation – http://www.fip.org
International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation
International Philippines Development Foundation
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War – http://www.ippnw.org
International Planned Parenthood Federation – http://www.ippf.org
International Planned Parenthood Federation – Africa Region – http://www.ippfar.org
International Planned Parenthood Federation (South Asia Region Office) SPECIAL, 2000 – http://www.ippf.org
International Planned Parenthood Federation, Africa Region
International Planned Parenthood Federation, Arab World Region Office – http://www.ippfawr.org
International Planned Parenthood Federation, East and Southeast Asia and Oceania Region (IPPF ESEAOR)
International Planned Parenthood Federation, Europe Region
International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI)
International Play Association: Promoting the Child’s Right to Play
International Poetry for Peace Association
International Pole and Line Foundation – http://ipnlf.org/
International Police Association – http://www.ipa-iac.org
International Police Commission – http://www.ipolcom.org/
International Police Commission – Asean
International Police Commission – Australia – http://www.teachingmartialarts.blogspot.com.au
International Police Commission Philippine Command Association Inc – https://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Police-Commission-Philippin…
International Police Corporation of Public Security – http://www.worldpublicsecurity.org
International Police Organization
International Political Science Association – http://www.ipsa.org
International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN) – http://www.ipen.org
International Possibilities Unlimited (IPU) – http://www.ipunlimited.org
International Potash Institute
International Prayer Squad
International Presentation Association of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – http://internationalpresentationassociation.org/
International Press Institute
International Press Telecommunications Council
International Primary Aluminum Institute
International Primary Care Respiratory Group – http://www.theipcrg.org
International Prison Chaplains’ Association – http://www.ipcaworldwide.org
International Prison Watch – Special Status withdrawn in 2013
International Prisoners Aid Association
International Professors’ Association (IPA)
International Programme on the State of the Ocean – http://www.stateoftheocean.org
International Progress Organization (IPO) – http://www.i-p-o.org
International Project WET
International Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)
International Prostitutes Collective (IPC)
International Protection – http://international-protectionfreeserverscom
International Psychoanalytical Association Trust
International Public Fund “Russian Peace Foundation” (RPF)
International Public Management Association for HR
International Public Organization “Sovereign Knightly Order of Christ the Savior” – http://www.rycar.org
International Public Organization “Public council on interaction with economic and financial structures”
International Public Organization European Committee of Human Rights
International Public Policy Institute
International Public Relations Association
International Public Relations Association (IPRA)
International Publishers Association
International Pulse Trade and Industry Confederation
International Radiation Protection Association
International Radio/Maritimo Committee
International Raiffeisen Union
International Raiffeisen Union (IRU)
International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance – http://www.irha-h2o.org/
International Rastafari Development Society
International Rayon an Synthetic Fibres Committee (CIRFS)
International Reading Association
International Real Estate Federation – http://www.fiabci.org
International Real Estate Institute – http://www.irei-assoc.org
International Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Project
International Refugee Rights Initiative – http://www.refugee-rights.org
International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring – http://www.ircm-register.org
International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims – http://www.irct.org,www.preventingtorture.org,www.worldwithouttorture.org
International Relations Students’ Association of McGill University – http://www.irsam.ca
International Relief & Dévéloppement
International Relief Friendship Foundation – http://www.irff-asia.org/nepal
International Religious Liberty Association – http://www.irla.org
International Reproductive Rights Research Action Group – http://www.irrragnigeria.org
International Rescue Committee
International Rescue Committee, Inc. – http://www.theIRC.org
International Rescue Mission Chaplain
International Research & Scientific Unit of Kian – http://kiuun.blogfa.com/
International Research and Consultancy
International Research Centre for Environmental Structures “Pio Manzu” – http://www.piomanzu.org
International Research Foundation for Development – http://www.irfd.org
International Research Institute for Immigration and Emigration Politics
International Research Institute for Maori and Indigenous Education
International Research Institute for Media, Communication and Cultural Development (MEDIACULT)
International Resource Group – http://www.ploughshares.ca/
International Resources for Fairer Trade
International Right to Life Federation
International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) – http://www.irgc.org
International Rivers – http://www.internationalrivers.org
International Road Federation
International Road Safety – http://www.lapri.info
International Road Transport Union – http://www.iru.org
International Romani Union – http://www.internationalromaniunion.org
International Rural Housing Association
International Salvage Union
International Samaritan – http://intsamaritan.org/
International School Psychology Association
International Schools Association
International Scientific Center (PFASD)
International Scientific Council for Island Development
International Scleroderma Network
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, Inc. – http://www.iss-foundation.org
International Secretariat for Water, The
International Secretariat of Catholic Technologists, Agriculturalists and Economics
International Security and Safety Protection Professional Association
International Seed Trade Federation
International Self-reliance Agency for Women
International Senior Citizens Association, Inc. – CLOSED ACTIVITIES –
International Senior Lawyers Project – http://www.islp.org
International Senior Prosperity and Revitalization Foundation – http://www.ispar.org
International Service
International Service for Human Rights
International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications
International Services Association – http://www.theinsaindia.org
International Services Trade Information Agency – http://www.servicestrade.org
International Shinto Foundation (ISF) – http://www.internationalshinto.org
International Ship Managers’ Association (ISMA)
International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA)
International Shipowners’ Association
International Shipping Federation (ISF)
International Silk Association
International Silk Association (ISA)
International Sisterhood Charity Organization – ISCO
International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres (ISYVC)
International Social Science Council – http://www.worldsocialscience.org
International Social Security Association
International Social Service – http://www.iss-ssi.org
International Society for Animal Rights Inc
International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication – https://www.isaac-online.org/english/home/
International Society for Burn Injuries
International Society for Community Development – CLOSED ACTIVITIES –
International Society for Criminology
International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP)
International Society for Environmental Ethics
International Society for General Semantics
International Society for Health and Human Rights
International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)
International Society for Human and Animal Mycology
International Society for Human Rights – http://www.ishr.org
International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)
International Society for Mobile Youth Work – http://www.ismo-online.de
International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP)
International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics
International Society for Rational Solutions
International Society for Research on Aggression – http://www.johnson@Ramapo.edu
International Society for Research on Moor (ISRM)
International Society for Small and Medium Enterprises – http://www.issme.org
International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest
International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law – http://www.isrcl.org
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies – http://www.istss.org
International Society of Addiction Medicine
International Society of Citriculture
International Society of City and Regional Planners
International Society of Doctors for the Environment – http://www.isde.org/
International Society of Haematology
International Society of Moors
International Society of Naturalists
International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care
International Society of Paediatric Oncology
International Society of Postmasters
International Society of Radiologiccal Technologists
International Society of Soil Science
International Society of Technology assesment in Health
International Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care (ISTAHC)
International Society of Urology
International Society on Optics within Life Sciences
International Sociological Association – http://www.isa-sociology.org
International Soil Reference and Information Centre
International Solar Energy Society – http://www.ises.org
International Solar Healing Association
International Solid Waste Association, The
International Solidarity and Human Rights Institute – http://www.ishri.net
International South Group Network
International Space University – http://www.isunet.edu
International Special Dietary Foods Industries (ISDI)
International Sports Organization for the Disabled
International Statistical Institute – http://isi-web.org
International Steering Committee for Global Mapping
International Student/Young Pugwash – ISYP
International Studies and Programs
International Studies Association – http://www.isanet.org
International Study Association for Cross-Cultural Human Resource Development
International Support Kurds in Syria Association – http://supportkurds.org
International Sustainable Community Assistance
International Sustainable Development Network
International Sustainable Energy Organisation for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ISEO) – http://www.uniseo.org
International Synergy Institute
International Tanker Owners’ Pollution Federa